The Village Spanker – Part 2The Village Spanker – Part 2


“Yes, Paula thinks that I would enjoy what she had,” continued Lynne Miller, on the phone with Simon Crowther.”Well, Paula seemed to enjoy it, as did I,” said Simon.”She said that you spanked a lot of ladies where you used to live,” continued Lynne.”I most certainly did, dozens I would say,” replied Simon.”Wow! I don’t think that you will find dozens to spank in this village,” chuckled Lynne.”No, probably not, but a few would be nice,” replied Simon.Lynne Miller was a married but frustrated woman aged in her late fifties, and Simon was a fifty-six-year-old divorced man that had moved to a cottage in the village just over six weeks before. Paula was Paula Shemmings, also married and previously frustrated, and Simon had spanked and fucked her earlier that day.Paula had told Lynne all about it and told her that she thought that Lynne could do with similar treatment, hence Lynne’s call to Simon.As Simon had told Paula, and Lynne now knew, he had quite a harem of ladies, both married and single, that had visited him where he lived before, to have their bottoms spanked or sometimes caned or belted. More often than not, a fuck followed the attention to their arses.Simon had become aware of Paula and Lynne’s lack of sex by overhearing a conversation between the two women in the village shop that Paula owned. The women had been unaware that Simon was in the shop, and Simon was embarrassed to be listening to what had supposed to be a private conversation, but the outcome seemed to be rather good.After it became known that Simon had heard what was said, he and Paula had a couple of chats culminating in Simon giving Paula a good spanking and a fuck, both of which she enjoyed immensely.”It looks like you have got two, bursa escort at least,” said Lynne, in response to Simon saying that he would like a few women in the village to be interested.”When would you like to visit me, Lynne?” asked Simon.”I have all day tomorrow, my husband is away all day,” said Lynne.”Okay; as I told Paula, a lady’s bottom will be red for some while after I have dealt with her, and it is probably not a good idea for her husband to see it in that state,” Simon warned.”My husband does not see my bare bottom, we don’t even sleep in the same room,” replied Lynne.”In that case, what time can I expect you in the morning?” said Simon.”About 9:30?” said Lynne.”Ha, perfect, that was the time that Paula arrived today,” said Simon.”I will not have a shop to go back to, assuming you have no other plans for tomorrow,” said Lynne.”I have no other plans, you can have as much of my time as you wish,” replied Simon, thinking of having an all-day spanking and fucking session with Lynne Miller.”See you in the morning, Simon; I will tell Paula that I have an appointment,” said Lynne.”See you tomorrow; please give Paula my regards and ask her how her bottom is,” said Simon.”I will, bye,” said Lynne.Simon had another bottom to spank and, it seemed, another cunt to fuck.Lynne was straight on the phone to Paula, “I am seeing him at half past nine in the morning; he says to give you his regards and ask how your bottom is.””Ha, well I have not done much sitting down yet, and nor will you after he is finished with you,” laughed Paula.”I can hardly believe that I am going to do this, it is your fault,” chuckled Lynne.”All I did was tell you how good it was, it is you that has decided that you want some yourself,” replied bursa escort bayan Paula.”Yeah, I already feel turned on thinking about it,” said Lynne.”You enjoy it, Lynne Miller; you will be amazed how horny having a sore arse makes you feel,” said Paula, with neither woman having much experience with spanking.Lynne got ready the next morning for her visit to Simon. Paula had told her that the procedure had been spanking over trousers, then over knickers, then bare arse, and Lynne usually wore trousers, anyway. Although the trousers that she put on were not as tight fitting as Paula’s had been the previous day, her quite substantial arse did stretch the pair that she was wearing.She walked to Simon’s cottage, feeling a bit nervous and very sexually excited.”Hello Lynne, good to see you,” smiled Simon, as he greeted his guest at his front door.”Hello Simon, good to see you,” said Lynne, and much as Simon and Paula had done, they exchanged a light kiss on the lips.”Paula has told you all about yesterday for her, I assume,” said Simon, his eyes on Lynne’s arse as she entered the cottage.”Yeah, even told me that you admired her arse when she arrived,” laughed Lynne.”Indeed I did, and yours looks great too; may I?” smiled Simon.”Yes, you may,” said Lynne, standing still for Simon to run his hand over her buttocks.”Lovely; do you want to chat a bit or get on with the spanking?” asked Simon.”I don’t really mind, although if we get the spanking done then we can fuck sooner,” reasoned Lynne.”That is very true, Mrs Miller,” said Simon, really looking forward to the next few hours.Lynne followed Simon to where the kitchen chair had been placed for the spanking.”No doubt Paula told you that to start with the spanking escort bursa is over trousers, then over knickers, then bare-bottomed,” said Simon.”Yeah, Mrs Shemmings seems to have got everything covered,” replied Lynne.”Not her arse for the last part of the spanking,” laughed Simon.”No, I suppose not,” answered Lynne, watching Simon sit on the chair.A look from Simon had Lynne placing herself over his lap, she knew that she was in for a long and hard spanking, and was going to end up with a very sore arse.Simon ran his hand over Lynne’s backside then embarked on the spanking, hard from cheek to cheek. On and on he spanked and Lynne’s arse was already getting sore.He tanned her arse some more, and then told her to remove her trousers. Lynne struggled up and her face was every bit as flushed as Paula’s had been at the same stage the previous morning. Lynne took off her trousers and her knickers, like Paula’s had, bore a damp patch.Lynne got back over and the spanking continued over her knickers, her arse was now roasting and she bucked and squirmed.”Knickers off,” said Simon, with Lynne’s backside burning.Lynne got up and removed her knickers but she was not sure how much more she could take. Her cunt was wet with excitement though.Lynne got back over and Simon looked at the woman’s bright red arse cheeks, he then proceeded to spank them more.Simon delivered a flurry of very fast and very hard spanks and Lynne bucked wildly. Simon stopped spanking but Lynne’s body convulsed over his lap for a while, it had not registered with her that the spanking was done.”You can get up, Lynne,” Simon said gently, but that took a while to sink in before Lynne struggled up and put her hands to her arse cheeks. Her facial cheeks were about as red as her nether ones, and her face was tear-streaked. She knew that it would hurt, but she was not sure that she thought that her arse would be this sore. She was very sexually aroused though.

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