Subject: The runaways Chapter 4 The Runaways Chapter 4 Disclaimers: Everything you read in this story is my intellectual property and as such should be treated with utmost respect. The people described are not living, breathing human beings mind you. They exist only in the realm of pure imagination, somewhat. These are my fantasies that I have developed over the years. The people described in the story do not really exist, but are rather the combination of several different people. Thus I am not harming anyone, because they combine features and thus are not really in existence. ANY RESEMBLANCE TO REAL PEOPLE IS ENTIRELY COINCIDENTAL ON MY PART. All other disclaimers/rules/procedures apply. If you are under the legal age of viewing this material (depending upon where you live, that could be any age) please direct yourself to something else that will occupy your time. This is my first attempt at writing for Nifty, so please take that into consideration while reading. I’ve read plenty of Nifty stories over the years, and have enjoyed many of the stories that I consider good, now I’m just trying to pay it forward. It’s going to be a chapter story, so if you are looking for a quick toss-off better move onto the next story. Other than that, I sincerely hope you enjoy my story. Constructive criticism/feedback/comments are duly appreciated. Please direct them to my email at hoo. All are welcome! The Runaways Chapter 4 “Hey get back here!” I heard him say as I ran out the door. I left Chase at the side of the building. I knew the guy would follow. I was hoping he would. We needed help. Chase hurt his leg when our foster father tried to rape him again. He always threatened us with a knife. Chase was naked from the waist down. Mr. Granger was pulling out his hard penis. I hated Mr. Granger he and his wife have been beating us since we came to live with them two years ago. At first he just hit and beat us. But one day he walked in on me changing my clothes and notice the size of my penis. I guess Chase and I are a little bigger than average. He made me stop changing. I knew if tandoğan escort I refused him he would beat me. I just stood there as he looked me over. We had only lived with them half a year when he invited his first friend to come over. I didn’t understand at first why this man was interested in me. I can’t say I didn’t like him sucking on my penis because it would always feel so good. Mr. Granger would sometimes join in. At first most of the men would just come to suck on my penis. Slowly things would progress. At first Mr. Granger would rub his finger around my hole. It felt good and I would moan. Slowly he would begin to wet his fingers and insert it into my tight little hole. It hurt, I didn’t want him to do it. I jerked away, but Mr. Granger would beat me when I did. After that he was not gentle. Sometimes he would not even wet his fingers. Then one night when his wife was gone he came into my room. I was thankful Chase did not share the same room. Mr. Granger slid off his pants. He shoved his hard penis into my mouth, he had never done that before. He told me to wet his cock good because he was going to break me in. I didn’t know exactly what he meant but I would find out. His penis isn’t really that big. I actually knew it was smaller then my little brothers penis. Chase’s penis and mine are around the same size. But Mr. Granger is only four inches long and not very thick and when he tried to put it inside me it hurt like hell. He would muffle my mouth so my brother wouldn’t hear. The only good thing about having him fuck me, he could not last to long before he came in my ass. The only time he would fuck me was when his wife would be gone. I would find out later, he was getting me ready to sell me to other men. I tried my best , so I could keep my brother safe. It wouldn’t last. Mr. Granger started out beating Chase more and more. Then he would force Chase to suck Mr. Granger’s penis. It was only a few months into our second year that Mr. Granger decided he would sell both our bodies to other men. Some men would bring gifts, tekirdağ escort some would give us money, others would just come to fuck us hard. Even with the money he was getting from the customer, the state, and our trust fund. Mr. Granger continued to beat us and it was getting worse. I decided that I needed to tell someone. The first person I talked to was Mister Carter. He was our case worker and was always nice to us. At first I thought he was going to do something. He had called a police man. He had me tell my story to the officer. He took Mr. Granger’s name and address. I hoped that Mr. Carter would take us out of the home. Instead he took me back to the house with the officer and informed Mr. Granger he would have to pay him more money to keep everything quiet. That night Mr. Granger beat me then raped me. He then went into Chase’s bedroom and beat him and told him that he would get the same if he ever told anyone. Two weeks later I thought I would tell a teacher. He called my case worker even though I told him he was involve. This time when we were return to Mr. Granger he beat me. Then went in and raped and beat Chase. It was after that I decided we were going to run away. We were not allow to go to school. Our home work was brought to the house. We were forced to continue studying or we were beat. Every night we were forced to have sex with men who paid to use our bodies. One night two men came to my room. One took pictures while the other made me suck his cock then fuck me. This became more and more common with each customers. Some would come in and use their phone or a camera to make videos of different men having sex with Chase and I. I knew this because Chase would tell what the men who raped him would do. We were allowed to go back to school after a month but we were being watch by the teacher who talked to the case worker and the police man. Chase would later tell me the teacher and the cop would visit him once in a while. We decided on a date to run away. It would be at the end of May. We would be out of school, it would be warmer tokat escort out. So if we couldn’t find a place to sleep we could sleep outside. The last day of school we packed some clothes into our bags. Mr. Granger had left his computer out and I decided to take it. One night I woke up I thought I heard some noise. I saw him looking at it. I noticed pictures of Chase naked with some man fucking him. Mr. Granger didn’t see me but I could see what he was doing. I also know it was the same computer he kept his records of customers. We had decided to leave right after school. Mrs. Granger was expecting us at home by 3:30. We came home like usual went to our rooms and waited. What we didn’t realize is that Mr. Granger had come home early. I had his computer in my bag. He must have figured one of us had it. He went to Chase’s room first I could hear him yelling at Chase. I ran over to find Chase in his jacket laying on the floor. Mr. Granger was on top of him beating him around his chest and yelling where is my fucking computer. I couldn’t take it anymore. Mr. Granger made a mistake. His back was to me so he didn’t see me until it was to late. I had a metal lamp in my hand when he turned, I swung the lamp and hit him across the top of his head. He was out cold. I checked Chase and helped him up. I grabbed his bag and we headed for the door. Mrs. Granger must have heard the noise we made, she rushed out of the kitchen with a knife in her hand. We had made it to the door. I was just opening the door when she dove and grabbed Chase by the ankle brought the knife up and stabbed him in the leg. I don’t know how she got his pant leg up but she got him good. I kicked her in the head hard. She went limp. I picked Chase up and ran down the street. We didn’t stop moving until we reached an old abandon house. I looked at Chase’s leg. The cut was deep, I wrapped it with one of my shirts I ripped up. I didn’t know what else to do. I knew we could not call the police or go to the hospital. They would be looking for us there. Nifty is kind enough to post these stories for you to read so in return please donate to this fine cause @ fty/donate.html Thanks again for reading all remarks are appreciated Other stories on : Unexpected Relationships (Gay/ incest) Turnhurst Manor (Adult/Youth) completed story The beauty of red (Adult/Youth) completed story

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