The World is Her Toilet – RevengeThe World is Her Toilet – Revenge

Beautiful Pussy

After brunch. the girls made another stop at the beach to get one final dose of sun and relaxation before heading home.

While searching for an open space to lay out there belongings on the crowded beach, Betty and her friends passed a group of young men in their early 20s. The men leered at Betty, Sarah, Anna, and Jane as they walked.

One of them aggressively tapped his friend on the shoulder and pointed at Betty. “Fuck, bro! Check out the MILF brigade!” He laughed hard at his own comment.

Betty extended her middle finger and shouted back. “MILF? Fuck off! I’m not even 30.”

The gaggle of beach bros hooted in delight and mockery at her response. “Whatever, bitch!” the leader of the shouted back before turning his back on her.

The girls settled into a spot and drank in the sun and surf. Betty sipped a beer and looked around, still seething at the earlier interaction she had endured. She scanned the sand and found the bros encamped about 30 yards away, behaving obnoxiously toward any attractive woman who neared their orbit.

Later, Betty observed the boys move away from their belongings. Now was the time for her to act.

“Janie – come with me. Do you want to have some fun?”

“What are you thinking, Betts?”

Betty and Jane walked over to the beach bros encampment and surveyed the scene. A large rolling cooler containing beers and snacks was yalova escort set in one corner of the covered area. A collection of backpacks and small bags lay in another corner. Betty rummaged through the bags, looking for anything interesting to leave a mark on. She pulled out the wallets and cell phones she found in the various bags and placed them in a pile on the ground. Betty pointed at the cooler and told Jane “Piss in that, and I’ll take care of these.”

While Jane popped the lid of the cooler open, Betty moved into a low squat over the gathered items and pulled the fabric of her bikini bottoms to the side. Her pussy lips parted just before a golden torrent of urine poured out. Betty picked up one wallet and opened it, holding it under the vengeful beam emanating from between her legs. She watched gleefully as the cash, receipts, and other ephemera yellowed as piss soaked in to the porous items. She cut off her stream and grabbed the next wallet, repeating the process until its contents were likewise drenched in her hot golden pee.

Contracting her muscles to cut off the flow temporarily, Betty repositioned herself slightly before she resumed pissing. The hot torrent flowed sharply from her pussy, mercilessly raining over the cellphones she had arranged between her feet in the sand. Many phones are water-resistant and would probably survive the deluge, Betty knew, but she yalova escort bayan enjoyed disrespecting the devices all the same. When she finished peeing, she kicked sand over the phones, laughing at how the coarse granules stuck to the wet handsets and would surely scratch the screens.

Meanwhile, Jane hovered over the open cooler and looked down. She saw the it was filled with cans of beer and sodas, bottled waters, and sandwiches in plastic bags. She glanced around nervously, feeling as if everyone on the beach were looking straight at her. She was sure someone would notice her reaching down between her thighs and surreptitiously moving her bikini bottoms aside, exposing her smooth pussy, but no one said a thing. She tried to relax, but felt a tightness in her stomach and could not start peeing no matter how much she wanted to.

Having finished drenching the wallets and cellphones, Betty noticed Jane hunched over the cooler in frustration. Her naked pussy hovered above its contents, but nothing was happening. “I don’t think can’t do it,” Jane said ruefully.

“You got this, babe,” Betty whispered to her friend. “I believe in you.”

Jane inhaled deeply and felt an electric surge between her legs. Betty watched in delight as her friend’s pussy lips parted spontaneously and a trickle of liquid flowed out and down into the cooler. “Oh fuck…” Jane moaned. The intensity escort yalova of the trickle grew into a fierce deluge. Jane was sure that the sound of her urine pinging off the aluminum cans in the cooler would draw unwanted attention, but if anyone saw what was happening, no one intervened. For almost half a minute, Jane deposited the contents of her bladder into the cooler. When she was done, tiny golden puddles filled the crevices atop the beer cans, and the inner white walls of the cooler were speckled with flecks of hot golden piss.

Jane reached down and pulled out a sandwich bag that had somehow survived mostly unscathed. She opened it. removed the sandwich, and wiped the dampness from her pussy lips with the bread. For good measure, she spit on it too before sealing it back in the bag and tossing it back into the piss-flooded cooler.

“Holy shit,” Betty said. “I am so turned on right now. I didn’t know you had it in you!”

Jane snapped out of her ecstatic haze and felt her heart race as she realized what she had done. “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!” She ran back to where the girls had stationed themselves and dove onto her towel. Betty arrived a few steps behind her.

“What’s going on? What happened?” asked Sarah.

“Janie’s one of us, now,” Betty laughed. “She helped me teach our new friends a lesson about speaking to women respectfully. You never know what might happen if you piss off the wrong bitch!”

“Fuck, you guys are a bad influence on me,” Jane moaned. She paused for a moment before grinning wide. “But fuck me if that wasn’t fun. This has been one hell of a vacation.”

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