The SocialThe Social

Big Tits

We approached the room hesitantly. Neither one of us knew what to expect. I mean, we had ideas. We watched porn. Regularly. We’ve even made some of our own. But, this was a whole different ballgame.

He pulled the door open for us, and we walked into a silent room. I looked around alarmed. Had we gotten the address wrong?

Then, out of the stillness came a soft, feminine voice. “Are you here for the social?”

We nodded vigorously. A tiny lady appeared from an empty doorway and pointed toward a darkened set of stairs.

We were about three steps down when the heavy thump of pop music began to seep out of the walls. With a squeeze to my hand, Chris urged me ever forward towards the door. I waited for him to open it, then led the way into a room sunk deep into the ground.

It was a bar. I mean, it definitely looked like a bar. I glanced down at the gallon milk jug of white russians we’d prepared in anticipation for this night. Okay, so it wasn’t a bar. But, there was a dance floor, too. Very bar-like… And so not what I was expecting

The room was packed wall to wall with well-dressed people. I was a little surprised to find most of them were older than we were. By a lot. In fact, at 20 years old, I was most likely the youngest person in there. And it was obvious that people were beginning to notice.

In every booth and on every table were little slips of paper and the tiniest of pencils. They were placed anywhere and everywhere for one purpose and one purpose only. Numbers. No. Not phone numbers, silly. These scraps of bark were used to exchange room numbers.

You see, this party was at a hotel in the heart of downtown Pensacola. I guess it was supposed to be sort of like a meet and greet. The L.A. Social was really just the meshing of like minded, sexually open citizins from all over the panhandle. Couples would drive into town and rent rooms from the very same hotel where it was held. They would have those rooms decked out for the party happening after the party.

You know, I had no clue back then, but it is all so obvious to me now. We were the center of attention that evening. By the end of the night, we had acquired too many room numbers to count. Now, the dilemma. Which one to choose?

With as much nerve as we could muster, we walked back up the stairs and headed towards the southside of the hotel. Three firm knocks later, and the heavy door began to swing open.

I drifted back to the Anne Rice erotica I had read, and fell in love with, as a 16 year old girl. I could see the naked bodies clearly, just lying around serenely, patient hands tenderly carressing each other. Well, that is certainly not what we found when we stepped through that door.

I want to say there was maybe seven naked people in that room, but it was so dark, who knows? And, there’s no way I could tell you how many of them were men and how many were women. I know I heard at least one woman’s voice. But she sure didn’t sound like she was having any fun when she asked us to take off our shoes. Just our shoes??

Two minutes later, we were headed back to the car. Not a word was said until we were finally on the open highway. He just turned to me and shook his head. “Why did we just do that?”

My chin fell to my chest. “I don’t know baby. Maybe orgies just aren’t our thing.”

There was silence for a few more miles, then Chris had a bright idea. (Oh, God. Let’s hear it.) He pulled a crumpled up slip of paper out of his back pocket. The thin red of a lip pencil had been used to sketch a crude map that covered both sides completely. This wasn’t a hotel. This was an invitation to someone’s Kınalıada Escort home!

It was a terrible idea. We’d already chickened out once not fifteen minutes ago. There we were in a room full of naked people, and neither one of us was turned on. We should head right back to the house and never speak of this again.

But, of course, that’s not what we did. We did 70 down the interstate, finally reaching them in record time. Vehicles lined both sides of the street and boxed in most of the front yard. Chris pulled our white Ford Probe up into the tiny crack left by the mailbox.

As we waited for the door to open, my veins began bubbling with pure adrenaline. My face became hot and flushed, and I’m about 99% positive I smeared my panties. The source of this powerful energy was definitely coming from inside the house. A gentle squeeze of my hand told me Chris was experiencing the same sensations.

The large wooden door swung back to reveal one of the largest TV sets I have ever seen to this day. The innocent face of Ms. Marilyn Chambers appeared with a pout on her lips. I turned to find a seat. There were three rather large couches, already adorned with some of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met. It all seemed rather tame, if you ask me. But, then we were led through a sliding glass door.

This large outside patio was where the fun was really at. There was a huge hot tub full of sexy naked bodies, laughing and playing in the warm bubbles. The dim bulbs lent a dreamlike quality to the night air. A line of folks were sitting on the wall, smoke billowing from their mouths. The pungent smell of pussy and pine filled the air.

An attractive fella named Tony with a Tom Selleck moustache introduced us to his hot azz wife, this naughty milf by the name of Susan. Her large fake breasts floated atop the surface of the water. I couldn’t hardly take my eyes off them. They were so ridiculously big and in your face that you couldn’t help but to be completely AMAZED.

I don’t even remember taking off my clothes, but there I was… butt naked in a vat of boiling water with a bunch of freaksters. But now my clothes were off, and I was finally able to relax. I just couldn’t stop staring at those massive jugs. Chris had settled into the spot right next to Susan. I could see him teasing her large nipples amidst the bubbles. He was obviously more relaxed, too.

Tony came and served us drinks. The cool lime and salt just seemed to fit the natural flow of it all. Susan’s elbow had hit the concrete side of the spa, causing her delicious drink to rain down onto her ample busom. My man was right on top of it, catching as much as possible in his mouth. Then, e made a show out of licking the rest of her chest clean. (I think you missed a spot.)

I shook my head. Chris was such a flirt. The ladies always did love him. As he bent to take her nipple into his mouth, she pulled it away quickly, causing him to rut at her chest like a hungry infant. I really fucking like that chick. That was definitely something I would have done. She had spunk. And she had those titties.

Suddenly, they were all over each other. Hands and lips and… I finally woke from the trance her body had cast over me. I turned and found six friendly faces smiling back at me. I hadn’t even noticed they were in there with us. But I was certainly noticing now.

There was a beautiful couple directly across the bubbles from me. Her long blonde hair fell in waves around her face, accenting the green flecks in her eyes. Her titties were pretty, too. They were like, maybe a small c cup. Oh… but her Escort Kınalıada nipples were so small and perky, standing high above the surface of the water.

I simply could not help myself. I just leaned in and took her mouth between my lips. She was completely thrown off guard. At first, she didn’t respond. I ran my tongue across her bottom lip. This time she opened right on up for me immediately. I gently pushed through her pursed lips. She met me with a warm and willing tongue. Such a sweet kiss.

Her breasts were sweeter. I traced the tiny creases around her nipple, reveling in the sensation of her soft, taut flesh on my tongue. My chin dropped slightly beneath the water as I made circles around her belly button.

As I busied myself seducing his wife, her friendly husband began to stroke my sex from behind. He used his entire palm to pet my sex like a domestic pet. I wanted to purr. Before I knew it, I was floating above the water.

They took turns kneading and manipulating my tender flesh with their gentle hands. I opened my legs to them, and allowed them to explore my feminine core even further. When it was obvious that I couldn’t cum and float at the same time, the arms of the other hot tub guests reached out to steady me.

When I finally came, it was super intense. Those strong arms held held my thighs wide, exposing my spasming vagina for all to see. I could feel their eyes on me, and I began to shake violently again. This time, the pretty little blonde scooped the shiny substance from inside of me, then passed it in a kiss to her awaiting husband.

I was gently released into the warm current again to rest against the side of the pool. Dazed slighty, I laid my head back. On a very small silver weight bench, my wonderful fiance and Susan were going at it like animals. Her long legs were thrown back high in the air; her tits jerked crazily from side to side. He was slamming her like she took his lunch money. It was obvious he was turned the fuck on. And, by that sezuire that I just experienced, there’s no doubt that I was, too.

My man was making me so proud. No doubt about it… she was going to be walking funny tomorrow. I chuckled to myself. Chris was an amazing lover, and I delighted in watching him work his magic. She wouldn’t be forgetting my stud anytime soon.

My body began to grow cold. My skin began to pucker and wrinkle, my waterlogged digits couldn’t even form a good okay. I climbed out of the tub and went on the hunt for a warm dry towel.

As I neared the bathroom door, voices spilled out into the hallway. I knocked lightly. A beautiful redhead flung the door open wide and snatched me inside. Before I could speak, she had turned the lock, and spun to face me. Another, very astute female, sat nearby on the edge of the tub.

A shower of compliments began raining down upon me. I couldn’t quite understand it, honestly. Here I was, naked as a jay bird,standing in front of two beautiful, elegantly dressed, older women. They were attractive and well put together. Their nails were polished, their hair dyed, and their breasts both enhanced to attract attention. They were classy. And I… was not.

They didn’t seem to notice these vast differences. The cooed over me like a newborn’s mother. Miss Redhead had taken to weighing my breasts one at a time in the palms of her tiny hands. Her mouth formed the largest O when she realized that even with two hands, she couldn’t quite encircle them completely.

Miss Sophisticated shooed her away from me long enough to trace my cheek with her thumb. She looked up innocently into my Kınalıada Escort Bayan eyes. “You’re just so beautiful. Isn’t she beautiful Becky?”

Sexy Red nodded vigorously, the whole time reaching out to trap my other large breast in her delicate hands. Her mouth flew open again. How could someone be so amazed by regular ole titties. This woman was eyeing me like I was a pork chop. Boy, I was hoping she was hungry.

I was still giggling to myself, when I noticed Miss Sophisticated had suddenly become very serious. Her expression was puzzled now. I wasn’t sure what she was thinking. I tasted her lips long before I ever felt them.

Before I knew it, Sophistication was knelt between my legs and Lil Miss Red was all over my face. The energy I had felt earlier was coursing through my body again. My senses began to hum.

When I finally did get a sweet little flower in my mouth, I was careful not to break it. I licked at the tender petals each, one at a time. I bathed it’s tender opening in my warm saliva. Then I pushed gently inside her with my tongue. She rolled her head back, then came on my lips. Very classy. Very sophisticated.

Red, now she was much wilder. As my tongue began to ease the tension from her weary slit, she began jumping and twitching severely. I took a small lotion container from a nearby wicker basket. The lotion probably would have helped cool off that hot clitoris, but that’s not what I got it for.

I took her back into my mouth at the very moment that I entered her with the small cylindrical bottle. Saliva and lotion had converged into a sloppy mess of lubrication, making it a small task to ease the makeshift dildo into her body. I’m not even sure she was aware of what I was doing until it was already half way embedded.

Sophistication took one of Red’s nipples between her lips and the other in her hand while I slid the smooth shaft in even further. She didn’t need much. Just that simple motion. That gentle out/in. I could feel her muscles begin to contract around my new phallus.

Sophistication held Red’s head back so that she could better service the hot flesh of her chest. I used this opportunity to push the foreign object completely inside of Red’s body. My thumb just barely grazed her G-spot as I pulled it back out. She reached up for me, and then began to shudder and cry.

I didn’t know what had happened. I knew that something wet now covered my entire face. I knew that it tasted faintly of her delicous pussy. I also knew knew that Sophistication was in just as much shock as I was. She had yet to move.

I’m certainly not one to leave someone hanging. Oh, but I did that time. I’d never seen anything like it before. I didn’t even know it existed. It was obvious that the woman had had an extremely massive orgasm. I was awed and somewhat jealous of her experience.

As I left the bathroom, towel long forgotten, another feeling took over. Every eye was now on me as I walked across the room and in front of the TV set. Marilyn Chambers was still pouting with those beautifeul dick sucking lips, and nobody was watching.

I mean, I guess they probably heard us. But we’re at an orgy. I can tell you this… those women put it on me. I know I seem like the aggressive one, but truly, I was just as stimulated as they were. The energy was so intense in that room, if I’d stayed we probably would have all combusted where we lay crumpled on the floor.

I held my chin a little higher in the air when I finally entered the patio. Chris was half-dressed now. Susan was back in the tub. They looked very satisfied and very happy. I couldn’t wipe the stupid grin off my face either.

No one really had to ask me what happened in the bathroom. It was obvious. I was the only one standing. I swiped my hand across my forehead to remove any remaining moisture. Even my hair was soaked. I went straight to my man and laid a wet one on him. We finished dressing and headed home.

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