The WakeupThe Wakeup

Big Tits

I work midnights on the weekends, and with two small kids, adult playtime is hard to come by. However, on this particular Saturday night, I had a lenient boss who allowed me to take an extra-long break. Already planning my rendezvous for the morning, I decided to get it started a little early. I only live a few minutes away from work, so I took my extra-long break and left for home. What started out as a gentle, sexy make out session quickly morphed into something much more erotic than what I had time for at the moment. Deciding kisses and fondling was not enough, I slowly unbuttoned my shirt while sitting on my husband’s lap. When he saw what I was doing, he moaned “tease”, but his hands quickly cupped my nice heavy breasts. While his thumbs massaged my nipples through my thin bra, I focused my oral attentions on the sensitive spot just below his ear. With his head tilted back, I was able to run my tongue slowly along the side of his neck, nibble his ear lobe and plant gently sucking kissed all the way to his collar bone. After a few minutes of this, I felt something nudging at the apex of my thighs…. Someone was getting very turned on.

Deciding to be a little more of a tease, I climbed off his lap and made like I was going to leave to get back to work. When his fingers dropped away from my breast, he closed his eyes and took several deep breaths to calm down. While he was distracted, I quickly flipped open his belt and unzipped his pants. By the time the zipper was all the way down, his eyes had popped open and his hand closed around mine. “We don’t have time for anything…” he mumbled while he tried to pack himself away. Not to be denied, I grinned and leaned in for more kisses while my hand stole to his crotch. I opened my mouth over his, knowing he can’t resist sliding his tongue into mine. When our tongues touched, I closed my lips and drew it deeper into my mouth, stroking it with mine own, mimicking the blow job he was about to receive. Clever minx that I am, I knew he’d forget all about his open fly.

While he was distracted by my mouth, my hand gaziosmanpaşa escort worked its way into his jeans, where i gripped his raging cock through the cotton briefs he wears. He moaned and thrust his hips, and I knew that I had him. I love how men’s underwear is made with the open panels in the front, and that night, those panels were my gateway to bliss. Already mildly damp with precum, his cock protruded from the panels after a little maneuvering. When I felt the velvety heat in the palm of my hand, I released his tongue and dropped my mouth to his crotch. Groaning in protest for only a second at the loss of my tongue touching his, he quickly jerked upright and groaned loudly the minute my tongue ran over the head of his cock. Again, he protested that we didn’t have time, and again, I grinned impishly up at him. When his eyes met mine, I opened my mouth and licked around the crown of his cock, tasting his sweet precum before I swirled my tongue down his shaft. It wasn’t enough, and before long, I was sliding his entire tool into my mouth, feeling it glide across my tongue before reaching the back of my throat. I suckled his yummy organ for several minutes, sliding it into my throat and then pulling so far back that he almost fell out of my mouth. When his hands came to rest in my hair, I knew that I had him. With one last deep thrust, and a swallow to squeeze him oh just right, I pulled myself away and began buttoning my shirt.

With a dumbfounded look, he asked me why I stopped. Again, with my sexy little grin, I just looked at the clock and said “I have to go back to work”. As I got my shirt put to rights, I leaned down to kiss him, and since his cock was still raging through his clothing, I wrapped my hand around him and gave him a couple more pumps. He groaned and tried to thrust a few more times, but I backed away before he could get any more excited. As I walked out the door, the last sight I had of him was his gorgeous rod pointing at the ceiling, still glistening from my mouth, gölbaşı escort and the dirtiest, most frustrated look on his face. Before I shut the door behind me, I told him “I get off in four more hours…” and then it clicked shut behind me.

Four hours later, I got home from my shift, still incredibly turned on. My plan for my break went perfectly. I don’t normally advocate blue balls, but in this instance, I wanted to try something different. When I got home, he was asleep. However, in a repeat of my break, he was wearing not only boxers with the front panels, but pajama pants as well. Hubby is a deep sleeper, so after I stripped and washed up, I nudged him just enough to get him to turn onto his back before I slid my hand into his bottoms. He wasn’t hard, but that was fine. When I finally pulled his flaccid cock through his pants, he was so warm. I cupped him for a couple minutes, just letting his sleeping body get used to the feel of my hands so he didn’t startle when I started using my mouth. Taking just the head into my mouth, I swirled my tongue in circles. Because he was soft, I was able to slide the whole thing into my mouth on the first try without any adverse effects. With his entire cock inside my mouth, I began stroking it with my tongue, first around the head, then down and around the shaft. As I worked my mouth, he began to firm up. When he was about at half-mast, I pulled my head back and began to thrust my mouth back and forth, sliding his cock in and out of my warm, wet cavern. By now, he was giving off tiny little moans, like he was having a good sex dream or something.

When his cock was finally completely hard, I climbed up onto the bed and straddled his legs. Bracing myself on one hand, I wrapped the other around the base of his cock. Dribbling some saliva over my hand for lubrication, I began fisting him, sliding my hand up to meet my mouth while I slid my mouth down to meet my hand. I alternated my strokes for a few moments, and his groans got louder. He began to shift on the bed, keçiören escort so I slid my hand inside his bottoms again and came out with his balls. While my hand worked his shaft, I dropped my head lower and began to lick and suckle at his scrotum. He finally came awake when I managed to suck both testicles into my mouth and was massaging them with my tongue. He began moaning regularly in time with thrusting into my mouth. His hands came up from the bed and gripped my hair, and his moans became louder when I released his balls to return to the head of his sensitive organ. A bead of precum was waiting for me, and I eagerly swiped it with my tongue before I closed my mouth over the top third of his rod. I wanted him to cum in my mouth, so I began to work hard for my prize. Soon, I was deep throating him again; sliding my mouth all the way to the base of his cock and swallowing before sliding it back up.

I knew he wouldn’t be able to handle much more, and when he began panting and squeezing my hair in time to my thrusts, I cupped his balls in my hand. I could feel the denseness of them, and knowing that his orgasm was close, I began thrusting my mouth faster. Up and down, sliding my tongue along the base of his shaft to the bottom, then back to the head and flicking it at his hole. When he groaned again, loudly, I knew it would be soon. I wrapped my hand tightly around his shaft and kept my mouth as close to my hand as I could. With my hand stroking him, he couldn’t take it anymore, and after only a couple thrusts into my mouth, he let out a roar. Knowing his cum would come bursting out of him; I slide my mouth the base of his cock one more time and let him explode into my throat. I could feel the cum jetting out of him, and some of the saltiness slipped down the shaft to pool behind my lips. When the stream finally exhausted itself, I slipped his cock out of my mouth and swallowed the last of my prize. His hands, fisted in my hair, relaxed, and his head came off the pillow. He looked at me out of his gorgeous blue eyes, and with a quiet little smile, he said “was that a dream”?

I grinned back at him and said “did it feel like a dream”? When he shook his head, I smiled, and with a last little squeeze, relinquished my hold on his now softening penis. I gave him a kiss on the cheek before I went to rinse my mouth and get dressed, and by the time I got back, he was asleep again. Oh well, tonight, it’s my turn!

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