The Student Ch. 01The Student Ch. 01


I sat in the big arm chair, washed up and dressed in a hotel dressing gown. The whisky went smoothly down my throat. It was an all right room, not my usual standard, but the room was big, as was the bed, and it was anonymous. Two nights, paid by cash.

I wondered if she would show. It was a big step I’d asked of for one so young, but I was pretty certain she wanted it. How much of what she told me was true I didn’t know. If she hadn’t lied we had a long hard but so very rewarding relationship ahead of us. It wasn’t often you received the gift of training a relatively untouched girl. She said there’d been fumbled attempts with a guy, nothing penetrative nor too pleasurable. I’d change that.

She was 18, supposedly just finishing school, a smallish public boarding variation funded by nouveau riche parents she thought not much of. A distant father who preferred golf to anything else and a home bound mother who was overly interested in her garden and thought the fact that their one child was being privately educated meant they were perfect parents.

A soft knock sounded on the door. I smiled and felt that warm stirring at my groin. The clock showed she was close enough to on time as to make no issue of it. I’d emphasised the importance of timeliness to me.

A few steps and I slowly opened the door. She stood there, a long rain coat held tightly around her. Her face broke into a fearful yet expectant smile and I made sure to smile warmly back at her before waving her forward. She was as in her pictures, big blue eyes, shoulder length mousy brown hair. It was clean, but just straight, unstyled. Her steps as she walked into the centre of the room where heavy. So few girls were taught how to walk gracefully these days. That we’d have to work on.

Walking behind her I put my hands to her shoulders and gently pulled at the jacket. Reluctantly she let me take it off her. My heart thumped in my chest. Beneath the jacket she’d worn only the bra, suspender belt, knickers and stockings I’d sent her. She’d been honest about her sizes and everything fit perfectly. Yet, she looked out of place at them, a girl, just legal, but clearly so out of place dressed in grown up cloths. One hand across her chest, the other at her groin. Trying to hide.

I looked up to her face, the fear and uncertainty radiated from her.

“Beautiful, so much better than I’d imagined, and I’d imagined quite a bit.”

Her shoulders slumped and a small smile lit up her face. “Thanks.”

“Now move your hands away, let me look at you.” She jerked them away, put them to her side as she bit her lip. Uncertainty clouded her face again. The bra was embroidered dark pink mesh. Her nipples were small and erect, just as I liked them. Her skin a perfect pale pink, and under the knickers not a sign of hair. She’d prepared as told, good girl! “So very sweet. I’m going to make tonight blow you mind.”

I took her cheek in my hand and tilted her face up. She was scared as hell, and I bent down to place a soft chaste kiss on her lips. Her body started to melt towards mine, but that wasn’t for now. I wanted the first thing to penetrate those lips to be long and hard.

Pulling back I reached for the padded cuffs I’d placed conveniently earlier. “Put your hands forward.”

Her eyes widened, “Oh, so soon.” It was a small scared little girl’s voice. Yet this is what she had wanted, had begged for.

“Once we start, there’s no stopping until we’re done. I warned you of that. There will be pain mixed with the pleasure, but I promised you no hurt.” I stroked her cheek again and her face followed me like a kitten rubbing a leg. “You back out now, or not at all.”

With lightly trembling arms, she moved them forward, and I slowly did up the cuffs. “Now turn, bend over against the arm chair. I want to look at you.”

Still trembling lightly, she turned and fumbled to find the back of the chair. She bent halfways and I marvelled at the play of muscle underneath the thin fabric of her knickers. She had said she rode and swam and it obviously did her good.

It was time to start and I carefully and quickly slapped one cheek. Not a proper spanking, just enough to sting.

“Ow!” I had to put a hand to the small of her back to stop her from standing.

“Be still, you knew it could happen.”

“Sorry.” With that small fearful voice, she bent over again. I stroked that trembling flank, calming her. At the same time I shucked out of my robe, ensured my rock hard cock was greased. Moving softly, quietly I shifted behind her, though still stroking her ass gently. It was so perfect.

With a well practiced move I jerked her knickers down, aimed and sank in. She was wet and aroused, though tight as a vice. I didn’t get all the way in as planned, but it was enough.

“God! Oh god…” She tried to pull away, but I kept a firm grip on her hips and pulled her back, sinking her fully onto my cock.

“So, how many boys have you had. Tell the truth.” She’d said she was a virgin.

“One.” Maltepe Yabancı Escort I pulled a hand back and spanked her, hard, no holding back this time. “No two! Both only once each, neither were any good. I didn’t cum.” That felt like the truth, but other than exercising the muscles in my cock, making myself grow that little bit, I kept us still.

Her breathing was short, sharp, but it started to change in tone. Just that little bit that told me the shock was wearing off. When she tried to move against me I smiled. She was perfect. I kept us still a little longer, then slowly, very slowly, pulled back. “Oh that’s so good. This, this is what I wanted!”

With just the tip in, I took a breath, then slipped it out and up. I gave a hard first press at her ass, knowing she would resist. Sure enough she jerked up and I had to hold her down firmly.

“No! No! I’m not ready. I…”

“Did you read what I sent you?”

“Yes, but…”

“Did you clean the way I told you?”

“Yes, but…”

“Then this happens, now. I won’t hurt you, though it will hurt. Take a deep breath, you’re going to hyperventilate.” She did, though it was shaky. “Now, push back and out like it said. Come on.” I felt her dilate, just a little, and pushed the top of my tip in.


“And again.” The tip, just the tip, slid in.

She let out this soft wail. I bent over her, one hand finding and cupping a breast, the other, finger slick, finding that small button. I pushed no further, just let her adjust, heard her breathing change again.

“There, you had given away your first cherry to someone who didn’t appreciate it. I’ve taken your second, knowing how precious it is. No one else can ever do this to you the first time.” I was murmuring against her neck, kissing between words. “Your ass is mine now, to take when I want, give away when I want. Isn’t it.”

“Yes.” It almost wasn’t a word, but a rush of aroused breath.

Enough, I straightened and slowly pulled out, watching her close behind me. Later, later she would not close there so easily. Pulling up and straightening her knickers I helped her stand, then one hand on her ass, the other under her arm I guided her to the sofa and sat beside her.

She was trembling again, hunched over, legs together. Gently I put one arm around her, pulled her back as I kissed that soft neck. The other hand landed on her knee. “Never close your legs when you’re around me. Never.” With a shuddery breath she let me spread them.

I bent, put my lips to a nipple and gently suckled and teased her through the thin silk. “Oh yes… that… that’s incredible.” Then I bit her, not hard enough to damage, but hard enough to hurt. “Ow!” her body hunched over mine. I pulled back. By this time I slid and hand up her leg and over her stomach. It was right before her eyes now.

I slid it down, teasing her belly button and making her tummy shiver in response. Then I slid my fingers under the band of her knickers. I cupped her without entering. “I love that sight, my hand tenting up a woman’s knickers. I can still remember the first time I did it and the rush of power it gave me. This is mine, I’m going to take it.”

“Please… please yes, take me!”

“Not yet. First there’s something you have to do. Get on your knees.”

Her eyes found mine again, not comprehending. I loved the way they widened as what I’d asked sunk in. The uncertainty I’d momentarily banished from her face rushed back. “I’ve never done that. I mean I’ve held them, but never…”

“Never what? Say it.”

“Never sucked one.” Her voice was small and little girl again. It made my heard thud to hear that voice say those words.

“Then I take your third cherry as well tonight. Don’t worry, you’ll learn. Right now I just want those lips wrapped around me. There is almost no better submission than a woman on her knees sucking her man’s cock. I want you on your knees.”

She lifted herself up, then down until she was between my spread legs. Her eyes looked a little drugged as she stared and my hard cock. I reached for her head and pulled it down. “What… what do I do?”

“Just take the tip in, swirl your tongue underneath me.” Like a mouse mesmerised by a snake she moved forward, then slid her lips around me. I groaned this time, which made her look up, then smile. For a few minutes I let her play, giving her a few tips. She wasn’t bad, and was desperately eager to please, though practice would perfect. I’d ensure a lot of practice. Time though to move it on.

“Now darling, I want to go deeper. This will take concentration, you may throw up, but don’t panic. We will have your lips wrapped around my base, trust me.” I put my hands to her head, grabbed her eyes with mine, and pulled her forward.

From the corner of my eye I saw Dirk start to move in. My trusty methodical German, clean to a fault, and keen beyond belief. Also, very trustable to do what was agreed. He liked a plan did my Dirk. Ever so quietly he moved Maltepe Yeni Escort up behind, knelt down, then slowly started to pull her knickers down.

Her head jerked, trying to look back. “Look at me! Look at me!” Her eyes, paniced and ever so wide, found mine. She was trying to talk, but my cock was lodged deep. “I told you there would be others. I start as I mean to continue.” She struggled, but cock in mouth and pussy, hands on head and hips, she was going nowhere. “Relax, enjoy it. He’s safe, he’s clean and better yet, he’s good.”

She stopped struggling, then I felt a moan around me. I loved that feeling. Her eyes melted down to slits. “Feels good?”

Her head nodded, and I head a muffled, “Uh huh.”

“Good… good.” I stroked her hair, not forcing anything further. Her hips started to move naturally. “Good.” I let her relax, let an orgasm start to build. Only then did I start to pull her forward. She gagged and I pulled back. I tried again, and pulled back. Nodding to Dirk, who flipped on a vibrator and gently put it to her clit. I tried again, just as an orgasm hit.

She was bucking, but also gagging hard. I pulled out, kicked over the bucket I’d placed there earlier, and sure enough she vomited. Dirk, didn’t stop, didn’t even loose stride. He’s my man.

I put a cold cloth to her mouth, cleaned her up.

“Make him stop.” She was shivering.

“No.” I lifted her head.

“Please.” I popped my cock into her open mouth, stopping whatever else she was going to say.

“Look at me.” Her eyes, full of fear, but also with an underlay of arousal, looked. “Lets try again.” I slid in a bit, then a bit more. Mostly I let Dirk do his thing. He was good, her bra was magically off, and he was leaning over, kissing her neck and mauling one of those pert little breasts.

She half heartedly sucked at me. I didn’t correct her, soon enough she’d learn the hard way to concentrate. An orgasm was building again, so I started to go deeper. We had a couple gags, then she vomited. This time she cried, but letting up wasn’t an option. I cleaned her face, not much had come up.

“Please stop, please…” I lifted her up and popped in. I could tell she was still on edge, so we moved the game up.

“Concentrate, and relax. You can do this.” Sure enough she tried this time, and after a couple controlled gags I was able to shoot home. Her lips wrapped around the base of my cock she looked up at me in surprise, then the corners of her lips smiled. I beamed down at her. “That’s my girl, well done. Now, relax. Can you breathe?” I felt enough of a rush of warm breath around the underside of my cock to know she did. “Good. Now, relax, let him pleasure you. I want to feel you cum around my cock.” Her eyes widened, a little moan leaked out and I saw Dirk tonguing her ear.

We worked her together, both of us with a hand on breast, Dirk with a vibe on her clit. It didn’t take long. It looked like a good one, hard and wracking her body.

We both pulled out and I lifted her up into my arms. When she wrapped her arms around my neck I knew this one was a keeper. Once when I’d tried this on a woman, she ran and called rape. No chance of proving that, it was clear she’d consented. This was a bit different, she was legal, but only just beyond statutory rape. “Wow, I never knew it could be like that. That was… I don’t know. I’m not sure I liked it, but at the same time it blew my mind.”

“You can take much more, much much more.”

I lay her on the bed on her side, Dirk doing her hands up to the bedstead. She didn’t resist, frankly she was still limp in exhaustion. That was what I counted on. I lay behind her, quickly rearranging her legs to present that rounded bottom. Quickly I moved my cock in, pressing at her ass.

“You already know you can take this. Come on, don’t fight.” She had tried squirming away.

“I’m not ready. Please, let me rest.”

I put my cock to her ass, pressing at her. “No, remember, this isn’t about what you want.”

“Ahh…” I pressed the tip in, then stopped. “No… no…”

“You’re so beautiful baby, I know you want this.” I pressed in a bit more, then rest, a bit more, then rest. She squirmed, moaned, begged me to stop. I kissed her neck, held a breast gently in my hand. Slowly but surely I got all of my cock up that tight, sweet ass.

Then good old Dirk moved his tongue into play. I started to move, to fuck her. I had to go so very slowly at first, to let her muscles and membranes adjust to me. She was crying out with each thrust, not coherent. That was OK. I started to move, to fuck her. I murmured sweet nothings in her ear as I cupped one pert breast.

Slowly I felt her widen, stretch to fit me. She moaned like in pain, but didn’t resist. Her nipples were hard and on pressing down on her tummy I felt the muscles ripple in pleasure. Slowly I started to speed up, still being gentle, adjusting her bottom to its new use. God it was good, she was tight as a vice, gripping me hard. Maltepe Masaj Salonu I loved anal sex, it was both the same and very different to vaginal sex.

When I felt her shudder in orgasm I knew we’d done it. There would be no going back for her now. It was time to move this on. Dirk had moved back, so I pulled back and grinned at the site of her wide open ass. That well fucked look was a particular turn on for me.

She lifted her head, a confused and glazed look on her face. We lifted her up, hitched her cuffs over a hook on the door lifting her feet onto a convenient low bench. She was so petite. I preferred taller women, it made access easier to one of my height, but I never let it stop me.

“What? what?” Quickly I moved behind her and was pleased at how easily I could re-enter her ass. “Oh god… no… no more…” I started off slow and gentle, but quickly felt her widen and adjust to me again. In no time I was able to start banging her hard and fast.

It was too good, so in only a couple minutes I pulled out and motioned to Dirk. With a huge grin he stepped behind her and thrust hard and fast into her ass, immediately taking up a fast, rapid fuck.

She was hanging her head, moaning, yet when I lifted her face up, put my lips to her, the kiss was hungry, demanding. Dirk needed to change soon as well. The vast advantage of having two was we could keep up the pace with her, yet not blow our wads too quickly. For the next half hour we keep up a hard pace on her ass, taking turns to thrust in and fuck her ass fast. We only paused to spank her bottom, or maul her front. Her ass really was too perfect, it had the perfect jiggle in response to a quick slap. Her cheeks blazed with that red I loved.

Dirk got out the hand massagers too. Little devices that slid over the back of your hand, turning your fingers into vibrators. We used them singly and together all over her. I’m pretty sure we ripped five orgasms out of that young firm body. But then Dirk slapped me on the shoulder, “Come, lets finish.”

She was limp, her body hanging off the hook on the door. Those gorgeous blue eyes were half lidded as we lifted her over to the bed. At first she didn’t seem to get it as I lay down and Dirk effortlessly lifted her body over mine. Yet when her own weight sank her down on my cock, the sigh of sheer delight was just what I was looking for. “Yessss…”

Her movements were a bit awkward, she obviously had never done this position, but her hips moved on me. “God, yes… I needed something there.” So I pulled her down, thrust my tongue into her mouth and was met with an equally hungry reception. Yet I had to smile as her eyes shot wide, as a drawn out “Uhhh…” sighed into my mouth as Dirk took position at her ass.

She tried to lift up, deadly for the guy in her ass. “Shh baby, shh… take it, just take it.”

“No… I’m not sure I like this… Oh god I’m so full…” We held her down between us, didn’t move, let her get used to it. Then slowly I felt Dirk’s cock start to withdraw through the thin membranes that separated us. I took the queue and rolled my hips to do the same. We both shot back in hard, eliciting an agonised moan. We both got up to speed fast, this was the end game, no need to hold back.

We both banged into her, using her body between us for our own pleasures this time. I don’t think it was long, maybe five minutes, before I felt Dirk stiffen above us as he thrust in hard. That was the final stimulous I needed and I got my own cock in as deep as possible and felt that fantastic burst in my cock as my own orgasm overcame me.

As I felt Dirk pull out, she was limp on top of me. We did a high five, and as he started to pull on his cloths I lifted us both up, she was so light, and carried her into the huge bathroom. Thankfully it had one of those massive walk in showers, so I held her as I gently used a cloth to was her down. Eventually she took her own weight, though she still didn’t talk. When I finally felt her muscles relax as I soapily massaged her back and shoulders I relaxed too.

I washed her off, handed her a towel, and motioned to a small pile of cloths. “I chose some new things for you. I’ll wait for you next door.” She was still turned away from me, but I saw her head nod.

Next door I pulled up a loose pair of trousers, then sat in that big armchair and took a sip of that lovely whiskey. Some minutes later she walked out, looking young and uncertain again. She wore a tight white transparent crop top, no bra. The black skirt was a decent length ‘A’ line. It was a simple outfit, but showed her off to perfect advantage.

I smiled, “Perfect, you are too perfect. Come, sit here.” I patted my lap. She walked over, obviously nervous and perched on my lap stiffly. Yet when I pulled her head down to my shoulder her arms went around my neck. I felt her melt against me, her body slowly relaxing.

“That wasn’t what I expected.”

“And you expected what? Dinner and a romantic cuddle on a sofa? That wasn’t what I promised you.”

“I know. I’d read about sex like this, thought it was what I wanted. I don’t know, I guess I didn’t expect to have it so hard right from the start.”

“Baby, I haven’t treated you hard yet, this was just a taster. I did want to make it something you’ll never forget though.”

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