The WaitressThe Waitress


I pulled into the dirt lot truck stop, found a place to park, set the air brakes and swung down from the cab. After unhooking the set of trailers and pulled out of the way I headed into the restaurant to wait for the driver I was swapping sets with.

Nodding at several folks I see every night on the way to the corner I take my back to the wall seat. No sooner than I put my Log Book on the table and take my hat off Cindy is setting a cup of black coffee in front of me.

Cindy is in her mid-thirties, natural blonde about five three and for being the mother of two packed tight.

“I’m off in ten,” she says as she moves away to tend to the others. Spooning some ice from a glass to the coffee cup I watch as she wiggles her ass around the room. When she disappears into the kitchen I down the now cool caffeine and head out to the truck.

Moments later Cindy opens the passenger door smiling. Blue eyes flashing she climbs up into the cab. Not one to waste time she steps into the sleeper compartment and sits on the edge of the double bed where she pulls her shirt over her head. Reaching behind her unhooks the straps of a plain white bra.

“Well, she says as the garment falls away from her compact tits,

“Are you Burdur Escort going to join me”?

Pulling my own shirt off I move to stand directly in front of her. Hands reach for my belt buckle, pants button and zipper. Skinning my trousers and tighty whities down in one smooth motion Cindy takes hold of the man meat staring her full in the face. Jacking the shaft a few times she leans forward engulfing at least half my length in her mouth. Withdrawing she swirls her tongue around the head several times before plunging back down.

After a few moments of this I reluctantly back away from her oral ministrations and finish getting undressed. Completely naked now we fall onto the bunk. As our mouths meet I take one of her breasts to hand squeezing and wiping my thumb over the pert nipple. It stiffens as a moan of pleasure escaped through our locked lips.

Moving down her lithe body I suck her cherry topped tits alternately one to the other. While I’m doing this Cindy wraps her arms around my shoulders pulling me tighter to her writhing body. Her breathing shallows and comes in gasps as I suck and tease the rock-hard tips of her tits.

Slowly kissing her chest and stomach to the top of a thick Burdur Escort Bayan thatch of blonde pubic hair. Adjusting I lay beside her head to feet. Rolling Cindy on top of me I bury my face in a golden triangle of pleasure. Parting her lips like the petals of a flower I swipe my tongue through the sweet nectar of her womanhood. Up one side around a hardening clitoris and down the other.

Pressing her cunt tighter Cindy, rocking her hips begins riding my face. I feel her hands again massage my dick. Seconds later the hot, wet warmth of her mouth close over my manhood. Going almost all the way down she backs off swirling her tongue over and around the head of my cock before going down my full length again and again.

Cindy’s rocking quickened as she moaned around my shaft. Then she took her mouth off my dick, I felt her body stiffen and she groaned out,

“Oh gawd I’m cumming”.

Her juices filled my mouth and washed down my cheeks as she spent herself on my face. For a moment she went limp and then started to shiver as she kept her hands busy at my crotch.

When she had come down from the ecstasy that wracked her body I rolled her off me. Turning around I came up between her now Escort Burdur spread legs. My hardness pressed at her sex as our lips met. Cindy kissed and lapped her tongue at the wetness that covered my face. When she raised her hips my cocked slipped into her wet cunt. Moving against her the full length of my meat filled her snug snatch.

With Cindy rocking her hips with each thrust I worked myself in and out of her.

Wrapping her legs around me and pulling me tight to her breasts I felt her hard nipples pressing into my chest. Cindy met me thrust for thrust and it wasn’t long before I felt my own release building.

As the impending orgasm built in my loins Cindy let own a series of Uh’s. Increasing my speed my rushed from deep in my body bursting forth from my hard cock. I buried myself deep as my body stiffened unleashing stream after stream of sperm into Cindy’s body

She moaned out that she was cumming again. Our bodies blended together, we spent ourselves as one. Shaking and quivering we held each other as our breathing came back to normal.

Cindy looked me in the eyes took hold of my face and pulled our lips together. Breaking contact Cindy exhaled, “I needed that, thanks.”

Rolling off of her I settled into the buck and said that I did too.

As with all good things it had to end. I had to re-hook a different set of trailers and get back to the terminal on time. And Cindy, she had to get home to a bum of a husband she was supporting off of her tips at the Truckstop.

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