Chapter 9

After having a blissful sexually satisfied sleep, Shelby and I decided to have a repeat performance, and because we”re both super soggy, we decide to change each other once we”re done, and once again, we suck each others soggy baby diapers until we can get no more, like we do at least once a day. We set out our clothes, so that they”re ready to go once we”re ready to go as well, and then head out to find that we”re the first couple out. We get started on a nice large batch of tea and a good filling breakfast, because I hope the others all need a good filling breakfast as much as Shelby and I do, but considering we”re coming out almost an hour late ourselves, and we”re the first ones out, I certainly hope so.

Toby and Brady were next just as the tea was finishing up, and then Art and Geoff were next only a few minutes later. I left the others to go see if Easton and Ethan are awake yet, and to get them up if they”re not. I”d love to let them sleep, but they need food, and I”m certain they”ve probably slept more and better than they”ve ever gotten to before, and I know how I feel when I”ve had too much sleep, but I don”t want them to feel like that, hence going to get them. I knocked gently on the door, and got no response, so, I cracked open the door and peeked in, seeing that the boys are still sound asleep, I entered softly.

“Wakey wakey Babies, time to get up.” I said, petting both boys” foreheads, pulling their hair out of their eyes as I do so.

Their eyes popped open, and for a fraction of a second, they had fear radiating from them, until they focused on me, and then they smiled brightly.

“Good morning Babies. I hope you had a really good sleep, you look even better than you were looking last night.”

“We did.” They both said.

“Good, I”m glad. Breakfast is gonna be ready in just a few minutes, so, go ahead and change your super soggy baby bums, and come out and join us. Try and be quick about it, though.”

“Okay. Would you, you know, change us again please?”

“Of course Babies, if that”s what you”d like, I”ll do so for you as often as you think you need me too, and I”ll always happily do so for you. If you just needta feel loving hands change you, also feel free to ask any of the others as well, I assure you, we”ll all happily do so for you whenever you think you need it, but you can also feel free to change each other too, so that you can have your special personal time, which none of us”ll give you. So, go ahead and throw off your blankets and move into super soggy baby bum change position while I get everything ready.”

“Okay, thanks.”

By the time I make it back, they”re ready for me, and boy are they wondrously super soggy baby boys as well, and I tell them so, saying that they”re good baby boys for peepeeing their nice thick thirsty tape on baby diapers good and full. They smile warmly to me from complimenting them, something I know for fact that they”re definitely not used to in the least. I make long, slow, loving work of baby diapering our newest baby boys, and of all the boys, these two are the only ones that have really needed me to daddy them, though Shelby enjoys it, but then I enjoy it when he daddies me too, and Toby and Brady have asked for it a little, but not as much. As I understand it, Geoff and Art often play Daddy and Baby as well for each other, and that”s excellent.

“There you go Babies, nice and thickly baby diapered like you desperately deserve. And, just so you know, you truly are stunningly beautiful baby boys, especially once diapered.”

“Thanks.” They whisper again.

“You”re so very welcome Babies, but remember, no more whispering, now say thanks loud and proud, be proud to be the stunningly beautiful gay baby boys that you are.”

“Thanks.” They say again, though louder this time, they were just a little more bashful about it as well.

“You”re welcome Babies, now, let”s go get breakfast, we all worked up a hell of an appetite last night, and even this morning, so we”re all hungry.”


“I trust you did work up a good appetite last night Babies?” I ask as we head to the kitchen.

“We don”t know what that means?” They said.

So, I told them.

“Yeah, it was nice.” They both sighed.

“That”s good. Enjoy lots more from now on Babies, here it”s not only allowed, but fully encouraged.”

“Thanks.” They say together once again.

We joined the others in eating and sipping our tea, and as we did so, we talk as we usually do.

“So, as I”m sure you”ve all realized before now, we needta go into town this morning to get things for Easton and Ethan, but, now with a family of eight, we kinda can”t all go in one vehicle. We should also grab groceries and other supplies while in town. So, with that being said, we can do one of two things, we either take two vehicles, or two or more stay home, the choice is yours.”

“I was planning on going into town anyway, to get other things for the barn and greenhouse, so, we may as well just all go and take both vehicles.” Geoff said.

“And I was hoping to ask Geoff to go into town with me as well, because I need more paints and supplies.” Art said.

“I wanted to go the hardware store, and another store I found that specializes in instrument making.” Shelby said.

“Same, except the instrument store. Toby said.

“Same as Toby.” Brady said.

“Okay, so two vehicles it is. Why don”t we all go get groceries first, together, and then we can split up, how”s that sound?” I asked.

“Great.” Everyone says together, well, except the twins.

We had a nice breakfast, continuing to talk and laugh and have fun, trying to include Easton and Ethan as much as possible, because they still will not initiate conversation, and we very nearly needta goad them into talking at all. Once we”re all done, we get everything properly cleaned up. I assumed that because they”re in fresh diapers already, that Toby and Brady probably don”t need to play, so, I asked them if they”d take their newest baby brothers to their room with them and help them to find some clothes that they can wear, and they said certainly, so each grabbed the hand of one of their brothers, and led them to their bedroom. The rest of us head to our bedrooms as well, and get dressed and ready to go out. The four boys took the longest of course, but that”s okay. Shelby and I had more than enough time to pack our diaper bag to ensure we now have baby diaper supplies for all six of us, because I know Geoff and Art have theirs already.

“There, now you two look better, still way too small and skinny for your true age, but at least you”re no longer wearing rags, and honestly, if no one knew, they”d think you”re just skinny little seven year olds. I think while we”re in town, we should get you two into a barber to get your hair cut, and since we could probably all stand to have a trim as well, we all may as well go.”

“Does it hurt to have your hair cut?”

“Um, no, haven”t you boys ever had your hair cut?”


“Then it either doesn”t grow fast, or your mother just hacked it off while you were sleeping, because it”s not long enough otherwise.”

“Oh, is that what you mean, make it shorter?”

“Yes.” I said.

“Oh, she never said cut our hair, she”d just make us sit on a chair in the kitchen, then she”d use a knife and make our hair shorter.”

“Oh, okay.” I said, but a little baffled at that. I”m not really sure how they didn”t connect that to cutting their hair, but then, I do have to remind myself that I can”t assume that what these boys know is how I”d know it or see it. They were horrifically abused, they”ve never been to school, and so therefore, everything they know, which is sadly very little, was simply from their utterly stupid mother, and it sounds as if she had nothing at all to teach the boys.

“Tell me Babies, can you read or write, count, do math, or anything of the nature?” I had to ask, but fearing the answer, they”d said they”d never been to school, but how backwards was their mother.

“Is reading what you do to a book?”


“No.” They answered.

“That”s what I was afraid of. I”d then haveta assume that you can”t count or do math either then?”

“We can count to ten, and we do know some of the letters, but we hadta learn all that on our own, when Mother allowed us to watch TV.”

“Okay, then we”re gonna haveta get you boys programs or something for your computers to help with all that as well then. Maybe we”ll also have the other boys teach you each morning while I”m in doing work, and at least try and get you boys somewhat literate.” I said in even more disgust at their mother, adding that to the list of things I plan to email to Ted.

“Okay. Why?”

“Because reading, writing, counting, math, and so much more, are life skills that”ll not only serve you well for life, but can even be very enjoyable. I love taking a good book and reading it, I take great pleasure in it in fact, and if I couldn”t do that, I just don”t know what I”d do.” I said.

“Same.” Pretty near every one else said together.

“Oh, okay, is it hard to do?”

“When you”re younger, it feels nearly impossible, it feels like you”ll never get it, but, by the age of seven to eight, most children are pretty much fully literate, and can read virtually anything. Oh sure, sometimes they”ll run into words they”ve never seen before, because there”s lots that you don”t often see, so they may haveta ask. By your age, almost all kids are fully and completely literate. Same with counting and math. Most children by the age of six can count to one hundred, maybe not always perfect, but usually by eight they can with ease, and can usually make it to a thousand if you let them. Same with math. By your age, you should have an excellent grasp on all the basics, though math is way harder than language, and you”ll never truly stop learning it, I love math, and I use a lot of it in my work, and some math can be exceedingly hard, but what you”d be expected to do at your age really isn”t, at least by most. Writing too, most kids start learning when they”re five to six, and as their reading skills progress, so too, naturally, does their writing as well. There”s more to it, of course, but let”s not get ahead of ourselves. We”ll start you off on all the preschool stuff and work up from there. With you being older, as long as you have the desire to learn, and the willingness to do so, I think you”ll progress rather quickly. I also get the distinct feeling that you”re both quite bright, so, I also feel that you”re gonna do rather well, and be reading in no time at all.”

“Oh, okay.” They both say again.

“Well Babies, shall we head out?”

“Okay.” They all say together.

When we get to town, we hit a barber shop first, so that we can all go get our hair cut, and I told four of the others to go first, since they had four people, while I kept Easton and Ethan back with me, so the youngest of the rest all went up. I stood with them as they watched the other four get their hair trimmed, so that they can see that there”s nothing to it. They”d never experienced anything like it before, their mother just used a knife, and I”m betting it was every bit as sharp as she was, so, not at all sharp, so it possibly did hurt them, not that that”d really register to them, considering what they”re used to.

They”d all gotten their hair rinsed prior to their cuts, but then got a full wash and dry afterwards as well, then styled too. As soon as they”re all done and out of the way, I passed the twins off to the two that I felt were softer spoken and more gentle, telling them that the boys are highly traumatized, hence us rescuing them, so they need soft speaking and gentle touches, and that they”re scared of everything, including this. I also very clearly told them that they”re to let their creativity out on the boys, and that even though they”re twins, that we don”t want them looking the same, so, don”t watch each other and do the same for both boys. I then went and sat down as well, telling my barber what I want, and then got it done. I watched both boys as I got my hair done, and both their barbers were very good and gentle with them, and did a very good job on them. The boys very clearly enjoyed having their hair washed, but then, I love that too. Finally we”re all dried and styled, and when I got there to pay, Art said he”d already taken care of it, so, I thanked him and we headed out.

“You boys all look tonnes better, I didn”t realize how long your hair was all getting, but even I ended up having more come off than I realized.” I laughed, because, as it turns out, we were all getting a little shaggy.

“Thanks.” They all said, and then we head to the grocery stores.

We stocked up on everything that we need from the grocery stores we like, and it”s all stored in the back of the car now, so, we split off, and the boys and I head to the place that Shelby wants to go to get his guitar stuff. Wow, nice store, they have lots of highly figured and exotic woods, selected strictly for instrument making, and some of them brutally expensive. They also carry some very nice tools, and dammit, a few ended up in my cart somehow. I”d never seen a chisel set so expensive before, but, when the guy told me how they”re made, and why they”re made the way they are, thus their price being so high, I just had to try it, and so, he handed me one, stropping it for me first, and then a piece of white oak, which as any wood worker knows, is actually surprisingly difficult to get nice clean shavings from the end grain. It sliced through it as if I was cutting balsa instead. I asked how much for the entire set, which is only ten chisels, and when he said two thousand, I damn near shit my diaper, but I asked for it anyway. They even have a way higher grade, and much nicer looking Japanese woodworking pull saws, so, I grab two full sets of them, because we all use them, a lot, and the already good ones I”d gotten are starting to wear out, but these ones are way better still. Then, if that were not enough, the same chisel maker also makes hand planes, and shit, I just bought another two thousand dollars worth in five different hand planes, but man are they nice. He also has a really nice sharpening system, far superior to the one I already use, so, I decided that if I”m getting premium tools, I should probably have a premium sharpening system as well, and it too was added to the list.

With that I”m done, and I probably should have stopped looking around, but I didn”t, and just tortured myself needlessly while the others continue looking, but I held off, because I”m already spending way too much, yet know that the next time we come, I”ll likely be buying more of the things I”m seeing and very much liking, what can I say, it”s an addiction.

Toby and Brady didn”t grab anything else, and of course nor do the twins, but Shelby grabs several things for guitar making, including a really good book. Before we”d even walked in the store, I”d told Shelby not to worry about how much he”s about to spend, that I have it, almost no matter what he spends. Well, his supplies came to damn near as much as my tools did, but that”s okay. I happily paid the shockingly large bill, and then we head out. We do stop at the tool store and the hardware store, but thankfully didn”t spend izmit escort anywhere near as much money at either place. We make a few more stops before heading home, including the computer store, where we buy the twins their own computers, and then a clothes store to get them fully set up for those needs as well. We don”t buy a lot, since we really don”t wear a lot of clothes for the most part, and the bulk of the clothes we did buy are good sturdy work clothes for in the shop, but they do get two really nice sets of clothes that”ll make them look as good as they should.

When we make it home, we get everything inside, and put away, but stripping before even doing that, to show off that we”re all good soggy baby boys. As soon as we”re done the chores that we have to do, I got the boys” computers out and powered on, teaching them everything as I do so as to what I”m doing and why. I get them logged onto the house internet and network, and then I start looking for websites that are designed to do what we wanna do, and found a good one to start, and got them both set up to start learning how to read. It”s an interactive website, so, they”ll learn at their own pace, and progress only when they should.

“Okay Babies, I want you two to spend at least a couple hours on this, don”t get frustrated or upset, if you needta take a break, do so. We”re gonna head down to the shop, so, join us when you”re done, okay.”

“Um, how do we know time?” One of them asked, I think it”s Ethan.

“Oh, yes, I suppose you probably don”t know that yet. See the bottom right hand corner of your screen. This is your right hand,” I said while holding mine up and making them do so as well, so that they know and understand. “Just look to there, and you”ll see the clock. It”s just after eleven now, I think that says eleven sixteen, right.” I asked, and they both nodded. “Good, that”s what time it is right now. Now, eleven plus two, is thirteen, but our clocks are set to the twelve hour standard, so, after twelve, it starts back at one. It”s a little confusing at first, but once you get used to it, you”ll be fine. So, if you work two hours, that”ll put you at one sixteen, so try and work at it until at least then. If you wanna go longer, and feel you”re able to, feel free to do so.”

“Oh, okay.” They say, and so, we leave them.

As soon as we make it to the shop, Shelby goes and starts sorting through all his things and putting them away where he wants them, Toby and Brady did the same with their few things too, and I unpacked my sharpening system first, and got it all set up by the sink, since that”s where it all goes, putting the old stuff away to be used as backups. Then I spend the next nearly four hours cleaning the shipping grease off all the new planes and chisels, honing them perfectly, and then setting them how I like, because this is the sort of thing that”s never done at the factory, since we all like our planes set different ways. I must say, though, that after setting each one, and getting the chisels exactly where I like them, that testing them out was a real pleasure. They just glide through the wood, they”re perfect in every way, but for their price, they should be.

I told the boys that they”re now ready for use, but telling them to be careful, not only are they brutally expensive, but deadly sharp, even sharper than I ever managed to get my other ones. We”ll still keep the other planes and chisels as backups, but I”ll certainly never use them again if possible, the new ones are just that much better. The next thing I do is make new holders to display them on my tool wall, where I keep all the hand tools that we use all the time, and this takes another hour and a half almost. I make each tool holder out of whatever hardwood scraps I have, and once done, they really look good, and display the new tools very nicely indeed.

I figured that we”d all spent easily five plus hours working, and it wasn”t “til I finished, that I realized that the twins hadn”t joined us at all, and when I told the babies with me that it”s actually getting close to dinner time, since we”d skipped lunch once again, they laughed. When I pointed out that the twins hadn”t joined us, they all said that was odd, so, we cleaned up, closed up, and headed up. When we got to the dining room, where the boys had been left to work, they”re still there, both working on their computers, both have happy smiles on their faces and appear to be having a good time.

“Hi there Babies, you didn”t haveta work at this for this long, you”ve been going for more than five hours.”

“Oh, hi. We were having fun, this is really fun.” They both said.

“Glad to hear that. Let me see your progress?” I said, and went and checked both boys, and Easton is only one page further than Ethan, but they”re already in the grade one reading section, which is amazing, and I tell them both this, that they”ve finished preschool and kindergarten in just a few short hours, which is astounding.

“Really!” They both say.

“Yes. That”s months worth of work, so, what little you managed to learn on your own before now, coupled with the fact that I think you”re even smarter than I realized before, has given you two more than enough of a starting platform to just really sail through this. As you progress, it”ll undoubtedly get a little harder and slower, but that”s perfectly okay as well. Tomorrow we”ll get you on the numbers one, and see how well you do on that, and every day we”ll alternate. How”s that sound?”

“We”re not smart, we”re just stupid babies who”ll never be able to be taught.” They said.

“No, that you most certainly are not, and that, I personally believe, was your mother describing herself.” I said.

The other three with me agreed instantly.

“The results from your reading skills today prove that I”m right, and your mother was grossly wrong. Trust me, you couldn”t have done near as much any other way.”

“Oh, thanks. It was just fun.”

“That”s great. They make those programs to be fun, yet challenging, and as you progress, they get more challenging, so to make you learn even better, but that you”re moving as quickly as you are, says just how smart you truly are. I”m almost willing to bet that within six months you”re gonna be upta speed to where you”re supposed to be at your age. Normally that”d take five to six years to learn that much, but I give you five to six months instead. However, don”t feel you haveta rush it either to make me or anyone else proud of you, do it solely for yourselves and to prove how wrong your useless mother was.”

“Oh, okay.” They said, and I gave them both big hugs.

“Now, we”re getting kinda hungry, so, we”re gonna get started on dinner. Go ahead and shut down your computers like you were taught, and come join us Babies. Oh, when did Geoff and Art make it home anyway, they never came and saw us?”

“Don”t know. They said hi, but we didn”t look at the clocks, sorry, we”ve never hadta worry about time before, so we didn”t think it was important!”

“And it”s not really, was just curious is all. We really don”t care about time here all that much any more, to tell the truth, but we should at least try and stay on somewhat a regular routine as well, and so, we”ll teach you this.”


“Because it helps your body to know when it needsta rest and relax, so that you sleep properly. Having a wildly variable sleep schedule isn”t actually good for the body, but then, nor is skipping meals, which none of us can truly afford to be doing anyway, yet we get to playing in the shop all too often and simply forget.”

“Oh, okay, not sure that makes sense, but I guess so, kinda.” They both said, and it truly is amazing how they do that, not exactly word for word, yet it still sounds amazing.

I ruffled both boys” hair, and had them come to the kitchen, so that we can teach them more in there as well. Art and Geoff joined us a little while later, in fact I was gonna call them in only about ten minutes, so that”s good.

“Hi Babies.” They both said.

“And hi Babies as well.” We all answered.

“When did you get home, and what all did you Babies get?” I asked as they started setting the table after checking to see what we”re making.

“It was a little after noon I guess when we got home, never actually looked at the clock to tell the truth. Art bought what felt like five thousand dollars worth of paints and canvases and other art supplies, and I looked at a few different stores to see what all we need, and added a few more things. I”ve also ordered a few sheep and goats, we”ll put them in the yard on long lead lines, so that they can wander the yard and eat whatever grass and weeds they want, so that we don”t haveta mow it, and I think we”ll do the same for the horses and cows, so that they get more and better, which is better and cheaper in the long run as well. I almost wanna just put a large fence up around the entire perimeter of the main yard, so that they can just wander, but then that”d mean having to go and collect them from wherever they are, and will be really expensive as well, so, not sure I wanna actually do that.”

“If that”s what you decide, I”ll happily buy it all, and we can just install it all ourselves. How many sheep and goats did you get?”

“Ten of each.”

“Okay, but where are they gonna stay, we don”t have that many pens in the barn.”

“I was assured that they”re not that large, but our pens are, and that they don”t mind sharing, so, I figure that five of each can easily fit into each pen, no problem.”

“Oh, okay, that works. Now, I”m not a fan of either goat or sheep meat, so, I hope you”re not raising them for meat.”

“No, but when it”s their time, we can always sell it, I know there”s lots that do, but I”m with you, can”t stand either myself at all.”

“Fair enough. Will you shear the sheep and gather the wool?”

“More than likely, and honestly, may as well, I”m sure there are people who”d happily buy it all from us.”

“I”m sure there are. You”re planning on adding to the barn already, aren”t you?” I grinned, because he”d told me that the barn is a modular kit, and can be extended really easily, all we”d have to do is extend the concrete.

“Not yet, but soonish, maybe after winter, we”ll see. I don”t want any more animals yet, since I”m still learning.”


We sat and ate, still talking of course as we do so, then clean up well. Since we”re all in seriously soggy baby diapers, three of us had even started to leak as we were cleaning up, it was decided to go swimming for the night. Easton and Ethan are of course a little nervous about this, but we put them into life jackets, and once in the water, and they feel that they have nothing to fear, because the life jackets will prevent them from going under, they relax some, and we start teaching them how to swim, but we also play and have some fun too. Then we go and relax in the hot tub, sauna, and steam room, before going for cool cleansing showers, and funny enough, neither Ethan nor Easton even made a sound about the shock to their system from the cool water, but then, they”d admitted that cold water showers were all they”ve ever had, and sadly not many of them.

Finally we go get baby diapered, and when Easton and Ethan asked if they could come and join Shelby and I, I agreed, Shelby and I can just wait and play at bed time, which is just as fine. We each take a baby boy and diaper him good and proper, making it as loving as we can again, and then we ask them to diaper us up good and proper like we too deserve, and so, they do so, and now all four of us are properly double diapered. We thanked the baby boys, and they thanked us, then we head out to find the others already setting up for family game night, so, we go and join the fun, and we play games until bed time.

When bedtime came, so do we all, at least I assume that the others all do so, but, truly, the only two I”m worried about are Shelby and I, and we came three times while kissing and stroking. We had a whispered conversation, kissing and cuddling as we do so, and then whisper goodnight, I love you to each other, and pass out all wrapped up in each other.

The next morning, when Shelby and I wake up, we continue our kissing and stroking, but only make each other cum twice this morning, then we share it in nice cum kisses like we more often than not do so together.

“We don”t haveta go anywhere today, do we?” Shelby asks as he”s heading to the closet to get our diapers, and because he”s asking, I just know exactly what he”s gonna grab when I answer him.

“No Baby, nowhere that I can think of at any rate.”

“Good.” He said, as he disappears inside the closet, spending a good solid two minutes in there gathering, and when he exits, he has exactly what I”d assumed that he would.

When he makes it to the bed, I”m already in soggy baby bum change position, so, he proceeds to quadruple baby diapering me like we all desire and deserve. As per usual, he lotions and creams me very well, using way more of both them, and then powder, than are strictly needed, but so very much appreciated. Then we trade places and I give to him the exact same treatment, and he too appreciates just how well I lotion, cream, and powder him up as well. Once we”re both properly diapered, and standing, we tape each other up very well, so as to hold them on us properly, and then we put on each others clear plastic pants, just because. I then grab all the supplies that we”re gonna need to get the twins properly baby diapered for the day.

When we exit our bedroom, I knock on the bedroom doors for Geoff and Art, and for Toby and Brady, and before waiting for an answer, I just called in and said extra quadruple baby diapered. Then Shelby and I head to Ethan and Easton”s bedroom, and knock, and when one or both of them call out enter, although it”s still so silent we damn near didn”t hear it, we enter.

“Good morning Babies, did you have a good sleep, and maybe an even better time getting tired enough to sleep?” I greet them.

“Yeah.” They both say happily, yet still quietly.

“That”s good. Now, I know that you”re gorgeous little gay baby boy diaper lovers, so, today you getta wear “em like we all like and deserve here, how we are now.” I said, and then they looked, because they hadn”t really before.

“Wow, you”re really thickly diapered.” They sighed together.

“We sure are, and we have all the supplies with us to baby diaper you in just the same way Babies, so, throw off your blankets, spin around and assume the position.”


When they throw off their blankets, they expose the fact that they”re both damn near ready to leak, and when I looked to see if they had anyway, I was shocked that neither had, but I have no idea how.

“Wow, you two are very good baby boys, you peepeed your baby diapers probably right to their very max, without leaking.”

“Thanks.” They both smile, but shyly.

“You”re so very welcome.”

We then proceed to changing the baby boys, making sure that we lotion, cream, and powder them just as well as we”d done so for ourselves, and of course they too very much appreciate this treatment.

“So, how is it Babies?” I ask once we have them taped up very well and then encased in some clear plastic pants as well.

“It”s really nice, it”s so thick.” izmit otele gelen escort They both say together.

“Mmmhmm.” Both Shelby and I say together.

“Now, why don”t you two Baby Boys join us and help to make breakfast and tea for us all. Then, after that, I really needta go get some work done on my project, the others probably wanna go work and play where they wanna, and you two could probably do a little more learning work on your computers.”

“Okay.” They say.

We made a good breakfast for us all, and way more tea than is needed, that”s for sure, the other four joining us only shortly after starting, and they too are properly baby diapered for the day, and we all love it. We ate and drank, sitting there, talking and laughing, enjoying our odd family time together. Then we all help to clean up, and disperse to where we wanna go. I went to the office and worked for just over five hours, and I”m damn near done now, so that”s good, so I sent it off to the clients to get their approval before doing all the final touches.

I decide to actually go and make lunch, and when I leave the office, I find the twins still working away at their computers. I checked their progress again, and today they”re on the same page, and while not as far along as they”d gotten the day before, they”re still doing very well. Today, as suggested, was a math day, so, that”s what they”re doing, and they both claim to be enjoying it as well. I ask them to join me in making lots of tea and then a good lunch for everyone, which they happily agreed with. When it was pretty near all ready to go, I called everyone, and they came and washed up, then dished up when told they can.

As we eat, I ask the others what they”re up to, and so, they told us. Shelby is working on his guitar, Toby and Brady are making jewellery boxes, Art is painting, of course, and Geoff is getting everything ready for the goats and sheep that are to be delivered some time tomorrow morning, and working in the barn and greenhouse. Geoff did say that lots of the plants that he”d started from seed are already sprouting and doing well, so that”s great.

After lunch, we all take the walk up to the water wheel, since it”s been several days since we checked it last, and we haven”t shown the twins it yet either, and well, it”s still working, so, that”s a good sign. I checked the output, and it”s just a little on the slow side, so, I had Toby hop up and adjust the flow again until it was right in the golden zone.

“So, I was thinking the last time we came and did this, how hard would it be to create an automatic system, that adjusts the flow to exactly what we want it to be?” Toby asked after hopping down.

“Not a fucking clue. The hardware would likely be pretty simple, and probably even easy to get, but no clue on how to go about programming a computer to do that sorta thing, because it”d pretty much haveta be computer controlled I”m guessing.” I shrugged.

“Um, I”m a retired programmer.” Geoff said, putting up his hand.

“I actually totally forgot about that. That was one of the many things you did in your working life.”

“And also the last thing before retiring, which is why I love computers so much. Programming something to do that”d actually be pretty simple really.”

“If I can figure out the hardware portion, would you do the computer portion, I can barely use the damned things.” Toby grinned.

“Sure. It”d be a good project, and we could probably even set everything up together wirelessly, so that we can monitor the rates of the water wheel, the solar panels, and the wind mills independently, gauge the full usage of everything, and what”s doing what and when. All we”d need out here, and in the main equipment shed are simple Raspberry Pi units that I can actually build to do exactly what we need really easily, and then have them feed to a computer in the house for monitoring everything. Then it”d be super simple to have it adjust automatically, and monitor everything.” He said happily.

“Wicked, we can work together on all that, I”d liketa help you even with the computer stuff, so that I understand it. I”ve kinda always been interested in mechanical things like that, but I know that so much now relies on computers, so, just knowing the mechanical stuff isn”t enough any more, you haveta understand the computers as well.” Toby said brightly.

“And I know so little of the mechanical stuff, so, absolutely, we can both play and learn together, and get it all figured out. All the sensors and transmitters, and even the computers will hardly cost anything, and I doubt what little equipment you need to adjust the water flow will cost much, so, let”s say a thousand or so, and we get way better performance from everything, and we know instantly what”s what.” Geoff smiled.

“That”s amazing Babies, and if you want or need me to pay for anything, let me know, you know I”m all for it.” I said happily.

“I”ve always been curious about computers, so, maybe I”ll watch and learn too, if you don”t mind.” Brady said.

“Of course not, I”ll happily teach you as well.” Geoff said.

“Cool, wanna go get started right now and get everything we need on order?” Toby asked.


So, the three of them headed back to the house first, then Art said he”s gonna go continue painting, because he wants to finish up a few things, so that he can take them to the art gallery tomorrow, and he left us, leaving me, Shelby, and the twins by ourselves. We continued to show the twins how the water wheel works, how we”d built it and everything, and how we currently control the water feed rate, taking them up top to do so of course. They”re amazed at the whole thing, and say it”s really neat.

“So, would you two liketa join Shelby and I in the shop, and you can learn more and maybe start creating things?”

“Could we maybe go for a walk around, we”ve never gotten to do anything like that before, we”ve never even seen trees “til we came here, or animals really, and we kinda wanna see it all.” Ethan asked. This is the first time one spoke without the other, and I was amazed.

“Absolutely Babies. Now, remember what you were told about wild animals, though, and what they can and will do to you. Make sure to grab your two way radios, and let me know if you run into any issues.”

“You mean it?”

“Of course I do. You”re men now, and men can roam around as they see fit. Of course you”ll always be babies as well, but we”re all men here too.”

“Oh, thanks.”

They ran off to the house to grab their radios, while Shelby and I took the walk back much more sedately, holding hands of course. I still have my radio anyway, and as soon as the twins had theirs, they let me know, and I told them to enjoy. Shelby and I eventually make it to the shop, where I first have him show me the progress on his guitar, and it”s coming along very well, and I tell him so. He”s in the process of routing out all the various pockets in the body to receive the electronics and the neck, but the figure of the piece that he”d chosen for the body is truly stunning.

I feel like working on the lathe today, so, I grab one of the many bowl blanks that I already have glued up, and get it in the lathe and start carving it, and end up doing three more as well. Shelby and I remained all alone in the shop for the rest of the day “til we were called in for dinner, which Geoff, Toby, and Brady all made. The rest of us joined them after washing up, and we all ate a good dinner.

“So, how”d your explorations of the land go, Babies?” I asked the twins.

“It was so nice, we saw so many different animals, we have no idea what all they were, some were really colourful, some just ran the second they saw us, one hissed at us, so we backed off, and all the trees and rocks and creeks and ponds, it”s just so nice, we walked around the entire time since we left you.” This time Easton said by himself.

“That”s great Babies, I”m glad that you enjoyed yourselves.” I smiled warmly to them. “And how about you three, how”d it go?” I ask Geoff, Brady, and Toby.

“Really good. Everything”s on order, and most of it”ll be here in only a day or so, but the one component, the waterproof actuator arm that we need for moving the flapper will take roughly three to five days they said. So, we”ll probably just wait for it all to arrive, then pick it up at the same time. We could grab all the computer stuff, and get started on that, but, really, “til we have it all, it”s not worth the fuel to go and get it.” Geoff answered.

“Awesome, how much did it all cost?”

“With everything all in, because we”re getting a dedicated computer for it, and all the long distance wireless transmitters were fairly expensive, I think we hit just over two thousand.”

“Oh, okay, do you need me to pay you back for any of that?”

“Nope. I got it.”

“That”s great. So, how about you Art, did you finish?”

“Yes, and yes, you”re all welcome to come look again after dinner, so, tomorrow morning I”ll head into the city and take them to the gallery.”

“Awesome.” We all say together.

“I”ll go with you, unless you wanna just go by yourself.” Geoff said.

“No, I was gonna ask if you wanted to come anyway, I hate driving already, but by myself for that long, no thanks.” He grinned.

“And has the curator said anything of an art show and/or auction yet?” I asked.

“Yes, he wantsta schedule an art show some time soon, for people to meet me, but, I actually asked not to do that, I”m just too shy to do that sorta thing, and he gets that. So, instead he”s scheduling an auction for next month more than likely, but he wantsta really promote it first, so it might still be two months away.”

“That”s excellent, but while I know and understand where you”re coming from, it”s pretty important for you to go and do an art show like that. It will help, and we”d even all go and be with you, to help you out when you start to crash from it. People do deserve to know the artist who created what they”re gonna pay thousands upon thousands of dollars for.” I said.

“I”d still really rather not though.”

“I know.” We all say together.

“I”ll think about it.”

“Please do.”

After eating and cleaning up, it was decided that we go swimming. All of us had ensured that we drank lots and lots throughout the day, to ensure that we peepeed our baby diapers good and proper, and I”m not the only one with pee puddling in my plastic panties, which is perfect of course. We all head to the showers and get stripped and then cleaned, the twins donned their life jackets, and for about half an hour, we all teach them how to swim, and then we just play for at least another hour, then hit the hot tub, sauna, and steam room to really rest and relax, talking, joking, and laughing lots, and the twins are finally starting to open up and relax a little, so that”s really good.

Once all cleaned, dried, double diapered, and now fully relaxed, because we had to ensure that our boyfriends” baby boners were soft enough to tape into our thick thirsty baby diapers of course, we all meet in the living room, and end up just watching a couple really good learning programs on TV.

The next few days were really much the same. I”d put in four to six hours in my office, the twins did the same amount in their schoolwork every day, alternating between language and math each day, and now they”re well into the grade three work after just a few short days really. The others would go and do whatever it is that they wanna do, so that”s good. The next morning, the sheep and goats were delivered, and during the days, Geoff has them all out in the yard on lines, he”d bought cheap 30 metre vinyl coated clothesline and all sorts of anchors and collars, and it works perfect, so each animal gets to work in a sixty metre circle, and already they”re doing a good job. Art had went and delivered the newest batch of paintings, and talked over the meet and greet with the curator, and begrudgingly agreed to actually do it, as long as the rest of his family was allowed to be there as well, which he instantly agreed to anyway, and of course he loved the newest batch of paintings and drawings as well. Shelby got the body of his guitar all done, and started working on the neck, but accidentally wrecked his first two, because they”re rather tricky to do, and while I happily offered input as to what I”d do, I truly had no idea either, because this is so far from something I”ve ever done, but I”ve been doing woodworking for a long time, so I do understand the principles of what he”s trying to do, thus being able to help at least a little. The twins had gone on a few more hikes as well, and really enjoy it, and are now taking pictures of the animals and plants that they see, so that we can teach them what all they”re seeing as they explore.

This morning, after breakfast was complete, Geoff told us that the last of our parts have arrived, so, he, Toby, and Brady headed into town to grab all that, as well as anything else that they might need for mounting the various parts and pieces to where they needta be mounted.

I”d finished the plans the day before, and had emailed them all off, so, this morning Shelby and I getta go right to the shop to play, while the twins were at the table on their computers, and Art was in painting. I”d learned from one of the people at the thrift store, that they”re always in need of dressers and beds for children of poor families, and they”re wondering if I”d be willing to make some for them, so, I said absolutely. So, while Shelby”s working on his guitar, I started doing research, and then drawing up plans for simple beds and dressers for kids, and found a couple really nice ones that I can make relatively inexpensively. I”m gonna use lots of the rather bland looking maple that we have, it”d been part of what was from our own properly that we milled, as well some of the knotty maple that we had from that and the tree we removed from the car, since we did mill a lot of it for things that didn”t need as good of wood. Some of it had been really nice and figured, but, like I said, lots of it was just meh, so, this is the perfect project to use up a whole bunch of that, because it”ll be super strong and durable, and it doesn”t really haveta look fancy.

Once I have my plans all drawn up, and approximately how much material I”m needing to start, because I”m gonna start on the dressers first, and make ten to start, I go and start gathering materials. I actually decide that the mill is the perfect tool to slice all the pieces in half, because nothing on the dressers needs to be fifty millimetres thick, twenty five will be more than enough, though the tops can be a bit thicker, and the drawers can be thinner, so, I do adjust slightly for that for that reason. I probably spent a good solid two hours resawing all the lumber, and then took it all down to the shop.

“So, whatchya doin”” Shelby asked as I came down with the first load on the cart.

I tell him exactly what I”m doing, and he says that”s a great idea, and that he”ll happily help me on that, since he”s done more than enough work on his guitar anyway, and hasta wait at least a full day for the glue to cure on this particular piece. I agreed happily, working with my baby is always welcome.

Having two people to joint, plane, and cut everything darıca escort really does make things like this so much faster and easier, so the help was greatly appreciated. Most everything”s just being rough planed to start, since we haveta do a lot of glue ups for the tops and sides, and even some of the drawers and drawer fronts needta be glued up, since not much of the maple that we”d gotten yielded very wide boards, and we”d hadta cut them down a fair bit to get rid of defects and warps, so we ended up with a lot of narrower pieces. I did try and keep the best pieces for the tops and the drawer fronts though, so, that”s okay.

Even with my new nice large clamping station, we”re unable to get all the glueups done at the same time, but that”s okay, we did get probably half of them done, and then switched to all the drawer parts. We”ll needta go buy the plywood for the drawer bottoms, because I actually prefer to glue them in to make the whole drawer stronger and longer lasting, but you simply can”t glue in solid panels, bad things happen when you do that. We”re also gonna haveta buy all the drawer slides, and we”ll get the bed rail hardware kits for the beds at the same time, as well anything else that we can think of that we need. We did pretty much the final milling of the parts that we can for the drawers, so that they just haveta be cut to final size, and then construct the drawers, but that won”t be “til after the cases themselves are complete.

It was a good long day, and it was when we finally stopped that we realized, holy shit, we”re hungry, so, headed up to go see about dinner.

The twins are still staring at the computers, and from how their eyes are moving, I can tell that they”re not actually doing anything now, they”re totally done for, but just hadn”t stopped, since no one had told them to. I”m gonna haveta be careful with them because of this, because they won”t stop on their own. I checked their progress, and they”re moving right along, so that”s good. We asked them to join us in making dinner, and then called the others once it”s getting close to done. They came in and cleaned up, all of them admitting that they”re now absolutely famished. Gee, I wonder why.

“So, how”s it going Babies?” I asked Geoff and the boys.

“Really good. We got all the parts that we think we need, we”ve built all the separate computer modules to go where they needta go, made all the wireless transmitters for them and got them connected, and now I”m teaching the boys how to program something like that. It”s pretty simple programming, really, but it”ll take them a long time to learn it all. We”re about half way through the programming phase, though, so that”s good. I coulda gotten it done by myself already, and be debugging it by now it”s so simple, but of course that doesn”t teach the boys anything.” Geoff answered.

“That”s great. So, probably two to three days of work and you”ll be installing and testing it then I take it.”

“I”d say three to four, because we”ll do most of the testing before even hooking anything up, one tiny little error during programming, and nothing will work properly, so it”s easier to test things before you build things that work around it.”

“Fair enough.” I said. “How about you Art, what”ve you started?”

“I”m taking some high resolution aerial photos of the Rockies and am painting them in a series of four side by side paintings, I”ve got it all drawn out, now I just haveta start the actual painting.”

“Nice, and how big are they?”

“Each canvas is twenty four by thirty six, so to display it fully and properly, someone would need a full twelve plus feet of wall space.”

“Wow.” I said, but more than one other voice was heard saying the same thing at the same time.

“I”ve always wanted to do something like that, but my old studio wasn”t anywhere near large enough to do it, because they really haveta be standing end to end, so that I”m essentially painting four paintings all at the same time. Now I have the space, and such an amazing space it is too, so I hope it”ll turn out like I want it to.”

“That”s great. I bet it looks far better than the photos do when you”re done.” I said.

“Oh yeah.” Everyone else said in agreement.


“So, what would everyone liketa do after dinner?” I asked.

“Could we, um…..Oh, never mind.” Easton whispered.

“Hey there Baby, no shame, no whispering, let us know your thoughts, and we”ll happily try something if you”d like us to.” I said softly.

“Okay. Could we maybe take you all on a diaper hike, we found a really nice trail, and it”s so pretty.” Ethan said a little more firmly.

“I think that”s a great idea. The two of you”ve explored way more than the rest of us have, that”s for sure, so you”ve got my vote.” I said.

“Mine too.” Everyone else says together.

“Really.” They both ask.

“Of course.” We all say. Then I add, “You two needta include your voices in things around here more often from now on, here we”re all the same, many of us experienced some of the same trauma that you two did, though not nearly as bad, so, we”re all in this together. Never be afraid to give your ideas and thoughts on things, offer input, even tell us all the things that you do and don”t like. So far you”ve even eaten everything that we”ve made, yet have never given a suggestion, or complained, even though last night I could tell you truly despised the broccoli you were eating Ethan.”

“Oh, um, we”re to eat what we”re given, and if we complain, we can starve for a fucking week.” Easton said.

“Yes, I”m certain that was the case at your useless mothers house, but that”s not the case here.”

“Okay, but we don”t even know what we like. We hated nearly everything mother ever cooked, almost everything we make here”s way better.” Ethan said.

“Okay. Then from now on, when you see something that you”ve never had before, take only a small amount and try it, if you truly don”t like it, let us know, so that we can adapt things. There”s lots that the rest of us don”t like, so, like the other night when we made Brussels Sprouts, you saw how I made myself something else, whereas the rest of you all took and enjoyed them. I just can”t eat them, it”s one of the few foods that”ll come back out faster than it went in, and only fish is worse and comes out even faster than that, but that assumes that I could even force myself to put it in my mouth of course. We”re all naturally gonna like and dislike different things here, and I never want either of you to feel that just because that”s what there is, that you absolutely must eat it, no matter your thoughts or feelings.”

“Okay, but, well, we”re not usedta that.” They both said.

“We know, but now you getta grow up and find your big boy voices. Yes, you”re babies for life, just like the rest of us, but we”re all men here too, so, be a man, not a mindless puppet, doing only that which you”re very clearly instructed to do, and nothing more or less. Even something so simple as earlier, when we came in, you were both clearly wiped from looking at your screens all day like you were, you were looking without seeing, reading without comprehending, your eyes were moving, yet you were in a daze. No one told you to stop, so you just never did. No more please Babies, do only what you can, and take breaks when you start feeling like that. I can”t always be watching over you, and I don”t think I really needta either.”

“Okay, we were having fun, and I guess we didn”t realize how tired we were. My eyes did hurt for a while after though.”

“I bet they did. I”m glad you”re enjoying learning all that, that”s great, but take breaks. So, after dinner, you two getta lead us all on a nice diaper hike; soggy baby diapers, socks, and shoes are all that we need, well, and water bottles as well.”

“Okay, thanks, you know, for everything.” They both said softly, but with cute little smiles, so, I know they”re happy with how we”re treating them, even though they still don”t feel like they deserve it.

As soon as we”re finished eating and cleaning up, we all get ready to go on a nice diaper hike, led by the twins, and they took us on a really nice walk. We were out for a little better than two hours, and while there”s lots of up and down, it was actually a really nice hike. We”d all taken a large water bottle, they”re one litre each, and we”d all downed them long before we made it back home, so, as soon as we do get home, we refilled them and drained them as well.

“That was really nice Babies, thanks.” I said, and the others all agreed.

“Thanks. Would you, you know, teach us what we needta do to clean up the trail and make it a really nice hiking trail, we”d liketa do that, and the same to a few others that we”ve found.”

“Absolutely.” We all say together.

I”m glad that the boys are finding something of their own that they enjoy. They don”t mind working in the shop, but they”re still rather fearful of the equipment, and they actually don”t like all the noise. They also don”t seem to have quite as much interest in it either, and that too is just fine.

“Tomorrow, then, we”ll teach you how to use the tractors, the chainsaws, and pretty much all the rest of the tools and whatnot that you might need.” I say happily to them.

“Um, tractors, okay, but no, not the chainsaws please. They scare us too much.”

“Good, a smart person should be afraid of chainsaws, they”re remorseless killers and removers of limbs, yet if you learn to use them safely and properly, they can be every bit as safe as anything else. Of course accidents can and do happen, but you truly can”t live your life afraid to get hurt, because if you do, you”ll never get anywhere. If you”d rather hold off and learn later, then that”s fine too, but some day soon, I think you two should learn how to use them as well.” I said softly, but not trying to make it an order, because their fear of not following explicit instructions without complaint will make them do it, no matter how fearful they are of it. It was so ingrained into them by their mother that they”re to follow each order exactly how she said, or they”d be beaten nearly to death, that now, if they”re just told to do something, they”ll do it, instantly, without complaint. Again, we”re gonna haveta be super careful about this.

“Oh, um, thanks, but they”re too noisy for us too, we just don”t like the noise.” Easton said.

“I agree, they”re certainly loud, but part of our safety gear is hearing protection, and quite frankly I insert a pair of ear plugs in as well at the same time, so to cut almost all the noise down, I”m not exactly a fan of lotsa noise either.” I said.

“Same.” Everyone else says together.

“Okay. I suppose you can teach us, but, well, I just know we”re gonna die doing it.” Ethan said, but a tiny grin did creep in. This is the first time I ever saw a glimmer of a sense of humour in either of the boys, they”re still so serious from their upbringing. Not at all surprising really, we can all understand, and even relate to that.

“That”s the spirit. It”s only truly fun if there”s a little danger involved.” I laughed, the others actually agreed.

“Not sure I like your sense of humour.” They both said, smiling softly.

“You”ll get used to it.” Shelby giggled.

“Thanks.” I said, patting his cute soggy baby bum.

“What”ll we be allowed to do?” Ethan asked.

“Honestly, just about anything your hearts desire. If you wanna make it nice and wide so that we can even ride the horses down them, go for it. If you wanna make bridges, go for it. If you needta move rocks and soil around, do it. Hell, even if you wanna make nice rest stops and seating areas, go for it. If at any time you Baby Boys need any help whatsoever in what you”re attempting to do, have no shame in asking. You”ve been incredibly sheltered, or caged more like really, all your lives, so, unfortunately that means you simply don”t know a lot yet. Some of us do understand that to a certain degree, since that”s how we were raised too, but we at least went to school, so we did get to understand a lot more than you do, but are starting to see.”

“Oh, okay. Would you all help us with ideas, we”re not really sure what all we can do even?”

“Of course.” We all answer together.

“Thanks.” They both said.

“Outta curiosity Babies, but when we first met, there was never a time that you didn”t speak as one, but as you”ve gotten more and more comfortable here, you”re speaking all on your own more and more often, as if you truly are two people. Do you think you know why that is?” I asked.

“I don”t know.” They both shrugged and said together.

“Like I said, it”s more curiosity than anything, but I wonder if it”s because you”re becoming more and more independent, not needing each other for strength and survival as much now. You were each others only salvation, and so, you were so tightly enmeshed with each other, that you truly did think as one more often than not. At least that”s what I think. I want you to try and be yourselves more, the two stunningly beautiful gay baby boys that you are, rather than just one person in two bodies like you acted more often than not. As we get to know you better, we”re starting to see the differences in you, you”re starting to become your own selves finally, which is helping us to identify each of you more accurately without truly looking any more, I mean, we hardly get your names wrong any more, which is good.”

“I”m not sure that makes sense or not, but, I think it feels right.” Ethan said.

“Yeah, I think he”s right.” Easton said.

“That”s great Babies. Maybe I”m right, but maybe I”m way off, and really, I suppose it doesn”t even matter at all. I”m just glad to see you finally opening up, letting your inner beauty shine out finally for all to see. Your mother was horrible not only to you, but for you as well, but we”ll all happily help you to become more than she ever could”ve hoped to be.”

“Thanks.” They both smiled warmly to me, and when I gathered them into a nice tight hug, cupping both their cute little soggy baby bums, they both sighed deeply.

“You”re so very welcome Babies.” I said, and then gave them both a nice tender kiss to their foreheads.

“Why don”t we hook up to the large TV in the rec room via one of the notebooks wirelessly, and look at lotsa nice trail options for the boys. It”d only take me a few seconds to get it done.” Geoff said.

“Okay.” We all say, including the twins.

It took Geoff at best a minute to do it, and then, until bedtime, we all looked at some beautiful trail pictures and videos, and ended up giving the boys hundreds, or thousands of really great ideas. When it was time for bed, we all head to our bedrooms where we need not only seriously soggy baby bum changes, but the pressure relief that almost always comes with it.

Tonight Shelby and I make long slow baby diaper, cum and piss love to each other. I asked him to fill me as full of his cum, piss, and love as he can first, and so, he does so, then we trade places and I fill him equally as full, and we keep rotating until we can cum no more, five orgasms later, and nearly every second we”re making love, we”re kissing just as deeply as we”re able to make love to our baby. It was wholeheartedly decided that we”d plug each other, and then quadruple baby diaper each other, so, we put in our smallest plugs, since they”re more comfortable for sleeping with, and then we diapered and taped each other up properly, then encased all that in our clear plastic pants.

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