The StrangersThe Strangers


The party was in full swing. Anne had had too much to drink and was feeling decidedly horny. From the corner of her eye she noticed two men staring at her. The intensity of their stares fuelled a longing inside her and she knew she wanted both of them.

Anne made her way over to pair who were following her with a look of hunger in their eyes. So they want me too, thought Anne to herself.

Without a word to either of them, Anne walked to the door that lead to the balcony. She stopped at the threshold and winked suggestively at the pair. The two men smiled then made to follow her outside.

They had hardly got outside when the first of the pair grabbed Anne and pinned her to him. She was kissed roughly on the mouth, his tongue forcing its way into hers. As she responded she felt the fire spread through her loins.

A pair of hands was reaching round from behind her, stroking her tits through the flimsy material of her dress. The hands began to unbutton her blouse and then she felt her bra being pushed down, revealing her firm, tanned breasts.

Her hand went to the zip of the first stranger’s trousers. She quickly found the object of her search and she was soon feasting on his meaty cock. She eagerly took as much of the cock into her mouth and began to suck. Her lips sliding effortlessly up and down its length.

She looked round and saw a second, even larger specimen just inches from her face. She disengaged her mouth from the first then turned to devour this second cock that was being offered to her.

For a few minutes she took her time alternating her attention between the two prime examples of manhood that she found before her. Sucking one then licking the other. As she feasted she could feel her pussy getting wetter.

She turned her attention back to the first of the two cocks and began to suck on it in earnest. çankaya escort

As her lips travelled up and down the object of her desire she felt a pair of hands slide up her thighs lifting her skirt. She sensed, rather than felt her knickers being removed, so caught up in the sensations she was feeling as she continued to suck and lick at the cock before her.

She allowed herself to be positioned on one of the chairs that sat emptily around the tables on the still deserted balcony.

Suddenly she felt the second man’s cock push against the lips of her soaking cunt. The cock slid into her without resistance and she found herself filled at both ends.

The guy behind her found his rhythm and soon she could feel his cock slamming into her with all its force. She moved her hips to match his rhythm in such a way as to maximise the sensations at both ends of her body.

Back, and her pussy was filled to the brim, stretching to accommodate the cock that was deep inside her. Forward, and the first cock filled her mouth once more

With some unspoken agreement both men decided to change places. Anne let herself be lifted from the chair as the first guy, who had until moments ago been fucking her face sat down.

He motioned for Anne to sit down. She slowly lowered herself onto his lap. Then using one hand to hold his erect member in position, she deftly guided it into her. This guy’ cock wasn’t as thick as the one that had been buried in her before but it was longer and her certainly knew how to use it. His hands were on her arse cheeks lifting her up and down as Anne clenched the walls of her pussy to feel him inside her.

As she was fucked from below, her gloved fingers sought out her clit. The feeling of velvet against it sent feelings like electric shocks coursing through cebeci escort her body.

The second guy presented his cock and Anne greedily began to suck on it. The taste of her love juice that coated his thick tool combined with the sensations in her clit and her pussy sent her over the edge and she came with a giant shudder. So intense were her feelings that she would have screamed were it not for the fat, juicy cock between her lips.

She allowed herself to come down and slowly found her rhythm again. She was being lifted and lowered onto the cock below her with such force that her pussy was beginning to feel raw.

Anne allowed herself to be positioned on all fours and found herself being fucked from behind again.

Still she sucked and licked the cock that was in front of her. Every deep thrust of the guy behind her forced more of that fat cock into her mouth.

The pounding of her cunt continued and again she came, her body shaking even more violently this time than it had the last. As she came she flexed the walls of her pussy, gripping the cock that was filling it even more tightly.

Suddenly it was gone and for a moment she felt a great emptiness inside her. Then she felt it being pressed firmly against her other entrance. Anne let the cock slip from her mouth as she gasped with anticipation.

Slowly, inch by delicious inch she felt the first guy’s cock invade her arse. Anne slid her hips back to meet his thrust and soon he was moving his cock inside her again. After a few stokes he pulled out and sat down on the chair. He motioned Anne to sit on him again. She did so this time offering up her arse to his cock. She slid slowly down his length and then began to ride him.

The other guy came round in front of her and his cock was soon pushing at the entrance of çukurambar escort her pussy. When it was in Anne delighted at the sensations of having both holes filled at once. This was something she always enjoyed on the few occasions she had tried it before. Her only regret was that there wasn’t a third cock for her to suck as the two guys thrust deeply inside her.

As she felt herself sandwiched between them she felt the pressure in her clit rise again. They were both thrusting into her as hard as they could. From their breathing she knew that soon they’d have to stop. She ground her hips hard against them drawing as much of the cocks into her cunt and her arse as she could. She came again, this time being able to give vent to the screaming release that had been denied her on the two previous occasions.

As if her scream was the signal they’d been waiting for, both men removed their cocks from the respective holes. Anne, spent, was allowed to lie back on the chair as the two guys pointed their cocks at her and began to wank them furiously.

The fat cock came first, sending spurts of hot, sticky cum over her face. It was still spewing its load over her when Anne felt the second cock erupt covering her tits with another dose of cum.

Anne lay there for a moment then began to rub the cum from the second man’s cock into the skin of her tits. As she made contact with her nipples the dirtiness of the situation overwhelmed her and she allowed herself a final small climax.

She continued to massage her tits, relishing the feeling as she spread the sticky load all over them. Finally she licked her fingers clean then turned to the two cocks that were now diminishing.

She gently licked each one clean, savouring the mixed taste of cum and her own juices. Once she’d completely cleaned all trace of cum from the two cocks, she greedily licked her lips, wiped her face and licked the last of the cum from her fingers.

Anne lay there, satisfied. She wasn’t even aware of the two men pulling on their trousers and leaving her.

Funny, she thought, as she collected her knickers and straightened her dress and made her way back to the party, I don’t even know their names.

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