The Shy Student Part IIThe Shy Student Part II


Jenny and Emma exchanged knowing glances during their lectures the next week, until the tutor approached the younger girl on Friday afternoon.“What you doing tomorrow night? Fancy coming over?”Emma didn’t have to think about the offer, of course she wanted to get together again.“Love to.” she repliedThe next morning, Emma was lying in bed. She’d already planned to pop into town to buy some new underwear for Jenny’s appreciation, and her mind was now wandering as to what they’d be getting up to later. As she lay imagining Jenny in the bed with her, kissing her way over her body, Emma felt her nipples harden. She pushed the duvet down to reveal her breasts, and looked on proudly at her firm mounds, their peaks capped by deep brown buds aching for attention. Emma cupped the flesh from beneath, pushing at her tits, feeling the silken boobs brush together. Her fingertips found the stiff centres and she toyed with her teats, letting her arousal grow.Mmmmmmmm. This was nice. But it was never enough.Emma’s hands skimmed down her belly, and she ran her fingers through her wiry curls, over the hood of her clit, and on to the cleft between her legs. Her sex needed waking, and as she tentatively pushed inside her labia, she felt the juices coat her probing digit. The hairs on the back of Emma’s neck pricked up, this was what she needed. The finger pushed deeper into the slick tunnel, the muscles still tight around it. Emma stroked her inner warmth, teasing her juices to flow more freely. Pulling the finger from her pussy, Emma rubbed the moisture into her outer lips, then the hard ball of her clit. She gently circled the sensitive nub, her other hand squeezing her breast firmly, as her senses started their journey bahis siteleri towards the ultimate explosion.Emma rang the doorbell of Jenny’s flat and waited for her new lover to answer. She considered her shopping trip a success. A black and white bra and knickers set from La Senza under her favourite jeans, and a new v-neck wool cardigan, which had revealed a decent amount of cleavage as she leant forward to check her lipstick in the mirror.Jenny had a bottle of Pinot Grigio already open and the two girls chinked glasses in the kitchen before exchanging a long, deep kiss, smouldering with lust. They took their drinks up to Jenny’s bedroom, and the other girl was soon admiring Emma’s earlier purchase.“Ooh la la!!” she teased, as Emma’s cardigan was pulled open.“I like those” Jenny continued, squeezing the lace covered boobs.The new underwear didn’t stay in place long as they hurriedly undressed each other, eager to explore their flesh once more.“You have fantastic tits!” exclaimed Emma, filling her hands with the big, soft mounds.“Thanks, babe. Get your mouth round ‘em and make my nipples all hard!”As the pair rolled around on Jenny’s bed, the tutor guided Emma’s hand between her legs, letting her know that she wanted to move their playtime on. Jenny felt a slim digit work its way into her pussy, searching out the juices, and manoeuvred her own hand to copy Emma’s actions. The two girls rocked themselves back and forth against their lover’s fingers, their own arousal pushing them to probe deeper into each other’s sex. Their kissing was almost animalistic, mouths open wide, tongues extended to explore as far as they could manage. The snog was broken occasionally when a gasp of breath was needed, canlı bahis siteleri and attention was switched to biting into the tender skin of neck, shoulder or breast. The fingering continued to increase it’s intensity, a second digit finding its way into each tight little entrance.Jenny was first to succumb, pulling Emma’s hand up to her clit and pushing her face down to gorge on the large melons. The young student rubbed feverishly at Jenny’s nub, sensing she was close, and now knowing just what was required. When she saw her partner’s back arch, Emma pinched the ball of nerves between her fingers and Jenny let out a long moan.With Jenny prone on the bed, Emma pulled herself to her knees and crawled up level with her partner’s face. She swung a leg across Jenny’s body and settled her weight down on her chest. Reaching for her pussy with her right hand, Emma splayed the lips of her sex and pulled Jenny’s head forward. The sweet musk filled the other girl’s nostrils, reigniting her subdued senses, and she instinctively stuck out her tongue to taste the clear nectar. Tentatively lapping at first, Jenny started to make firm strokes on the silky inner flesh being offered to her mouth. Emma was now riding her tutor’s face, willing her own orgasm to the fore. The relief was immense once it did come, and Emma flopped on to the bed beside Jenny in a panting heap.Jenny got up and walked naked across the landing to the bathroom. But before she could open the door, a heavily made up Siobhan appeared from her own room.“Been having fun, have we?” she asked.Jenny’s smile gave the game away.“Come and share her with me, Jen. Why don’t you blindfold her, let’s give her a little surprise and see what she’s canlı bahis made of.”Jenny returned to her room to find Emma lying on the bed a broad smile on her face.“You fancy some more?” the tutor asked“Of course” came the swift reply“How naughty you feeling then?”“Very!” Emma confirmed“What about letting Siobhan join in, I’ve just seen her and she’s jealous as hell!” Jenny continued“Mmmmmm, I’m up for it if she is!”“Oh she’s up for it, Em. Be warned she likes it rough though” countered the older girl“She likes a bit of domination, so wants you blindfolded. It’s horny as fuck – really heightens your senses – you OK with that?” she asked“OK” Emma noddedMoments later Jenny was guiding her lover across the hallway. Both girls were naked, the younger one with an eye mask obscuring her vision. Jenny had kept the complimentary gift from a flight to the States a year or so ago and had intended to use it when the sun was shining in through her curtains, and she wanted to lie in. Recently though, it had been used in her games with Siobhan as her flatmate lorded her powers over a more than compliant Jenny.Not expecting the college tutor to fail, Siobhan had pulled on her leather outfit, and was stroking the fake cock as Jenny led the younger girl through the door.“Welcome” announced Siobhan, “and what’s your name?”“Emma”“How cute. Well Emma, I’m Siobhan and I’ve been fucking your new friend every week for the past year. She’s a lovely fuck isn’t she?”“Mmmmm…the best” Emma tentatively offered“Such gorgeous big tits and a wet little pussy that’s always hungry for more” Siobhan laughed.She reached up to touch her new captive and Emma felt the leather gloves against her skin for the first time. Her nipples hardening instantly as the material grazed over them. Siobhan moved closer and pressed her lips to the young student’s mouth, tasting her for the first time. Emma responded and parted her lips to accept the other girl’s tongue in between.

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