The ShowerThe Shower


Having had a very busy day, the idea of a hot shower was a welcome one. Having dumped my bag on the floor by the door I pulled my boots off and trudged wearily upstairs to the bathroom and turned the shower taps on to warm the water. With practiced ease I removed all my clothes in the bedroom, and walked naked back to the bathroom, which was full of steam. I slid the door open and stepped into a large American styled cubicle and let the hot stream of water cascade over my weary body.

With eyes closed and head tilted back, I began to soap, starting at my shoulders I worked quickly downwards over my breasts paying particular attention to the nipples that hardened slightly under my fingers as they gently massaged the protruding buds between thumb and forefinger. Taking the soap bar I rubbed it over my twin mounds making them shine with a soapy gloss, then I played with the buds squeezing them hard, rotating the hardened flesh, enjoying the wonderful jolts it sent through my body.

I quickly soaped my arms then down over my stomach, coming finally to the bush of dark hair, opening my legs slightly I pushed my lips apart with the soap, then used it to rub my clit and lip walls enjoying the pleasurable sensation the hard but slippery bar caused, the bud swelled slightly, I moaned gently, encouraged by the feelings. I continued to rub back and forth hard against the sensitive node sending pulses of pleasure shooting through to my pussy. Dipping further down I came to my sweet opening. I circled the ring, teasing myself with that fragrant bar before inserting it slowly into the hole. Oh my god the feeling as the soap was taken in and out, expanding my pussy, coating the area with slippery soap to mix with the juices. Liking the slippery feel of the warmed soap inside my fanny I continued to thrust it in and out gently fucking myself. My breath became quicker as I felt the bar slide into my love box, letting the pleasure slowly build till like shooting stars the sensuous feelings overcame me, and with a massive jolt I came standing there with water cascading over my body.

With eyes still shut and shaking with the after shocks I stood up to let the water wash away all the lather. I felt arms encircle my body and opened my eyes in shock to find you standing naked within the waters stream. I wondered briefly just how long you had been there watching me. One look into your wicked smiling face told me all I needed to know.

I ran my eyes over your chest covered in a mat of dark hair, down to the taut muscular stomach and further taking note of a very erect penis, and finally strong but lean legs. Taking the bar of soap from my hand you start to massage, letting yours hands slide over the contours of my shoulders, down to my breasts that stood firm and glistening. your hands wandered over the rounded curves traveling ankara escort over my rib cage and back up to the nipples hard and erect, noting with amused pleasure how they popped through your fingers as you ran them over the sensitive buds, sending tendrils of shooting heat through my whole being, making me arch my body forward every time your fingers came into contact with the very center. Not being able to grip the slippery nipples your attention was diverted by the area lower down, and your hand glided in the direction as you felt for the mound of hair and the lips below, pushing in to find a slippery swollen nodule of my clit, rubbing it gently with your fingers before going on down to the warmth of my pussy, probing with urgency you pushed deep inside, thrusting up to find my g-spot, feeling the wetness as you probed and wiggled inside. I gasped at the force as you thrust up even harder, ramming your fingers into my pussy in an almost brutal way, while never taking your eyes off my face, smiling with that all knowing look you have.

Abruptly you withdrew your hand and turned me about so that you could soap my back, working the lather in well before going down to my buttocks, encircling them you rubbed hard with strong open palms. You ran your hand down the cleft between the cheeks, halting at my dark opening, circling the tight ring, before gently inserting you finger slippery and wet. You slid in with ease; I gasped at the penetration and moved forward slightly, but ignoring this you pressed in further, probing deeply, oh sweet Jesus the combination of pain and pleasure, you bent me further over to spread my cheeks affording you better access, you pulled your fingers in and out fucking my arse with a gentle motion, before withdrawing and sliding between my legs to find my soaking wet pussy, and without hesitation plunging in hard with your fingers, noting as you did the warm and creamed up walls. My muscles gripped hard at your fingers, making you groan with pleasure, encouraged you thrust in even harder causing me to grab for the tiled wall of the shower, as you nearly unbalanced me.

Coming out quickly you turned me again, and ignoring my moans of frustration took down the shower head, started to remove the soap from my body, playing the hot jet close over my breasts, the force of the water making my nipples tingle, and swell. Working down over my stomach to my mound, you pushed at my legs, ‘wider’ you ordered, and I complied, spreading my legs as wide as I could. You bent down so that you could open my lips and aim the jets of water up onto my throbbing clit, directing the water then at my pussy, going in as close as possible to force the water up inside me. I gasped again, groaning loudly as I could feel the hot water deep inside. Satisfied with the reaction you played kızılay escort the water over my back ordering me into a wider stance again. ‘Bend over,’ you commanded. ‘And spread your cheeks.’ I grabbed my cheeks in obedience and felt the hot jet being forced up inside my back passage along with a soap covered finger.

Pleased with a job well done, you removed the shower head and placed back on the hook. Keeping me bent, you reached back into the cleft and pushed in hard with your fingers, roughly fucking my ass, while reaching down to grab my breast with your free hand. You squeezed, gripping my hardened nipple between your finger and thumb, pinching and rotating the bud, shooting jolts of pleasure coursed though my body making me cry out. Backing up onto your hand forced you deeper inside; I gasped and groaned loudly enjoying the force of your penetration. You removed your hand and felt for my pussy hole and pumped it wildly with your fingers causing me to fall almost to the floor. You then grabbed my hips and thrust in with your hard rampant cock, taking me deeply, hard and fast pumping like a stallion thrusting into a mare, each slam sending me forward, only held in place by your strong hands. Again and again you pounded your large stiff member into my soaking wet hole; my juices flowed freely coating your balls as it ran to meet the water still cascading over our bodies. Your pleasure mounted with each hard thrust. You could feel my pussy muscles grip tight onto your shaft, as it slid in and out of my widened hole. Knowing that you could not hold much longer, you withdrew.

“Jesus Christ, don’t stop now,” I screamed in frustration.

All you said was, “Your turn to soap.”

Starring at you in astonishment, I took my time to gather my wits then taking the bar from your hand, I started to play it over your chest using my other hand to work it in well, circling your sensitive nipples brushing over them lightly, hearing your intake of breathe as I did so. Letting my nails drag slightly making furrows in the soap, down over your taut stomach , bending down to soap thighs and gently pushing your legs further apart so that I could soap well, brushing lightly against your balls, knowing that my teasing would drive you wild as you wished for me to get hold of your ram rod pole. I ignored your groans and continued to soap over your legs down to your toes.

“Turn around,” I said having straightened up in order to soap your broad back down across your narrow waist to the top of your bum. Using both hands I kneaded and massaged each cheek, pushing both into your cleft down and around to your balls, again tenderly brushing against them before moving on down the back of your legs. I turned you once again and dropped to one knee, and took your cock gently in polatlı escort one hand and lightly coated it with soap working up and down, enclosing the shaft with one hand and using the other to soap your balls, squeezing them as I did so. Looking up I could see your head thrown back as you enjoyed the sensation of my hand and the slipperiness of the soap on your hardened member. Gripping the shaft as hard as I could I began to work aback and forth faster and faster, feeling the skin slip beneath my working hand. I heard you groan as the multiple feelings coursed through you. Stopping abruptly causing you to curse under your breath, I got up and took the shower head down, played it over your body, quickly taking the soap off, making sure with my hand that no soap remained, on your bum or around your balls. I bent quickly to taste your cock with my lips and tongue to make sure that no residue of soap remained. Flicking my tongue over the end, you gasped and gripped the back of my head. I worked down the shaft around the ridge and with nibbles and sucks moved back to the very tip.

I knew that by flicking my tongue over the very tip and sucking just the very end it would ignite you even further. You groaned loudly pushed my head with your hands so that I was forced to open my lips so that you could fuck my mouth. Thrusting back and forth you slammed your cock in almost gagging me as you hit the back of my throat pulling back against my hard suck with each stroke. Your excitement growing, when suddenly you withdrew, you pushed me over onto my knees and came to kneel behind me.

Pulling my cheeks apart you could see my dark opening, the temptation too much and without hesitation you plunged in with your rock hard member, pushing me so far forward with the force you had to grab my hips to stop me from falling, and holding me close to you, you continued to slam into my tight ass, making me cry out with a mixture of pain and pleasure at the feeling of your cock inside whilst water splashed over my back, the sound of your animal grunts and groans as you thrust in deeper and harder with each stroke exciting me even more. I pushed back into you knowing that you were near to climaxing, willing you to shoot your load, my own juices already flowing freely, then I felt the hot sensation inside as you came, the groan of satisfaction from your lips as you continued to pump as each wave shot through your body. Then the final gentle thrusts as the sensation subsided.

Leaning against the wall for support to regain your breath, you gently eased yourself out as I collapsed onto the floor. I lay there letting the water cascade over my spent body, as the last of the wonderful feelings ebbed away. You finally leant forward and kissed me with such tenderness on the lips before leaving the shower. You returned with a towel for me to wrap myself in and we left together and walked to the sitting room to lie next to the roaring fire. Laying there relaxed within your arms, I sighed in contentment, and smiled at the knowledge that it wasn’t over yet as there was still plenty of time for another sexual romp at a more leisurely pace later………..

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