The worst fuck in thailand!The worst fuck in thailand!


The worst fuck in thailand!here is a little story about,yes you guessed it,the worst fuck i ever had in thailand,well so far anyway! this great and epic tale of woe started in pattaya around about 6 years ago.I had just arrived for a 3 month stay and as usual dumped the bags in the apartment and took a quick shower and then went out for some food and a few beers.I bumped into a usual “friend” but decided i wanted to take a look around and go on a pussy hunt.I met a few guys i knew so i decided to go and have a few drinks with them along soi 7.After a few bars and starting to get a little bit drunk and jet lag starting to set in i was thinking of calling it quits when i suddenly perked up when this hot as fuck chick decided she liked the look of me and started gyrating all over me and really hotting things up,she even put on a little pole dance in that sexy black dress she was wearing and the lads were telling me what a lucky bastard i was to have her blatantly up for it! So we had a couple of drinks,i bahis siteleri paid the bill and the bar fine and off we went for a night of passion,or so i thought! We get to the apartment and as soon as i close the door she pulls my pants down and goes straight for a blowjob,which under normal circumstances is great but i just been sweating my ass off in 30 degree heat! So i tell her to slow down and lets have a shower and relax a bit before we get into as we have all night.So shower over,we jump into bed where she then turned into quick time hooker mode,she said you lie there and i will do it all for you,so she then decided to ride me,but not in a nice way,a hard grinding way that was more pain than pleasure so i flipped her over and decided to pound her instead but no she didnt like that and then went back on to this monotonous grinding that was then interrupted by a phone call from her boyfriend! Now she is there,still sat on my cock,talking to her farang boyfriend and swearing she canlı bahis siteleri is in the village with mamma and he just woke her up! I am trying to stifle my laughter while this is going on and after the phone call she tells me her boyfriend is a bodybuilder and is built like a brick shit house! She then proceeds to try and grind away again but i just said look i am tired and i just need sleep,and literally that is what happened next,thinking i would try again in the morning.So morning comes and we try again and low and behold its the same lets grind him to dust move,now after the night before i am in pain and this chick has now made it even worse making her the worse fuck i ever had in thailand.After paying to get rid of her for her painful attempt at sex and still not shooting my load,she asked me to go to the bar on the night and meet her again,i told her i doubt it as she has a boyfriend and she said that that was no “ploblem”.So i went out that night and met someone else who was canlı bahis a cracking piece of ass and also a great fuck who spent quite a while with me,but thats another story altogether! I took my new chick though to the bar that this other lady was in and holy shit,big mistake on my part and a mistake i never made again lol,that woman had the fire of the devil in her because i made her lose face in front of the others working there by bringing in another woman,although it was 3 days later that didnt seem to matter to the grinder or that her body building boyfriend thought she was at home feeding the buffalo! I stayed clear of her after that but the last few weeks of my stay i spotted her in that bar with her boyfriend so i decided that that was now my best bar to drink in lol and i had such pleasure watching her squirm, the pain of her grinding was worth it! The boyfriend by the way was so pumped full of steroids he would have had trouble to have a wank let alone fuck a woman lol,so let that be a lesson to you guys cunt hunting in thailand,never fuck girls on the same soi as your hotels and never contaminate a bar with other women lol. Stay safe everyone and hope you enjoyed one of my many experiences from the land of smiles.

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