The Worst BurglarThe Worst Burglar


His car was finally gone! For weeks Kat had been casing this place out, eyeing the home’s neat stonework and cliché white picket fence, dreaming of the jewels that surely awaited her within. You see, Kat stole for a living, and she was damn good at it. Or at least that’s what she was thinking as she cased the area, then quickly adjusted her tight black yogas and tightfitting longsleeve before making her careful approach.

The front door was no good, of course, but she’d seen this guy leave numerous times and he set no alarm. Smiling like she was clever, she slunk to the 6 foot fence into the backyard and with a suppressed grunt she vaulted up and over. Perfect! Only it wasn’t, as her trip back down the other side went awry. She fell in a disheveled pile on the ground, but undeniably into the protected yard. “Fuck.”

Standing, she grumbled and took a moment to shove her wavy red hair back into her bulky stocking cap. Lord knows how difficult it is to stay inconspicuous with such a literal red flag on her head, but the stubborn girl wouldn’t dye it, at age 22 she was a bombshell and the hair put her into goddess-range with the guys.

She sighed and dusted off her front, wiggling her chest to get her large firm breasts – also a liability, but what can you do? – to behave. “Now, let’s get the goodies,” She muttered to herself, now in total burglar mode as she slithered through the shadows to the rear door. It was an older structure, but obviously renovated and sound, richly decorated and closely cared for.

“Fuck again!” The door was locked, but Kat was a professional, she had prepared for this. She was halfway through wrapping her fist in one of her old t-shirts to smash the glass when she stopped dead and chuckled softly. Straight ahead was a window cracked open. Perfect. She crept up to it, gazing into the dark room for a long time, pausing to listen for anything out of place. The coast evidently clear, she pushed the window open as wide as the grin on her face. But the window was much older than it looked, taking most of her strength to force open as she muscled it wide enough for her body. It’d be a tight fit, but she’d been through worse. She was a professional after all!

Kat pushed her trim body through, head and neck going through easily, but coming to her shoulders she found that the only way to go was to extend one arm forward and shimmy her damned big tits through. Finally – after a little more chafing than was pleasant – the burglar gave one big push and they popped through, but of course the extra momentum threw her hips into the frame behind her. Before she could even curse, there was a loud scraping noise and a crack, then something heavy slammed down on her lower back – the window had come down and pinned her in place!

“Oh come on!” She grunted, thrashing up and down, back and forth, but the stupid thing was jammed. “Jesus, this can’t get any worse,” she groaned escort bayan esenyurt as she struggled.

But it did.

From the interior of the room came a confused groan and a rustling, then a soft click of a lamp and dim light flashed at Kat. “Oh god,” She gasped, freaking out inside as she went completely still. A body sat up. Shit, it’s the homeowner.

Athletic, tanned, and very much confused, Ben sat up from his sleep and just stared at Kat. She stared back. A second passed and his jaw dropped open, seeing her crimson hair tumbling out of her incognito hat and thin gloves over sticky fingers. Time stretched on, seeming to stop in this moment of utter surprise for both parties.

“You’re supposed to be gone! What the fuck?!” Kat yelled, snapping out of it. She was pissed, beyond pissed. What the hell is this guy’s deal, being here when she showed up to rob him blind.

Ben shook his head and sat up further, ignoring the cool breeze on his bare chest as he tried to collect his thoughts. “So when my car goes to the shop, a girl gets stuck in my window?”

“Hey I’m like 23! I’m not some girl. And I’m not stuck, you’re not supposed to be here!” She shifted against the window again but it held snug, mocking her with its firm hold on her hips.

He cocked his head curiously at her situation. “No, you definitely look stuck. Wow, you must be a pretty shitty burglar to get stuck in a window while your mark is asleep in the same room.”

Kat growled furiously. “I’m a pro, this shit doesn’t normally happen!”

“A pro! Exactly how many times have you gotten stuck in a window?” He questioned, actually laughing.

“I’ve robbed plenty of places, jerk!” She said in a huff. Ok like two, but I got away with them!

“Nah, I don’t believe you,” Ben said with a knowing shake of his head. “C’mon you can’t be much younger than me, what’s your name anyway?”

“Why the hell do you care? Why aren’t you like calling the cops or something?!” she demanded.

“What, you going somewhere? When am I ever going to see something like this again?” He asked, laughing again. “Name?”

Kat looked at him long and hard, but his smiling face was impossible to read. Confused, she slumped into a pout. “It’s Kat.”

“Ha, good one! Kat, the Burglar. You think I’m an idiot?” He threw his head back to chuckle further.

“Seriously, it is too Kat! That’s just kinda a funny coincidence, asshole!” She barked back at him, her stubbornness taking hold.

“Whatever you say, Kat Burglar, but I’d start talking nicer to me if I were you. I’m not the one stuck in the window,” Ben said soberly.

“This is getting too weird, just get me out of this thing and let me go!” Kat demanded.

“And why would I do that?”

“Because. . . .” Kat sighed and pulled off the hat, letting her voluminous hair spill over her shoulders with a little flick Escort Bayan Avcılar of the head for good measure. “. . . I could make it worth your while.” She licked her lips, putting on all the charm. His eyes shot up, obviously intrigued. His eyes dipped down to where her breasts, which were being pushed up readily by the window frame.

“Well then,” Ben stood, in nothing but his boxers Kat noticed. Not bad. Actually, she was really into this guy, she would have actually made a pass at him if she had found him in one of the clubs, not while she was stuck in his wall. He leaned down and ran a finger down from her ear to her full lips slowly. “Worth my while is not getting my shit stolen,” he said as he ruffled her hair and laughed again. “Are you serious? What kind of theft ring do you run exactly?”

Kat rolled her eyes. “C’mon man, stop being such a pansy. You let me out, we fuck, I go on my merry way and you keep your shit, everybody wins!” She pleaded, eyes on the bulge in those lovely cotton trunks.

“I’m sorry to say, but I really don’t think I can believe anything you say,” He replied, hands on hips as he looked down at her, conflicted.

“Fine, let’s fuck because you’re hot and I’m not, and this is just some weird ice breaker. Now let me out.” She looked him over again, body highly contrasted in the dim lamplight.


“Come on!”

“Not buying it.”

“Ugh just come here!” Kat growled as she hooked her one arm around his leg and pulled her too him, pressing her face against his boxers as she looked up into his eyes. “Let’s make this your trust builder.”

“Hmm, that could work,” He agreed softly as he watched her slowly peel down his sleepwear. Maybe he was imagining things, but he thought he saw Kat’s eyes light up as his soft eight inches of cock was revealed.

Oh wow! “Whatever, you’d better get me out of here for this,” She said haughtily before wetting her lips and running them down his warm shaft to tongue over his head lightly. Oh fuck that’s a big dick! She sucked his soft head into her mouth and pulled it back, feeling and watching as before her eyes he started to harden. Moaning around him she wrapped her hand around his base and started tugging in encouragement, urging his cock forward into her waiting mouth as he stiffened up into the absolute log he was. I’m in trouble. Wait, is this trouble? I like trouble!

Ben moaned as he stared down at the odd sight, half of the sexiest girl he’d ever seen jammed through his window and sucking him off. He could feel her tongue swirling over his head as she started dipping down slowly before pulling back, slurping and smacking her lips all over his cock with much more enthusiasm than he expected from her. “Oh you’re dirty, you don’t mind this at all, do you?” He asked with a huge grin.

Kat paused in her bobbing to furrow her brow as she glared up Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü at him, her eyes sparkling in the dim light and her mouth stuffed full of half his thick shaft. Quite the sight, and not at all convincing. He kept grinning as he bucked into that hot mouth slightly and her eyes rolled back a bit as she went down deeper before coming up for air, strings of saliva hanging between those wet lips and his swollen head as she gasped for her breath. She jerked his shaft firmly and pouted up at him again. “Who says I can’t enjoy getting out of trouble?” She purred before stretching her jaw over that thick cock once again. The only answer she got was a drawn out moan and a shudder from Ben.

The sexy burglar drew her hand away to pull aside her pesky fiery hair, sucking lower and lower just by bobbing her head. Hair under control for the time being, she grabbed his leg again and pulled him even closer, humming around his shaft as she relaxed her throat and let his thick meat sink deeper further past her lips until her nose was rubbing against his navel. There she sat and let Ben admire the view of his entire cock being crammed down her throat. Soon though she withdrew, revealing inch after glistening inch until she was just swirling around his head. But she didn’t stop, simply changed directions again and sank right back down, slowly and methodically throat-fucking herself as she hummed happily. Ben was losing it, panting heavily as he stared down in awe at this wonder. “God damn it girl!” He groaned in pleasure.

Kat moved faster now, switching between a few deep thrusts and slurping as she jerked his slippery shaft. She could feel his cock throbbing in her throat as she worked, and she wanted that cum. She sucked harder, letting his hips buck his dick into her waiting mouth, urging him through sucking and licking and squeezing to blow that hot load. Suddenly the dam burst, and Ben’s knees started to shake as he grabbed hold of Kat’s head with both hands, bucking into her with wild grunts. His cock twitched violently in her throat as he started to shoot rope after thick rope of seed. I’ve got to taste this! She pulled back and jerked him into her mouth, coaxing his huge load onto her waiting tongue as the last spurts thundered out of his cock, filling her mouth to overflowing in a flash as streams of jizz ran down her chin.

Ben was moaning and shaking wildly, and when he was finally spent he had to stumble back and fall onto his bed. “Holy shit!” He gasped, staring back at the cum-dripping face of his burglar. Little shit, she’s actually smiling at me! “That was . . . better than I expected,” He said after catching his breath, his cock wilting before them.

Kat grinned devilishly and licked the cum off her lips. “I agree. So,” She squirmed again and sighed. “How about letting me out?”

Ben eyed her from his bed, pensive for a moment. Then he sat up, returning that devilish grin twice over. “Something like that.” And without another word he sat up and walked out of the room.

“Hey – hey! What the hell man, what about getting me out? What are you doing?” Kat screamed after him, thrashing angrily.

“Don’t worry,” Came Ben’s voice from down the hall. “You’re gonna thank me for it. . . .”

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