The TrainThe Train


It was an unpleasantly cold winter’s night; I was travelling from Hyderabad to Jaipur. I booked a ticket in sleeper, the bookings were made last minute so it was hard to get a full seat but I managed an RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation). An hour had passed and no one come so I decided to lie down and within minutes I dosed off.

When I woke up approximately after an hour, I saw this young dapper man, at his early 20’s, probably about 6 feet, mid-tone, bold black eyes that looked soft and delicate at the same time.

It was going to be a long ride, 24 hours at the least. I thought I would love the window seat, but I enjoyed the view beside me more. Realising he wasn’t seated comfortably I sat up straight and offered him his side of the birth. With a smile he adjusted himself besides me. I found myself looking at his supple, cherry lips. When he breathed, his throat moved, it was inexplicably sensual. I was seated so close I could smell the perfect combination of the whiff of his perfume and his own smell. The direction of the wind blew his aroma more towards me.

He had a blanket, I didn’t and he could see me freezing till death, I wonder if he was able to see how hard my nipples had grown. He offered me to share his blanket, although at first, I denied but couldn’t withstand the cold so I hesitantly slid in it few minutes later. He watched me and gave a cute smile. I took a glance at the perfect curve his lips made, more like a stare, then my eyes met his, that spark his eyes held took my senses away, the eye contact was electric. Unconsciously I licked my peach pink lips whilst biting them softly. He saw me doing it. I know he caught me.

I eyed his strong arms; I spotted his veins popping from underneath his smooth skin. Those beautiful veins made me wonder if he could hold me in his arms, All naked. Bad things started running through my head. I just wished I could climb over him with my legs across his lap on either side, so close I could feel his slow warm breathes on neck and on my perfect mounds.

And just then I decide to look at his lips but caught him scanning my cleavage from the corner of his eye. I made sure he had a good glance. I knew he was looking at my little nipples popping out from underneath the thick layer of clothing. Oh, how badly I wished them in between his lips, wet and warm. I realised all these thoughts made me a little moist. I knew he would sense my movement yet took the risk of sliding my hands in my jammies.

Thrill was always a thing for me. And pleasing myself beside a random guy with a thought of him, without getting caught, was thrilling in itself… Wasn’t it?

I started to visualise his strong grip around my waist, sitting on his lap facing him, I imagined the feel of his hard bulge on my thick booty and OH! so wet pussy from above the useless cloths we both were wearing. I wished I could feel his lips against mine, the warmth of his breathe and all the juices in our mouth. The feel of our wet tongue intertwining, rather wrestling, I would lean in and kiss him again this time with more passion. With his one hand across my waist and the other caressing my peachy round bum.

I started sliding my hand down my pants while I gave the slightest moans. I closed my eyes so I could think him better and a few moments later Escort Beylikdüzü I felt a hand on the inside of my thighs. The sensation was rather ticklish. I was taken aback, but the touch was so soft I wanted more of it, it was him. I didn’t stop him. I didn’t wanted to stop him. It so turned me on. He kept on running his hand on the inside of my thigh ever so gently, it sent beautiful shivers all over my body down to the tips of my toes. My gasps became louder as he continued to stroke my leg towards my already soaked knickers.

He continued to play with me making me want him more and more every second, I was enjoining the tease. His hands were close to my pussy. I lifted my chest up in the air slightly and my breast were now all popping out and he could sense the tension he had built in. My eyes were closed but I knew he was watching me.

I Moved my hands towards his sex and he held me by my wrist. Then came closer to my ears and said

“Not so soon precious” … And parted away with a lick on my earlobe.

His grip was strong. His voice was sexy. I opened my eyes and he looked into them and brushed his fingers from over my soaked knickers. His eyes spoke to mine. He was shocked by how wet my folds were down there. He knew my eyes were begging for his embrace. He was playful, teasing me to the extreme whilst looking me in the eye. He kept caressing the outer lips from above my panties and with his thumb and the index fingers he pinched both the outer lips of my pussy together. Giving a tease on my than turned sensitive clit. This made me breathe even heavier and I let out a little loud morn. I looked at him angrily for playing with me like that. He ignored and continued with the pinching in a rhythmic way for a while. It was difficult to hold the mourning. He was smiling all the while, and realised how badly I needed him inside of me.

We knew we couldn’t do much at that seat. Although it was dark, but people were still around. So, I leaned in and asked him to follow me. I stood up and the tight pyjamas I wore displayed the right amount of curve he needed to see. I wiggled my butt just a little a moved forward.

And he followed.

I went into the washroom of the train, it was all cleaned, Perhaps the cleaning was done at the previous stoppage. He Immediately latched the door behind him as he followed me in and turned around and held me by my waist. Both his arms were wrapped around my waist. He looked me in the eyes, He was tall! and he lifted me and we kissed.

We were kissing like crazy. Like our lives depended on it. His tongue slips inside my mouth, gentle but demanding, and it was nothing like I’ve ever experienced, and I suddenly understood why people describe kissing as melting because every square inch of my body dissolves into his. My fingers grip his hair, pulling him closer. My veins throb and my heart exploded. I had never wanted anyone like this before.

And I didn’t even know his name! But it felt soo right. His kiss was like a drug, made me so high and suddenly he parted his lips away. He looked me in the eye and turned me around.

His arms spoke of his strength. His hands wrapped around my waist from above my cloths and with the other hand he slowly shifted the hair falling Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan on the left side of my neck and gently planted his kiss on the mole near my collarbone and slowly started to lick me all the way towards the earlobe and playfully bit them. I let out a gasp and my breath became heaver with his every move. His hands now freely roaming on my breasts over the dress and started crushing them from over the top. He had parted my dress little bit on shoulder such that he can see my bra strap and kiss bare shoulders. I had worn nice red colour bra with little bit lace & net on it. I shivered with his touch and got great sensation inside the stomach. He lifted the top from bottom line and then inserted his hands inside the dress gently. he started caressing my stomach and gradually moved upwards. He reached finally up to my chest. I could feel his cold fingers running all over my bra. He was carefully playing with them, not too brutal but not too soft either! My nipples were a hard on! From his touch and the cold hands, and gently he cupped my soft small mounds from under the lacy red bra.

Now both his hands were busy pressing my boobs and I could feel his penis grow hard on my ass. He then held my belly and pushed me towards him, making me feel all of his manhood grow hard and strong. I too pushed my round ass onto his thick dick making him even harder.

I could tell he loved being bossy, he immediately slides his hands from the belly towards my wet wet pussy.

He finally touched my very being!

I gasped for air as hard as I could, and without further delay he slightly pushed my panties to the side and separated my outer lips with his index and ringer finger, only to gently start rubbing my clitoris with his middle one. I was so wet I never realised I could ever reach this kind of arousal. This guy had some kind of magical powers. His fingers were now moving through my folds making my pussy all wet and dirty by my own juices. He did it in a gentle yet carnal way, and there was no way I could open my eyes. And just when his fingers were about to slid in my wet warm hole, he pulled them away!

He pulled his hands back and turned me around so that he could place my back by the door. My back now supported by the door and he was there, standing Infront of me. The warm yellow light made his skin look so flawless ever then before. I could see the yellow tinkle the light brought in his eyes. And suddenly he darted his lips onto mine and our tongue danced with one another in all our juices. He was sweet and juicy just like a fresh pot of honey. We had lost the sense of time and space, I guess.

Whilst kissing, his hands again ran all over my body pressing, playing and crushing my breasts. His cold fingers pinched my nipples and I let out a morn in his mouth and he kissed me even harder. I was enjoying the perfect French kiss when he decided to break it and give some attention to my boobs. He lifted the top and kissed my belly, and licked my navel. Shivers ran through my body. His saliva was all over my stomach and it was a cold night. He never took a break from kissing my bare body. He inhaled my aroma of roses and lavenders and made his way upwards leaving the trails of wetness.

He was now at the junction Beylikdüzü Escort of both of my breasts. A little black ribbon bow on my red lacy bra welcomed his lips. Like a gift, ready to be unwrapped. He gently slides my bra strap and kissed on top of my chest, not on the nipples but the smooth milky white skin of my mounds, licking and sucking them making then all dirty and wet by his saliva. Slowly kissing and moving down to the summit of my breasts. I was in some other world.

And there! He finally darted his mouth onto my nipple!! I was mesmerised by the sensations flowing through my body. I was all hot now. Heat flowing through my body in the winter’s night.

I caressed the back of this head and pressed him onto me while he was busy sucking out my soul. It was heavenly. His other hand busy crushing and pinching the other one. And I was standing there mourning and biting my lips. Lips so wet and glossy, shimmering from the yellow light.

His hands started moving south and under my pants and he slide his fingers into the sex. My pussy was aching for his attention and now it had got some! He stopped his work on my breasts and looked me in the eye. I knew something was about to happen. And I let a loud moan.

AAHHH…!! He thrusted his long thick finger in me, filled me. Pleasingly moving it in and out all covered in my juices.

I could tell he was enjoying it. His smile portrayed it. He never stopped for a second. It was quite difficulty for me to catch my breath. My moaning became louder and louder with each stroke, I had closed my eyes, or I shall say he did it so good that my eyes rolled back! meanwhile my hands were busy rubbing his tool from above his pants.

I gradually moved my hand in and held his thick long penis. I was shocked by how hard he had become. I could feel his veins popping out. I started to message him a little and held it tighter. His penis was harder than the hardest I could grab! I was moving my hands back and forth with the hardest of my grip and I felt some warmth, it was his precum. It was all over my fingers! Soo warm and juicy. I bought my fingers closed to my mouth and licked it. I wanted to taste him and boy he tastes good!

I licked and made my hands all moist with my saliva. And grabbed his dick again. This time I grabbed him harder while he was finger fucking me even harder. We both were moaning and kissing into each other’s mouth and not even once we stopped kissing! The kiss was good.

I knew we were about to climax when we broke the kiss and looked into each other’s eyes. It was so difficult for me to keep my eyes open! I fell on his chest while he kept thrusting and rubbing my pussy with his perfect length fingers. I was about to cum!! I was gasping for air and my hands still busy doing the job they loved, and a shiver ran across my body, He was thrusting faster and faster now, and the pain mingled with pleasure. My body began to jerk and shudder in response to his climax, I found myself astoundingly move in a rhythmic way to his fingers. It was like our body decided on its own to experience the heaven and the earth together. And just then I felt I was about to burst wide open. It was the strangest sensation, something that went beyond simple sexual pleasure. And I could sense his pleasure passing through my fingers almost unnoticed.

He Came. I came.

It was surreal and I fell on his chest, since he was tall. I heard the rush of his heart beating. I could tell he was happy, and so was I. We kissed more before fixing ourselves and came out of the washroom.

I knew our journey was going to get even better.

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