The Twins Ch. 07The Twins Ch. 07


You might think that Allie would have been sated by this point. You might think that she’d had enough sex for a while.

She did, indeed, go to bed sexually sated, physically exhausted, and not a little drunk, and she fell asleep thinking about all that had happened over the past few weeks: how she had given her virginity to her twin brother, taking his in the bargain; how she discovered and started indulging her bi-sexuality with her roommate, Carly; and, just that very evening she was seduced by her sexy Aunt Molly in collusion with her own kinky mother.

You might think that was enough, at least for a while. It was not.

For one, she looked forward excitedly to being with Alex in just a couple more days. She had every expectation of lying with him, naked and indulgent, at the first opportunity, and the second, and probably at least the third. She could not imagine ever tiring of fucking her brother.

She also looked with great anticipation toward Carly’s visit. Allie’s mind was alive with fantasies of how that would go. She intended it to be like the pictorial vignettes she and Carly had made for Alex. The two women would strip him naked, fondle him to hardness, and go down on him, licking his cock together, like sharing an ice cream cone.

She could see herself then straddling Alex’s face, feeding him her pussy, exercising her power over him while watching Carly, at her urging, lowering herself over his erection, taking that beautiful cock of his up into herself, copulating with him, consummating their group love. Then, they could switch places. Carly could get her own bottom licked while watching Allie take Alex’s cock and fuck the cream out of it. In her dozing mind, Allie could see the three of them indulging every sexual coupling a menage a trois could execute, a veritable Kama Sutra for three-way sex.

Of course, none of this went through her mind without any doubts. None of this was purely innocent behavior, free from risk of harm. She knew that she was being exceedingly naughty, selfish, and indulgent. She knew that someone, maybe more than one person, could get hurt in all this willful promiscuity.

She was particularly worried about Alex and Carly. Would they really go along when it came down to it? Would they do so without reservations? Maybe not. Would any of them get jealous urla escort and cause problems? Quite possibly, she feared. It was a risk she felt compelled to take.

It occurred to her, as she was falling asleep, that she had been a bad girl, that she might deserve to be punished for her recklessness. It occurred to her that her father was coming to her room, knowing all that she had done, ready to teach her a lesson.

He opens the door and sees her lying there naked, a bad girl who had been fucking her own brother, a girl who fantasizes about going down on her own mother and her aunt too, who had allowed those same women to seduce her, to touch her most intimately, a little slut who had orgasmed from the pleasure of their experienced fingers, a very naughty, dirty girl who got excited seeing mother lick her aunt’s tight, little asshole, who wanted to experience those strange new indulgences herself. Indeed, she had licked Carly’s dark little hole and would do it again.

She is truly a naughty girl. Downright nasty, really. She deserves a whipping.

Her father closes the door behind him and comes to her bed knowing how bad she has been. She sees him removing his belt, shiny black leather, two inches wide. She whines, knowing what is coming, knowing that she is about to pay her dues.

He stands there at the foot of her bed, a menacing look on his face, eying her naked breasts, her erect nipples, her flat stomach heaving with anticipation, her trimmed mons set atop her always ready, always willing pussy.

He ogles her. She sees the intense desire in his eyes. She can see that he lusts for her. Wants to lie with her, his own, young daughter, and take her for his pleasure.

But first, she must be punished. She knows what is required of her. She does not question. She dutifully rolls over, onto her stomach, and presents her bare ass to her father, then spreads her legs and exposes her hungry sex to him, shows him her naked, insatiable bottom, offering it to him, a sacrifice for her sins.

She turns her head to look back at him, her expression declaring her sluttiness, her readiness for what lies in store. He raises his belt, and she turns away again, resolved, quaking with anticipation, and then the belt cracks across her right buttock and she squeals kemalpaşa escort aloud. Fear and pain mixed with exhilarating sexual arousal, the expectation of indulgent, carnal pleasures, the pleasure of a good whipping, and then a heedless, incestuous fuck.

He strikes her left cheek, and she squeals again and starts pleading, “No, Daddy. Please no!”

But she doesn’t mean it. She loves being whipped. She loves having her father punish her, having him give her such wonderful, sharp, stinging pain. She deserves it. She has been a very naughty girl. She is a naughty girl, a selfish little slut who cannot get fucked enough.

He strikes again leaving a hot, belt-wide welt on her round, little ass. She winces from the pain, and her vagina begins to ooze fluids. He strikes again, and she just keeps squealing and pleading, “No, Daddy, no. I’m sorry. I won’t be bad again! I’ll do whatever you want. Anything you want! I’ll be good, very good, I promise.” It was all just a game to her, though, an intensely exciting prelude to giving her father her pussy, letting him fuck her with his enormous cock.

After half a dozen painful swats the whipping stops. She hears the belt fall to the floor. She hears her father unzip his pants. She looks back to see him drop his pants to the floor and step out of them. He pulls his rock-hard cock out of the fly of his boxers. It must be 10 inches long and thick, so tantalizingly thick.

She knows that thing will hurt even more than the belt did. Her vagina is now dripping in anticipation.

He climbs onto her bed. She raises her ass, knowing what her punishment must be. She must take that enormous cock of her father’s, she must receive it between her legs, deep up into her insatiable vagina. The tension is so great she can hardly breathe.

He moves up directly behind her. She rises up onto her knees and spreads them apart for him. Her labia parts with her legs and he can see her dripping vagina there, open for him, so young, so tight, so inviting.

She feels him push the head of his cock against her, feels its size, its power. She starts to whimper in anticipation of the pain to come. He puts his hands on her bare ass and presses his hardness firmly up against her vaginal opening, and then, in a painful thrust, the menderes escort fat head of his cock jams inside her, and she hears him growl, “You have been bad. You must be punished.”

She braces herself, closes her eyes, and waits, desperate now to feel his hardness deep inside her, to feel that enormous cock cramming into her, filling her completely.

Slowly, he pushes himself forward, stretching her vaginal walls, nearly tearing the muscles, stuffing her with that enormous cock; and it does hurt, but it hurts in such a delicious way. It hurts, and she savors the pain as her father stretches her to her limits, slides his long, fat cock all the way in, then starts to slide back and forth, relishing the feeling of her hot, little vagina as he uses her under a guise of punishing her for her bad behavior.

She loves being fucked by her dad, feeling herself stretch, feeling him sliding back and forth inside her. It feels so good. She starts rocking back and forth on her hands and knees, giving him all he can want. It feels so good, she cannot get enough, and starts ramming her ass back against him, grunting aloud as he drives himself into her over and over, the slapping sounds of their collisions echoing throughout the house. She gives herself willingly to him, letting him take her, use her, punish her. She thinks she is about to cum and raises one hand between her legs and fingers her swollen clit lewdly, groaning, bringing herself toward an outrageous climax. And then her father growls again, thrusts hard up against her firm, little ass and pours his seed into her, shooting it right into her cervix, right into the gateway to her fertile ovaries.

She was about to cum, thinking about having her father’s baby. Then she awoke from her dream. She could feel the wetness of the sheet beneath her, clear evidence of her true desires. She lay there literally panting from the excitement of the dream, vaguely fingering herself, but she could not cum now that the dream was over.

She was deeply aroused, and altogether ready to fuck her dad or just about anyone she could get into her bed. But there was no man there for her. Not her dad, not her brother, no one. There was nobody there to fuck her, nobody there to satisfy her lust, her aching need for sexual release, for yet another crazy, wild orgasm.

It took her a long while to get back to sleep after that. Her mind raced now with still more ideas, more possibilities, more potential indulgences.

She knew that she was indeed being a bad girl, and she embraced her badness happily. It was all just so exciting! She wondered just how bad she could be.

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