The Want Ads Ch. 04The Want Ads Ch. 04


Nikki reached for the waistband of Lee’s pants and began to pull them down. Lee lifted his hips to assist her and wondered what she would do. It would take him a while to be ready again, but he figured that he would enjoy whatever it was she had in mind.

Nikki took Lee’s pants, socks and shoes off – he was completely naked from the waist down. She made sure the car seat was all the way back so that she would have room to move. She made sure his legs were open to allow her the access she would need.

Nikki leaned over him, her breasts swinging as she moved. Nikki captured his mouth in a west steamy kiss that ended with her tugging on his lower lip as she moved away. She kissed, licked and nibbled her way down his neck and across his chest. She toyed with his nipples using her hands as well as her mouth. All the while she kept moving downwards towards her goal.

As she moved Nikki positioned herself so that she had one knee on the seat between his legs and the other on the floor, leaving her straddling one of his legs. As she moved downwards, she pressed her wet pussy against his leg as if to leave her scent on him. Nikki was nearing his groin, but passed his penis choosing to graze his hip and inner thigh on the way to her goal. With Nikki’s ministrations, Lee was amazed to see that he was half hard already and was now eager to find out what else she would do.

Nikki’s face disappeared between his legs and then he felt her take his balls into her hot wet mouth. Her tongue danced around and over his sensitive gear. She sucked gently before allowing them to gently pop out of her mouth. Nikki licked at his balls with the flat of her tongue the way a dog would, before sucking one of his glans back into her mouth. Alternating between the two sacs, Nikki brought her hand into play. She began to rub the sensitive area between his balls and his anus. Lee moaned at the sensations she was creating. Perhaps it wouldn’t be that long before he was ready again after all!

Nikki’s face was still buried, but she brought up her spare hand to gauge her progress and was very happy with what she found. Lee’s cock was hard – she wanted it rigid! Nikki gripped his cock with her free hand and began to rub the shaft. She let her fingers glide up to the head and stroked the pee hole that was leaking pre-cum again. Nikki raised her head from between Lee’s legs and smiled at him before taking his cock into her mouth. Nikki began to suck on it like a popsicle – all the way in to her throat, then suck and pull back till it pops out.

Nikki had stopped rubbing behind his balls and began to focus on his cock. Licking around the crown and occasionally into the pee hole. Gripping the shaft in her fist and squeezing. Lee was floating in a sea of sensations that Nikki was creating for him. He didn’t notice that one of her hands was no longer on his body.

While sucking on Lee, Nikki reached between her legs and was fingering herself. She imagined what it would look like if someone looked in the window – Lee laying down half naked with her lips wrapped around his dick, her with her bare ass in the air and her pussy dripping cream. She shoved a finger into herself. When she pulled it out it was very wet – good, just what she wanted.

Nikki moved her hand back to Lee. She sucked his cock to the back of her throat and moved her hand Alanya Escort beneath him again. She moved her creamed finger to his anus and gently inserted it. Lee stilled for a moment, but Nikki kept going. Her finger caressed his prostate, her thumb caressed behind his balls and her mouth caressed his cock. She began to speed up the rhythm. Lee was no longer still. He once again grabbed her head and pushed her into his groin. Lee’s hips began to buck. It was as if time had been suspended and then suddenly resumed at twice the speed. Lee’s climax hit hard and he gushed into Nikki’s mouth. Before he was finished she took him out of her mouth and pointed his cock to her chest so that his cum would hit her tits. Lee watched as the milky ropes landed on her globes making them shiny.

She continued to pump his cock until he was spent, then she removed finger from his rectum. Lee had never had anyone shove a finger up his ass before, and he couldn’t believe how good it felt. Nikki was still leaning over him and they locked gazes. For a moment neither one could speak. Nikki was the one to break the silence.

“Would you do that for me some time?” she asked.

Lee knew what she meant – she wanted him to finger her ass. Looking at her kneeling over him naked from the waist up, with her skirt hiked around her waist, sweaty from a long session of sex, and now being asked to finger her ass, Lee thought he might just have found the perfect woman.

“Yes!” Lee exclaimed as he pulled her head in for a searing wet kiss.

Lee felt that now it was Nikki’s ass that needed attention. She displayed it so perfectly reflected in the car window. Lee instructed Nikki on how he wanted her positioned. Kneeling on all fours with her ass to him. Nikki was excited from what she had just done to Lee so she was plenty wet. Lee shoved two fingers in her cunt – she moved up and back on Lee fingers while his lips and mouth teased and probed Nikki’s ass. Lee’s tongue prodded the target and she sighed and moaned.

Lee removed his fingers from Nikki’s pussy and let them join his tongue, his index finger tracing over the ridges around the now swelling sphincter opening. Lee pulled back to look with fascination as it seemed to blossom itself, as Nikki’s pussy had, and the deepening rosy blush the pink flesh took on the more he stroked it. She had relaxed, but still no opening appeared. Lee blew on Nikki’s rosebud, first cool, then warm, and delivered a few well placed licks and puckered kisses, sucking at the little rosebud.

Lee slid his hands into Nikki’s pussy to get some of her excess juices. He let a few drops fall onto Nikki’s hole and Nikki’s hips bucked in response. His fingertip circled then pressed inward through the grip and clench of those muscles. She cried out. He pushed in and dilated Nikki’s ass, then withdrew the finger. This time when Lee withdrew his finger, into her tiniest opening, Nikki turned to watch. She bit her lower lip, breath hissing through slowly.

Ever so carefully, he let the tip pass through the hole and squeezed gently to fill Nikki’s ass with a little of her pussy juice. “Easy baby, I am very tight” Nikki informed Lee.

She attempted to watch in disbelieving ecstasy and anticipation, feeling her warm oil filled the outer part of her sphincter. Nikki closed her eyes as her mind raced Alanya Escort Bayan ahead to how this would feel, and luxuriated in this novel approach to one of her favorite and inner-most sexual activities.

Lee coated more of Nikki’s ass with her natural oil. His hands cupping around the shaft of his cock to catch the oil he then lavished on it. Nikki started to imagine what was happening. She had an exciting feeling that something larger would soon be buried to the hilt in her ass. It could hardly happen fast enough as she tried hard to savor every millisecond because this was going to be extraordinary. It already had been a wonderful evening meeting someone so kind and sexually attracted to her.

“Baby I can’t!” Nikki said, cringing slightly as her ass stretched to the girth of his cock.

“Yes you can. Just leave it in for a sec, then I’ll push a bit more in. Just tell me if it hurts and I’ll take it out.” Lee told Nikki.

Nikki felt relieved by what he had said, and she let him try. She knew he’d never get the whole length of his cock in her tight ass, but she was curious to know how far he could push it in. She felt him push another inch inside. Her immediate reaction was pain, but as he left it in, and let her ass stretch by itself, it became more and more stimulating. Lee repeated this process a few more times, then slowly began to pull his cock in and out of her ass. To help Nikki focus on other things, Lee started to stimulate Nikki’s clit. He rubbed his thumb and forefinger along it and around her entire pussy. The feelings were sensational!

“Just relax babe, I’ll go slow, I promise.” Lee gestured. Again, his words comforted her, and she relaxed her tensed ass. Lee guided his cock further into Nikki’s ass, and let the head slip through the oil, let Nikki’s feel the broad, throbbing tip as it slid through her crack and over the anus. She was moaning heatedly, and thrusting backwards insistently when he felt the give of Nikki’s hole and pressed, slowly, watching the spongy head disappear into the impossibly tight hole, the ring snapping tautly behind it. Lee hesitated and felt her start building up to an orgasm. He tugged back a little, and groaned himself at the tight grip, the corklike fit disallowing his retreat without some effort on his part.

“Mmm… How much did you get in baby?” Nikki asked.

“All of it.” Lee replied. She jumped a little, causing Lee’s cock to pull out of her ass a couple of inches. She couldn’t believe he’d managed to get his entire length inside. When he fucked her pussy it always felt full, as if nothing bigger would fit in it.

Nikki pushed back a little, and moaned…his cock was as if it were sculpted from finest marble enrobed in a thin, hot coating of some silken liquid; hard, yet gliding slickly at the same time. It felt so huge and stretched Nikki so widely. She again looked back as she barely saw the first few inches disappearing into her ass even as she felt this same event.

Lee let his cock slip out of her ass. “Fucking hell babe your ass looks like the Grand Canyon now!” Lee joked. She swayed her ass back and forth, inviting him back inside, but now he wasn’t gentle. He fucked her hard, and moved one of his hands between her legs, and started to rub her clit faster as he pounded her ass. The sensation was becoming too Escort Alanya much for Nikki, and she soon had another climax, soaking Lee’s hand. He didn’t stop, pause, or even slow down. He kept fucking her hard as Nikki came. Lee started to moan and curse, and Nikki felt a hot sensation deep in her bowels. She felt Lee’s come splash against the inner walls of her ass. Every movement of his cock, and every splash of his cum kept her climax going until he had finished ejaculating inside.

He held his cock in Nikki and she opened more deeply to him. His cock slid in against the gentle but insistent pressure and Nikki shifted position, something about the way she arched her back and he fit so perfectly inside her nether hole. He gave a few sharp jabs of his hips, upward and inward, which she matched and he knew by the way she had ceased to breathe regularly that once again he’d found that place she needed him. Nikki’s gasps were intermittent and punctuated often with moans and near screams of pleasure. It was enough just to be in Nikki’s ass like this, without the deep stroking, with the slightest movement or none at all. The undulating walls of Nikki’s fuckhole were enough…more than enough. Lee’s fingers dug into Nikki’s hips, his back arched and he trembled as he fought to hold back the orgasm now boiling in his balls then thrust into Nikki and pulled her hips back onto him.

Lee started thrusting again, gently. Nikki let him pull in and out of her a few times until she was used to the movement, and then met his thrusts as she pushed back against him. It didn’t take long for him to start thrusting harder, and Nikki bucked her ass back and forth, letting him know she wasn’t in pain. His balls slapped against her ass cheeks, and he started pounding her ass. Lee fucked her harder, and Nikki fucked him in equal measure.

Bright stars exploded behind Nikki’s eyes as he pulled back again to use his flared cockhead to tug at Nikki’s sphincter from within. Nikki squeezed the opening in, muscles gripping him so firmly, the oil Nikki’s enemy now. She didn’t want to let him out, wanted nothing more than having his cock buried so deeply in her ass again and again and never ending. This felt so right…she pushed back.

Nikki’s hunger outweighed common sense that this could last and last, and she used her muscles to suckle at him with her sphincter and bowels, to tug and urge him deeper inside. It was more than Lee could resist, and he pushed back into Nikki, the oil giving a hot gliding ease to the motion, he curved himself upward inside her and watched her squirm, feeling the insides grip him. Lee moaned “you are so fucking tight, it’s like a virgin’s pussy.”

Lee barely heard Nikki’s cries. She was cumming around him, Nikki’s contractions of ecstasy were milking every last drop from him. As the intensity subsided, he stroked his cock in and out enjoying the sensation of his cum lubricating Nikki’s ass. Nikki moans changed to satisfied ones and she told him, “God I love to feel you cum in my ass…”

He never really lost his erection, but slowed a little in response to the intensified sensations. The tight grip of Nikki’s was almost unbearable. It relaxed after she came, and she collapsed beneath him to the seat to rest, but insisted that his cock stay in her ass, a request he was more than happy to oblige. Lee’s balls felt less heavy and he knew this time his endurance would come closer to doing Nikki’s justice. They lay a while, each anticipating the next round.

Nikki was the first to speak, “lets go to my house. I want you to watch me change so we can enjoy some of my toys.”

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