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My throbbing cock so achingly and wanted to burst out of my jeans, I could have easily believed that everything that had just happened was a dream, if it wasn’t for the fact that I could still taste my dad’s lips on mine. How did this all happen? Two days ago I wished that I could move out of this house and get away from my dad, and now? Now I can’t wait for him to unlock the house so that he can take me in his arms and do whatever he wanted to do with me. It was like a dream-like moment I was in some sort of trance rushing after my dad as he ran to unlock the back door. Dwindling behind him, trying to keep up, my mind filled with so many things that might happen once we walked into the house. How long had I been dreaming of this moment? Is this all going to happen? My mind was suddenly filled with so many hopes and doubts, my emotions all over the place, happy and frightful at the same time. I did not take my eyes off my dad as he walked up the steps to the veranda leading to the kitchen door and reached out to open it. I was in awe of his broad shoulders and bubble butt. He was about to reach out to open the door when his cell phone starts ringing. He pulled his hand back from the doorknob and froze. His phone kept ringing. He took his phone out of his pocket as he turned to face me, I could see the disappointment on his face. Both of us knew very well that his cell phone never rang unless there was a problem or he was needed somewhere. His phone kept on ringing, He eventually looked at the caller Identification, and the expression on his face was just as bad as being thrown into an ice bath. Normally he would have answered his phone after the first two rings, this time he had a hard time doing it. He knew he had to, he looked at me again and I could see the struggle he had. Shocked and disappointed with myself, I put him out of his misery. I gave him the best understanding smile I could muster, “Answer it!” I told him. He looked just as unhappy as I did and for a moment I thought that he wasn’t going to answer, but that just wasn’t the sort of person my dad was, “Sorry!” he said as he answered the phone. “This better be good?” his voice filled with irritation. I watched him as he listens to whoever was on the other side of the line. His eyes were on me, he looked discourage and I could see the disappointment on his face growing as the person on the phone keeps talking. His irritation turns to concern, “Are there any injuries?” he asked and waiting for a reply. “Where are they now?” he asked the person on the phone. He listens, shaking his head as the man continues. Visibly upset. “Okay, I will be ready!” he said and took the phone away from his ear, putting it back in his jean pocket. He walked down the steps to me. I dreaded the words he was about to utter. “What Happened?” I asked him in any way. “I am so sorry stud but the barn on the Walker farm has been hit by lightning, there was an explosion and they need people to go and assist. They will be here in a few minutes to pick me up. You do know that I would much rather be here with you, right? But as a volunteer firefighter, I do not have a choice!” I nod, feeling guilty and selfish wishing that he would rather stay here with me than go and help people in need. “I know!’ I said but could not hide my disappointment and felt guilty for wishing him to stay. Was this the Universe telling us that what we were about to do is wrong? He stepped closer to me a pulled me into his arms, whispering in my ear, “I would like to continue this when I get back!” and then kissed me softly on my ear. Wrapping my arms around him a hugged him tight, “I would like that!” I said as he let go of me. “You want me to help you unpack the pick up while we wait?” I smiled half-hearted and turned around and followed him back to pick up. His transport arrived earlier than I hoped and watched with sadness as he drove off with his fellow volunteer firefighters. Once they were out of sight I continued unloading the pick-up. I never felt so disappointed and defeated at the same time. My mind was filled with everything that had happened and hopes of what might have happened or what might happen when he returned. Those thoughts made me feel even more depressed. After unloading everything I started packing it away. My stomach started making strange noises and suddenly wished that I said yes when my dad asked me if we should have something to eat before returning to the farm. Thinking of food, made me think of Jonathan and I took my phone from my pocket and searched for his number. For a few seconds, I wondered if I shouldn’t phone him, my cock jumping to life was all for it, cheering me on, my hormones joining in, my mind reminding me of the blowjob we shared the night before. I was very tempted, but in the end, my heart won the war, reminding me that I wanted my dad and not Jonathan. I turned my phone off and place it on the kitchen table. As the sunset outside, the house became darker and I suddenly felt so lost and alone. I started feeling a little depressed. Missing my dad. My mind was a whirlwind keeping on replaying everything that had happened earlier in my head. I ended up taking a shower and tried watching some TV, but my mind was not in it. I just couldn’t stop thinking of my dad. I even revisited the thought to phone Jonathan, but remembering that Uncle Dirk was part of the volunteer firefighters he would be busy at the restaurant, covering for his stepdad. It was close to nine that evening when dad phoned me, he sounded tired and wanted to know what I was doing. I told him that I was lying on the couch, feeling sorry for myself and missing him like crazy. He again apologised for leaving me after everything that had happened and he made me feel guilty once again, for wishing he was with me rather than on the Walker farm helping them. He said that he would much rather be with me, that after everything that had happened we had so much to talk about and that he couldn’t wait to continue where we had left things. I told him that I couldn’t wait either and asked him how long they will be. He told me that he can’t tell me that but promised me that he is working very hard to get everything done so that he can come home to me. He kept on apologizing some more and I told him to relax. I told him that I know that he had responsibilities. He told me not to wait up for him and that will can talk in the morning. Before he said goodbye he told me that he loved me and that he can’t wait to be home and have me in his arms. I told him that his in his arms is the only place I want to be, I felt suddenly more alone and depressed knowing that he wasn’t coming home, but that was just the way he is. Something my mother also used to complain about. He was always busy lending a helping hand and never could say no to anyone. That’s the reason he was much loved by all. That’s the reason I was so proud of him and so in love with him. Lying there not focusing on the TV screen I looked at the huge Christmas tree we had decorated the night before, and the gifts underneath for the staff we had bought that morning and my mind drifted back to the previous night, remembering my dad sitting on the couch, with the prominent bulge in his pants. Those thoughts had me hard in seconds. There were many other things off last night that I couldn’t stop thinking of. Thinking of all those things I just drifted off. The next thing I remembered was my dad’s voice and his hand touching my arm, Well, to be honest, I first his touch, those big strong hand so gently on my arm, shaking me lightly, then there was the smell of smoke and then that gentle voice, that manly voice that can be as gentle as angel’s. “Hey Stud!” his voice soft and caring. I opened my eyes, still sleepy, moaning in protest for being woken up. Feeling that big strong hand moving down from my arm and caressing my chest. Feeling his fingers running through the fluff I had for chest hair. I might have been still half asleep, but my cock almost reacted immediately. I tried to smile şişli travesti as I looked up into his very handsome face. His big brown eyes looked tired, as he smiled at me, “Come on stud let’s get you to bed!” I heard his voice again, his hand still rubbing my chest, his eyes exploring my near nakedness. I had only my pyjama pants on. I was laying on my side and it was obvious that he could see the growing bulge in my pants. Again moans and groans in protest from me, more chuckles from my dad. Even though his face was covered with dirt and smelled of smoke and sweat he still looked like an angel to me. His stubble was a little longer than the last time I had seen him but just as hot and handsome. “If you don’t get up I will carry you like I use to when you were a baby!” he threatened me jokingly. I opened my eyes more just in time as he got up from the couch, bending over me and picking me up in his strong arms. He had a big smile on that strong handsome face. “Dad!” I protested but he had me up in his arms and I grabbed him around his neck holding on, in awe that he could pick me up with so much ease. My head rested on his shoulder my face pressed against his stubble, smelling his manliness and smoke, inhaling it deeply. Feeling this warmth and hardness of his body against mine. My hormones were going crazy and my cock was as always rock hard, throbbing with Excitement and the way he had me in his arms he had the perfect view of my tented pants. “Now this is bringing back a lot of memories!” he said as he carry me down the hallway, I was still in awe of his strength, picking me up and carrying me like I weight nothing at all. To my surprise, he walked past my room and headed to his, “Dad?” I whispered, not wanting to get too excited. He turns his head and looks at me, “If I remember correctly we still had some unfinished business you and me!” he answered me with a very devious smile on his face. Is this it, was this the big moment? Is it finally going to happen? Am I going to get what I always wanted? Always dreamed of? He carried me into his room and lay me down in the middle of the bed, bending over me his face inches from me. I know that I must sound like a broken gramophone, but even with dust and ash on his face he still looked so handsome, “Are you sure about this?” he asked me caringly, Well, if he could hear my hormones going crazy at that moment, the beating of my heart and the throbbing of my cock, he would not have to ask me that. I was waiting for this moment so long, and I wanted him so badly. “Are you?” I asked him, my voice giving away my nervousness. I was so excited and yet so afraid of everything that was about to happen. He smiled as he got onto his feet standing next to the bed, looking down at me. “Stud, I have never been this sure about anything in my life!” he said, and then without any hesitation, he took his shirt and let drop to the floor next to him. At the same time I swear, no lies I was about to shoot my load just then and there as he stood there, shirtless, showing off his naked torso, his muscles bulging from the hard work he had done getting the fire under control. For the first time, I wasn’t shy exploring his muscular form, those broad shoulders, bulging chest covered with silky soft hair, those large dark nipples, six-pack abs, and not to mention that massive bulge still covers with those filthy jeans. His arms looked bigger, bulkier, veins popping out all over. After I had looked him out shamelessly I turned my attention to these big brown eyes, It looked a little tired but it was obvious that he was willing to fight his tiredness to get what we both wanted for so long. He then lay down on his side on the bed next to me, his one hand on my naked chest and stomach, gently rubbing me, feeling the roughness of his hand against my soft skin. His fingers gently ran through the few chest hairs I was sporting, following the trail leading down the middle of my stomach, where it became bushy around my naval to where it disappeared beneath my pyjama pants. Then moving his hands back up to my chest, his eyes followed his hand every movement. “God, you were all I could think of while fighting the fire today. Being here with you like this, exploring every inch of you . . . what a handsome young man you turned into!” I smiled as I look into his eyes, “I guess the lady in town had it right when she said the apple didn’t fall far from the tree!” That made him smile, telling me he knew how disappointed I was that he had to go, but happy that I understood, that he had no choice. Admitting that he had joined many of those volunteering groups only to be away from me, seeing me turning into the man I turned into, made it harder for him to keep his feelings at bay. I was shocked and happy at the same time, saying that it was okay and that I was happy that was here now with me, lying here next to me, a dream I had so many times and that I couldn’t believe that was going to happen. The whole time his hand caressed my body, as I admitted that I was very nervous and that I was afraid that his might ruin our relationship. I was honest when I told him that I enjoyed the last few days with him and that I liked spending time with him and that I am afraid that if we continue with this that it may ruin what we had. He smiled and promise me that this will only bring us closer together, that nothing could ever ruin what we have together. I admit that I was afraid that this moment I was looking towards for so long might be disappointing for him. He laughed, “Stud, you will never disappoint me!” and before I could react to that he leaned his head forward and he kissed me. His lips on mine I parted my own and gave his tongue access to my mouth, my body trembling with excitement as his tongue explored my mouth, dancing with my tongue on the rhythm of our heartbeats, his hands still caressing me, this time moving down from my chest over my stomach and past my naval, down over my crotch. I felt his strong hand on my throbbing cock, as he rubbed it and squeezed it, making me moan, feeling the warmness of his hand through the thin material of my pyjama pants. He kept his hand there massaging my cock, sending sparks of pure pleasure through my body. I was moaning and groaning nonstop with unbelievable pleasures as he kept on kissing me, my body was on fire, I was experiencing things I never had before. Then suddenly without warning, he pulled away from the kiss, His hand let go of my cock and he got off the bed, standing there looking down at me. He had a serious expression on his face, what the fuck, then he said, “Sorry, I know we had passed the point of no return, and you know that I wanted this just as much as you, but I need you to be sure about this, you need to know that as wonderful as this could all be it will end up being as difficult in the future. This is a big taboo and can cause us lots of problems if this should ever come out . . . so before we go any further, I need you to be sure that you are willing to continue with this . . . please know that if you want out right now I will respect and understand your decision.” To be honest, I didn’t care about the future or any of that at that moment, all I wanted was him, and I quickly responded, repositioned myself on the bed, sitting on the edge right in front of him. My eyes, dancing over his hairy masculinity from the bulge in his pants, over his hairy stomach and chest up to those big brown eyes of his, trying to think and find the words to make him realise that I want this more than anything. The thing is, I had no words. Yes, I was very nervous and afraid but the fact remain I wanted him, and I wanted him right then and there. I was too caught up in the moment, there was no way of walking away. I wanted him, and I was willing to worry about the consequences later. Without a word, and with confidence I did not know I possessed, I raised my hands and touched his hard chest, feeling the hardness, the warmth and the softness of his silky chest hair, feeling it moving as he was breathing. My hands rubbed his chest, my fingers coming through his chest hair, my finger finding his nipple’s knowing the joy it gave me when Jonathan played with mine, I pinched it, making him moan, my eyes locked on his. I had fantasies about this so many times before and being able to sit here and do it was the most exciting and most normal thing I had ever done. I let my hands trail down over his hairy stomach feeling every bulging muscle of his perfectly sculptured six-pack. I let my hands slip further, to his pants and as I unbuckled his belt and broke eye contact for the first time, I slipped off the bed onto my knees in front of him. My eyes followed every movement of my hand as I undid his belt, pulling it out and dropped it on the floor next to me. I unzipped his zipper, my hands beylikdüzü travesti shaking with excitement and from being afraid that I might do something that he might not like. I pulled his pants down and then his underwear, his massive cock sprung free, pre-cum splashing all over the place. I gasp, my nose suddenly filled with a strong musky smell of sweat and piss. I find it intoxicating, inhaling it, my hormones going wild. Wow, what a sight, inches from my face, the most beautiful fully erect cock I have ever seen. The object of my obsession for so long. My heart was racing, my mouth dry as I took my time admiring his perfectly shaped manhood. I have felt it in the pick up earlier that day, but never could I have imagined the size of it. It pointed straight at me, big bulging veins covering his shaft, and his cock mouth oozing out pre-cum. The musky aroma still fuelling my arousal. I was in awe with the tool that made me, my whole body shaking. I reached out and took his monster manhood in my hand. His shaft was very thick, the skin soft could feel the blood pumping through the big bulging veins. I squeezed a little, mesmerized by the clear liquid oozing out of his cock head, as he moaned softly. Looking up at him standing there, those eyes pinned on me, biting down his lips. With a firm hold on his throbbing cock I started moving my hand back and forth, my eyes back on his cock, seeing the liquid forming droplets and dripping down on the floor. The smell was driving me to more erotic heights. I find myself licking my lips, wanting to taste his pre-cum. I look up at his face again, as if looking for his permission to go on, I had no words, but he had the answer, “Go on Stud, suck your daddies cock!” he told me. Well, I needed no more than that, my eyes dropped down to his cock as I leaned forward. Inhaling that intoxicating smell once more, opened my mouth and took his cock into my mouth. My lips stretch to the limit, tasting the saltiness of his pre-cum on my tongue as I swallowed his cock head. My mind was racing calling up everything I did the previous night with Jonathon. My dad moaned softly, which encourage me to take more of his cock into my mouth, the strong salty taste of piss (Don’t ask me how I knew what piss tastes like, that is a story for another time.) and sweat driving me wild. It was everything I imagined it would be and much more. The taste had me all hot and aroused, my whole body was on fire, my cock achingly throbbing wanting the same attention. My dad moaned again with pleasure this time a little harder, “Fuck it stud that feels so good!” he uttered. With more confidence and less nervousness, I tightened my lips around his cock and started sucking on it, sliding it in and out my mouth, letting my tongue swirl all over it as it slid in and out between my lips. He was now moaning and groaning non-stop telling me how great his cock felt in my mouth and how good I was at what I was doing. Now and then I would let his cock slip from my mouth, licking his shaft, I even buried my face in between his hairy sweaty balls, sucking on those big hairy balls of his, losing myself in the warmth and musky smell. I was an instant addict to his manly musky smell and loved every second of it. And from the moans and groans through all the slurps sounds that I made it was obvious that I enjoyed myself. I returned to his cock, sucking it into my mouth, milking him with my sucking mouth, playing and squeezing his balls in my hand. Both of us moaning and groaning. “Fuck it stud where have you learned to suck a cock like that?” he asked me through all his moans and groans. “If I had known how a good cock sucker you were I would have started all this so much sooner.” Again that gave me more confidence to suck more of his 9-inch cock of his in my mouth. I felt his hand drop down behind my neck pushing me onto his cock. Feeling like a pro from the moans of pure pleasure from my dad I tried to take the rest of his hard throbbing cock. When his cock hit the back of my mouth I gagged, but it didn’t stop me from trying again and again and soon I could feel his cock sliding deeper into my mouth into my throat. Don’t know who was more impressed with that accomplishment me or my dad. “Fuck it stud that mouth was made for my cock!” he said as his whole cock was in my mouth. I had a hard time breathing, but I didn’t dare to show my discomfort. He slowly started to move his hips back, first just a little and then slid his cock back into my mouth down my throat, he did it slowly and gently. As I got used to the size and how to handle it he started fucking my mouth a little harder, pulling his cock out further and further before plugging it back into my mouth, our moans and groans echoing around us as his hairy balls slap hard against my chin. He kept on telling me how great my mouth felt around his cock, and how much pleasure I gave him. And from the moans and groans, it was obvious that he was very aroused and very close to reaching his climax. He warned me that he was so aroused from my sucking that I will make him cum very soon. And from the way his hand tighten on my head it was obvious that he was getting close and soon after that he warned me that he was getting close, I kept on sucking, grabbing hold of his hips to prevent him from pulling his cock away, I wasn’t about to get a taste of the same seed that made me. I wanted to taste it. His orgasm came after a wild roar of pleasure as his body started to spasm and his cock exploded and I was shocked by the amount of creamy white juice shooting into my mouth and down my throat. I loved the taste of his cum and swallowed as hard as I could trying my best not to spill any of his godly juices. The whole time fucking my mouth, calling me his cock slut and that I should take his load, it was all so erotic, so much better than I could ever have hoped for, or could have imagined. “Fuck it stud!” he yelled out, “Suck your daddies cock! Drink that load!” I did as he wanted and it made me more and more aroused. My cock was throbbing hard wanting the same release. After what felt like an eternity his body stopped shaking and his cock stopped shooting. I swallowed the juice that was left and then let his cock slid from my mouth, looking up at him, seeing those big brown eyes staring down at me with so much love, feeling good that I had just given my dad his first blowjob and from the way, his orgasm was a sign that he must have enjoyed it. I looked down at his well-sucked cock, looking all shiny and godly from the bedroom light, and was surprised to see that it was going down, that it was just as hard as before. With his hands under my arms, he pulled me onto my feet and look me in the eyes, “Stud, no lies but that was the best blowjob ever!” he said and then kissed me, his tongue in my mouth collecting his cum, that he so generously shared with me. He pulled his lips from mine and told me to get naked and lay down on the bed, it was his time to return the pleasure to me. Those words had me very excited and as I pulled my pants down and lay down on the bed my hand behind my head, totally naked my 8-inch uncut hard cock, lying flat on my stomach, oozing pre-cum out all over. He stood there, my naked god, with a smile and so much pride, “Fuck it Stud, you are perfect!” he utters. I just smiled not sure what to expect next. He took me by surprise as he knelt next to the bed between my legs, bending over, grabbing my cock his big strong hard, pulling the foreskin back, it felt like my cock was on fire. Then he took my cock without effort into his mouth, fuck it felt so warm, so wet, so unbelievable. Once again I felt warn fuzzy feeling shoot through my body. There was no word I could find to describe the feel my cock in his mouth and seeing his face buried in my pubic hair. It was unbelievable looking down seeing my dad with my cock in his mouth. My cock was hard and throbbing as he sucked it deep into his mouth, feeling his tongue twirling around it. He had me reaching sexual heights I had never thought possible, even when he sucked on balls I could feel my body shivering with pure ecstasy. I hoped that time could standstill. He had me so worked up and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to keep my orgasm away from the way he was working my cock with his mouth. But it turned out that he had more up his sleeve. As effortlessly as he picked me up off the couch earlier, he lifted my legs and hips of the bed and then I felt his face between my ass cheeks and his tongue licking my hole. Yet another experience that I thought I was going to pass out. Making me cry out in pure bliss. His warm breath on my most private part, his tongue licking my hole had me seeing stars, blots of electricity shot through my whole body, my cock even got harder, never thought it possible and then it happened, I felt his tongue pressing hard against istanbul travesti my hole, and I tried to relax and gave him access. I was getting tongue fucked in my ass by my dad and it was the most incredible feeling ever. He heard me moaning and groaning like a wild animal in heat. He removed his face from between my ass cheeks, catching his breath “You like that?’ I heard him ask from between my legs. “Yes!” I managed to get out through all the moans and groans of pure pleasure. To my disappointment he lowered my legs and turned his attention to my super hard cock at that stage. . I could feel my body shaking, burning with pure lust. He noticed that I was getting closer to shooting my load and that made him pull his mouth off my cock. I look down at him disappointed, but he just smiled, “You are close to shooting your load, aren’t you?” he asked I just nodded, still breathing heavily, looking at him, again with a very secretive smile on his handsome face, “Sorry stud but I don’t you to cum yet!” he said. I frowned, my cock was so hard, my balls filled, feeling like it could explode at any time. He ignored my frown and continued, “Did you enjoy sucking your daddies cock?” he asked me. I smiled, “Did you like it when I fucked your mouth?” “Very much, yes!” I replied not sure where he was going with all of this. That made him smile even bigger, “Will you like it daddy fuck you in that nice tight hole of yours?” I could not hold my excitement, “Fuck yes!” I replied before thinking even my cock jumped with excitement. My outburst made him laugh and told me to turn around and to get on my hands and knees, again I obeyed his wishes. I felt his hands on my ass cheeks pulling them apart, again, his warm breath on my hole, made me shiver, “Relax Stud!” he softly said, and before I could even reply I felt his face pressed in between my ass cheeks, his tongue circling my hole. Once more waves of pleasure shot up through my body, He used his tongue to lubricate my ass, tongue fucking me, driving me wild. I had no time at all moaning and groaning, going wild like a wild animal in heat pressing my hips back, wanting his tongue deeper in me, my balls were hurting and my cock was throbbing and I needed to shoot a load. “You like that?” I heard him asking between his tongues working my mouth. “Fuck yes!’ I reply, there was no other way I could have told him. Just when I thought I could get more aroused I suddenly felt a finger joining his tongue, circling my hole, I felt his finger on my sphincter, pressing hard against it, “Come on stud relax!” I heard my dad’s voice. I took a deep breath and I felt his finger slipping into me. It was the weirdest sensation feeling his finger entering me, making me gasp, my ass muscles contracting hard around his introducing finger, shacked and aroused at the same time “Come on Stud, relax those muscles!” I heard my dad say once more and then he slapped my ass cheek with his other hand, it wasn’t hard, but the sound deafening in the room, giving me a little freight, and made me relax my ass muscles as his finger slipped into me all the way. All so erotic. I could feel his finger in me, moving around in me, it felt so weird and then his finger touched something I don’t know what it was, but it made me see stars, crying out in pure pleasure as bolts of electricity shot through me, my whole body tingling all over. I heard my dad laughing softly, “Feel’s great doesn’t it!” I was moaning and groaning so much I had no words for him at that stage. Whatever he had done had me relaxed and he started moving his finger in and out of me, slapping my ass now and then, touching that spot sending more bolts of pleasure through me. My whole body shook with pure pleasure. He continued doing that, for what felt like an eternity. One finger became two and I was lost in pleasures I have never experienced before. There was no more discomfort only ecstasy “What do you say stud, are you ready for your daddies cock?” Strangely enough, I could find the words to answer him, “Yes please, daddy!” I uttered still in a trance of pure bliss. He pulled his fingers from my well-lubricated ass and I heard some spitting noises coming from behind me, I felt him stepping in between my legs and then felt his cock rubbing over my tingling hole, again my ass muscles contracted, his cock was much longer and thicker than the two fingers he had in me, I felt his cock head pressing against my hole and then heard my dad’s voice once more, “Relax stud!” he said, “I promise not to hurt you, just relax!” It was easier than said. I felt more pressure and I took a deep breath and tried to relax. Suddenly the pressure got to mush and my hole opened up and his cock head slipped into me, the thickness of his cockhead, bigger than his fingers made me cry out, the discomfort and the pain as it stretched me wide open, feeling like he was going to tear me apart. I pushed my face into the duvet. I heard him cry out with pleasure moaning loudly pushing more and more of his cock up my ass. The discomfort, the burning sensation as his cock penetrated deeper into me. “Just relax stud!” my dad kept on telling, “I promise you that all the pain and discomfort will be over soon!” Strangely there was not too much pain. The feeling of being penetrated by my dad had my cock harder than ever before. I tried to clear my mind, not to concentrate on the discomfort, but more on the fact that my dad had his cock up my ass. He slid his cock deeper in me then reached out and took my cock in his hand and started stroking it. I pushed my hips back and pressed myself further onto his massive manhood. Then I felt his trimmed pubic hair against my ass, and couldn’t believe that he was all in the way up in me. He kept his cock buried deep in me, letting me get used to his manhood in me, as he continued to stroke my cock, “Fuck stud, this ass was made for my cock!” he complimented me. The more he stroke my cock, the more I relaxed and the more I relaxed the discomfort seemed to get less and so did the burning sensation around my hole. Then he started to fuck me slowly, pulling out just a little and then gently pushing his manhood back in. When the discomfort was gone, and the moans of discomfort and pain turn to pleasure again he started fucking me a little harder. Nearly pulling his cock out all the way, leaving me feeling empty before ramming his cock back into me, colliding with my prostate, making me see stars and crying out in ecstasy, begging him not to stop. His fucking was in unison with him stroking my cock. It was the most amazing experience ever, his cock slamming against my prostate caused explosions in me, shooting bolts of electricity through me. So I was begging him to fuck me harder ad deeper and he was just too happy to obey my every wish. Somewhere between it all he pulled his cock out of me and turned me on my back, with a cushion beneath me he lifted my legs and shoved his cock back up in me, telling me that he wanted to look me in the face as he fucked me. He wants to look me in the eyes as he shoots his seed deep in me. I had no problem with it, watching this hunk, muscles bulging sweat dripping from his face and streaming down his muscular physique. He continued working my cock with his strong hand and rammed his cock deep and hard in my ass. He kept on telling me how nice and tight my ass felt around his cock and how happy he was that he could be the first. The abuse on my prostate and the workout he gave my cock had me shooting my seed all over the place. It was the most intense orgasm ever, I ejaculated like never before. My ass contracting tightly around my dad’s hardon as I shoot my load, drove him over the edge making his cock erupt and he shot his second load deep into me. He was like a wild animal, fucking me hard and deep screaming out in pleasure as he filled me up. Once we both stopped our orgasm he pulled his cock from me and collapsed on the bed next to me, both trying hard to get control over our breathing. Spent from our first sexual encounter he put his arm around me and pulled me against his sweaty body. “Fuck Stud!” he said, still breathing heavily. “That was the best sex I have ever had!” he said, I smiled turning on my side, my hand on his heaving hairy chest, kissing his cheek I replied “Well I have nothing to compare it to, so I have to take your word for it!” I said jokingly, He laughed. “But I can say that it was the best experienced ever!” I quickly added, “And can’t wait to have many more of it in the future. He turned his head and look at me, “Now that I know what you like you have my word that there will be much more sex in our future!” He said and kissed me on my forehead. “I Love you, dad!” I said “Love you too, stud!” he replied, and we just laid there, enjoying the closeness and afterglow of our orgasms. We eventually climbed in bed, still sweaty and sticky from cum and sweat. He spooned me, his hairy body tight against mine as he held me tight to him. I have never felt so save and so loved. With a huge smile on my face I eventually drifted off to sleep..

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