The Wrong Number Ch. 02The Wrong Number Ch. 02


Chapter 02: He Called Again

A close friend had just had major surgery and returned home. I went to pay him a visit, and ended up helping him out.

The condition his roommates had left his apartment in was nothing short of a health hazard. I couldn’t leave it like that if I were any kind of friend at all, so without a word I began cleaning.

When my phone rang a couple hours later I ignored it. I wanted to get done in there. But after I looked around and saw how much there was yet to clean I decided it was break time. I lit up a cigarette and slowly exhaled a big thick cloud of smoke. Then reached for my phone.

I didn’t recognize the number, but that was nothing new. And without checking my voicemail I called the number back. I was totally caught off guard to find it was my favorite hot youngster.

It had been months since the last time we’d fucked. He explained how he had lost my number and tried to reach me online. And that day had found my number again.

“Where are you? Can I come see you?” he asked.

I told him I was at a friend’s place. Then after clearing it with my friend I gave him directions to get there. “I’ve been cleaning so I’m all sweaty and grimy. But I should be done before you get here.”

I was relieved when he said he would be there in about an hour. The throb deep within my pussy had already begun. I hauled ass through the rest of the apartment, and was just finishing up when he arrived.

I gave him a quick hug and kiss. “I tried to get done and showered before you got here, but wasn’t fast enough. Do you mind waiting while I shower? I’ll make it quick.” I took the faster shower in history, returning in just moments so I could relax with him.

As soon as I returned the sparks flew. We were all over one another…touching, kissing, caressing, fondling, holding. It was such an intense desire I felt, unlike anything I was used to. And for a fleeting I was rendered powerless by the lust. I tried to back off, but he pulled me closer so I could feel the raging hard on he had for me.

Trembling from the passion, we found our way to the restroom to be alone. (as if we were aware of anyone else on the planet anyways…HA!)

I fumbled with his belt as he removed everything I wore with a skillful hand. “My how the tables have turned!” I said smiling up at him. “You’ve obviously been practicing on someone.”

He shook his head, “Nope, just got lucky. And I want you really bad!” He leaned down and kissed me, biting my lip and grabbing a handful of my hair as he did.

From our first encounter he had shown some assertiveness, but nothing like this. The level of passion could be why, as well as the Alanya Escort raw hunger in his eyes. But there was more, much more!

Pushing me to my knees gently yet forcefully, he established his control over me. “Suck my cock!” he ordered, “Show me how much you want it.”

“Mmmmm hhhmmmm” I moaned as I wrapped my lips around the bulbous head. It tasted even better than I remembered. Everything about him was better than I remembered, I thought to myself as I took his cock deeper into my hot, hungry mouth. I licked and sucked him, savoring his engorged fuck tool.

As he stopped me and guided me to my feet by my hair that was tangled in his hand, it dawned on me what was different. He was being driven by more than desire and lust, far more. I could clearly see it now, the once inexperienced, unsure young man had discovered what was within himself. The naturally dominant side of him was developing and he seemed to embrace it. What more could I ask for?

My pussy tingled and my juices flowed wildly as I stroked this young Master’s cock. My fingers glided easily over his hot flesh, lubricated from the blow job I was just giving him. I felt the walls of my cunt swell as the cum built up in me. Led by the throbbing and in time with my racing pulse, I jacked my hand faster and faster on his saliva coated rod. We kissed, our tongues dancing to the rhythm of our heartbeats. I suddenly lost all control of myself as the orgasm hit me.

At the very same moment he said, “I’m gonna cum, Baby!”

I dropped back down to my knees and replaced my hand with my lips and tongue. I sucked him deep and hard, inviting his hot jizz to fill my mouth. He erupted filling my mouth with his seed. The blast of cum hit my throat, splashing off my tonsils and filling my mouth. I held it there, swishing it around slowly, memorizing the flavor that was distinctly him. I savored it until the last drop slid slowly down my throat. It was incredible!

“Wow!” we exclaimed in unison. And before another word could be said, I began licking and kissing his still erect young cock gently.

He sat down and took hold of my arms, pulling me first to my feet and then onto his lap facing him.

Straddling him as he guided me to do, I slowly lowered myself. I gasped slightly from the sensation as the head of his somewhat large cock stretched my hole. He felt huge, and I had to hesitate before taking him deeper inside me. His cock was well lubed with the cum dripping from my snatch. I continued to slide down until his manhood was buried to the hilt, filling me completely.

I used my feet to push myself up until just the head of his cock remained in my pussy, then Alanya Escort Bayan let myself drop down suddenly. He put his hands on my ass, pushing up as I rose, allowing me to ride him deeper and faster. As I bounced up and down on his young hard pole I was hit by wave after wave of orgasm.

The sounds of my moans grew louder and louder, and he attempted to muffle them by kissing me deeply. But the sensual dance our tongues engaged in only fueled me on.

After a while he had me turn around to ride his big cock, this gave him a tantalizing new area to enjoy. And with a competent pull of my hair and feral biting of my back he sent me over the edge again and again until I was mystified.

He was growing close to an orgasm himself so he told me to bend over the side of the tub. Driving his dick as deep as he could, he pounded my pussy relentlessly. Thrust after fierce thrust, he continued until he exploded violently inside me. He shot such an enormous load that it splashed abundantly down my legs as he pulled his spent rod out of me.

I thought I might fall from the trembling in my legs. He had fucked me better than I remembered ever being fucked throughout my life.

As we cleaned up to leave the bathroom, he kissed me once more and said, “We’re not done yet, just so you know.”

“you’re gonna kill me!” I laughed, “I’m an old lady, remember?”

“Whatever!…” he said as he lit a cigarette and handed it to me. Then we went outside to enjoy our smokes as we caught up on things.

Later we tried to watch a movie with my friend, but we couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves. He was either turning my face to him in order to kiss me or pulling me on his lap so I’d feel how hard his cock was again.

We were acting like a couple teenagers making out, and I loved it! Being with him made me feel young again. Younger than I’d felt in many years.

When the movie ended he started pulling my clothes off right there in the living room. I didn’t think it would be a good idea to fuck in front of my friend, not right after him having heart surgery. The only respectable thing to do was ask if we could use the bedroom.

Our clothes hit the floor before the door had time to close, and on the bed we went.

I wasted no time taking his sweet meat in my mouth. For the next several minutes I devoured him. Then, releasing the lip hold I had on his dick, I kissed my way up his lean body until our lips met.

We moved together fluidly as our bodied joined in ecstasy w held each other tight and kisses as I rode him. Rocking my hips back and forth, I came and came until he was covered in my nectar.

We started to roll Escort Alanya over so he would be on top when something poked me. “OUCH!” I yelled as I jumped from the bed in a flash. I turned on the light to see what I had stuck in my rump.

“What is it? Are you ok? He asked as I pulled the sharp object from my butt cheek.

“It looks like a stinger or something.” I said.

“It is,” he said “and here’s the bee it came from.” he was pointing at a little spot on the bed.

We stared at each other in shock and disbelief, then burst into laughter.

We heard my friend ask from the living room, “What the hell just happened in there?”

We were unable to control our fits of laughter as we opened the door and I told him I had just been stung in my ass by a bee.

He gave me the strangest look. “You what?” He asked.

“I got stung in the ass by a bee.” I repeated, the added, “And while fucking, no less! Who does that happen to?”

“Only you, Rox, only you! Hell, I’ve never even heard of such a thing.” he said through his laughter.

I shook my head in disbelief, “Tell me about it! It’s like something you’d see in a really bad animated porno. Totally unbelievable!”

Still shocked by my bizarre bad luck, I went back in the room to the hottie waiting for me. He gently rubbed the sore spot on my ass, slowly inching lower. His hand made it’s way between my legs, finally reaching my pussy. The ever so slight touch of his hand sent electric jolts through me, shocking my senses. The passion was instantly reignited.

He never gave me a chance to touch or taste him before he pinned me down and rubbed his man meat against me. Then at the very same moment, his mouth captured mine and he impaled me with his unyielding fuck stick. It was amazing!

Moving with him, I rose to meet his every thrust. We collided over and over, his cock driving deep into my welcoming pussy. Our sweat glazed bodies slapped together loudly as we moaned in ecstasy. It sounded so hot. And knowing everyone in the building could hear us turned us on even more, sending me over the edge.

The thundering orgasm that hit me was all it took to bring on a massive climax for my sexy lover as well.

Our individual explosions naturally enhanced one another driving us ever so close to delirium. We lost all sense as we plunged at last into a euphoric satisfaction. It was unlike anything I’d felt in a long, long time. Far too long.

Clinging tightly to one another, we drifted off to sleep. It felt good to sleep in someone’s arms again.

When morning light crept in and woke us, we gently made love. The newfound tenderness we shared brought us instant satisfaction. It was short and sweet, a sparse few moments, and it was perfect.

We said our goodbyes at the door, and he was off to work. “I’ll call you soon.” he said over his shoulder. And I knew without a doubt he meant it.

I can’t wait to see how good he fucks me next time!

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