The Training of JadeThe Training of Jade



This is a story of domination between a younger woman and the man that eventually falls in love with her. Who, in a subtler way became the slave of the love she sponsored deep in his spirit.

MF-Language-Light BDSM, and yes, like it or no, “romance.”


William Devlin made ready the umbrellas, the seating, and even metered the ambient light of the room in preparation for his new client. Ms. Kayden Summers she had requested a series of bust close ups of herself in a long black gown.

She had found his little off path studio via referral from a young lady that had sat for a series of graduation photos several years back. William picked up a good deal of work that way most of it in the spring and fall of the year.

Her voice had been soft as she spoke to him on the phone and something in the nature of it gave him pause as they spoke. Her voice had soothed something deep inside William something he didn’t recognize but the stillness of it was wonderful. He found himself wondering if she might be one of those rare advanced spirits that loved being held by direction.

She arrived exactly on time and his heart sped as she entered his small studio at the back of the house. She was absolutely ravishing in every conceivable way, not in appearance only, but also in grace of motion. Her skin was flawless, her hair near platinum and her physical logistics impeccable, she was a raving piece of beautiful art in motion.

“Hello Mr. Devlin, I’m not late am I?” smiling, as she made polite conversation.

“Not at all Ms. Summers, in fact I had just finished making ready for you,” he responded.

Her smile was easy and pleasant and seemed to light up her soft green eyes as she looked at me. I knew when I looked into the wonder of that smile that if I weren’t very careful I would become a slave in chains to the agony of a gentle young personality.

“Can I get you something from the galley Kayden, I have soda and soft wine?”

“No Mr. Devlin, I’m fine, but thank you, your very kind to offer,” she replied.

I found myself hating the fact that I was at least fifteen years her senior and immediately dismissed the silly notions coursing through my head.

“Shall we begin Ms. Summers?” I suggested.

“Please!” she smiled.

I led Kayden to the chair and stood by as she sat and made herself comfortable. I couldn’t but help notice her long beautiful legs, as she crossed them with ease before me.

She looked up to see if I was watching and smiled sweetly when she caught me admiring her.

She made me feel like an unsteady schoolboy that had not yet formed a solid sexual identity … I was amazed by that.

I stepped behind the tripod and said, “smile for me Kayden,” and did she, like the rising sun of a beautiful fall morning. The drama of it stirred my soul within and made me tingle under my zipper just a little.

I ran through the customary positioning, crop, and lighting changes of her close ups and then stepped from behind the camera and uncapped the D80 that hung from my neck.

“Would you like a break before we continue Ms. Summers?” I asked.

“No Sir, really I’m fine Mr. Devlin,” she answered.

“I will need to make adjustments to your persona as we progress, please don’t be alarmed if I touch your hair or move your head from time to time,” I explained.

“I understand sir,” she replied smiling.

I began moving in a tight circle around her body shooting in three frame brackets and looking for any excuse to touch her. I paused and moved in repositioning the long platinum strands behind her shoulder and then placing my hand on her chin angled her face toward the light of a nearby window. My touch was very light and deliberate, as my fingers lightly passed down the skin of her throat.

I could see instantly that she quickened inside, and her eyes took on a soft dreamlike quality that was very becoming. I finished shooting, kicking myself for not finding good reason to touch her again.

“It will take a few days for me to finish cleaning all of these and pass them through my software, I’m sorry but I do it all by hand without benefit of presets, it’s a control issue for me,” I explained.

“I understand,” she answered.

I extended my hand and she took it and held on as she disembarked and gained her footing, and then seemed reluctant to release it. She began to look at the photos on the walls and seemed drawn deeply to one in particular.

It was a photo of beautiful brunette model in red leather bodice bent over slightly with a riding crop swinging down on the cheek of her buttock. It was a beautiful fetish rending bright, colorful, and meticulously lit.

“I have that series in book here, if you’d like to look at all of them Kayden,” I told her.

“Please would you mind I might like something like this, well, I mean to show the boyfriend that I don’t have yet when he arrives in my life,” Escort bayan she stammered.

I smiled at her attempt to justify her interest in the colorful fetish photo, and my mind began to consider her true persuasions.

I pulled the chair in front of my desk out, fished the photo album out of the bottom desk drawer, and laid it on the desk. And left her there, as I went to retrieve a bottle of water for my young damsel.

I don’t think she noticed my presence when I returned until I sat the unopened container in front of her, and then only in passing it seemed. She was deeply immersed in the images, a rich tapestry of moving thought that appealed to the lust of a specific desire. They were very artistic in nature and some of the best I had ever done, mostly because of the model I had used, she was instinctively a natural with it.

Muriel had been taking classes nearby but was originally from Chicago, she was deep into the scene and introduced me to it one cozy evening after a shoot.

“Do you really think there are people that actually do those kind of things?” Kayden ask, shattering the train of memory roaring through my head and heart at the moment.

“Why yes my dear, I have done such on many occasions,” I responded.

Her eyes rose to meet mine, sharp and lively, a thousand questions leaping forth from the emerald sheen of her youthful curiosity. She held me that way for a moment without speaking but she didn’t need to, I knew what was on her mind, and I knew in that moment what she needed.

“It isn’t like most people imagine Kayden, it’s a union of consent where needs in kind meet to appease like hungers. And I think you know what I mean don’t you Kayden?” I said.

She lowered her eyes and refused to look at me, and I knew she was struggling over the question of her desired confession.

I placed my hand at her knee, gave her a gentle pat, and spoke softly to her, “You have wanted to try this for a long time haven’t you Kayden But their was never anyone close to you that you felt confident about trusting, no one that would understand your needs.”

“Yes sir,” she answered, eyes still on the floor.

I took her hand and she rose to stand before me the cheeks of her face had gone light crimson, her eyes were fevered bright, her breasts raising with a quick cadence that only desire can bring.

“My dear I want you to bend over my desk with your palms on top and remain there until I return, do you understand me Ms. Summers?” I asked her.

“Yes sir, I understand,” she said softy.

I rushed to my room to retrieve a few toys, my heart hammering, unable to believe my good fortune. When I returned she was still standing as I left her, with her head down and eyes closed. I couldn’t resist a caress of her fabulous cheek and one very light slap of affection.

Kayden whimpered when the blow landed against her perfect ass cheek, and the shiver that passed through her was not lost to these eyes, or this raging heart.

“Are you going to hurt me?” she asked softly.

“No Ms. Summers, this is not about the psychology of supremacy, but of mutual need. I will heat your flesh, tease your spirit, and inflame your desire but I would never crush the flower that pleases my eye.” I explained.

I caressed the cheek I had offended and ran my hand up her back pausing to gently squeeze her shoulder.

“Please raise your dress and uncover your ass to me Kayden,” I instructed.

“But I’m so frightened!” she squeaked.

“Do you trust me Kayden?” I prompted.

“I don’t know … yes!” she finally whispered.

At last reaching back she raised the long black dress and there before my eyes were the frilled, bright yellow panties she wore. I hooked my fingers in the sides and very slowly lowered the scant scrap of fabric to her ankles. Carefully I raised each high-heeled foot and liberated her from there restraining presence.

Her ass was nothing less than a contemporary work of modern art, perfect in its slopes and angels and I simply had to kiss each cheek. Afterward leaning back where I knelt I ran my hands very slowly up the backside of her legs and smiled, as a tremor passed through her young flesh.

“Oh God yes!” she whispered.

As I neared the junction of her upper thighs she spread her stance wider still and I smiled again. I could feel the heat of her crotch licking at the back of my hand, her lips hung gaping and hairless before me … perfect in their presentation.

I ran a single finger very lightly against the ridge of her vulva and she gasped then drove back seeking greater contact there. Her scent was a witches love spell seducing my olfactory senses now; it was a heady brew the elixir from this stunning young blonde, like the sex of yesterday in wide-open fields of fall, light, airy and very deep with earthy overtones.

Kayden’s brain was alive with the sensation of this older mans hands on her body. His fingers were like flickering flames of passion against the smooth Bayan escort skin of her young body. Every point of contact they made sent shooting bolts of joy through her body that teased her nipples and vulva, driving her imagination to the most wonderful of visions.

She knew she was wet down there but for some reason it didn’t matter, she wasn’t embarrassed and all that really concerned at this moment was that these feelings continued in her body.

My finger found the dampness of her opening and I played there in the wetness her desire had produced, teasing her with deliberate intent, driving her to frustration. As the tip of my finger played just inside her passage I felt her tighten, attempting to entice my instrument deeper still. When that failed she stroked downward in an effort to drive me deeper into her body.

I slapped her ass lightly, and she shivered again.

“You can do more if you like,” she whispered.

I did, I gently inserted two fingers into the tight dampness of her young opening.

“Oh Mr. Devlin that is wonderful,” she hissed.

I gently pumped her dripping organ, saturated now with the tension of her flaming passions. She loved it and I knew she wanted to come this way, I could feel her muscles flex, and then relax, as she rocked against my hand with a steady rhythm.

I fished the riding crop out of the bag I had brought out of my room and as my hand gave her pleasure my whip gave her heat. Three light taps to her right cheek in rapid succession caused her body to jerk severally in front of me.

“Yes you horny bastard!” she hissed back at me.

I brought the crop down twice more with a little more force this time, “Well bred young ladies do not curse my dear Kayden,” I explained.

“I’m sorry Mr. Devlin,” she whined.

It was difficult for Kayden to control the surging emotion these sensations produced in her spirit. Each erupting into a bright fountain of sensual pleasure that assaulted her reason and wounded her self-will. She was losing herself in all this rush of pleasure that was allowing a stranger to use her body as if she were some common whore and making her love it.

She jerked again as he slapped her ass once more and a rushing wave of heat filled her, that oddly, produced a sharp thrill in her heart. She was finding herself seeking ways to be bad for him to encourage his punishment of her body.

The light-stinging slap of his hand, mingled with the delicious sensations he provided between her legs, blended in her body to produce the most pleasurable physical experience of her life.

“My God she thought, I must be deeply sick to love this!”

William removed his hand from between Kayden’s thighs and reaching over to the bag pulled out a slender eight-inch jell-soft vibrator. He turned it on and began to move its tip against the swollen, wet lips, of her entrance.

As his tongue licked the crimson spot of her cheek he had punished with the crop he began easing the vibrator in between the lips of her passage. She liked it; her hips began to move immediately in response to the presence of the device.

“Please William, deeper, fuck me like you mean it,” she threw back at him. Kayden couldn’t believe her own boldness after her outburst.

Well, not all innocence after all in the emerald eyes of youth, he mused internally. But he did as she asked, and began to stroke deeply into the recesses of her tight wet opening. She was rocking again taking the pleasure the device gave with greed, her leg muscles flexing in rhythm with her movements.

“Oh God William its delicious down there, please don’t stop” she whispered softly.

“It looks wonderful entering you Kayden, spreading you wide and coming out soaked with your juices,” he commented!

He continued to fuck her body with the soft device, slapping the cheek of her ass occasionally as he went. She was breathing more rapidly now, as her raw savage need came more to the forefront of her behavioral patterns.

He stopped, when she began to tremble, not wanting her first come to explode in this manner. He rose behind her and turned her then to face him, her eyes were bright, lust filled bowls, of the most intense need he had ever seen.

“Remove the dress Kayden,” he told her.

She didn’t struggle, to her credit, her Jade colored eyes smiled softly at him as she moved to execute his command. She stood there beautiful in her presentation of burning modesty, her eyes glued to the floor, her breasts heaving.

She was beautiful, her high pubic mound rose sharply from a flat well toned abdomen. Her breasts were firm, and still lifting at the ends, her nipples of course hard now, inflamed and brightly colored.

She raised her head, seeking his face, wanting something more, some reassuring act of tenderness … he did not deny her, and his lips took hers immediately. She pressed the length of her body close to him as her tongue drove for the dark recesses of his mouth; she was unable to control Escort her hunger anymore. Kayden’s hand found the burning bulge in the front of his pants, caressed it slowly, and then gave it a loving squeeze as she kissed him.

“Please lay across the top of my desk for me dear Kayden,” his voice soft as he spoke.

“What will you do to me sir?” she asked.

The whip hissed, as it moved through the air, joyful at last to apply its talent against the soft form, of this gentle, young, disobedient creature.

She cringed as it burned itself into her consciousness, her hand moving to immediately administer some degree of tender attention to her painful thigh.

“There are women Kayden who would be grateful to lay across my desk in front of me totally nude,” he told her. “Do you believe your special and that somehow elevates you in worthiness above all the other women of the world,” he queried.

“I’m sorry sir, please don’t do this to me, I promise I won’t question you again,” she pleaded, as tears formed in her lovely eyes.

Reaching out quickly he raised her head finding her eyes to seek his answer there. He found it, in two turbulent and troubled pools of soft green, tinted with the hue of her present sadness.

“You do have doubts about yourself don’t you my dear? Kayden in this moment we now share you have become the most beautiful creature in all creation to me!” he explained.

She looked beyond his eyes, and finding his intent, she knew the man, and knew at last she need not fear him. Her arms sprang out and encircled him, as she buried the side of her face against his chest.

“I know you Kayden, as you know me, we were meant for this day, and for each other my dear,” he told her!

I know my lord, I know it now,” she answered!

Stepping back he lifted her chin until her eyes held his again she was peaceful once more and he loved that about her. He pressed his lips to hers and she went soft against him, her mouth hungry, and her tongue impatient with his as she devoured him.

She broke the embrace after stealing his breath and shaking his confidence somewhat. And with regal grace spread herself before him atop the desk, as he had asked.

“My God dear Kayden, you are a wonder to these eyes of mine,” he told her! Her smile told him she was pleased with his appraisal of her.

“It is only my lustful need at this moment that prevents me from taking hold of my camera and working up your pose!” he said.

His lips began with hers; she was sweetness that way against his mouth, but quickly moved to the side of her neck where they bit lightly, as his tongue teased the sensitive skin there in a swirling frenzy, that made her giggle lightly.

He moved his mouth lazily to the hard nipples of her gorgeous smooth breast, where he toyed with each in turn licking, kissing, and biting the hard little nubs. He could tell she enjoyed the activity by the way she arched against his mouth, and her fingers dallied through his hair.

As William’s hand stroked her mound his lips trailed down the center of her chest and belly, teasing her in passing with soft kisses and gentle licks. The scent of her folds as he neared her mound, set his mouth watering, and made the blood in his veins boil.

He lapped her mound all around, as she squirmed beneath his touch, his hand snuck up as he devoured her, to squeeze her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Kayden arched her back seeking the pleasure she felt there now, her breast needing this warm, minor abuse.

“Oh God Mr. Devlin, I love that fucking tongue of yours!” she hissed.

William bit his way down a single ridge of her vulva his tongue only lightly outlining the swollen lips of her vagina when he arrived. He played there, teasing her until she groaned, then suddenly probed her deeply, her breath caught and her body spasmed slightly, as his firm tongue ran away back up her crevice and toward her clit.

He lashed her, sucked, and probed with his tongue until her body was a frenzied blur of motion against his face, and her voice but a broken string of pitiful whimpers. He continued his insane use of her pussy, as his hands and fingers tormented the gentle smooth skin of her body. He ate until she cried out, and her warm fluids dribbled down the center of his chin pooling on his upper chest.

He broke unexpectedly and raised up standing over her, here legs were spread obscenely wide, the flushed lips of her vulva gaping open exposing her lush pink to his eyes. He slapped the top of her crevice lightly, at that place where her firm clit stood up above the ridges of her vulva.

She cringed and groaned deeply in her throat; several more rapid, well-placed blows landed at the same spot, as her hips rolled up to embrace and welcome this savage abuse of her sex.

“William, god yes, more please!” she whispered.

“Is your pussy ready Kayden, ready for a hard fast fuck my dear,” he taunted her.

“Yes sir, I need one!” she whispered below him.

“I will end that ache between the lips of your cunt my virginal slut!” he taunted.

“Yes sir, I’m your slut sir,” she breathed. She didn’t care at the moment what he called her she needed that thing between his legs, needed him inside her fucking her lust into oblivion.

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