The sexual awakenings of teenage private schoolgirls part 12The sexual awakenings of teenage private schoolgirls part 12


It was now the last week of November; school had ended for the young ladies and now cousins, Sally and Sarah Barker, were about to enter a new chapter in their lives. The Barker girls were about to turn eighteen. Kelly Smith, their best friend had turned eighteen on November the fourteenth and her parents, along with the Barkers, had agreed on a shared eighteenth birthday party. The date had been set, it was going to be a quiet party, not to be advertised anywhere on social media. Neither the girls, nor their parents wanted any of the unwanted nasty business that can sometimes accompany that. The only attendees were to be Sarah and Sally naturally, Kelly Smith, Jane Shapely and her house mate. The parents had allowed Jane’s house mate to come. The girls’ parents did not know about Jane’s love of her house mate though. Kelly’s parents had gone away for their twentieth wedding anniversary. Kelly had bought them a week holiday on a luxury cruise ship to celebrate. The Barkers were going to be able to supervise the three girls celebrate turning eighteen together, becoming young adult ladies together. However, just one week before the big event, and the Barkers were called away to a conference for work. Jane Shapely offered to supervise the party; she was their teacher and a trusted adult. They also knew the profession of Jane’s’ house mate, even if the trio of young ladies didn’t know just yet. The Barkers had no hesitation in allowing everything to go as planned. Besides the three young ladies were looking forward to the party. The Barkers lived out of town, what could possibly happen? There was really only one rule for the three young ladies to abide by. Boys were allowed, but they were not allowed to stay overnight, and there was definitely to be no sexual antics of any kind with any of the boys. Neither family wanted to be grandparents just yet. They had no idea how little they needed to worry about this happening at the party. The Barkers had let Sally and Sarah stay home alone a few times, and so they were allowed to be home alone for a few days once again. Friday morning and Sally and Sarah were in bed as the alarm woke them. It was 9:00 am and the day was two days rolled into one; the girls were now eighteen, it had been a remarkable coincidence that the cousins had been born the same day. Today was also the morning of the trio’s birthday party. Sarah rolled over and turned off the alarm. She looked turned back to her cousin and said. “Good morning Sally. We are finally eighteen. I don’t feel much different to yesterday really, how about you?” Sally just looked back at Sarah and replied, still a half asleep, yawning and running her hand over her beautiful nude body. Sally loved the silky smooth feel of Sarah’s skin. “I don’t really feel older, but I do feel my hot cousin. Do you feel like having your pussy eaten before, or after we shower today?” Sarah replied as she began to gently kiss Sally’s sexy lips, cheek and neck. “Oh Sally, you know I love it when you eat my pussy. You know I can never say no to you. It is up to you honey.” Escort elvankent The pair began kissing and caressing each other’s beautiful naked bodies, making their way to the bathroom as they did. Sally slowly kissed and sucked her way down Sarah’s body. Sally loved to suck on Sarah’s erect nipples. Sally loved the way they responded to being sucked wet, then having a breath blown across them. They always stood to attention, ready to be sucked and nibbled some more. Sally and Sarah both loved to have their nipples treated in this manner. The two hot ladies had a shower for two and as usual, they fingered each other a little in the shower too. Today was a special day, so Sally and Sarah took turns in trimming and waxing each other’s pussy to get their look just right. After returning to their room, Sally sat Sarah in the chair in their room and proceeded to plait Sarah’s hair. Sally then sat in the chair as Sarah tied Sally’s lovely long blond locks into a ponytail. Sally loved her hair in a ponytail, she always felt like a princess with her hair in a ponytail. Then Sally swiveled the chair around and announced it was time for Sarah to have her sweet pussy eaten. Sally pulled Sarah close to her and just as she began to part Sarah’s perfect pink pussy lips with her tongue, the doorbell rang. Sally sucked Sarah’s wet lips into her mouth, enjoying the taste. The doorbell rang again. “That will probably be Kelly or Jane, let’s go and answer the door naked. Then we can have her lay back on the table and enjoy her together. What a lovely birthday present they will be for us. Come on Sarah, let’s both go down in the nude. Why bother putting clothes on, just to take them off in a minute?” Sally said as she got up off the chair. When the pair got downstairs and opened the door, Sarah just swung it right open; without even checking to see if it was Jane, Kelly or someone else. Luckily for the two young ladies it was Jane. Jane held a small bag in one hand, and another woman’s hand in the other. Jane had bought her girlfriend over to introduce her to her former students. Now the two girls stood naked in the doorway, as two equally gorgeous and fully dressed women looked in. “Jane, come on in. Is this Renée? She looks familiar. Have I seen you somewhere before?” Sarah purred. Jane nodded and as they entered the house, Jane then introduced Renée to her former students. “I am the new police constable here in town. I gave a talk to your classes before you finished last month. You may remember me from that. But why are you both answering the door naked? It could have been anybody at the door.” Renée asked. “Well, we um. We just got out of the shower and… Jane, have you?” Sarah began to reply. “Yes Sarah, I have told Renee all about Sally, Kelly and you; and how the three of us have been having an affair together. I love Renée very much; I could not hide such a secret from her. I am so glad that you can now meet her.” Jane replied. “Jane has told me all about how the two of you, together with Kelly worked your emek escort sexy magic on her. How you seduced my lovely into screwing you often. I knew Jane was seeing someone else. But I love her deeply, so I never said anything. I know it would never be a man, so it is okay with me. I can see why Jane continued to see you both. You are so sexy, I cannot wait to meet Kelly too.” Renée said, before adding, “Can we go somewhere and chat a little? I would like to know what sort of party you have planned for this evening.” Sarah laughed as they went into the living room, before cheekily replying. “Well the plan was just to enjoy an evening chatting and see where it leads. You know, just a ‘girls night in’ type of thing. We really did not have much of a party planned. But Kelly did suggest a theme, Sally and I agreed with her. The theme we wanted to go with was ‘no clothes’. What do you think?” “Sounds good to me, when did you want to start off with your party?” Renée inquired. But before either of the girls had a chance to answer her, the doorbell rang once again. As Sarah walked by Renée, she looked her up and down; making sure Renée knew she was checking her gorgeous body out. Renée wore a figure hugging t-shirt and jeans. Sarah thought her look was very sexy as Renée’s every sexy curve was on display, without her actually showing any skin. Sarah also swayed her hot hips side to side; the view was almost mesmerizing. Sarah’s long blond hair hung down her back, all the way down to her butt. As Sarah took each step, her lovely long plaited hair also swayed and lightly kissed the tops of her cute ass cheeks. The three young ladies all watched on, Sarah was the picture of beauty today. She had an aura about her; she had always had a sweet smile to melt your heart. But today there seemed to be an added extra something, her whole body seemed to glow and exude a sensual confidence. “Hi babe, come on in. Jane and her hot girlfriend are here. Don’t tell her, but Jane is one lucky woman. Renée is absolutely gorgeous; you will see what I mean. Come on in babe.” Sarah said, thinking the others had not heard her. When Kelly walked into the living room, she greeted her two best friends and lovers with a happy birthday hug and a kiss on their lips. Kelly could not resist having a feel of their cute butts as she gave them each a hug. “I see you decided to go with my theme then. Or have I arrived just in time for something else?” Kelly said. “We had actually just finished in the shower, shaved each other and done our hair, when Jane and Renée arrived. We were just discussing what we had planned for our day. We were just intending to chill and do nothing serious.” Sally explained. Kelly sat down beside Sally, Jane and Renée had sat on the sofa, while Sarah sat on a beanbag to the side. Sarah looked around her friends. “Why don’t we all sit around nude and chat? We can just sit here and see what we actually want to do today.” Sarah said. “Okay, I am happy to do that.” Kelly said as she got up and stripped off all of her clothes. eryaman escort bayan “I am happy to do that too ladies. What about you Renée?” Jane replied. Both Jane and Renée got up and also disrobed. Now, all five young ladies were all naked and seated in the living room. The trio of Sally, Sarah and Kelly all acted like it was completely normal to be naked in the presence of others. Renée looked around at the three younger ladies as the conversation flowed. She was half looking at each person as they spoke, half looking at their beautiful naked body too. The conversation went through ideas of things to do for the day. “I would love to go down to the river on the back boundary and go to our little secluded spot and swim nude together. The sun is shining nice and warm today. We could enjoy sunbathing and swimming nude. Who else would like to do that?” Kelly said. The group met Kelly’s suggestion warmly. The group dressed and walked down to the secluded swimming spot in the river. Once again, all five ladies disrobed and Sarah offered to apply sun tan oil to each of the other ladies. She did Kelly’s body first, then Sally, Jane and finally Renée. As Sarah applied the lotion to Renée’s body, Sarah could not help but feel her body as much as apply the lotion. Sarah was turned on by how Renée’s body felt so smooth. Renée obviously worked out; her biceps were firm, but not huge like a bodybuilder. Renée’s back, her sexy thighs, the tone of her whole body was amazing. “Okay that is your back done. Turn around, hold your arms up and I will do your front for you,” Sarah said to Renée in a seductive sultry tone. Sarah then began to apply the lotion to Renée’s front. Sarah put two coats on her breasts; to be sure they got a good covering. Then she coated Renée’s stomach and, as Sarah applied the lotion around her womanhood, Sarah dipped a finger inside. She looked into Renée’s eyes as she did. Neither woman said a word, but both knew what was on the other’s mind. When Sarah had finished applying the suntan lotion to Renée, Renée then returned the favor. But when Renée was working her way around Sarah’s womanhood, Renée looked into Sarah’s beautiful blue eyes and slid a slender finger inside Sarah’s pink lower lips. “You should ask before you slide a finger inside another woman. She might not want you to. You don’t want her to be upset with you. No matter how gorgeous you are, there will be someone who may not want to have you do that to her.” Renée explained, before kissing her on her cheek and continuing, “I don’t mind though.” Sarah and Sally had taken a few toys down to the river to play with. There was a basketball, a frisbee, and a tennis ball on a string and pole. The secluded area by the river where the young ladies had gone was around an acre in size, it was bordered on three sides by thick bushy trees. If anybody were to approach, they would make enough noise to alert the ladies to their presence before seeing the five beautiful young ladies. The ladies decided to throw the frisbee around first, the sun shone down on their stunning bodies. The suntan lotion meant all five ladies’ skin glistened a little in the sun. Then Sarah said, “Why don’t we all cool off in the river. We could throw the basketball to each other. We could play water polo if we like.” The ladies all played in the cool water; time seemed to fly by.

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