The WalkersThe Walkers


Every morning at 6 AM Jordan began his walk along the beach from one end to the other and back again. He was like a metronome and it took about 30 minutes. He was 24 and didn’t have a job. His parents were much older and it was his job to look after them. He was a full-time carer and literally the only time he got out of the house was to go shopping and for his morning walk. There were a lot of people walking very early, mostly with their dogs. There was some sort of camaraderie between all the walkers who nodded to each other and said quick hellos, but not Jordan.

Jordan walked, and mentally took note of who was there every morning and who wasn’t. He noted the presence of a good-looking woman who suddenly turned up with a dog and sometimes walked and sometimes jogged but he never responded to her greetings or her dog’s sniffing as they passed by. This went on for weeks without any response from Jordan. The longer this went on, the more Ella became intrigued with this man who was so absorbed in himself that he never took any notice of her or anybody else for that matter. Ella was a nurse and had been looking after her elderly parents until they went into an old persons’ home and now she was free and hoped to find a partner. That was why she was walking the dog because she had heard it was a good way to meet somebody. She wore tight shorts and looked terrific.

It was likely that she and Jordan would never have met except that one of the other walkers was handing out a piece of paper to everybody asking them to meet the following Monday at 6 AM when a council ranger would come to talk to them about the necessity to keep their dogs on leads and clean up after them or else there would be a $250 fine. This was Ella’s chance and she positioned herself next to Jordan while the ranger spoke.

“Do you have a dog?”


“Why don’t you bring him with you?”

“I did twice and he just kept pulling against the leash and wanted to run in every direction so I stopped bringing him. I wanted to walk.”

Ella was still intrigued with this man who didn’t seem to take any interest in her or anybody else for that matter. From that day on she walked with him and slowly but surely they began to talk. Her interest began with mystery, and went through various stages of sympathy and a maternal urge to look after him, to a desire to see if she could hook up with him. It took two months but finally Jordan had come out of his shell sufficiently to smile and greet her when she turned up every morning. Ella didn’t know why, but she had begun to like Jordan and wanted to take the relationship to the next step but there seemed no way forward.

“Do you know Hanging Rock Cove? It is not far from here. When it’s warm a few of my friends go there for a walk at midnight. Why don’t you come? I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.”

Jordan fell for the bait and agreed to come. Somehow or another Ella was going to get him on the hook. What she didn’t tell Jordan was that everybody walked without clothes. There were only ever about six turned up – half male, half female. Jordan was the last to arrive and by the time he arrived, the other three men and the three women were all naked and itching to walk. The beach was isolated and there were no lights but even so, it was definitely possible to clearly see their naked bodies when the moonlight slipped between the clouds. Jordan didn’t miss a beat when he saw they were naked.

“You don’t have to strip off if you don’t want to.”

“No, I won’t, thanks.”

“Okay let’s start.” They walked for 30 minutes and then everybody got dressed.

“Do you want to come again?”

“Yes. It’s so different in the dark. The air is so crisp.”

Ella was frustrated that nothing seemed to make Jordan interested in her. She didn’t know many other men, but she was sure that most of them would have recognised that she was trying to attract their attention and would have made a move. She would give it one last try izmit escort and shaved herself. The only reaction was, “You look different tonight.”

Ella spoke to a friend at the hospital searching for ideas. The response came back that Jordan must be repressed in some way and must have suffered some traumatic incident early in his life. It wasn’t normal to be socially undeveloped like this. Something was preventing Jordan relating to Ella in a normal way. The problem was to find out what and when and then try to get Jordan to face his demons – that was probably the best way to get him to overcome whatever the problem was. The cure might take a day, a month, a year or even longer.

Ella’s next step was to get Jordan over to her house where she could sit down and discuss things in more depth. She invited Jordan over to help move some furniture around. Over coffee and cake Ella slowly began to extract some of the details of Jordan’s early life. She thought she had hit pay dirt when he revealed that at the age of three or thereabouts, a babysitter had come over to look after him and his parents had unexpectedly come back early. He couldn’t remember what exactly had happened but he remembered that there was a lot of shouting and the girl was crying and that he got into trouble too and he was very upset.

Ella surmised that the babysitter must have interfered with Jordan in some way and had been caught. That must be the Demon – how to get Jordan to face it, that was the problem.

“Jordan. Let’s play a game. I want you to imagine that I’m the babysitter and that I have come over to look after you. Do you think we can do that?”

“Yes. I can try.” Jordan was not really aware of what she was doing but it didn’t matter, he went along with it.

“Jordan, I’m going to give you a bath. Come with me into the bathroom. I’ll run the water to make sure it’s nice and warm and you can get undressed. There’s a good boy.”

Ella was quite surprised that Jordan, who seemed so shy, could slip out of his clothes without demur. He was so trusting. Out of the corner of her eye Ella could see Jordan getting undressed and he was standing there in his birthday suit and as innocent as any three-year-old boy could be. Ella was a nurse and had taken a great delight and interest in looking at as many penises as she could in the hospital – from the children’s ward through to grown men. What had amazed her was the range of sizes from the little boys as they grew into adults. It was nice to see that Jason had a nice size penis and it wasn’t even stiff.

“Get into the bath. It’s nice and warm. I will wash you just like mummy used to.”

Something in Jordan’s mind was obviously frozen in time. No other grown man would have allowed Ella to do what she was doing and yet he seemed quite willing be part of her charade.

Ella remained dressed and was soon washing him all over with the loofah on his back and legs and then her hands moved into that private little area between his legs and started to wash his penis and balls. Ella was enjoying herself as her hands and fingers probed and rubbed and searched for dirt everywhere. She found it very interesting as she had never handled a man’s penis before. She thought Jordan was enjoying it and he certainly wasn’t resisting in any way. Ella found it quite exciting, whether because it was naughty or forbidden, she didn’t know. She was on a voyage of discovery and the longer she went on, the more her basic instincts were aroused and the prospects of her making love grew.

“It’s time to get dry. Stand up and I’ll dry you.”

Jordan stood up and the water poured off him. Ella patted him all over with the towel until she came to his penis. Washing was one thing, drying was another. Jordan wasn’t hard and Ella was surprised at just how soft it was.

“Do you want to dry yourself?”

“No, you can do it.”

Ella pushed the towel between his legs and tried to dry his balls as best she could and then yahya kaptan escort all the pubic hair and finally she wrapped the towel around his penis, which even flaccid, was quite long. As she moved the towel up and down, she could feel Jordan getting stiffer and stiffer until finally when she removed the towel altogether, she was looking at a really fine specimen. The more she held it the more her juices began to run and her instincts began to take over her thinking. She pulled his foreskin back revealing his nice pink tip and without hesitation introduced it to her mouth. It felt good. What was even better for her was that Jordan was reacting like she expected a normal man to react. It was as if Jordan had been hypnotised and suddenly the spell had been broken. Her experience with men was extremely limited but this was what she expected. Her native instincts, combining hands and mouth, were bringing Jordan close to a happy ending and when it came, she directed his penis down towards the empty bath.

It was very hard to tell exactly what Jason was thinking, but he was certainly coming out of his shell. He stepped out of the bath and kissed Ella who responded by holding him tight. She was still dressed and they stood holding each other for many minutes before Ella pulled herself away and led Jordan to her bedroom. Jordan was on a roll and she thought it best to take advantage of what she could. This was the Jordan she was hoping for, that had been hidden for so long. Jordan began to undress her. She only had a top, bra, shorts and panties on and he removed them one by one until they were both naked. They embraced each other again – skin against skin – her breasts against his chest – his penis against her crotch. Much to Ella’s surprise, Jordan opened his mouth and said, “You just licked me. I would like to lick you.”

That was the last thing that Ella expected to happen but if that was what he wanted, that was what he wanted. Nobody had ever gone down on her before and she had heard that was very, very enjoyable so she lay herself down on the bed with the legs apart and Jordan positioned himself close to her pussy.

“What’s that?”

“That’s my clitoris. When you rub that it gives me a lot of pleasure.”

“What’s that?”

“That’s my pee hole.”

Jordan tentatively gave her clitoris a few licks and returned to the examination.

“What’s that?”

“That’s my vagina. That’s where you put your penis when we make love.”

“It feels nice and soft but there isn’t a hole.”

“When you push against it, it opens up.”

“Can I put it in now?”

“Yes. Not in this position. You lay on your back.”

Ella had to think fast. She didn’t know much about sex, but she was sure that Jordan knew even less. A million thoughts ran through Ella’s mind. Did I just agree to lose my virginity? I always dreamt of that happening after a romantic dinner and some wine and that’s not happening. I must’ve got carried away looking at his penis. I know I got excited just thinking that he might put it in. It’s thicker and longer than I ever imagined but I know it will fit and a couple of my girlfriends have already told me, “the bigger the better.” I know I’m wet so he’ll have no trouble in that department. Does Jordan know what a big step this is for me? He probably doesn’t know which end goes in first. Do it. Do it. You can only lose your virginity once and who knows this might turn out to be a wonderful experience. When he licked me it felt so great. Who knows what he might do? It would be better to take control and lose my virginity where I am in charge.

She changed positions and Jordan was lying on his back and she hovered her vagina above his penis and directed it with her hand into her entrance and slowly lowered herself. She had always imagined to herself that her first time would be one where she made love in the missionary position. What difference would it make whether you were on the top gebze escort or the bottom – you are going to end up with the penis inside you. It had been a long time since anything that large had been in her vagina so she took it nice and slowly until she could go no further. She started a rhythmic movement and then stopped.

“You can move up and down. I think you’ll like it.”

Jordan was a good boy and followed instructions. Ella was surprised how long he lasted but the end was inevitable and when Ella felt the last spasm she leant forward and kissed Jordan. In the end it turned out to be a very good experience. The gorilla was off his back. He had faced his Demons and they were gone. Jordan was a new man. That day Jordan and Ella enjoyed the new sport many times until they fell asleep. They went out for dinner and came back for more. At midnight they both went down to the beach and this time Jordan stripped and he and Ella walked hand-in-hand. Ella felt great satisfaction knowing that by trusting her instincts and being persistent she had found herself a really good man.

They all walked at night as usual and came back very refreshed. It was a beautiful warm night and as they stood around chatting before they went their separate ways Ella became aware that Jordan was getting an erection. She slid in front of him to hide the sight from the others. She could feel it sticking into her bottom.

“You all go. I think we will go for a quick dip in the water. Bye.”

Everybody left and Ella turned to Jordan and said, “You’re not’s supposed to do that in public. It’s embarrassing.”

“I couldn’t help it. I looked at the other two girls and they have bigger breasts than you and that turned me on. I could see in the dark that the other two girls had hair on their bottoms and you had nothing and I could see your little slit and that turned me on even more. All I could think was that I wanted to make love to you right now.”

“It wouldn’t be comfortable for me on the sand. Why don’t we just go into the water and hope the cold water will make the stiffness go away.”

They frolicked in the shallow surf for a few minutes but he was still stiff. Jordan stood up and lifted Ellen up so that her legs were around his waist and he lowered her down so that she was resting with his penis deep inside her.

“You are a devil. How did you do that? It feels so good.”

“You’re right, it feels good. Your body feels so cold and my dick feels so warm inside you.”

“I will jig up and down until you come and then we will go home and we’ll have a really good fuck. Is that what you would like?”

“Sounds like a good idea to me.”

Somehow the novelty of what they were doing and even the fact that they were doing it in public, even when nobody could see them, made Ellen enjoy this suspended fuck. Perhaps it was that she was able to concentrate all her attention on this hard thing that felt as if it was reaching right up to her throat.

A short time later they were back in her house and having a shower to wash the salt water off their bodies. Ella mused to herself that she hadn’t even touched Jordan and he was stiff again. He seemed insatiable. They washed each other and Jordan manoeuvred himself behind her and the next thing he was right up her again. They dried each other and she was on her back having another one – the third between midnight and 2 AM. Ellen wondered to herself how she had gone from a drought lasting years, to on and off rain non-stop for two days. She was looking forward to just a little bit of drought again.

Ellen went back to her friend at the hospital and discussed her problem. The solution might be to try the babysitter routine again.

“Jordan. I want to play babysitter with you again. We’re going to play sex and fucking. I know you like that. This time it’s a little different. You are only allowed to have two fucks a day and as many hand jobs as you want. If you want to fuck you tap me on the left shoulder and if you want a hand job tap me on the right shoulder. How does that sound?”

“Sounds like fun again. Let’s try it.”

And that was how Ellen put the genie back in the bottle. It worked for many years and they were both happy.

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