The Untold Story of Sarah Ch 01The Untold Story of Sarah Ch 01


I was not one for cheap tricks and theatrics, but I did enjoy to be alone more often then not. My girlfriends would always try to push me to go shopping here, or get my nails done there. None of these things truly interested me. I wanted to be at home. Cooped up in my living room with all the shades closed. I looked forward to that special “me” time. Where I could really get myself worked up by reading my favorite story, or watching one of my hot steamy shows I keep hidden in my closet in some shoe boxes. It really is the best place to store my goods, because who in their right mind would ask a girl to pull out her shoes. Little would my girlfriends know that the large stiletto box in the corner was actually filled with fluffy cuffs, rubbery dildos, steamy DVDs and unusual magazines. “Sarah come on this will be the third Saturday in a row that you have blown us off” Michelle said panting in frustration. Her golden curls that fell just below her breasts swayed with the words as she tilted her head left and right, “You know you need to do more with your life than just work and sit at home munching on pizza. Besides you know as well as I do that flu season is coming up and its best to get a shot before its too late.” Michelle had a point. I couldn’t stand laying in bed with mountains of tissues around me while I watch the same movies I have had on the shelf for years. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy myself a good drama or love story just as well as the next; but it gets old when you can’t go to the video store without having to visit the XXX section and end up spending your movie money on that one “Shower Babes” DVD. I had a problem. I could get horny just thinking about seeing a girl slapping her hand on her wet voluptuous budding lips rubbing her other hand on her inner thigh. Michelle didn’t know that she got me the horniest of all my friends. I could feel my pulse rising as she continued to move and talk bobbing her head this way and that, her breasts following ever so slightly. They were round and perfect. I just wanted to reach out my hands, pull her in, and push my tongue down her throat. Taste her in my mouth, and feel her large breasts press against my own. I wasn’t super attractive to my own opinion. I am shorter roughly five foot one. That makes me six or seven inches shorter than Michelle. I wasn’t fat, but I also wasn’t toned. I just was there, barely existing. My Sandy blond hair always quickly tossed into an impromptu twirl at the back of my head. My hair was long and the bangs drove me nuts. That is why I always ended up grabbing either chopsticks from last nights Chinese or pencils I had lying around to get it out of my face and off the back of my neck. Besides, those very hot summer days were coming to a close and that would make my “sessions” a little Ankara bayan escort less sweaty and more comfortable. “Fine Michelle… I will go out tonight with you. If you promise nothing more than a quick visit to the clinic and nothing more.” I said licking my lips as she smiled, made her adorable squeak as she pulled me in for a soft breath taking hug. Her breasts were so firm and perky. I don’t know how she went all day without wanting to touch them, and squeeze them. I wonder if she masturbates just as often as I do. “Lets head over to the mall, they have free shots there still.” she said grabbing hold of my hand. I looked back and saw my favorite hoodie still sitting on the chair. “Wait Michelle let me put on my jacket.” I said trying to turn in protest to her excited blabbering about seeing hot guys, and trying on that furry jacket that would come tight in the middle so people would just have to stare at her. “Sarah its like five hundred degrees outside, besides the sun is going down and we need to go now before the clinic closes at five.” “rrr… fine.” I said protesting because all I had on was a pair of loose sweats and that small tank top. I forgot to get my bra on this morning because I was too busy waking myself up with my rabbit that I keep stashed away in one of my pillows. The way the bunny ears push my soft lips apart and vibrate and tease my pussy. Feeling myself growing more horny Michelle looked at me finally and said “Look at you, I am sure you are getting sick your cheeks are burning red.” She said as she put her cheek to my forehead, “And you are burning up babe, come on lets get you outside you look fine, besides I owe you for helping me during my last breakup.” With that we were bursting through the door, as I was being dragged behind getting a perfect view of Michelle’s backside. She did yoga, that is all I need to say. Walking through the mall I saw all the famous fashion stores. It was hard living in one of the five fashion capitols of the world and not caring how you appear. See I was more concerned with the carnal pleasure I gave myself any time I was alone, rather than how perky my bosom could be. I was even less concerned with how flat my tummy was, because my fingers could still touch the skin so gently that it made goosebumps go up and down my inner thighs. I loved that feeling. Once again I felt my pussy heating up at the though, and it didn’t help that Michelle kept bending down and showing her cheetah printed thong to me as she pointed at that mannequins shoes, or that designer handbag. Michelle was on the prowl. She was a huntress and she needed prey. She scared me when it came to finding men. She would talk about how she liked things a bit kinky, and most men couldn’t’ satisfy her. I Escort bayan Ankara wanted to tell her I could satisfy her with that black strap on I have at home, but we had been friends for over a year since I moved here last summer. I left home to pursue my dream of becoming something different than just a normal person in my small town I lived in. Everyone knew each other back home. Sure I loved having the beach near by, but its cold on the beaches in Oregon. It was cold here in New York also though, but something about the big city I fell in love with and can’t give it up. “Hey we are almost to the clinic, and look there isn’t a big line!” Michelle could have killed me with how quickly she could walk in her high heels. Swinging her short mini skirt left and right. I looked at the small of her back as she walked. She always held her chin up as if she were something important. Very confident… no whats the word. Oh Yes Astute. Don’t get me wrong she is gorgeous but she could be ditzy and almost controlling when she wants something bad enough. “Could we both try to keep my arm attached to my body?” I tried to say but she continued to drag me to the clinic doors. They slid open and there were a few women in white lab coats. They also looked very professional. Suddenly I could see them stripping down, a couple making out in the corner. One came up to me and unzipped her lab coat revealing nothing beneath. My breath began to grow ragged as the zipper began to pass her navel. “Sarah?” Michelle’s voice brought me back. None of this had been going on. I was slipping back into my dream world of seeing things that I watched the night before. I have an addiction.. I know I do but I can’t help to see how the nurse could fix her patient by fucking her brains out on the doctors table, “Are you okay?” “Yea I just feel a bit dizzy.” I said weakly as I made my way forward with Michelle. “In that case lets get this over with and lets get a pretzel to split, okay pumpkin?” I loved the pet names I had been given over the past year. It settled mostly on pumpkin, sweet pea, and babe. I don’t think that Michelle knew that her scrumptious voice made my knees go weak whenever she said those things to me. Shortly after getting that shot I could have used anything to get my mind off it. We made our way to the food court and sat in the middle of no where. There were hundreds of other places to sit under canopies, but Michelle had to show off how hot she was and tried to draw attention to us. I looked horrible compared to her. I was shaking from the shot, my face was flushed, my pussy burning from being turned on for so long with no sexual release. I am sure my face showed it now. That every time Michelle turned I couldn’t help but want to suck on her Bayan escort Ankara curved tit. I wanted to feel that nipple grazing my tongue. Snapping back from staring as she turned to look at me. “Hey Sarah, I have one more place to go is that okay?” She said. There was a hint of concern. She knew I wasn’t doing too hot. She didn’t know the exact reason as to why, but she could tell there was something wrong. This is why she was my best friend. She genuinely cared about me. “Yea that is fine Michy.” I said tearing off a piece of the pretzel that we got. I dipped it into the spicy cheese and took a bite. A bit of it dripped on my lip, and Michelle reached out and wiped it up gently with her finger. Sucking on it and leaning forward to show me more of her cleavage until our lips collided. “I am finished thanks for sharing this with me.” she said. She wasn’t leaning over. I once again was imaging things. This time it felt so real. I could feel my body pulsating, my heart racing out of control. This was incredible. I am sure I could coat the walls with cum tonight. I needed to get out and hump something or I was going to die soon. “Okay, so where is this place you wanted to go?” I asked trying to make my voice sound calm and even. My legs were getting wet from my body producing lubrication. “Its just over there” she said pointing as her soft hand grabbed mine. I felt my heart surge even more. We stood up and my legs felt weaker than before. As we walked I realized where we were going, the Salon. I wanted to groan but if it meant spending just a bit more time with Michelle then anything would be worth it. As we walked it they knew Michelle and she told them she had an appointment. When they asked the name she gave them mine. She had planned to take me out to help me feel a bit better about how I looked. They called for the head of the department, and he whisked me away saying he normally doesn’t do “Charity” work but I “Was in such bad shape” that there would be no telling whether he could “Fix me”. I wanted to shout at the man, but he pushed me in a chair and got to work. The mask, the tin foils, the nails, even my toe nails. I felt so exposed as they started waxing here and pushing there. “We need a deep leg wax girls.” he said turning me in the rolling chair to a clothed area. ‘Oh No’ my mind was racing ‘they are going to wax me completely and see how wet I have been’. I could resist as the brunette pulled off my pants and worked my panties off. I don’t think this was normally procedure, but they were trying to do five things at once so I didn’t complain. Besides having a girl stripping me was a big fantasy I always had. With that I felt the hot wax, the pressure of the strip, and a sudden jerk. The pain reached up to my heart, but oddly had a warming sensation that calmed me. My body was relaxing even though I was lying naked on a table with four women ripping the hair from my face, legs, and pussy. After that treatment, and after they rubbed my down to make sure I didn’t get large red patches, they put my clothes back on and wheeled me to get my hair done. I felt different.

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