The Tale of MontaniaThe Tale of Montania


In the world of Montania, anything can happen. You can build massive structures as high as the clouds which can be seen from all around. It is possible to knock an entire tree down with your bare fist. It’s a magical world, filled with loving entities though in the darkness of the caverns or night, it can become a very dangerous and sadistic environment. This is a tale from the magical place that is Montania. The sun began to rise high above the peaks of mountains, burning all of the evil creatures that had invaded during the night. Our hero Steve emerged from his small, wooden hut. Stretching in the morning sun, he grabbed his pickaxe and his sword and began to wander into the wilderness in search for unexplored caves. His main goal was to gain the most precious item in the whole of Montania, the diamond. The diamonds were used to make all sorts of tools, from hoes to armour. Diamonds showed superiority, although it was emerald that was used as currency. He continued to trek across all terrains of the world in search for his new mining set up. Out of breath and exhausted from the hiking, he decided to set up shop for the night. He began building his shelter out of wood, using his pick to carve into the stone a little bit. He covered up the entrance to his temporary shelter, leaving a little bit of space to see outside. Steve sat there, counting sheep as the dusk turned to night. Sounds of the horrid monsters outside began to come from outside. Zombies groaned, skeletons rattled and spiders hissed. He pressed his back against the wall, watching the moon travel across the pitch black sky. It gradually got higher as midnight approached. The monsters stood just over a meter away from him, outsmarted by the strategic piece of wood he had put in the doorway. In the distance, he noticed a creature that he had never seen before. It was a light green being. It had no arms or legs but had four feet underneath its abdomen. He was clueless to what it was, watching every movement made. The thing turned around, facing Steve. Its jet black eyes focused on him as it came nearer. Steve crawled closer to the gap, trying to examine the unknown creature. It began to hiss like a fuse was set, flashing white and beginning to expand. He immediately backed off from it. He then noticed another one on the horizon. What were these things? The moon reached its peak in the sky. Still puzzled by these new monsters, he began looking for characteristics on how to name them. “Ah ha, I have it! Big green dildo,” he said, chuckling to himself. The monster turned its head slightly like it knew what he was saying. Steve carried on chuckling at his corny joke. The moon began to lower under the tall jungle trees to the right of his view. Relieved by the sight of it, he sat back down, patiently waiting for dawn to come. He looked at his beautifully crafted sword; he was going to be using it shortly. The Ankara escort sun began to turn the sky red as it rose. Steve sat back, listening to the groans of pain as the monsters outside began to burst into flames before his very eyes. Every monster was gone apart from this new mysterious creature. He took a deep breath, preparing himself for the battle he was going to have with his besieger. He grabbed his sword, holding it high as he moved closer to the gap. Approaching the green monster, he was startled by an arrow flying through the creature’s head. Purple blood splattered all around the shelter. Comically, the thing collapsed to the ground, revealing a beautiful woman. Her black hair been messed up by the breeze. Steve stood there, mesmerised by the way she batted her eyes, as she came closer. She began to draw the bow once more, pointing it at him. She marched towards him, her bow still drawn firmly. Steve had his hands raised in surrender as the fair maiden scowled at him. He dropped his sword as the arrow brushed against his throat, making a loud clank as it hit the stone floor. “I’m friendly,” he whimpered. She pulled her bow down, sparing his life. She nodded her head, hinting Steve to follow her. He picked his sword and pickaxe up, tagging along with her. She walked briskly towards the jungle, Steve struggling to keep up. “So uh, who are you? What’s your name?” he asked, out of breath. She stopped in her tracks, turning her head to him. “My name is Alyssa,” she briefly said before walking once again. “Ok, my name’s Steve,” he started, “What were those green things?” “They go by many names, the village people I live with call them creepers,” Alyssa answered. They continued walking through the undergrowth of the jungle, spotting more creepers along the way. Steve could slowly begin to see why they called them creepers. Their footsteps made absolutely no sound whatsoever, making it easy for them to creep. Alyssa took this time to practice her accuracy with the bow, whilst Steve stood there amazed by how good she actually was. With the blood of many of these monsters on their hands, they continued moving through the jungle. As they reached the edge of the biome, Steve spotted a little opening below a bush. It looked pretty deep, probably deep enough to find his beloved diamonds. He carried on walking; he didn’t want the pretty Alyssa to notice this cave entrance and find these precious items before him. The structures of houses began to come into sight, blocking the setting sun from his vision. The ragged valley rocks around the village scraped the evening sky, making this place even more picturesque. As he took in the surroundings, a tallish man came out to greet them. The sunset bounced off of his bald head as he approached. His dark green eyes looked into Alyssa’s and then into Steve’s. “Welcome hero, and stranger,” he Ankara escort bayan said, puzzled by the new face. “Thank you Thomas,” Alyssa replied, “This here is Steve, I rescued him from some creepers.” “Ha ha, our hero is at it again,” he chuckled, “Well Steve welcome to our wholesome village, I am Thomas. I live in the tower building next to the general store.” The moon began to rise, peaking between the thick jungle trees as they stood there conversing between each other. The monsters began to emerge from their darkened lairs, heading towards the bright lights of the village. Alyssa led Steve through the village to a small wooden hut on the outskirts. She opened the door, revealing a nice cosy double bed. “Okay Steve, this is my house. We will have to share the bed but I swear to god, if you try any funny business, I will take your head from your shoulders,” she said strongly. Steve gulped as he followed her inside. She started stripping her dirty clothes off, showing off her peachy little ass to him. His cock hardened even more when she turned around, giving him a glimpse of her tight slit and A cup tits. He wanted to suck those pretty pink nipples till they were red raw, as well as feel her strip of short black pubes against his lips. “What are you waiting for?” she asked, “Strip down; I don’t want your dirty clothes on my sheets.” Steve put his sword on the table, followed by his pickaxe. He then began to take his shirt off, blushing as he did. He didn’t have the greatest physique in the world, but then again it didn’t really matter as it was very rare to encounter a fair maiden in the world of Montania. The world was very scarce of human population, and it was mostly dominated by men. There would usually be one woman per village who would reproduce with each man in the place to bring some diversity. He then began to pull his trousers down, letting his erection spring up. Alyssa stood there in shock looking at his throbbing manhood, the eye staring right at her. “Well, this is awkward,” she said. “I’m sorry Alyssa, it’s just been a long time since I have seen such a beautiful lady like you,” Steve explained. Alyssa began to turn redder than a tomato at the sudden compliment Steve had fired her way. She wanted to play the tough, bad girl role rather than the soft, elegant woman. She started to climb into bed, turning her back to Steve’s side of the mattress. Steve edged closer to the bed, hesitating to get in with her. He stood next to it for a few moments, trying to build up the courage to slip in behind her. With a deep breath he slowly pulled the covers back, seeing her cute little bum again. It looked so soft and delicate. Alyssa kept her eyes open as she heard him slide in behind her, his manhood pressing against her lower back. She began to dampen at the feeling of his erection against her skin. They both laid there Escort Ankara tense, feeling one another for a brief moment, the silence starting to become awkward. “So, goodnight Steve,” Alyssa muttered. “Goodnight Alyssa,” he responded. They laid there for a few moments, their eyes wide open, before dropping off to sleep with the soothing sound of crickets in the background. Throughout the night, Alyssa was tossing and turning. Her sweet, little honey pot rubbed against Steve’s hung member. His mind thought about nothing other than having her tight hole wrapped around him as he slept. Steve awoke the next morning; the birds sang their sweet songs in the morning sun. He looked beside him to see that Alyssa wasn’t there, neither were her clothes. He sighed, realising he had missed the perfect chance to see her succulent, tender body once again. The image of her ass began entering his mind, creating a tent in the bed as it did. The thought of her cute, little dimples in her back and her beautiful peach peeking through her legs, made him harder. The head of his cock rubbed against the soft cloth of the duvet, enticing him more. He just had to get out of here to take his mind off of Alyssa. He shot out of bed towards his clothes and began pulling his trousers on, covering his erection. He then pulled his turquoise shirt on before grabbing his pick and sword and heading out of the door. He walked towards the jungle, and was confronted by Thomas. Thomas stood in front of him, his arms crossed and blocking Steve’s way. “And where do you think you’re going?” he asked irritably. “I’m going to find Alyssa,” Steve lied. Even this was a wrong answer to Thomas. “Why? You don’t know her, what are you planning stranger?” Thomas replied. Thomas began to come closer to Steve, threatening him to stay away from her. Steve drew his sword to Thomas, making him move out of his path. He casually walked past him, keeping his eyes on him the entire time. With Thomas out of the way, Steve began his hike back to the cave entrance. He searched for the bush, to no avail. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack. With his chin dropping to the ground, he began moving back towards the village, disappointed. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the dark, gloomy entrance. The leaves above it had been destroyed, unveiling it to the world. He looked down the hole, noticing a staircase chiselled into the walls. Torches lit the way down into this place. He began climbing down the stone steps, hugging the wall as it was a long drop into the depths of the unknown. As he got lower into the bowels of the land, echoes of zombie growls could be heard. He finally reached the bottom, looking up to see just a small opening of light above. His eyes returned to the cave, examining it. One way was lit up with more torches; the other was plagued with darkness. Out of curiosity, he began to make his way down the torch filled cavern, keeping his wits about him. Although this cave was lit up, it was still a hostile environment. Steve carried on along the winding passage, the growls of zombies and hisses of spiders getting closer. As he went deeper into the abyss, giant webs began to appear in front of him.

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