The Shoot Ch. 02The Shoot Ch. 02


Jane was still over the moon about last weekend’s raunchy hot shoot that involved movie star Derrick Phillips and her two extremely busty assistants; Ellen Good and Connie Grills but it what happen after the shoot that Jane couldn’t stop thinking about. The imagines of Derrick blowing load after hot load of his spunky jizz over her and her top-heavy assistants in a wild all nighter until dawn that took place at her luxurious penthouse. Jane, the owner and leading publicist to DAMSEL magazine couldn’t wait to see her assistants in action again and this time, she had a different choice for the girls to play with. The lucky candidate was Jane’s just newly turned 18 year old virgin nephew Glenn.

Glenn was your typical sad sap . He always kept to himself and had no social skills. His only real friends were those sitting behind a computer playing World of Warcraft or any other RPG games. He did have three pet hamsters and named all three after the ironic characters from The Three Stooges; Larry, Curly, and Moe. Glenn was also a huge sci-fi enthusiast as he attended almost every sci-fi convention, dressed in costume and all.

Glenn never had a girlfriend. Besides the women in his family and a few female teachers, the only other women he ever talked too were through role-playing at sci-fi events and in character only. Jane felt sorry for her only nephew. Her sister, Glenn’s mother, had reached out to Jane and asked if he would possibly get a job at her fashion magazine to open him up a bit before he heads off to college. Of course, his mom had to ask quite a few times as Jane in the past had refused but after the events of last weekend, Jane was keened to get another hot “photo shoot” session going and her nephew couldn’t be more of the complete opposite of movie star Derrick Phillips.

He was a frail yet adorable thing standing only 5’4 and weighted only 125 due to having a high metabolism. He had chestnut brown poofy curly hair, thick dark eyebrows, dark brown eyes, thin lips, and a small cleft chin. Stare at him long enough and you could see he was reasonable cute behind the extra small Anime tee-shirt and suspender jeans. Jane couldn’t wait to see his reaction to Ellen and Connie. She’s been working with them for over a week and she still can’t believe her eyes at the enormous heavy jugs they carry around on their chest everyday. Jane didn’t feel bad about using her own flesh and blood for her own enjoyment as she figured he would get enjoyment out of being used.

“Glenn. Can I have a word with you?” requested his aunt Jane.

“Sure Auntie,” he replied in a soft but nervous tone.

Glenn was busy photocopying some papers on his first day on the job. He hoped that his Aunt wanting to see him didn’t mean he was in trouble on his first day. She sounded kind of serious. Glenn followed his Aunt back to her office and took a seat across her.

“Glenn. I know this is your first day on the job but I’m kind of in bind right now. You see, I can’t get my hands on a male model for this upcoming photo shoot that I desperately need done right away by the end of today. I know you don’t have any modeling experience which is why this shoot will be easy for you,” Jane explained. “All that I require from you is to sit on a bed in your underwear.”

“My underwear??” Glenn responded alarmed and blushed red.

“Yes. I would really appreciate it if you could do this for me.”

“Gosh Aunt Jane. I don’t know. Never done anything like that before. I don’t want people seeing me in my private wearing attire,” Glenn replied.

“Don’t worry Glenny. It’s an underwear ad and your face is not require. People will only notice your torso down to the underwear and although you don’t have any bulging muscles or any muscles for that matter, skinny as a toothpick is in.”

Glenn was still a bit uneasy about accepting.

“You know Glenn. I have connections in Hollywood being the owner of a huge fashion magazine and chief and editor. If you do this for me, I could make a dream of yours come true.”

Just this, Glenn’s eyes light up.

“You mean that? You mean if I do this underwear ad, you’ll let me meet the cast of the original Star Wars and George Lucas???” he exclaimed with excitement.

Jane felt disappointed in her nephew but didn’t show it behind the bullshit smile she gave him.

“Play your cards right nephew.”

“Sweet lord oh mighty! Deal!” Glenn happily agreed.

“Great! Shoot starts in 10 minutes. Be ready and one last thing, lets not mention this to your folks. This will be our little secret.” Glenn nodded his head in agreement and left his Aunt’s office super excited and left his Aunt feeling super horny.

10 Uzun porno minutes later, Glenn appeared on the photo shoot set in just a pair of plain white men’s briefs and his long wooly socks. He didn’t have much fat or muscle on his body, as he was as his aunt mentioned, very skinny. Glenn had a really pasty and hairless body with a flat chest and stomach. Although he had just turned 18, he had the body of a 10 year old. His Aunt Jane soon came onto the set followed by two mysterious bulky figures cloaked in Jedi-Knight robes with the hoods fully clothing their faces. Needless to say, Glenn was a bit confused and looking at the two mysterious figures closely, he could tell they both were tremendously busty underneath their robes. He had seen a lot of anime where busty girls hid behind robes. His cock quickly started to arouse.

“Aunt Jane? What’s going on here?” he nervously asked, as he swiftly placed his arms over his arousing lower region in an attempt to cover up his indecency.

“I told you I was going to make a dream of yours come true and I believe its every man’s dream to have a 3some,” Jane replied. “Ladies…”

The hoods came off the girl’s heads and Glenn wasn’t much surprised to see Connie and Ellen beneath those Jedi-Knight robes. He remembered them both very well when his Aunt first introduced them. He remembered saying hi to their breasts and being completely astonished by their sheer massive size. He never laid eyes on breasts so large even on the Internet during his night weekly jerking off sessions.

“He’s definitely no Derrick Phillips,” Ellen whispered to Connie.

“Yeah, I know,” softly chuckled Connie. “But he’s still kind of cute.”

“Consider this a late birthday gift from me to you Glenn,” said Jane. “Now just sit back and relax and let my assistants do all the work but feel free to explore their wonderful bodies.”

Glenn’s cock was fully hard from listening to his Aunt speak and staring blankly at her two top-heavy assistants. The only times his cock ever became achingly hard was from seeing Princess Leia in her gold bikini from a scene in Return of the Jedi. His breathing started heaving and droplets of sweat formed from his forehead as his noticeable bulge packed tightly in his underwear. Connie and Ellen walked over to Glenn and they stood on opposite sides of him. His eyes were squarely focused on the enormous orbs jutting from beneath their Jedi-Knight robes and over and over again in his mind, he thought this couldn’t be happening and none of it was real.

“Just like your aunt said. Just relax and enjoy yourself nerd boy,” said Ellen. She and Connie started to disrobe and Glenn’s eyes widen as large as saucers once those robes hit the ground at their feet.

“What do you think Glenn? Think you’ll be able to handle all that soft squishy flesh smothering your face and cock?” teasingly asked his aunt.

Glenn wasn’t much of a talker so needless to say he was rendered speechless and dumbfounded by the nearly nude assistants of his aunt. First his widen eyes soaked in the unbelievable sight of the huge soft and peaky cantaloupe-round tits with the shy nipples that Ellen possessed before moving over to the remarkable mammoth and pendulously sloping gelatin bags of Connie’s oversized teardrop-shaped jugs with the huge nipples. Without warning, the young virgin prematurely creamed his underwear.

“For fuck sakes Glenn, they haven’t even gotten started and your already cumming,” lashed his aunt.

Ellen nodded her head in disappointment and disbelief while Connie felt sorry for him. Embarrassment overwhelmed Glenn at this moment.

“Sorry,” he softly spoke.

“Don’t worry Glenn. We’ll clean the mess up and get you nice and hard again,” said Connie. She crouched down in front of the young virgin with her supple ass on the heels of her bare feet and grabbed his cum-stained underwear by the hem. Glenn was in delight as he felt Connie’s monstrous knockers rubbing and jiggling against his legs while she removed his underwear completely down to his feet and off. His cum-covered cock was small after his premature ejaculation. Connie seized his sticky dick with three fingers and tugged on it hastily. She learned forward on her toes splashing her humongous milk cans on his thighs and sucked his small dick into her mouth. She licked and sucked up all the cum that covered his cock. Glenn moaned and leaned back on his elbows and closed his eyes as he was receiving his first blow job.

“That’s right Glenny. Enjoy yourself and try not to cum to soon again,” instructed Jane.

Ellen climbed up on the bed beside Glenn and locked lips with him. She Öğrenci porno had a stupendously enormous tongue that she slip into his mouth. Her massively heavy jell-o bags cascaded all over his poor little chest as her tongue ravaged the inside of his mouth. Connie felt Glenn’s penis increasingly becoming hard between her lips. She lifted up his legs and placed them on her shoulders. She locked her arms halfway around his thighs and vigorously deep-throated his stiff little cock with her mouth until her narrow chin squished against his balls.

Glenn’s toes curled from the stimulation and he persistently moaned even with Ellen’s large tongue lodged down his throat and the warmth of bare large breasts for the first time on his naked chest especially ones as enormous and perky as Ellen’s, was just too much for the young virgin boy to tolerate. His sexual excitement was in full overdrive.

Connie felt the unanticipated gush of hot cum spurting down her throat. She gagged and coughed out Glenn’s penis. Some burst of cum spewed across her chest and on the tops of her heavy hangers. His dick fell upon the bed and quickly finished unloading his second burst seed.

“Jesus Glenn. You are a real disappointment. How are you expected to get laid anytime soon when you can control yourself?” his displeased Aunt asked.

Ellen took her mouth off his so he could answer.

“I’m very sorry Auntie. I’ve never experienced such a sexual rush like that before. All of this is happening all at once, so very, very quickly. I’m only an inexperience human being when it comes to sex and anything of that nature,” Glenn pleaded.

“He makes a good point. Perhaps one on one he could hold out longer,” suggested Ellen.

“Okay then Glenn. You get to decide which one of my girls you want taking your virginity,” said Jane.

This was an obvious hard choice for Glenn as both Ellen and Connie were the first females he ever saw naked and touched him sexually. As he thought about his choice, Glenn felt his cock hardening and in no time it was up and pointing directly at Connie, whom still crouched before him.

“Connie,” Glenn spoke.

Connie blushed as she was honored to be the one chosen to take away her first boy’s virginity. Ellen wasn’t too pleased but understood his decision as she climbed off the bed with her giant boobs flopping and swaying wildly and stood next to Glenn’s aunt.

“Alright. No more foreplay Connie. Just ride his dick,” instructed Jane. She tossed Connie a condom as she didn’t want to explain to her sister and brother-in law why their son, her nephew, got some young girl knocked up and ruined his future. Connie stood up and Glenn’s eyes immediately darted for her colossal hanging jugs, as they swayed heavy with each of her movements. Connie tore open the condom wrapper and wrapped the condom around Glenn’s stiff 6 inch cock.

“How do you want to fuck me? Missionary? Doggy-style? Cowgirl?” Connie asked.

“You on top, please,” Glenn suggested.

Connie climbed up onto the bed and straddled over Glenn. Instead of taking her granny panties off, she pulled the front of them aside and bared her shaved wet pussy to Glenn’s eyes. Glenn’s mouth watered as Connie seized his dick and slowly lowered herself onto him. Her mammoth gelatin bags were draped across his chest and stomach and he gasped as soon as he felt their softness made contact. He grunted and moaned as Connie pushed his hard cock between the slick tight walls of her pussy. Connie’s legs were on the outside of his as she sat all the way completely on his cock. Having his cock deep inside his first pussy and Connie’s humongous soft breasts draping down heavy across his whole upper torso was the greatest feeling Glenn ever felt.

Glenn clutched Connie’s soft pliable ass cheeks, still fully clad inside her granny panties as she rode him steadily. Her enormous double H knockers were walloping against his upper torso and made their way up to his face. Glenn looked down to see two monstrous lumps of gelatin flesh with big hard erase-sized nipples dangerously close to smothering him.

Connie quicken her pace and leaned over a bit so her titanic tits dangled over Glenn’s shoulders and trapped his head between her mile long soft gorge of cleavage. It took everything Glenn had not to lose control and cum just from the first few minutes of his first fuck and finding his face smothered between the softest pile of flesh he ever felt. It was all just too overwhelming to bear.

Glenn motor-boated his head between the two titanic gazongas and wildly kissed any part of the wobbly flesh surrounding his head. Even with the condom on, his cock felt fantastic being devoured by Connie’s warm wet pussy. Jane and Ellen could hear Glenn grunting and moaning within Connie’s deep full cleavage with enthusiasm.

“My nephew sure is enjoying himself,” stated Jane, as she observed Glenn kneading Connie’s soft supple ass as her assistant rode his cock. “And its about damn time be grew up into a man.” Jane looked over at Ellen and saw her pinching her nipples and giddy at the chance to fuck her nephew. She looked back over at the action and saw Connie was in full bouncing mode on top of Glenn. She remembered that awe astonishing sight of Connie’s gigantic fun bags bouncing and flopping all over the place while she rode movie star Derrick Phillips. The sounds of her tits flopping down hard and heavy and slapping against her skin was sweet music to Jane’s ears and that tone was once again playing as Connie bounced on top of her nephew with the full intend of taking his virginity.

Glenn cried out which meant he was closing in on his epic climax. The young man was beside himself being deflowered by a young girl who possessed tits bigger then his head and her own and watching them floppy up and down was all too exhilarating. The wetness, the softness, the warmth, and tight clutch that Connie’s pussy had on his hard cock didn’t help him avoid blowing his load.

Connie knew Glenn was ready to explode from the way his eyes were rolling back into his head, so she quickly stood up, monster tits lewdly flailing uncontrollably and removed the condom from his blistering red dick. She plopped her milk jugs on his thighs and used her hands and arms to gather them up and smother his hard cock deep in her cleavage. Virtually, there was no signs of Glenn’s penis seen from beneath the mountains of soft flesh that encircled it.

“Oh fuck! I can’t.. I can’t.. hold on.. I’m cumming!” screeched loudly Glenn.

Within seconds, a shaking out of control Glenn let out a long moan and released his built-up load of cum between the two massively huge mammeries that smothered it. Glenn let himself go into pleasure, cumming long and hard like never before. His first batch of hot seed shot up to reach Connie’s neck and dribbled to the tops of her overly plump breasts. The rest of his semen spewed out within the warmth inner sanctum of Connie’s cleavage. Glenn was spend as his cock drained itself in between the most profound cleavage he ever came in contact with.

After Glenn’s balls were completely drained and his cock fell flaccid, Connie lifted up her gargantuan breasts off his pasty thighs and showed Jane and Ellen the average-size sticky puddle of spunk Glenn made between her tits. Glenn just laid in bed motionless, exhausted, catching his breath with a huge shit-eating grin on his face and realized that this wasn’t a fantasy. He truly was no longer a virgin unlike the rest of his Internet pals.

“Bravo, my nephew, bravo. Not much but it’s a start,” congratulated Jane. ” Your going to love college life my boy. All that pussy and ass waiting to be fucked and I’m going to make sure you’ll a well-oiled fuck machine before your parents send you off.”

“Wow,” said Glenn, as he glazed up at the ceiling still with a huge smile on his face. “That was the most incredible thing I’ve ever done.”

“The day is long Glenn. I told your parents you’ll be working 6 hour shifts for the entire summer and we’re only 45 minutes into your first hour. Plenty of time to make you into a horny sex fiend. Ellen, I believe your up next.”

Glenn turned his head to observe Ellen as she approached him. His eyes fixated on her overly large swinging breasts. His cock started to erect once again. Ellen wasted no time in giving Glenn a blow job and an amazing tit-fuck. Glenn strongly held back from cumming as he wanted to get a good fuck out of Ellen. He fucked her doggy-style and milked her huge swinging melons until his hands grew tired. He managed to fuck Ellen hard enough that she came. She was the first girl he ever give an orgasm to.

Soon Glenn came inside the condom within 5 minutes of balls-deep fucking Ellen from behind. Jane was pleasantly surprise with the change she saw in her nephew as he had his way with her busty assistants. For the next five hours, he fucked Connie and Ellen in every position and had enough strength and confidence to have them both at once. Needless to say, Jane saw her nerdy nephew grow into a stallion of a man within a few hours.

The following day, word started spreading quickly that the owner and lead publisher of DAMSEL was filming porn within her company. To keep what’s left of her name in task, Jane had to redesign and let go of Connie, Ellen, and her nephew go to keep their names out of the press and scandal. No longer an owner of a fashion empire or editing chief, Jane decided to herself that it was time to start a new venture into what she’s truly passionate about…

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