The SeductionThe Seduction


(c) hwm, March 2002

Chapter 1

He had been working his tail off all week, and Friday wasn’t much better. Seems the boss was supposedly under pressure from the front office, so the boss put all the heat on his employees, pushing, pushing harder and harder to complete the construction at least on time, but really wanting to be ahead by a week or ten days. The pressure had come down on him hard, and by the time the day was done on Friday, he was mentally as well as physically worn out.

All he wanted to do was go home, sit down, have a beer, and watch a little television. Have a nice quiet evening with his significant other, nothing out of the ordinary, just recoup a little.

When he walked in the front door, something was different, no, a lot was different. The house was spic and span, only a few lamps were on, and there was some soft music playing on the stereo. He called out for his friend, but there was no one there but him. He also noticed something he’d not been aware of before, for many months: There was a faint odor in the air, but he couldn’t quite make it out. So he stopped just inside the door, and lightly sniffing, he finally picked up the scent of vanilla and something else, what was it, oh, yes, rose. But where was this all coming from? He called out again, but no one answered.

Wandering into the kitchen, he noticed that all the dishes were done, all the counters uncluttered, and a note in the middle of the kitchen table. The note was for him from his sweetheart, telling him he was by himself for the evening, she had been invited out for the evening with her lady friends to go visiting the nursing homes, and that she would be late getting in. As far as getting something to eat, he would have to do that for himself. But she also noted that if he went in the bedroom he would find something quite out of the usual, and there would be another note there.

Still being extremely tired, but with a slow smile coming on his face, he laid down his coat and papers at the table, and ventured into the bedroom. He actually forgot the fact that he was kind of hungry, and the idea of a beer was put on the back burner, unknowingly. Walking into the bedroom, he found another note on the bed, along with some silk boxer shorts (where had she found these, he wondered) and a heavy terry robe, his favorite color of blue. Picking up the note, he noticed the scents again, the vanilla and rose. There was a stirring in his groin that he’d not had for quite some time, and he was trying to figure out what was going on. Reading the note, he was instructed to strip out of his clothes, but to also clean out his pockets and place all the contents on the top of the dresser. He was to put the discarded clothing in the clothes hamper next to the washer in the utility room, but not to put on the boxers and robe at the moment. All this had to be done in the nude. Having no children at home made this chore simple enough. Then he was to proceed to the bathroom, do whatever he needed to do, if he could, and expect more surprises when he arrived.

Completing the first parts of the instructions, he finally got to the bathroom. He had installed a garden-type tub some months before, but had rarely had the opportunity to use it. Upon entering, he finally picked up on where the scents were coming from – a vanilla candle and a rose candle, each set on opposite ends of the tub. There were also fresh flowers, and the soft music was coming from small speakers he had mounted near the ceiling when he had installed the tub.

Next to the tub he noticed a small cooler, and upon opening it noticed a single six-pack of his favorite brew, iced and waiting on him. Not wanting to destroy the moment, and having forgotten his fatigue for the moment, he looked around on the vanity, and there was another note. His s/o had left this for him, too, with suggestions on enjoying what she had so carefully set up for him. There were bath salts on the rim of the tub, along with some glycerin soap and a new loofa. She suggested that he run the necessary water in the tub, but a tad hotter than normally, for the salts needed to be well dissolved to adequately take the pain and fatigue from his body. And the soap would thoroughly slick down his skin, as well as dissolving the dirt and sweat from his body. The loofa would invigorate him, too.

Then he was to simply lie in the tub until the water cooled enough, but he was warned to be careful not to fall asleep there.

He set the note aside, leaned against the vanity, and smiled to himself, knowing how much she cared for him, how much she loved him, how she doted on him and his feelings and his emotions. Even though she had a job of her own, with its own set of problems, she was always one step ahead of him, taking the time to comfort him and to stroke his ego, to keep the doldrums from setting in. He made a lot of mental notes at the moment, remembering all the fun times, and the bad times they had been through in the last several years. But at the moment, he was just glowing with all the attention, even though he was alone.

Reaching escort bayan down to the cooler and plucking a brew, he leaned over the tub and started drawing the water, remembering her instructions to get the water a little tepid, a tad warmer than his normal shower. Picking up the packet of salts, he read the instructions and after a few minutes, poured the salts directly under the spigot.

In just a short period of time the bathroom was nearly like a steam room, lightly foggy, and warm, very warm. Only then did he notice the arousing feeling in his groin, creeping down into his loins, sneaking up on his genitals, producing a warm and full feeling in his cock. Even his balls were starting to tighten a bit, in deference to the heat of the bath. Having finished the first brew, he set the bottle on the vanity and pulled another from the cooler. Opening it and setting it on the floor beside the tub, he turned off the water and swirled his hand through the water, noting that while the water was much hotter than he wanted, he remembered her instructions about the need for the hotter water. Gingerly, he stepped into the tub, first letting his feet get accustomed to the heat, and then slowly lowered his body down. Tender going at first, but sooner than he expected he was sitting full length in the tub, savoring the heat and the twinges his skin was getting from the salts. He lingered here for a few minutes, slowly sliding down to his neck in the tub, and then rising out again, to lean against the edge. He took a couple more pulls on his brew, and then settled in for a few more minutes, just enjoying the heat, the feelings of all the tensions slipping from his body.

He decided it was time to try the glycerin soap and loofa routine. He had done this long ago, with his friend in the tub with him. She had scrubbed his back, but this time he had to figure out a way to do it for himself. Thoroughly scrubbing the rest of his body, starting with his feet and ankles, he slowly worked his way up his body, culminating in working long and hard on his neck and shoulders. Seeing that he couldn’t really reach his back, he finally gave up on that part, and slid back into the water to rinse off.

While lying there in near bliss, his eyes started wandering around the bath. Only then did he notice another note next to the wall on the backside of the tub, wrapped in a plastic baggy. What is this, now, he wondered? Reaching over for the baggy, he opened it and read the following:

“Love, there is something else, just one little thing I want you to do for me, as well as for yourself. By now, I think you are well relaxed enough to do what I want you to do. If you will look behind you, just behind the curtain, you will see a shiny new razor and a can of shaving gel. I hope you will do this for me, as well as for yourself, for I get such pleasure from you in our lovemaking, and I want to be a little adventurous when I get home tonight.

“All I want you to do is simply shave your cock to the base and your balls. There is no need to go any farther, unless you just can’t resist. If you’re curious, I shaved myself this afternoon, just on a whim, and I was so excited by the feel and the smoothness that I was wet as I was getting dressed to go out this evening. I’m not demanding that you do this, but if the thought excites you as much as it does me, I’m only asking for a one-time shot.

“I love you, and I’ll see you when I get home.”

What the hell is going on here, he thought? First the note on the kitchen table, the in the bedroom, then in the bathroom, and now this!

But looking down, he noted that he had a raging erection, harder than any one he’d had in the last six months or more. And to boot, there was a noticeable amount of clear liquid forming at the head of his shaft, which was now clearly out of the water in the tub, and he could hardly believe his eyes! And then he could hardly resist the temptation to stroke himself to oblivion, thinking all the while of the possibilities that could await him if he were to follow her request.

End of 1st Chapter

Chapter 2

Having read the last note, he smiled to himself, wondering where she had come across this idea of shaving those oh so private areas. Had she been browsing some women’s magazine somewhere, reading up on the latest crazes, or had she been talking to some of her friends, and gotten the idea from one of them? It didn’t really matter where this had come from, only that it had come from her. The temptation was too much to deny.

Reaching across the tub he picked up the razor and the gel. He stood briefly, looking in the mirror at the reflection of his face, wondering if he should shave that, too, and decided that yes, that might be a good idea. Stepping out of the tub and crossing to the vanity, he lathered his face up well, and grabbed his own razor. The gel was the warming kind, and it moistened his whiskers so well that the razor hardly tugged at all. He was through with the task in no time at all.

Returning to the tub, he sat dikmen escort down on the wide ledge with his feet back in the water. “Oh, what a feeling,” he thought to himself. Such warmth on his feet, and such attention to detail by his friend. Savoring the moment briefly, he turned his thoughts to the next task, the one she had requested of him.

He squirted some of the warming gel into the palm of his hand and rubbed his hands together. Spreading his legs wide, he started applying the gel to his cock and balls. “This is strange, but nice, really nice,” he thought. He noted that while he was not erect, his cock was turgid, full, and warm, very warm. He applied the gel around the base, coming back up his groin toward his waistline. Then he descended to his balls, and felt the warmth of the gel on his balls. While he was out of the tub, albeit briefly while shaving his face, his balls had tightened a bit, pulling them closer to his body, now that the warm water was away from them. But the gel had some of the same effect as the water, in that the scrotal skin loosened again, and he was able to massage his balls. Taking a bath was something he rarely did, preferring a shower, so his attention to his scrotal area was usually just a stroke and a hit with the soap. He was finding that this approach and the application of the warming gel were pleasant, quite pleasant. He actually didn’t want to stop, but he didn’t want to lose sight of what the ultimate goal was either.

Picking up the razor, he saw it was a new one, with a masculine grip, weighty but not heavy, and it had three blades per razor. He also saw that she had left an entire replacement package of blades because she knew he had never shaved himself before, and that the first couple of blades would clog quickly. By now he was ready to begin the shaving process itself. Not knowing exactly where to start, he reached beneath the sac, gently lifting the balls out of the way, and started removing the hair at the base, close to his anus. The hair was really thick here, and each stroke demanded a swish in the water in the tub. Soon he began to feel a tugging sensation, ah, the blade was wearing fast. He stopped briefly, inserted a new blade, and continued on. He worked up the sac toward the base of his cock, moving right and left over each ball along the way. The rest of the scrotal sac took three of the six total blades, but he was amazed at the sensations he was feeling. The only other persons who had ever touched him there were the various and sundry doctors he had gone to over the years, usually for physicals. He couldn’t ever remember having these sensations before.

Finishing his balls, he installed another blade. He didn’t really have to move his cock much, as the rigidity was returning without his even having to think about it. He began above his cock, about an inch above his pubic bone. She hadn’t said exactly how far to go, and that he could make that determination on his own. Moving the razor in the direction of the hair, he began near his left leg and worked his way across his groin. Then he moved his cock to the right a bit and worked on the left side. The hair was coming off very well, although the gel was starting to wane a bit. He stopped for a moment and applied more gel. He worked the razor all the way around the base of his cock, thoroughly removing all vestiges of the pubic hair. Daringly, he even shaved the hair about a quarter of the way down the inside of each thigh, noting how soft and supple the skin was there, and how tender and sensual, too. Using the last blade, he did one last overall shave of his entire pubic area, ensuring there were no stray hairs anywhere around.

Satisfied with his accomplishment, he eased his way back into the tub, rinsing away any final hair and gel. Completing that, he decided to shower off all the salts, and thoroughly cleans all the shaved areas.

As he stepped out of the tub/shower, he found an oversized, soft and fluffy terry towel hanging on the bar. The bar was heated and she had left the heat on, too, ensuring that he was babying himself all the way through. There was a full-length mirror on the back of the door to the bathroom, and he finally saw himself in all his glory. He was well endowed to begin with, about six inches, but now that the hair had been removed, and his erection had returned, he could hardly believe his eyes. Of course, he knew that the shaving routine had only increased his attention, but it seemed as though his length and girth had increased significantly. “That’s amazing,” he thought, “that my cock seems to have gotten that much longer and fuller. Wow!”

As he finished drying off, he turned a few times from side to side, admiring his new “haircut”, and admiring his new “look”. “This is nice,” he thought. “I think I might even keep the look.”

He decided on the spot not to use any antiperspirant, knowing that she liked the smell of plain, clean skin. But to ward off any undue stubble feeling, at least for the moment, he reached beneath the vanity and ankara otele gelen escort pulled out a bottle of aloe vera gel. This he generously applied to his genital area, rubbing it in, relishing in the moment of a soothing feeling. His cock was still at attention, but not quite as hard as only moments before.

By now the time was close to 9 p.m. He walked out of the bathroom to the bedroom and approached the bed where the boxers and terry robe were laying. Enjoying his new look, and finally being relaxed a bit, he didn’t immediately put on the boxers, but instead just strolled through the house, noting a freedom he had not experienced in a long time. After about 15 minutes, he returned to the bedroom and put on the boxers.

The sensation of silk against naked skin was electrifying! Never before had he even imagined the feel, the exquisiteness of the utter eroticism of having this fine material caressing his skin, and his cock and balls before. His erection was again full blown, seeming as though he would literally explode with a huge orgasm in record time. He actually had to remove the shorts for a moment, as he thought he was about to either pass out, or pass a load of immense capacity! His mind was going at 90 to nothing, and his sensual side came out immediately. He was wondering if she had the same feelings when she wore silk panties, and even more so since she told him she had shaved herself this afternoon. After getting a grip (pun intended) on the situation at hand, he once again eased on the boxers. Now that he was anticipating the eroticism of the underwear, it was at least bearable, but only barely so. He sat on the edge of the bed for a few minutes, getting accustomed to these new sensations. His heart was racing so fast he just lay back on the bed, regaining control of his heart rate and breathing. After a few minutes, gaining control, he rose from the bed and slipped on the robe. While the electricity was subsiding to a workable level, the brushing of the robe over the boxers somewhat intensified his acute awareness of what could be lying in store in just a bit, as soon as she came home from her night out.

Remaining in the bedroom, he lay down on the bed and turned on the television, just for a slight distraction. As he was watching the evening news, only watching, not really comprehending, he heard the front door open, heard her calling out to her departing friends, and heard her close the door and throw the deadbolt. His mind was now in overdrive, listening to her making her rounds through the house, turning off lights, and singing lightly. He was waiting, and he was ready for whatever she had in mind.

End of 2nd Chapter

Chapter 3

He was lying on the bed, with the silk boxers and the soft, luxurious terry robe on that she had laid out for him before she left. He had heard her come in the front door, heard her lock and bolt the door, and heard her walking through the house, turning off lights, checking windows for security, and listening to her softly singing some little ditty he had heard before. He had not extinguished the candles she had left for him – one vanilla and one rose – and he was eagerly anticipating her entrance into the bedroom.

She called out from the kitchen, just down the hall, saying, “Are you there? Are you comfortable? Have you enjoyed yourself all alone this evening?” She was still softly singing, making small rackets in the kitchen, probably getting a drink of water, just piddling around, extending the anticipation of the sure-to-be sexual fare he was hoping for.

He heard her coming down the hall, but the clack-clack of her heels on the floor was no more. She evidently stopped by the thermostat, just to check the temp in the house, that it was neither too warm nor too cool. She knew that the temperature in the bedroom was going to be getting rather warm in a bit, and just wanted the setting to be right.

Her legs were quite feminine, somewhat muscular but not overbearingly so. She took good care of her body, exercising regularly at the gym, doing the aerobics things, and some minor weight lifting, enough to keep good muscle tone. She stood about 5’5″, weighed in around 110 pounds. Her hair was of medium length, cut in a popular mode, kind of short and with a bit of wave. Though she was getting older now, the gray was tinted out with highlights, and many a man on the street would give second and even third looks when she passed them. Her walking gait was not so much as sexy, but confident. She knew who and what she was, and she was proud of it.

She kept her body in the best physical shape she could, having had a couple of children years before. After each birth she returned to the daily regimen she had set up so long before, walking and running, gardening, but no overly hard workouts for her. She held her figure quite well, with a nice V-shape from the top of her shoulders to her waist, and that accentuated the flare of her diminutive hips that tapered down to her well-proportioned legs. After the birth of her second child, her breasts having been mightily swollen with milk had begun to sag a bit, and she was concerned about her attractiveness for her friend. After a few years, she opted for a breast reconstruction, nothing major, just a tuck here and there, and some small implants. Her nipples and aerolae were not touched, and remained very sensitive to touch and temperature.

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