The Used SisterThe Used Sister


The Used SisterIt was late at night when I was lying on my bed, scrolling through my phone. I was looking on Instagram at a girl I went on a date with earlier in the night. We went out to the skating rink where we had a good time. She was flirting with me heavily, she would push her body on mine, at times her hand would even brush over my cock. I thought we were definitely going to fuck tonight. Then, she wanted to leave to take a walk in the park. I thought that this was it, I was going to fuck her in the park. Once we were there, she took my head and planted a kiss on my lips. She then started to run, telling me to catch her. I laughed and she giggled as I chased her around. I tackled her and we went on the grass laughing. I was on top of her and we started to kiss heavily. Then, she broke off the kiss and asked me if I could take her home. She said it in a tone that made me think that she wanted to fuck in her house and not here. Once we parked in front of the house, she kissed me again. I was so fucking hard at this point, I was poking through my jeans. Her hand rubbed over my cock, commenting on how big it felt. She unzipped and took it out. She started to jerk me as we kissed. Just as I was feeling good, she stopped and picked up her purse. “This is all you are going to get tonight.” She said as the door opened as she left. I was stunned that I didn’t say anything. I was sitting there for a minute thinking that it was a joke. I texted her but she didn’t answer. After several minutes, I left.Now I’m just lying on my bed with blue balls looking at her pictures. I found the perfect picture of her in a bikini, her DD breasts barely contained by her top. I started jerking myself when all of a sudden I get a text message. I see the name of my sister and I ignore it. I continue but it vibrates again and then a third time. I found it weird that she’s texting me at this hour at night so I check the message. My jaw hit the floor with what I saw. Three pictures of my sister, all nudes. The first one was her holding up the shirt to reveal her perky B cup breasts. The second one was a shot of the mirror showing her sexy lithe body. The third one was a picture on her side, showing her small and bubbly butt. I was stunned a second time tonight. I never thought about it until now, my sister is fucking hot. I decided that this is going to be what I’ll jerk off to.But I felt a little guilt, so I decided to let her know that she sent it to the wrong guy. Then I thought that she’s too young to be sending these and besides dad would kill her if he found out that she had a boyfriend, and a boyfriend she’s sending nudes no less. The bulb went on in my head, I found out a way to get a release tonight, and my sister would be the one to do it. I downloaded the pictures and uploaded them to a secret album then I sent her a text.ME: hey jess, what the fuck is this???JESS: OH MY GOD!!! Delete those now pls!!!ME: this isn’t something you should be sending anyone.JESS: I’m sorry please delete them and forget you ever saw themME: I don’t think I can’t forget what I just saw. I’ll be telling dad about this in the morning.Jess: No pls don’t tell Dad he’ll kill meME: I think I will. Let’s see what he thinks about you sending nudes to people.JESS: why are you being so mean? Pls just do me a favor and delete them.ME: NoJESS: I’ll give you my allowance for a whole month if you do it.ME: I’m an adult with a job I don’t need your $100JESS: how about three months plsME: Nah I’m good. Just get ready in the morningJESS: Noooo don’t do it. I’ll do anything just please don’t show it to dad.That’s what I was waiting for. This is my chance to make the move.ME: you’ll do anything?JESS: YES!!! ANYTHING!!!ME: Okay then, come to my room now.I got up and removed my pants and underwear getting into the bed bottomless underneath my sheets. I gave myself a few strokes to stay hard. Hearing my sister’s quiet footsteps to my room, I prepare myself. The door opens silently and in walks my sister. She’s wearing a small t shirt that exposes her nice smooth belly and booty shorts. She stands next to my bed and whispers, “Okay, what do you want me to do so that you can delete that?””Well Jess, you said you’d do anything, right?” “Yeah, just tell me.””How about you show me in person what you sent me through text?””What? No! Are you k**ding me?””I guess you’ll have to explain to dad in the morning why are you sending nudes in the middle of the night.””No, no no please. Why are you doing this? I’m your sister.””You want me to delete the pictures, yes or no?”She faced down and then at me, “Okay, yes.” She proceeded to take off her t-shirt her nice little perky boobs for my viewing pleasure. Her shorts went next, showing me her hairless pussy. Her hands went to cover her boobs and pussy in shame. She has smooth porcelain skin, tiny waist and a sexy tight body, she made me even harder. “Okay, I’m naked can you delete that now?””No, don’t cover yourself, give me a nice slow turn so I can see you.” Her hands went to her sides in frustration. Jess slowly turned, showing me her sexy ass. “Damn, Jess you have a beautiful body.””Whatever, are we done here?””Just one more thing.””Uggh.” Jess exclaimed.”Give me a blowjob.””What? What are you talking about?””Don’t play stupid with me. You are a young teen and already sending nudes to guys, you know what a blowjob is, hell, you’ve probably given a few already with how slutty you are. bahis siteleri You don’t give me a blowjob, dad will see the pictures.”She stared at my cock. “You promise you’ll delete the pictures if I suck your dick?””Yeah.””I wanna see you delete them, okay?””No problem, just make sure to make me cum.” I get up and sit at the edge of my bed. Jess kneels in front of me, my cock right on her face. She makes a scrunched up face as she moves in to take me in her mouth. Her lips touch my tip and she pulls back. I grab her head, guiding her mouth to my cock. Her tongue tentatively licks my head, tasting my precum. She moves backward again but I held her there. “Just do it already, I’ve had blue balls all night.””Let me get saliva in my mouth.”Her lips glide down my cock. I can finally feel my cock head in her warm mouth. She only sucks half of it and half-heartedly. “Come on, put your shoulders to it. I’m never gonna cum if you suck it like that.””I’m trying, I’ve only done this a few times.””Okay, relax your mouth and let me take control. Just go with my movements and we’ll be done.” I grab a handful of her hair and wrap it like a ponytail. I slowly push her head down my cock, taking almost the entire length in her mouth. Her hands slap my thighs, she makes gagging noises to let her go. I pull her up and she takes a breath, “Don’t do that!””I needed to show you how you can take it.” I push her down again, this time slowly. This time she takes more of my huge cock in her mouth. I glide her up and down at a slow and steady rhythm. “Look up at me.” I commanded. She looked up with her eyebrows furrowed. That look made me want to use her mouth more. As I held her I slowly fucked her mouth. All the while she was just looking up at me, her eyes teary and shameful. “This is what happens to young girls like you that send nudes, they get punished.” I build up a rhythm and started going faster. Jess could only slobber and moan as I gave my little sister a good mouthfuck. “I’m cumming, Jess.” The warning was just a courtesy, I held her there as I unloaded inside her mouth. Her eyes went wide and then rolled up as she coughed from my cum hitting the back of her throat. “Swallow.” I said as she struggled to do so. With a few gulps and coughs she swallowed my cum. I let go of her. Jess comes up for air and immediately starts crying. “Why would you do that?” Was all she said as she moved to the bottom of the bed. I admit I felt guilty after cumming, the post-cum shame that people feel after. I tried placing my hand on her shoulder but she slapped it away. “Delete the pictures now!” Jess said through a sob. I took my phone and opened it. I placed the phone for her to see and deleted the texts she sent me, then I opened the gallery and deleted those too. “Is that all?” Jess asked.”Yes, that’s all. You should probably do the same.” I omitted the fact that I uploaded them to my secret album.Jess took her phone from the floor and deleted the texts too. Dumb move, she could have used that as evidence against me if she regretted this and try to rat me out to dad. She then got up from the bed and started dressing herself.”Jess, you have a magnificent body. If you ever want to do this again, let me know.””You are a disgusting pig. I don’t even want to look at you right now.” After that, she left my room. I laid back on my bed, my balls completely drained, I closed my eyes and went to sleep.___________________________________________It was a week later when I wanted my sister again. For the entire week my sister avoided me, she would stay at her friend’s house after school until dad came home. After that, she locked herself in her room. On Thursday, dad noticed she was acting weird and brought it up while we were having dinner. Her eyes went wide and she gave me a quick glance, it looked like she was about to tell him what happened that night. But, after mumbling for a bit she managed to come up with an excuse. “Uhh, it’s a… uhh, girl thing, dad.” Dad awkwardly went quiet, maybe thinking that he’s not equipped to handle the conversation of girl’s periods. Dad would have left the conversation to our mother but she left us to be a whore somewhere, leaving dad to take care of us.On Saturday afternoon, dad decided to go out drinking with his buddies. It was sudden and it sent Jess in a panic. She realized that she’ll be left all alone with me. She asked Dad if she could invite a friend over, he said no. She asked if she could go to her friend’s house and he also said no. At this point, I could see that she was almost about to break down and tell him everything just to save herself from being left with me. “Hey Dad, let her bring her friend over, I’ll be here, I won’t let them go crazy or anything.”He looked at me. “You sure?””Yeah, no problem.” Dad has become an alcoholic ever since mom left, so if he leaves he probably won’t be coming back until tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to mess around with Jess. My dad leaves to get ready, Jess gives me a scowling look. “Don’t think just because you did that, we are good. I hate you.” She left and locked herself in her room. I’m left thinking how would I get another chance at Jess with a friend over. Well, I’ll try to figure out an opening if any. Going to my room I quietly pass Jessica’s room. I overhear her speaking on the phone. I stop and press my ear to the door. “Just ask your mom if she’ll let you come over.” Jess sounds like she’s begging canlı bahis siteleri her friend. “No! Oh God. Beg her please? For me?” It sounds like her friend isn’t coming over which is good for me. I go to my room and lie on my bed. If her friend isn’t coming over, it means I could make a move but Jess will probably lock herself in her room and I won’t be able to reach her. Thinking of ways to get Jess, I fall asleep. I wake up around 9pm. Shit, I’ve missed a lot of hours that I could have used to plan something. I’m thirsty so I got up and quietly walk out of my room. Down the hall I see Jessica’s door ajar. Quietly, I crept up to it. I take a peek inside and there is nobody in. I walk downstairs and I see Jess in the kitchen. She’s startled as I walk in. “Hey, where’s your friend?””She’s uhh umm… in my room.”She’s never been a good liar, I know she’s alone but I play along. “Oh, okay.” I get a glass of water and as I walk by her, she shrinks away from me. It felt good to have that power over her. I leave and as I walk up the stairs I get an idea on how to take her. I loudly walk to my door and close it. Then, I sneaked into Jessica’s room and hid in her closet. As I stood quietly in there, I took out my cock and gave it a rub just to get it hard. I’m thinking how great would it be to get another blowjob from her. A few minutes later, Jess ran into her room and quickly closed and locked her door. She sat on the bed, running her hands through her hair. How fucking great that she’s locked in here with me now. In a flash, I jumped out of her closet and ran for the door. She let out a scream once she saw me and jumped from her bed to the door. I was quicker than her and made it first, blocking her way out. I shoved her and she stumbled back to her bed. “Nooo,” she screamed, “Get out of my room!”She could see the meanness in my eyes. “You’ve been avoiding me all week and I don’t like that. What happened to the sweet little sister I knew?” I said in a mocking tone. “I did what you asked me, you’ve deleted the pictures. You can’t make me do that again.” I took out my phone and showed her the pictures. “Oh, you mean these?” I showed them and her eyes went wide. “You didn’t delete them?” She said in a defeated tone. “You should have made sure I deleted them all.””I fucking hate you! I hate you! I hate you!” She screamed at me, tears running down her cheek.”You’ll hate me more, when all your friends and your entire school see these pictures.” She bellowed, “Why are you doing this to me! I am your sister!””You know why, you’ve got a sexy body and your mouth feels good.” I sinisterly moved closer to her. “Just give me what I want and I’ll make sure nobody sees these.”She got up from her bed and tried to hit me. I’m stronger and taller than her so I grabbed her and shoved her on the bed again. “Now you’ve made me angry.” Jess shrinked to her bed. “Please no, okay I’ll do it!” “Of course, you’ll do it. You are a whore just like mom. Sucking dick and showing naked pics to boys at such a young age. I should put you in your place before you run off like mom.” I jumped on top of her. She starts squirming, trying to pull herself from under me. I turned her over with her ass facing up. I give it a nice slap. “Damn, you do have a nice ass.” With one move I take off her shorts, revealing her pink panties. “Forget the blowjob, I’m going for something else.” I take off my pants, my big hard cock springs out. I start rubbing my cock on her ass. Jess tries to get out from under me. I place my hand on her head, pressing her hard on the bed to keep her from moving. “No please, I’ll give you a blowjob.””Too late.” I rip her panties off. I spread her legs and hold them open with mine. I spit on my cock, getting it nice and wet, then I rub some on her pussy. “Here I go.” My cock finds the entrance of her pussy and in one move I push in. “AHHHH, God No!” Jess screamed as I penetrated her completely. I place my body on top of her as I fucked in the prone position. Her pussy was tight, gripping my cock. Jess squeezed her face into the bed, crying and hurting from the fucking I’m giving her. “If you are going to be a whore, you better be a whore for your big brother.” I kept fucking her hard, soon her pussy was getting wet. “Getting wet from your brother fucking you huh? You truly are a whore.” Jess kept weeping as I turned her around for missionary. “I wanna see those nice titties of yours.” I shoved my cock in her pussy again and leaned to take her breast in my mouth. I sucked her small titties as I gave her a good pounding. She never moved, her arms to the side, gripping the bed for dear life. The time came for me to cum, and I came inside of her. Her tight pussy wrapped around my cock as I shot it deep inside. “Ahh fuck, that was great.” I shot my load and I popped out of her. Once I was done she rolled to the side, crying in shame. “We are not done here, clean me up.” I grabbed her and sat her on the bed. My hand to her chin, I opened her mouth. “Suck it clean.” I shoved my cock in her mouth. I move my hips inside her mouth, eventually she started to suck it. “That’s good, you are learning.” Soon enough I was hard and had other ideas on what to do with her. I grabbed her by the underside of the upper arm and dragged her to the door. I unlocked it and we went to my room. I threw her on the bed and opened my night stand. I took out a bottle of lube I use for jerking off. “Please canlı bahis no more, I won’t say anything to dad.” She begged.”You won’t say anything to anybody once I’m done teaching you a lesson.” I grabbed her and placed her on all fours. I poured lube on my cock and then her asshole. “No, No, NOOO!” She bellowed as she knew what was coming. I grabbed her tiny waist, strongly holding her as I aligned my cock to her asshole. “You better relax because this is going to hurt.” I pushed my cock to her tiny puckered up asshole. I could only get the tip in as she was squeezing her asshole tight. “Don’t fight it, relax or it will hurt more.” Her asshole started to give way as more and more of my cock inched in. “Oww, it hurts it huuuurr-” My cock was fully inside my sister’s asshole. What a fucking feeling it was. I slowly fucked her hole, savoring the pleasure it was giving me. I can’t believe how fucking good it feels to be inside my sister’s asshole. Everything about the moment was phenomenal, I couldn’t believe I had this nice piece of ass living beside me for a long time and never taking advantage of it. I wish I could have done this sooner and not waste my time with the fucking cock teases out there. I came again, this time I blew my load inside her ass. I came so much my legs were shaking, when I was done I dropped to the floor. Jess laid there in complete shock. She didn’t say anything, her head to her side staring at the wall. I got up and gave her ass a nice meaty slap. She groaned but didn’t say anything. Hours have passed, when I had my sister Jess on all fours again fucking her from behind. She was in shock, never said a word after I fucked her in the ass. Whatever I did she would go with it. I was possessed with lust for my sister. I don’t remember how many times I came that night, I just kept fucking her beautiful young body. I lost myself in the ecstasy of her young pussy. I never realized how loud I was being, how loud the bed squeaked with the fucking we were having. I wasn’t aware of the door opening behind me, of the hand that grabbed me by the shoulders and only realized when I was flying backwards.When I hit the floor, I looked up to see my dad. Angry and drunk with his fists balled on his sides. “What the fuck are you doing to your sister!” He yelled at me.”DADDY!” A crying Jess jumped up from the bed, hugging dad tightly, her face pressed to his chest, weeping. I was caught in the forbidden act. There’s no getting out of this one. The only way out with my life was to dig deeper, to hit a nerve in my dad that would stop him from killing me.”Jess is a whore dad.” I blurted out quickly. “She’s been sending nudes to guys and giving them blowjobs. This is the only way I knew how to teach her a lesson and stop her from becoming like mom.” That stopped him from coming at me. He grabbed Jess by the shoulders and looked at her directly to her eyes. “Is that true?” He asked her.If there is one thing my dad hates most is whores. Promiscuous women that leave their families to go fuck strange men. This was my only way to get out of this intact. Jess looked at him and started crying. “No daddy, it’s not true. He’s lying.””I caught her sending nudes to guys, dad. She sent me some by mistake, that’s how I found out and when I told her I would tell you she offered me a blowjob. I still have the photos to prove it.” I reached for my phone and looked up the pictures, revealing them to dad. When he saw them, his face turned red, anger flaring up in his eyes. “I bet that if you look in her phone, you’ll find texts with her flirting with guys.Jessica’s eyes went wide. She knew that if we looked through her phone we’ll find them. Dad grabbed Jessica by the neck. “How dare you! I tried raising you right but it seems you are just like your mother. A whore! A filthy fucking whore!” He threw her on the bed. Jess was terrified, no way of getting out. “I’m sorry Daddy, I won’t do it again, I promise.” She pleaded with Dad but he was too far gone in his anger.”I don’t give a fuck if you are sorry. I think it’s time I punished you for this.” Dad started undoing his belt. “No daddy, please no.” Jess whimpered. Dad unzipped his pants and took them off. “From now on, your pussy will be mine and when I’m done with you, your brother will have his turn too.” Jess screamed but his hand covered her mouth. He got on top of her, his thick cock slid painfully inside of her. I stood there as my dad fucked my sister. He lifted her by the ass with only her shoulders and head on the bed, and pounded away. He fucked her hard, he groaned as he came inside her.”Fuck, your pussy is tight.” He said as he slid his cock out of her. Jess just murmured, “No more, no more.” She was lying weak on the bed, her eyes glazed over from being fucked hard by me and dad. Jess thought that she was saved the moment dad intervened, but she didn’t know that this was just the beginning.Dad lifted her over his shoulder. He walked out of the room, carrying Jess down the stairs and into his room. I didn’t get to see both of them until Monday. All I heard for the rest of the weekend was my dad’s bed squeaking, his moans and Jessica’s whimpers and groans. It seems he took out all his anger at our mom on Jessica. When he left for work, I walked into the room. Jessica was covered in sweat, her eyes dried from crying. She wouldn’t move and when I talked to her she didn’t respond. Mentally she was gone. I carried her to the bathroom and showered her. I dressed her up and fed her. She was responsive but didn’t talk. I felt guilty for what I did to her, but that didn’t stop me from spreading her legs again and fucking her on the sofa while watching T.V.

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