The Uncertain GiftThe Uncertain Gift


Chapter 1

Sam lay in bed staring at the ceiling. This was some Valentine’s. Here he was a week after actual Valentines Day and this was the first opportunity he and his wife had for some alone time. The problem was he was alone, as in all by himself. The minutes crawled. How long was this going to take? Mindy started tucking the boys in at 9 o’clock. It was now 10:17 PM.

He sighed. “Shit. I better think of something or I’m going to fall asleep.”

All he wanted was to have a little time so he could have sex with his wife. A short time where the only thing there was, the only thing that mattered, was her.

His thoughts wandered as he looked for something to get his mojo going. Fortunately his imagination was masterful at thinking dirty thoughts so he began to mentally run through some sexy standards. The morning news anchor chick? Nah. The super heroine in the tight black outfit? Nope. The hottie at the coffee shop? Not right now.

He looked over at the photo on the wall from their trip to Maine a few years ago. Mindy had looked fantastic in that summer dress! They had spent a long weekend, just the two of them, walking the rocky shore during the day, and fucking passionately at night. Being free of kids, even for brief periods, could do wonders to recharge their batters, to reconnect as a couple, and have sex like they did when they were dating. Sex was so very different when you didn’t have little ears around.

Sam and Mindy’s 14 year marriage was good and it produced two boys: Adam age 12 and Timothy age 9. Between the boys’s busy sports schedules and their own work, chores and errands, sex was never high on the to-do list. There were simply too many things contending for time on their schedule.

Sex in the early years had been hot and passionate but now he realized they needed to spice things up, to do something to kick-start their libido for when they had the opportunity to be alone, be it to go out for a romantic dinner, or to pleasure one another. Now, one week after Valentines they were finally, hopefully, getting around to exchanging gifts, and hopefully having sex.

Mindy slipped into the room, closing the door quietly behind her. “You started without me?”

Sam looked over and smiled. She was wearing a thin pink cotton nightie that clung to her revealing the curve of her tits and a hint of her nipples. Her dark hair fell to her shoulders, the bangs short in the front.

It took him a moment to realize what she meant. His right hand was in his pajama pants holding his half-hard cock. He had been thinking of one late evening on the Maine trip when they were fooling around on their third story balcony. It was a perfect evening; their balcony was dark and a warm breeze carried a hint of ocean air. There were several people on the balcony below, a group of twenty-something’s telling stories of college glories and office gossip. Sam had tuned them out; he had Mindy naked on the deck chair, legs spread with one thrown over each arm of the chair. He had worked her pussy with his tongue, mouth, and fingers until she had come. She had moaned loudly, causing the twenty-something’s to abruptly stop talking. Clearly they had heard it and had stopped to listen. Mindy had immediately clamped both hands over her mouth with a look of embarrassment on her face. Sam had laughed silently, wishing wished those nights could last forever.

“Yea, I guess I did. I was thinking about Maine,” he said with a smile, slipping his hand out of his pants.

She climbed into bed beside him. “Oh yes, Maine. Maybe we’ll go back this year.”

“You think? That would be great. This time though, we’ll skip the beach and just order room service so we don’t have to leave the bed.”

“Really?” she said with a smirk. “You think you could handle that?”

“It’s a challenge I am willing to take! I’ll Escort Esenyurt do groin exercises to prepare.”

“OK, you work on that on your own time,” she said. She rolled to her side of the bed and pulled a small box wrapped in red heart paper from the end table. It was a gift box, fancy, with a lid that was wrapped so that you could just lift it off without having to tear the paper.

“Ooh, nice,” he smiled. “I love easy-access boxes.”

“I know.”

He opened the drawer of his end table and pulled out an envelope and a package that was clearly the size of a DVD. It was wrapped in simple red paper.

“Sam, we don’t have time to watch the porn we have.” She took the gift.

“Who says it is porn?” he asked innocently. “Ok, it’s porn.”

She opened the envelope first; it was a gift certificate to the manicure place downtown. She smiled at him and picked up the DVD.

“It’s called ‘Space Vixen Sorority’,” he said as she began unwrapping. “It’s a riveting drama about the injustice of being a hot vixen looking for cock at an outer space all-girl prep school. They are forced to wear schoolgirl uniforms that fit a little too tightly, and there is only one community shower for them to share. Whatever shall these vixens do without cocks around? We’ll have to watch the whole thing to find out.”

Her eyebrows rose and she looked at him skeptically.

‘Well she didn’t say no!’ he thought with a chuckle.

She pulled the wrap off the DVD, it was actually titled ‘Fluff a jolt so strong that her stress would melt away, relaxing her tense muscles, and leaving her in a state where she would drift off to peaceful sleep.

She succumbed to him as his nose and cheek lightly brushed the tiny hairs on her neck. His fingers continued to tantalize her, brushed the insides of her thighs and teasing her pussy where he could feel an increasing heat.

She was ready, and knowing this gave him a shiver down his spine. Her breathing was deep and slow, her breast rising and falling as she became lost in the moment. His fingers slid over her opening then moved back to her clit where he worked it in small circular motions. He was rewarded as her hips began to rock slowly up and down in counterpoint to his handy work. She kissed him harder, mouth open, letting her tongue play with his, her fingers tangling in his hair.

She stopped rubbing his prick through his pajamas, instead moving her hand up above the elastic waistband then quickly slipping it down into them in one deft motion. She grabbed the root of his stiff cock and squeezed until he moaned into her neck. She slowly let off the pressure and began to stroke his shaft from base to cock head. She could feel his tip, swollen and hot.

Pushing away from him she got onto her knees and pulled at his pajama pants. He lifted his hips so she could tug them down onto his thighs. She looked up at him as she took his dick in one hand and licked it like a lollipop. A small drop of pre-cum had formed at the tip of his cock. She licking it up then used the tip of her tongue to prod at the small opening at the head as she looked for more. He moaned appreciatively, knowing what she was after.

She began sucking him while gripping the base with one hand, her head bobbing up and down. She could hear his breathing coming harder. He played with her hair as she pleasured him. She wondered if he was just playing, or if at any moment he would force her head onto him, pushing his cock deep into her mouth. She felt a little excited by the prospect; she half hoped he would do it, but she knew he wouldn’t. Instead, on a couple of down strokes she let his cock head push at her throat knowing it would drive him crazy.

He needed to slow down the action on his cock or he was going to come in her mouth; though to him that sounded like a nice ending. Escort Avcılar He enjoyed the different sort of orgasm he had when she sucked him off. The sensations and the build-up to orgasm when getting blown were so totally different than when fucking that for him it would be tough to choose how to finish if asked, which is why it was nearly always a fuck. Mindy liked to fuck and he liked to get her off that way. However, the excitement of flooding a woman’s mouth with cum from a blowjob well done was an experience he loved. He suspected he wouldn’t be experiencing that tonight.

He leaned into a half sitting position reaching down to pull Mindy up to him. She complied, pulling her nightie up over her head as she moved; she knew it was her turn. She rolled over and lay back, spreading her legs. Sam pulled off his pajama pants and moved between her legs. He took a moment to look at her. After all they’d been through she was still gorgeous, still perfect. Her body was fit and toned as she was always one to take care of herself. He caught her eye and smiled as he moved down on her. Placing his hands on her inner thighs he gently pushed them wider. Closing in he found her slit with his tongue, letting it slide slowly up and down between the soft folds of her pussy. Her breathing fluttered as he started, her tits heaving upward as she arched her back. Her fingers curled into his hair and she held his head firmly in place at her pussy.

He pushed her legs back forcing her ass upward, leaving her more exposed and vulnerable. She merely gazed down at him, waiting, small smile on her lips. He appreciated the trust she showed, and of not being even a little self-conscious at her position. Sam’s eyes touched hers for a moment before he deliberately looked down at the treasure in front of him. He slid his tongue straight into her hole, into her heat, savoring the taste of her. Her fingers gripped tighter but he ignored the pain as he tongue fucked her.

He glanced up to look at her, but her head was thrown back so he couldn’t see her face. Her tits were thrust up, the creamy smooth skin and perfect shape of them made him want to hold and squeeze them. With one hand he reached and took one breast fondling it, then used his thumb and forefinger to tweak the firm nipple. She removed one hand from his hair and moved it to her other tit so she could tug and pinch the other nipple. Her body shuddered as the sensations moved through her body. Sam sucked at her clit and lapped up the sweet juices that coated her sensitive folds. Her hips gyrated slowly and she continued to moan as he worked her body.

His cock was rock hard and pulsing, like a living throbbing thing. He wanted inside her, and he knew she wouldn’t object. Placing hands to either side of her for support he moved up, preparing to slide into her. Slowly he lowered his hips; her slick and willing pussy parted easily as his shaft slid into her. She gasped for a moment, putting her hands on his chest as if to push him off, then one hand slid down to her clit, and she began playing with herself.

Her breathing quickened as he began thrusting into her. He was careful not to go too fast; he had no desire to shorten his time inside her. Her other hand reached behind his head and pulled him in for a kiss. His face was coated in her pussy juices so he expected a light kiss, but instead she kissed him hard, sucking at his lower lip and licking her juice from his face.

His excitement found a new level when he understood she was enjoying the taste of her own pussy. He couldn’t help himself and began to thrust fast and deep. Their bodies were electric as they became one. Sam sensed Mindy was getting close to orgasm as she began to shift her shoulders. Then her back lifted off the bed and her head fell back, eyes closed tight. Her hand worked her clit frantically, Escort Beylikdüzü moving with Sam’s strong thrusts. His strokes came long and deep, the pace quickening. Within moments her pussy tightened as she reached the point of no return. Waves of pleasure raced through her body as she came. She let out a long high moan as he drove his cock into her tight corridor; her fingernails raked his skin and her legs wrapped around his body.

Then as she began to come down his own climax rushed over him. He emptied himself with each thrust, filling her with his seed, their bodies locked together. In moments he was drained, having no more to offer, feeling exhausted, but happy. Mindy kept him in her tight embrace, Sam on top, the two of them enjoying their post-orgasmic bliss. They remained like that for some time, enjoying the closeness and warmth.

“Happy Valentines Day love,” he whispered.

She smiled.

Chapter 2

“See you next week Paige,” Mindy called. “And good luck on your special weekend!”

“Thanks! I can’t wait for it to start!” Paige took her coat from the rack and slipped it on. She had long straight brown hair, pulled back into a thick ponytail that dangled to the middle of her back. She had a tight body and was a smart dresser, and Mindy felt she was a great addition to the office at the law firm they worked at. She was professional and courteous, and gorgeous. The latter trait often helped to calm any agitated may-be clients.

The ‘special weekend’ in question consisted of a birthday party Paige was throwing for her boyfriend, and it was also the same weekend as their one year anniversary; she had arranged a fancy dinner somewhere downtown followed by a Boston booze cruise. Paige had taken Thursday and Friday off for an extended weekend of celebration. At twenty-four with great looks, and a mindset that clearly had her in a dating-game frame of mind, a one-year anniversary was certainly the longest on her young record. Mindy doubted that Paige’s boyfriend Mike was the only name on record in the last year, but she kept that to herself.

Paige opened the door and called back as she was stepping out, “I’ll give you all the juicy details on Monday!”

“Can’t wait,” Mindy said under her breath. She looked at the clock. It was half past 5. She was meeting her friend Khandi at the Planet Fitness across the plaza at 6 to work out. Khandi and Mindy were close friends, having known each other for over 15. They started at the law firm during the same week and had hit it off immediately.

It was time to go. The spring weather was gorgeous and she was energized for a work out. Planet Fitness was always busy at this hour during the week when all the white collars came in to exercise. It almost made her not want to go, but she wanted to see Khandi, and working out always made her feel better after a crap day. Tired, but in a better state of mind.

Mindy entered the locker room and saw Khandi getting her sweats on.

“Hey honey,” she called.

Khandi looked up with a smile, “Hi Mindy.” Khandi had left the office early that day for an important doctor’s appointment.

“How did it go?” She asked tentatively, knowing it was a sore topic. Khandi and her husband Adrien had been trying to conceive for the past year with no results and based on Khandi’s usual locker room banter it was not from lack of trying. She and her husband were both 33 years old, so they had plenty of time and drive to keep trying.

“The same,” Khandi said sounding disappointed.

“Oh, I’m sorry. It’ll happen.”

“I know. I’m not worried. Adrien is keeping my spirits up, he’s a trooper.”

“I’m sure he hates having to try so hard all the time,” Mindy said.

“Ha, yea. Good point. He’s doing his part,” she said with a laugh.

“A man being forced to have sex every night with a woman with the body of a goddess. He must kick and scream when you come a’callin.”

“Oh stop, I’ve got some shaping up to do,” Khandi said, running her hands down her hips.

“Hardly,” Mindy said. “I’m sure you’ve noticed that you draw the most eyes from the men-folk when we’re out on the floor.”

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