The Schoolgirl Temptress – Part 2The Schoolgirl Temptress – Part 2


Fifty-year-old Alan Tyson did not sleep much that Sunday night. Mostly it was his conscience keeping him awake because that morning he had allowed himself to be seduced by seventeen-year-old Isabel Everett.He was thinking that it was bad enough being unfaithful to his wife Marie, but to do it with a girl that was a pupil at the school at which he taught, the daughter of Alan’s closest friends and his own daughter’s best friend multiplied his guilt.The other thing that was keeping Alan awake was that he wanted to do it again. Isabel was so fucking sexy and had been a great fuck, he also enjoyed spanking her lovely arse at her suggestion. That lovely arse had also been on his face, firstly inside skin-tight jodhpurs and then naked.Isabel lay in her bed that night feeling quite happy with life. She had wanted to bed Mr Tyson and she had bedded him, she had no intention of wrecking his marriage or career but if the opportunity arose, she would like to have him between her legs again.Alan was not the first married mature man that Isabel had had sex with and, very likely, there would be others but it was different with him because of the closeness of the two families.Alan did not teach a subject that Isabel was studying so they did not come into contact at school in the normal course of events, some days they did not even set eyes on each other apart from maybe in any school assemblies. Isabel wanted to see Alan on Monday though, not to tease or taunt him or anything, just to see him.Isabel got the chance to see Alan during the lunch break, he had just finished talking to another teacher and Isabel made a beeline for him. Alan saw her approaching and thought that maybe he should walk away but he chose not to.”Hello, Mr Tyson, did you have a nice weekend?” Isabel smiled innocently.”Yes thank you, Isabel, did you?” replied Alan, feeling slightly defensive.”Wonderful, yes; I fucked a teacher,” replied Isabel, now smirking.Alan’s eyes showed signs of panic in case someone heard but a quick check suggested that nobody was within earshot.”Isabel, you must not say things like that,” reprimanded Alan, thinking that he needed to end this conversation quickly.”Why not? It is true, isn’t it?” said Isabel, now pouting.”Isabel, I have to go back to my classroom now,” said Alan, anxious to get away.”Do you mean you want me to follow so that we can fuck?” said Isabel, teasingly.”No, of course not,” said Alan, now moving away.”See ya, Mr Tyson,” said Isabel to the departing teacher.Alan Beylikdüzü escort bayan walked away with his cock close to a full erection in his trousers. He would love to fuck Isabel over a desk in his classroom right now. The young temptress had really got to him.Alan and Isabel knew that if their relationship became anything more than the great fuck they had had on Sunday, then keeping it a secret was essential. The need for secrecy meant that the chances of getting time together for sex were likely to be very limited.Despite Isabel’s flippant remark about fucking in a classroom, the chances of getting it on on school premises were remote at best. Getting some together time at either home was problematical because everything needed to fall into place like it had on Sunday but Isabel’s known love for horse riding meant that she could not keep declining to go riding with her mum and Alan’s wife and daughter.Isabel decided that she needed some way of having contact with Alan, either his mobile number or an email address but communicating in either of those ways increased the chances of any relationship being discovered.Isabel was going to give Alan her mobile number on Tuesday and she approached him as he went towards his car at the end of the school day but she then saw that his daughter Kim was there so that plan was abandoned. Kim did not always go home after school with her dad but she obviously was this day.Kim saw Isabel approaching although she did not know why. “Hey Isabel, dad can drop you off at home, that is okay isn’t it dad?” said Kim, giving her father very little choice.”Yes, yes of course,” replied Alan, although Kim could not see his rabbit in the headlights expression as he answered.”Oh thanks, Mr Tyson, are you sure?” smiled Isabel, although she had the sense not to do anything to raise Kim’s suspicions.Isabel sat in the back of the car and made eye contact with Alan via his rearview mirror. She once blew a kiss and once licked her lips from behind her friend Kim’s back.Alan dropped Isabel off at her home. “Thank you, Mr Tyson; good night Mr Tyson, good night Kim,” said Isabel as she got out of the car but not before making eye contact with Alan via the mirror one more time.Kim and her father said their good nights to Isabel.Isabel did think of leaving the piece of paper on which she had written her number on the back seat of the car but there was the risk of Kim or perhaps her mother finding it Escort Beyoğlu rather than Alan. Isabel would try to give Alan her number on Wednesday but would not wait until the end of the day in case the same thing happened as on Tuesday.Alan could not avoid glancing at Isabel’s backside as she walked up the drive to her house, Isabel was smiling to herself because she thought he would be. Alan then smiled at his daughter who was looking at him a bit strangely. “Sorry, I rather put you on the spot there, didn’t I?” said Kim to her father.”What do you mean?” said Alan, thinking that Kim had noticed him looking at Isabel’s bottom.”By giving you no choice about giving Isabel a lift,” answered Kim, wondering what else her father might think she meant.”Oh that was fine, it was no problem,” answered Alan, as he drove away.On Wednesday at school, Isabel hung around outside Alan’s classroom at break time and sort of ambushed him as he came out. “This is my mobile number,” said Isabel, giving Alan the piece of paper.”I can’t have you on my phone, Marie or Kim might see it,” replied Alan, anxiously looking around to make sure nobody was near enough to hear what was being said.”You put me on there as a man’s name, silly,” said Isabel, who had given her mobile number to more than one married man before.Alan did not reply but put the piece of paper in his pocket. “Text me when you have done it,” smiled Isabel, before walking away, seemingly mission accomplished.Later in the break, Isabel’s mobile buzzed, the text read, ‘We have to be so careful, never phone me, okay?’ Alan sent it, with the letter ‘A’ at the end. He had added Isabel’s number to his phone as a fictitious ‘Ian.”Okay but I need your cock soon,’ Isabel texted back.There was no text response from Alan but having sex again with this girl was something that he wanted as soon as possible.Later that day, Kim and Isabel were chatting, “Mum wants me to go to the cinema with her on Saturday, there is a film that she wants to see and dad isn’t interested,” said Kim to her friend.’Fuck, yes,’ passed through Isabel’s mind before she responded, “Are you going to go?” praying that Kim would answer in the affirmative.”I suppose so, but I am not really interested in the film either,” said Kim.”You should go, it would be nice for you to spend some girls’ time with your mum,” encouraged Isabel.”Girls’ time? Fuck off, I am a bit old for going to the cinema with mummy, don’t you think?” laughed Bomonti escort Kim.”No, go for it, it would be nice,” pressed Isabel, hoping against hope that her friend agrees to go.”I might do,” said Kim, not too enthusiastically.The possibility of Isabel getting some time with Alan on Saturday was opening up and Isabel wondered if Alan was aware of the situation, she decided to text him after school.’Do you know that Kim might be going to the cinema with her mum on Saturday?’ Isabel texted.Alan had just gotten into his car to leave school when his phone buzzed, Kim was with him.He looked at his phone and saw that he had a text from ‘Ian’ he thought it best not to open it with his daughter next to him.”Aren’t you going to look at the text?” queried Kim.”No, I will look later, it is probably not important,” replied Alan.”Who is it from?” continued Kim.”Oh, just this bloke Ian that I know,” said Alan, not liking deceiving his daughter although the message did say that it was ‘Ian’ texting.”Nothing wrong is there dad? You seem a bit worried,” asked a concerned Kim.”No, nothing wrong darling, I will read it later,” said Alan, starting the car.When Alan got home, he went to have a shower which was his normal practice. He did not normally take his mobile with him but he did on this occasion.He was naked in his en suite bedroom before taking the shower when he read the text from ‘Ian.’He texted back, ‘Sorry, couldn’t read it earlier cos Kim was with me, no, I didn’t know,’ Alan texted back. He waited to see if there was a response and there was, very promptly.’Looks like we might be able to fuck,’ Isabel responded.’Hope so, I had better go now,’ replied Alan, whose cock was stiffening rapidly.’I so want another fucking and spanking from you, XXXX,’ Isabel texted back.’See you soon, bye,’ Alan sent back, before deleting the messages and switching his mobile off.He entered the shower with his hand wanking his erect cock, the shower took a bit longer than usual because he had to cum and then wash the spunk away.”Have you read your text, dad?” Kim asked when Alan appeared downstairs.”Yes, it is sorted, nothing important,” answered Alan, feeling guilty about his deception and also grateful that his wife was not in the room to ask, “What text?” which would have been her natural reaction.On Thursday at school, Isabel and Alan saw each other from a distance during the lunch break. A smile crossed Isabel’s face as she took out her phone and typed a text.Alan’s phone buzzed and he looked up to see Isabel looking at him from some distance away with lots of people in between them. He looked at his phone and opened the text from ‘Ian’ it read, ‘Wishing that you were fucking me now, Mr Tyson,’ Alan looked up from reading the text to see Isabel making a wanking motion with her right hand.

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