The TrampolineThe Trampoline


Desmond shushes us as he unlocks the door.

“Keep it down, you guys are gonna get me fired.”

We go inside and flip the lights. It’s like the heavens opened just for us.

“Dear God, man.” Harlow takes a swig from the bottle. “It’s beautiful.”

We’re at Playz-For-Dayz after hours. We have the whole place to ourselves. We are so very drunk.

“Desmond, you are a legend.” I walk around and take it all in. “I’ve dreamed of this since I was eight.”

“It kind of loses its charm when you work here. I know how many kids piss in that ball pit.”

“Don’t you dare ruin this for us! C’mon, Carli, let’s have fun.”

Harlow pulls me by the hand and we run to the ball pit. She dives in head first and I do a cannonball. We’re encased in a mesh dome, and there’s a plush climbing pyramid in the middle. I throw balls at Harlow and she knocks them away with her hands. She thrashes her way over and tackles me. She tickles me and we wrestle and laugh.

Desmond stands outside the play area and watches us goof around. He takes a swig of the vodka.

“You emek escort guys should just make out already.”

We look at each other and grin. Harlow pulls me in for a kiss and we roll around together in the pit. We intertwine our legs and paw at our breasts and use a lot of tongue. I grab her ass and force her pussy against mine.

I hear a plastic splash. Desmond is paddling toward us. We all kiss at the same time, and our bodies constantly shift and move over the plastic. I make out with Harlow and touch her breasts. Desmond rubs Harlow’s clit through her panties and watches us kiss.

Harlow breaks away and hauls herself up a rope ladder. I can see up her skirt. There’s a wet spot on her underwear.

“Catch me!”

She crawls into a clear plastic tube and disappears.

I climb the ladder and Desmond follows. I forget I’m wearing a thong until he reaches up and touches my exposed lips.

We crawl into the tube. We’re both on our hands and knees. Desmond scoots up and bends eryaman escort over me. He grinds his bulge against my ass and bites my earlobe. I keep moving.

“C’mon, we gotta find her!”

We climb over a series of tight plastic rollers and swing from monkey bars. We crawl through more tubes and end up at a trampoline. Harlow is completely naked. She’s lying on her stomach and resting her head in her hands. She has two perfect dimples above her perfect ass.

Desmond and I undress in record speed and step onto the trampoline. The three of us jump around for a while. I can’t stop staring at Desmond, then Harlow. I bounce to her and pull her nipples while we jump in tandem. Desmond comes over, grabs us in an embrace, and body slams us to the taut elastic ground. We spank him and roll around.

Harlow goes down on him while I suck his nipples. I sit on his face and lightly bounce. He wraps his arms around my thighs and burrows into my pussy. I try to touch his chest but we’re moving around too much.

Harlow esat escort sits on Desmond’s cock. She bounces to the same beat as me. She reaches behind her to play with his balls.

“Carli, cum with me. I’m gonna go.”

“Hang on, wait, I’m not there yet.”

Desmond presses hard on my clit and rubs furiously. Harlow and I orgasm. We climb off him and fall hard onto the trampoline. She rests her head on his stomach.

“Did you cum yet?” she asks.

“No, not yet.”

“How do you want to cum?”

He puts his hands behind his head.

“I wanna watch you guys go at it again.”

I yank Harlow over to me and she falls on me, laughing. I get on top and pin back her arms. I put her breasts in my mouth and lick her nipples. I kiss her neck and lick her nose. She writhes and moan. Desmond jerks it while he watches.

Still holding back her arms, I grind my pussy against hers. Her breasts lie flat and move from side to side.

Desmond enters me from behind while I’m fucking her. My clit rubs against hers. We go up and down, up and down.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” I pant.

We climax together again. Desmond ejaculates on my back a couple minutes later and Harlow licks it up. She stands.

“C’mon, move it,” she says. “I wanna try out the rope maze.”


Originally published in “Stories To Bang By, Vol. 11 : Threesomes”

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