The Sorority Sisters: Cathy No. 06The Sorority Sisters: Cathy No. 06



For those of you who have read any of Cathy’s accounts of her adventures, you know she is a slut — and a dandy submissive one — who craves abuse and humiliation. We have been together for about a year now, and her ex-husband, Eric, has participated as my on-site partner for much of that time. He has been a critical element in her growth as a masochistic sub. He has also grown, developing into a nice, inventive sadist to match her needs.

For this sexual abuse session, he brought along a young woman as a helper. He found Tina, a nineteen-year-old college coed, when she propositioned him one afternoon, offering a blow job for some money for school. He accepted and rented her mouth for a short while. They did it again, now and then. Finally, she gave him her pussy, for a fee. They became friends, of a sort. What Theresa calls a fuck buddy.

When he wanted to introduce a new element in his bondage and abuse sessions with Cathy, Tina came to mind. She agreed and Eric warned Cathy that she would have a guest. Since this event would happen in Cathy’s house, fully revealing her identity and home address, he needed her permission. And he got it. Cathy said her presence would add a nice shaming touch: Eric’s whore would join in her debasement.

I hope you enjoy Cathy and what Eric and Tina do to her to make her a happy sub.

Susan James


Warning: BDSM content

This is an account of an actual session of bondage and discipline. It contains explicit descriptions of acts of physical abuse and cruelty, intended to cause the subject pain, anguish, and humiliation – and through them give her masochistic sexual pleasure. If you find these topics unpleasant please go to another story to entertain yourself, either here on my site or elsewhere on Literotica. If you proceed, I hope you enjoy Cathy, her exploration of her needs, and her tormentors’ efforts to please her.


Cum Bucket reporting in.

Sorry it took so long to get this to you, Susan, but I slept in today and had some errands to run. I just put Princess to bed (she got home late from her dad’s).

First, it was a good night. Tina turned out to be a nice girl, much as Eric had told me: just 19 and a knockout brunette. They pretty much used me up and spit me out. Even though I had a good night’s rest and an easy day today, I’m still pretty tired and sore. As promised, here’s the gist of what went down. Besides me, LOL.

Eric arrived first. He said that Tina was going to come in her own car after he had me ready. He started by making me undress while he watched. I deliberately took my time to tease him. When I was naked he felt me up, cupping my breasts and pinching my nipples until they were hard. Then he ordered me to climb onto the bed and lie back with my head at the head board. He tied my arms wide apart to the bedposts. Then he put a pillow under my butt and raised my legs. He tied each knee to the same bedpost as my hands. The effect was to pull my pussy wide open, exposing me lewdly. When he had me secured to his satisfaction, he called Tina and told her to come over.

While we waited for Tina, he played with my bound body. He licked and sucked my nipples and then my pussy, getting me all hot and wet, and near to orgasm. But he would not let me cum. He teased me like that until Tina showed up.

Eric led her into my bedroom, where she stood staring at me. He introduced us and we said hello a little awkwardly. I mean she was dressed – tank top and mini skirt – and I was naked and tied up. She ogled my open, wet pussy and my bondage pose with a deer-in-the-headlights expression on her face. I felt embarrassed to be seen so lewdly displayed, and by this teenager. And although she was clearly interested in me, she blushed nicely. I don’t know if she was embarrassed, too, or embarrassed for me.

She told me later that she hadn’t ever been with another female, and hadn’t really seen a naked woman in the flesh, other than occasional glimpses in the locker rooms in high school. She said she was stunned when she saw what Eric had done to me, and to be standing next to a bound naked woman. And later, when she got to touch me, and abuse me, it made her so excited she kept having small orgasms, one after the other. I can attest to the fact that her pussy poured juice all over her legs and lap.

By the way, Eric told me he had met with and fucked Tina earlier in the week. He told her the basics of what he planned to do to me, and what her role would be. And he warned her that he might ad lib, and that she could too.

Susan, Tina is very pretty girl. She is tall and slender, with long, straight black hair and a beautiful face. She has some very light freckles too. She has small but very firm boobs and some seriously sexy long legs. And I soon learned that she is completely shaved. Eric had her undress completely as we both watched. I liked her nipples: fat and sassy, and dark. And her pussy has firm, Maltepe Ukraynalı Escort full outer lips, hiding her inner lips completely. An “innie.”

Eric decided that the first order of business was to let her watch as he fucked me. While she sat beside me, he climbed between my splayed thighs and pushed his cock into my open cunt. Thank goodness I was wet; he just jammed his hard meat into me in one full thrust. I think I grunted, for Tina put her hand on my shoulder as though to comfort me. I smiled at her and said, “He’s a rough bastard, isn’t he?” In answer she took my breast in her hand and squeezed it. I didn’t notice at the time, but she told me later that was when she had her first orgasm. She had never touched another woman’s breast and she had never seen anyone fuck. To hold my breast and to watch and listen to Eric’s cock slide wetly in and out of my cunt was almost too much for her.

Eric proceeded to fuck me hard and deep. Positioned as I was, he was able to drive deep into my belly and almost hurt me with his cock. As he fucked me he ordered Tina to play with my tits. At his instruction she pinched and twisted my nipples. I liked it and told her so. So she increased the pressure until I moaned. I think Eric was pretty damn excited at fucking me in front of Tina, and watching her mess with my breasts, because he came a little quicker than usual. When he came he pushed hard into me and stiffened with a groan. Tina just then gave my left nipple a vicious twist. I don’t know if she even knew she had done it, but it was timely for me; I came right after Eric did.

When Eric pulled back and his cock slid out of me, I could feel and actually see his cum leaking out of my vagina and down over my anus. Tina could see it, too, and she seemed fascinated. Her hand went to her mouth and she said, “Oh, god. Look at that.”

Eric laughed and said, “Sexy, huh?” and he dipped his fingers in the pearly goo and fed them to me to clean. Tina gasped at the sight and hunched over slightly and trembled. Another orgasm.

Then Eric took out the dreaded skirt hanger. You know I have a love-hate relationship with that damned tool. But this time he added a new twist, pardon the pun. After snapping the clamps on my nipples (You could see Tina cringe as the clamps bit down on my tender flesh), he produced a ball of twine. He tied a piece around each of my big toes and then tied it to the hanger — not the hook, but the rod of the hanger itself, right next to the clamps. This sucked because it made me keep my feet pulled in tight or else the twine would yank on my nipples. My knees were already pulled up and apart, and my legs were getting pretty tired. My nipples ached and my legs ached. To ease the pain in one would cause more pain in the other. You should be proud, Susan. You have taught Eric well. Bitch. (You know I love it, don’t you, Hon?)

Once he had me set up the way he wanted, having to choose which pain to endure, he got Tina more actively involved. He had her give me a bare handed spanking. She did a pretty damn good job of it too. She wailed away at my upturned ass and the backs and insides of my thighs. My skin was pulled taut and the slaps resounded in my room. She was not pulling punches (sorry) and I felt like my ass was on fire. The look in her eyes was slightly demonic, and I could see the sheen of sweat on her brow and upper lip. She was putting a lot of energy into this and she hurt me. Really hurt me. I remember a random thought: “I wonder if this hurts her hand?”

Every time she hit me just right I jerked reflexively, my legs moved, and the twine yanked on my nipples. Ouch and ouch. Damn, Susan. Why did you teach Eric this sadistic trick? No guy would ever think of a skirt hanger. Probably wouldn’t know what one was.

After god knows how long, Eric interrupted. He got out my toys and gave Tina a vibrator to use on me. It was a relief to have her stop beating me, but she got right into torturing me with the vibrator. Eric just sat back and rested as Tina put the vibrator deep in my cunt to wet it and then concentrated on my clit. She just held it there until I erupted in the orgasm the spanking had brought close to the surface. She seemed shocked by what she had done to me, almost as though she thought she had hurt me with the vibe.

Eric laughed and handed her a second vibe. Under his tutelage, she continued to hold one to my clit, and used the other in my holes. Both of them. She wet it in my cunt and jammed it up my ass. I think I screeched with the pain. This time she laughed. The bitch was starting to get into the punish Paula thing. She kept the one vibrator on my now oversensitive clit and moved the other back and forth between my ass and my cunt. Not at all sanitary, but I was in no position to stop her. The thought did flash through my mind: “OK, Cathy, you’re going to get a vaginal infection. Live with it.” Tomorrow’s worry.

The constant stimulation of my clit became unbearable because I started cumming and she wouldn’t pull it away to offer me any Maltepe Üniversiteli Escort relief between orgasms. I came and came, my head spinning with pain and ecstasy. My legs kept jerking, causing the clamps to yank on my tits. My nipples were on fire. It was like someone had a blow torch to them. I cried and begged and pleaded. She ignored me and continued the abuse. As much as it hurt, I didn’t use my safe word. I was determined to beat this bitch at her game. She said later that she couldn’t believe how much juice I was spilling on the pillow under my ass. And that she kept cumming to, just from doing me and watching me suffer. I think we tapped into this sweet thing’s sadism well.

Eric finally took pity on me. Or got bored with my weeping and sniveling. At any rate he stopped Tina. But it was only for a moment. He started slapping my ass and tits at random moments. And also using his fingers to flick me in that tender area between my pussy and anus. It really hurt when he slapped my breasts and then bounced painfully on my chest. Then he began putting clothes pins on various parts of my body. He started with my tits, covering them with the wooden pins, and causing me to cry again. Then he put some on the tender under sides of my arms and along my inner thighs. Susan, the pain was bad, but oh, so delicious. It radiated up and down my legs and arms, and filled my breasts.

Tina had gone active again with the vibe, just one this time, but right on my clit. She would occasionally stop, remove the vibrator, and slap my pussy pretty fucking hard. And she started fingering me. She got into doing this just as I was starting to cum again. And I could tell by Eric’s hard-on that he was enjoying the hell out of it. We had discovered a girl sadist.

I was begging them to stop (But refusing to use my safe word). They ignored me for awhile, and then Eric finally removed the skirt hanger and twine binding. I almost screamed with the pain when the clamps came off my nipples. They felt like they had been badly injured during the vibrator torture.

Tina continued abusing my pussy, and Eric just began sucked my nipples and played with them. This tit abuse hurt like hell and I was going through multiple orgasms for Tina during it. At least until the little bitch slapped the piss out of my pussy again.

Eric asked Tina if she was horny and when she said yes he told her to sit on my face and let me eat her pussy. I was actually waiting for this. I knew it was coming, had to be, but I didn’t know when. I had been looking forward to sucking cunt. She was somewhat nervous about it at first, but she sat over me in something close to a “69” position and I began licking her young pussy, all the while hoping that she would return the favor, but she didn’t. She just lay there moaning as I gave her what she claimed to be her first lesbian orgasm. I believe her.

Eric then gave my Feeldoe to Tina and taught her how to use it. She wanted to use the vibrating bullet as well. I could tell that this was a first for her, too. She fucked up at first and forgot to use any lube. Maybe she thought she was wet enough, but it dried out pretty quick. I, on the other hand, was sopping wet. Anyway, she had to stop and lube it and did my end too just in case. Then she fucked the hell out of me. I had an orgasm before she did, but when she did cum she was loud and obviously loving it! I love fucking a woman who yells when she cums.

That’s when Eric wanted another turn at me, but this time he wanted my ass. So he took all the clothespins off my body and untied me. Damn, but it hurts when those fucking pins come off. I squealed with the pain. He tied my hands behind my back and ordering me to straddle Tina and sit on the Feeldoe that was still in her pussy.

My legs were pretty sore so it wasn’t the best idea for me to try to do this, but once I was on her it worked out. With my hands behind my back all I could do was lay on top of her, my breasts squashing her smaller ones. I really enjoyed being belly to belly, tit to tit with this pretty girl. Then Eric got behind me, lubed my ass hole, and shoved his cock, again with no fanfare, into my ass.

He fucked my ass while I rode the Feeldoe, which ground into Tina’s pussy and clit. It was actually quite nice; you know how much I like a double penetration. And how much I love a fat cock in my ass. Tina came first, making a lot of noise again. I was afraid Eric would cum before I got off, but between his cock in my ass and the Feeldoe rubbing against it inside me, and Tina cumming under me, I came before he did. I had long before lost count of how many orgasms they had wrenched out of my sore body.

When he had recovered, Eric rolled off me and just lay there resting. I could feel his cum leaking out of my ass and probably running down to Tina’s pussy. After a few minutes he pulled me up off Tina and the Feeldoe. It glistened with a coating of my juices. I had an urge to deep throat it, but Eric had other ideas.

He dragged me to the bathroom and I Maltepe Vip Escort knew what was coming next. Tina followed us, and the smile on her face told me she knew, too. The skinny vixen was practically leering. Eric made me climb into the tub and kneel down so I was sitting back on my heels. While I knelt there uncomfortably on the hard porcelain, he ran water in the sink and washed his dick clean. Then he came to the edge of the tub facing me. He had Tina come to stand beside him and told her to take his cock in her hand. He asked her, “Would you like to aim the hose, babe?”

She readily agreed, like a kid with a new toy. He smiled at me and began to pee. Tina was a little awkward at first, and some of his stream shot over my shoulder and splattered the tile wall, but she soon got the hang of it. From that point, she directed his piss straight into my face and all over my tits. She kept the stream moving up and down, soaking my hair and torso. Eric’s pee felt hot as it splashed on me, and his aroma was strong. For some reason, having Tina control his stream was much more humiliating than when he did it. Here was this strange teen girl, standing naked in my bathroom, with my ex husband-now lover’s cock in her hand, wetting me down with his piss. And I had to kneel there with my hands tied behind my back, and let her drench me. It felt so degrading I almost came.

Susan, you have arranged for me to be pissed on by many men, and to make me have to drink both fresh-hot and saved-cold pee. You know I hate it, and I know that’s why you make it happen. And although I think it is disgusting, it always turns me on. Thank you.

Anyway, there I knelt, my knees hurting me, the smelly yellow fluid draining off my body to pool about me in the tub. The pee did look pretty against the white of the porcelain. Then Eric did what I secretly hoped he would do. He ordered me to lie down in the piss puddle, on my back. It was awkward because of how he had my hands tied, but I managed it. I lay there in the now-cold pee and waited in dread and sick hope for his next move.

He smiled at me again and ordered Tina into the tub and to straddle my head. She gave him a quick look, and then an ear-to-ear grin and said one word, “Yippee!”

She quickly climbed in and stood over me facing my feet. I looked up directly into her young twat, and noticed that it was quite wet and seemed red and a bit swollen. The fucking had taken its toll on her sensitive flesh.

Eric then gave her his instructions. “Tina, I want you to squat down right over this slut’s face and piss all over it.”

That sent a shiver right through my body. And my mind was in turmoil. I hated the depravity of what this girl was about to do to me, and the glee with which she was doing it. She was clearly getting off on debasing me. At the same time I loved the rush of arousal the foul act caused in my body. I felt hot and tingly all over, sort of feverish — almost like a dispersed, whole-body orgasm. I know what you mean by that term now.

I watched, fascinated, as Tina’s knees bent and her crotch descended toward my face. When she stopped my nose was almost touching her fuck hole, and I could smell the sweet aroma of aroused woman washing down over me. Oh, how I love that smell. But before I could follow my instincts and lift my mouth to her wet flesh she let loose and her bladder began to empty.

She didn’t have nearly as much urine in her as Eric usually does, but it was more than enough.

Her fluid hit directly on my mouth and nose. It was a messy, full-force, direct hit in my face. I sputtered as her hot piss splashed up my nose, and some got in my mouth. Her piss tasted different from Eric’s and I remembered your comment that what you eat affects the flavor of your pee. So true. It’s hard to describe the taste and smell of someone’s urine, but we all know enough to fill in the blanks.

When she was done she just lowered her pussy onto my face, almost suffocating me with her soft, wet, cunt lips. She ground herself on my face, masturbating with my nose and mouth. She took my breasts in her hands, for balance I guess, and squeezed them ferociously. I groaned into her cunt and licked her as best I could until she came on me.

When she was done with me she stood and I gasped air into my starved lungs. I was a bit dazed and dizzy. Eric helped me sit up and put a glass to my mouth. I stupidly thought he was giving me something to drink to help refresh me, especially because the glass was cold. But it turned out that it was a glass full of pee that he had filled earlier and put in the fridge. He pinched my nose and held the glass to my mouth. I didn’t swallow all of it, but I was forced to gulp quite a lot, and the rest spilled over my chin and onto my breasts and belly. Tina was laughing her head off at me. The bitch. Could this get any worse? (Or better?)

Eric turned on the shower to wash the piss off me. But the S.O.B. didn’t turn on any hot water. That was cold as shit! By the time he was satisfied with my cleanliness, I was half frozen and shivering like a wet dog trying to shed water from its coat. I was also getting hoarse from all the yelling. He and Tina dried me, being none too gentle with the towels. Although it felt like they were taking some skin off, it did have a warming effect. I think sand paper would have done the same.

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