The Welcome HomeThe Welcome Home


My plane touched down, right on time for a change. I had been out of town at a business meeting for the day, and was glad to be home. Getting up at 5:00 to make the red-eye flight out, and returning at 9:30 made for a long day. I hoped my buddy Don hadn’t forgotten to pick me up. I wasn’t in the mood to wait for a cab. I looked around, and was just ready to call the cab, when Don roared in to the parking lot in his Jenson Healy convertible. He hopped out and apologized for being late, and offered to buy me a drink in the airport bar. I needed something to relax me, so I agreed. After two dry southern comfort manhattans, everything seemed just fine, so I suggested we hit the town. Don agreed, so we headed off to my place so I could dump my briefcase, and change clothes.

I was just out of the shower when I heard some conversation from the living room. I presumed that Don had called someone, so I headed to my bedroom with only a towel wrapped around me. Much to my surprise, the conversation Don was having was with Sandy, one of my employees. She blushed when she saw me in my towel, and apologized for just dropping in unannounced, but she had wanted to say good bye to me. I had forgotten that today was her last day on the job at my car dealership. I invited her to stay and offered her a beer, grabbing one for myself and Don. I excused myself, and went to my bedroom to continue getting dressed.

I had just pulled on some jeans when I heard a soft knock at the open door. I looked up to see Sandy standing in the doorway with a couple fresh beers. Her face was still a little red, I presumed from being nervous, not realizing she had been standing there watching me for a few minutes. She hesitated before coming into the bedroom, and I joked, “I hope you’re not afraid of what might happen if you come in here. You know my company policy…no fooling around with the hired help.”

She stammered for gaziosmanpaşa escort a minute, saying something about that was why she was here tonight, then came in and gave my beer to me, our hands touching just a little bit longer than necessary as she handed it to me. Then it hit me. Since she was no longer an employee of mine, she was now fair game, and it seemed as though she was more than willing to take the office small talk and flirting to the next level. She caught me off guard by reaching up and giving me a kiss, then turned around and headed for the door.

I said “hold on there” and grabbed her arm and pulled her back to me. She came back to me and we kissed for what seemed like an hour. Don had wandered back to see where Sandy had disappeared to, and caught us in the middle of our kiss. “Gee, what does a guy have to do to get a kiss like that?” He asked. Sandy smiled and said “not much! I just feel like celebrating” as she walked over and gave Don a kiss. Don and I looked at each other, and winked, as it appeared as though we wouldn’t have to go cruising tonight to get lucky.

I grabbed a shirt, and we headed out into the living room, grabbing a few beers on the way. It turns out Sandy was quite the party girl – something I never would have guessed from her behavior at work. After more than a few beers, I went into the kitchen to grab some snacks. When I turned around, Sandy was right in my face, and asked me if something was wrong. “Well, no, I said, Why?” “Why haven’t you tried to put the moves on me?” She asked. Well, I explained, I didn’t know how to ditch Don diplomatically, and I just figured she might not take to “entertaining” the two of us at the same time. She grinned, and said that was why she was here. She said she had heard me making plans to have Don pick me up at the airport, and had followed us home from gölbaşı escort the airport.

She turned away from me, and said “…but if you’re not interested…”. Sometimes I’m a little slow to react to a situation like this, but that night wasn’t one of those times. I walked up behind her, and wrapped my arms around her, and grabbed her boobs while burying my face in her neck through her strawberry blond hair. “You don’t have to ask twice”, I said. She reached back and grabbed at my crotch and moaned.

Don had been listening in on our conversation, and came into the room asking if anyone could join in the fun. Sandy just smiled and grabbed his crotch, too. We stumbled into the living room, and as I drew the drapes closed I felt a hand on my shirt, pulling it out of my pants and up over my head. Sandy had a look in her eyes that told me we were in for the time of our lives.

I pulled her shirt out of her pants, and slowly unbuttoned it, as I kissed her. With a droop of her shoulders, it was gone. Her breasts were just the right size…not too big, and not too small. I pulled her bra down to expose her nipples, and they stuck out like erasers. As I bent down to suck on them, Don moved into action, unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans. I stopped long enough to allow her to step out of her jeans, leaving her with only her pulled down bra and her bikini panties. She then unbuckled both Don’s and my jeans, pulled the zippers down, and stuck her hands in and grabbed our pulsating pagos. We dropped our pants the rest of the way, and stepped out of them, losing our underwear in the process.

We maneuvered over to the couch, and Don sat down, pulling Sandy’s head to his cock. She started kissing it and before long, she was taking all 8 inches in her mouth. I pulled her panties off, and started licking her snatch from behind. I don’t know keçiören escort who was moaning louder, Sandy or Don. I pulled her hips up, kneeling behind her, and started rubbing my cock against the now dripping lips of her snatch, teasing her. I pushed the head in an inch or so, and pulled it out, and continued rubbing her lips. She was really getting into sucking Don off, and he was loving it. I plunged my 9 inches into her quivering quam, pumping for all I was worth. We were all pushing and pulling and dripping and moaning. After what seemed like an hour, we all came at the same time, and collapsed into a heap on the couch and floor.

Sandy had swallowed most of Don’s load, but a dribble of cum ran down her chin and onto her boobs. Her thighs were soaked with our mutual love juices, and we were all soaked with sweat. I suggested we take a shower, so the party moved into my “party” shower (big enough for four, but that’s another story). There’s something about a woman’s wet slippery body that just turns me on, so it wasn’t long before old Duke was standing at attention again. We lathered up Sandy, and she did the same for us. I concentrated on her pussy, while Don worked on her boobs. I have never felt a pussy that wet. She was just creaming and moaning for my cock. She bent over and took me in her mouth, and Don started ramming his rod home. It wasn’t long before I was ready to cum again, and I let Sandy know. She just seemed to suck harder, and when she felt the first pulse of my seed shoot into her mouth, she looked up at me and groaned. Seconds later, Don announced that he was ready to arrive, and continued to pound into her from behind as I pinched and pulled on her wiggling nipples. I’ve never had sex with a woman who was vocal during sex, but Sandy liked to let you know exactly what was going on, so it was no surprise when she started shaking and yelling just as Don was dumping his load in her.

We rested for a few minutes, and then finished our shower, and retired to the bedroom, where we took turns enjoying Sandy’s talents pretty much all night long. Don and I said goodbye to Sandy about 10:00 in the morning with deep kisses, and headed back to catch up on some sleep. I never saw Sandy again, but I’ll never forget her special goodbye.

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