Subject: THE ROCKER PART SEVEN The Rocker Part Seven � Van T Z Boi 2017 (The usual disclaimers apply, this remains the property of the author and you do not have permission to download and post this anywhere else without the author’s permission. Please remember this is just a story and keep yourself safe. If you enjoyed this then please support and make a donation; without you would not be able to read this and they need your financial support so you can continue to enjoy stories) (HEALTH WARNING: Due to the number of comments from readers you are warned that reading this material may involve the self-indulgent loss of bodily fluid. Please ensure you have a supply of water, vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, calcium, chlorine, citric acid, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin B12, and zinc to replace that which may be lost whilst reading this further chapter) (Thanks to all who have written it is nice to be appreciated, I do enjoy reading your comments and observations and suggestions and I always look forward to reading your views on this or any of my stories. Please note the new email address ail. Now please read on. Till the next Time Van T Z Boi) �I’m sorry its’ got to be quick but fuck it Danny you look so good just then,� he slid between my legs which I think automatically opened and then wonder of wonders he was inside me again and my whole world went topsy-turvy again. I was so aware this time as his cock slid inside me, every millimetre touching my nerve endings in such an exciting and exhilarating way. Our second coupling was very short and sweet and I always remember it as a loving experience. His swelling cock was inside me, he thrust forcefully for, it must have been no more than two minutes, then I felt that warm gush and his grunting gasping, so it was over and done but I fondly recall it as part of that wonderful first time. Again I held him, resisting his removal but he was always stronger than me, he slid out and I caught the scent of freshly fucked cock for the first time as I bent down to kiss it, the heady aroma whirled through my senses and I inhaled a further nosefull of the arousing perfume, my pulse raced faster and there was that certain twitching itch between my legs, right inside me, a sensation I would grow to love and expect. We dressed quickly and it must be said we looked flushed from exercise as we crossed the road to my house. Dad and mum were listening to the radio. Mum got up straight away. �I’ve got cocoa waiting,� she smiled. �Good run?� dad addressed Ted. �Excellent,� he smiled, �I think I’ll soon have Danny up to speed and he’ll be very well toned in no time,� he chuckled and for some reason dad tittered too. Mum came back with the cocoa and to my delight slices of cake to share and we sat quietly listening to the radio. I sat beside Ted and under the cover of the tablecloth we held hands. I still feel that romantic shiver as I recall that moment. �Come along Danny time you were in bed, school tomorrow,� mum swept the cups and the plates away. As I stood up, Ted pinched my leg and I cried out. Mum and dad both turned to look. �Touch of cramp I think,� Ted gently rubbed where he had pinched me. �I’ll give him a quick massage as he gets into his pyjamas,� he said tugging me towards the door and my mind roared as I knew what he meant. �Perhaps you ought to say goodnight now,� I saw through his plan to ensure we would not be interrupted. �Night mum, night dad,� I remembered to limp as I kissed them goodnight. Outside of the living room I stripped and led Ted upstairs, my naked body ghostly white in the dim glow from the low wattage bulb we used on the stairs. My excitement reached fever pitch as I felt his eyes gazing at my naked backside, I recall tensing my bum, my learning instinct to please kicking in. Rob and Tony mumbled sleepily as usual as they made room for me, they were entwined for warmth and usually I would push them over to pinch the warmer patch. Ted stripped and my hopes soared even higher as I gazed at his hard and pulsing cock. He looked at me. �Look I will put it inside you but only for a minute. I want the next time to be as good as our first and this is not the best time or the right place.� His face was determined but it felt so, so good as he once again slid inside me. We lay there joined and it was just an extension of what we had done, lengthening the memory, making my first fuck just that extra bit memorable and fondly, lovingly recalled over the years. We kissed and caressed and then Ted slid out, it felt odd, I sensed the emptiness but the sight if his throbbing cock sent a further shiver down my backbone. We sucked each other, it was the first time I really tasted our combined juices on his cock, my senses reeled from the heady musky aroma and the salty spicy taint tingled on my tastebuds. Buoyed up as we were it didn’t take long for us both to be spurting our seeds and then he kissed me, dribbling my own sperm back inside my mouth. �Now they mix together,� he said, �your essence and mine, joined like we were,� and it mean something wonderful to me, as though we too were now joined together for eternity. I lay there basking in the glow of something wonderful; I was so innocent, so unknowing I had no idea what it was we had done I just loved it and along with that I loved Ted too. He smiled at my gaze and then nodded at my brothers, �they should share in our joy,� he said, I looked at him puzzled, this was all so strange, unexpected but I was up for anything he wanted. He eased back the covers, Rob and Tony twitched slightly as the cold air wafted over them. Ted smiled, �you do Rob, I’ll do Tony,� he told me. He slid of the bed and moved around to Tony’s side, I watched as he unknotted and spread open Tony’s striped flannel pyjamas, exposing his tiny boy dicklet and then he leaned over and started sucking it. Oblivious to what I was doing I did the same for Rob, he twitched and murmured drowsily as I took his slim cocklet in my mouth and trembled as it grew in my mouth. I heard Tony whimper slightly, I could hear Ted sucking at his cocklet and then I felt Rob groan and he pushed upwards, a minor thrust into my mouth. I looked up, his cocklet still pulsing against my tongue and I saw his eyes flickering open but they were unfocussed and then his eyes closed, his thumb went into his mouth and he turned on his side, his boy cocklet still stiff, slipping from my mouth as he assumed his usual foetal position for sleeping. I looked over at Ted, his entire mouth was sucking at Tony’s groin and Tony was writhing, his little hands balled into fists and he whimpered again. Ted lifted his mouth, kissed Tony’s stiff dicklet and smiled at me and winked. A cold chill ran down my spine, I felt concerned and yet, but then Ted was back at my side, kissing me, caressing me as he pulled the covers back up. �See you tomorrow,� he whispered, �sweet dreams, loverboy.� I lay content and excited and warm in the dim dark, light filtered in from the streetlamps through the badly closed curtains and I recalled all that happened. I had so many questions and so many wants, I wanted Ted back here, now and forever, I wanted him inside me as he had been by the lake but at last I drifted off, my hand covering my boy pussy, warmed by the radiating warmth from my deflowered hole. Sometime in the night I awoke, I reached out but Ted wasn’t there and yet just before I woke up I was so certain he was there on top of me, was there inside me, the weight of his body pressing down on me. I sat up abruptly, rubbing my eyes as they focussed in the gloomy light. The need to piss, the warning pressure on my bladder brought me swiftly back into focus; still drowsy I padded to the bathroom to relieve myself. Back in the bed I slid zonguldak escort under the covers, the warmth from my brothers enveloped me and then I felt a body close to me. I knew from the size it had to be Tony; all the time when Rob and I first shared the bed we stayed on the same side but Tony wandered in his sleep and when we woke up we would never know where he would end up. He rubbed up against me and I felt the touch of his hot boy cocklet, it was stiff and pulsing heavily. I looked at him wonderingly, his eyes were closed; there was not glitter of reflected light from his eyes, his eyelids twitched, blinking staying closed. `He’s dreaming,’ I thought and then he pushed his stiffy up against me again. I slid down the bed silently and took his hard cocklet into my mouth, he mewed like a kitten and I suckled at his pulsing boydick, sensing his need. I lay there licking and sucking him until I felt him tense and then relax, at the same time he mewled in a different tone and then he mumbled, �Thanks Ted,� and sank back into his deep sleep. I crawled back up the bed and too fell contentedly asleep. I woke up early, the room was peacefully quiet; my two brothers slept on lost in their own dreams whilst mine were all too real, all through the night the images were right in front of my closed eyelids. I slid out of bed and donning a T-Shirt and shorts I tiptoed downstairs. To my surprise dad was up and sitting in the kitchen, a bowl of something before him and a mug that steamed slightly in the cool air. �You’re up early Danny?� he probed. I had to think quickly, �I have to see Ted,� that much was true at least, �I spoke to him about some homework when we were running and he said to bring it over early so he could help me before school and before he went to work,� I just hoped it did not sound too farfetched. Dad scratched his head and looked at his watch, �Better get a move on,� he replied, �if he’s working at the site he will have to leave soon.� It was that easy, I grabbed an exercise book from my pile on the sideboard from the front room and walked across to Ma Parkers. As I stood in front of the front door I saw the flaw with my great plan, `how do I get inside,’ I stood there crestfallen as my plans and hopes crashed. The door opened and I prayed it wasn’t Ted. My prayers were answered; it was Reg, who had been living there since he was burned out in the war. �Danny?� he looked at me, questioningly, an enquiring look on his face. Well it worked before, �I’m supposed to see Ted before he goes to work, he’s helping me with my homework,� I smiled at Reg holding up the exercise book. �I don’t think he’s up yet,� Reg replied shaking his head slowly, �and its’ not his time for the bathroom for,� he checked his watch, �hmm, at least half an hour.� I pleaded with my eyes not sure what to say, �but if you say he asked you to meet him….� �Yes, yes,� I gabbled, �he did, the work is due in today,� I blurted. �Well okay then,� Reg held the door open for me. Once inside I tiptoed up the stairway and stopped outside Ted’s door. Again I had not planned well enough. I looked around; the house was quiet although distant sounds came from the direction of the bathroom. I tapped on the door, and again a little louder. I tried looking through the keyhole but either it was too dark or the key was in the lock. I tapped again and spoke through the keyhole. �Ted, Ted, Ted,� I hissed, �its’ me Danny,� and I knocked a little louder. The door opened a crack, �Huh?� Ted’s sleepy toned voice came though the gap. I stood up. �Danny what the hell?� he opened the door, pulled me through and closed the door, locking it with the key. �What are you doing here?� he asked and his eyes widened as whilst he had spoken I had shed my shorts and T-Shirt and stepped out of my plimsoles. �Oh,� he smiled as I pushed him backwards to the bed. I noticed all he wore was a pair of light blue boxers which pulled off easily. I covered his mouth with mine. We rolled on the bed so I was underneath him, his cock thickened and expanded in a microsecond and I grabbed it and pulled it towards my boypussy. �Hang on,� Ted grunted, �We need to make us both wet or it will really hurt.� Disappointedly I let go and listened to his instructions. Grinning happily I blissfully sucked away at his cock, slurping and licking it all along its length, making sure that it was soon dripping with my saliva. At the same time my body was quivering as Ted’s tongue, licked and slicked my boypussy, his rasping tongue sending waves of pleasure along my nerves accentuating the state of desire I was already in. He eased his cock out of my hands and repositioned himself. �Ready?� it was an unnecessary question as I pulled him inside me. The sensation as he slid inside made me groan and tingle and my teencock throbbed and pulsed between our bodies. I could feel his muscles again rubbing my foreskin down so it was lodged under my helmet and the pleasurable pain was intensified. My moans now were muffled as Ted’s mouth closed over mine and he fucked my mouth with his tongue as he fucked my teenpussy. I felt that special tingling sensation inside when he touched that unknown special place. His scent filled my nostrils; the overnight conglomeration of sleep and enflamed hormones was a rich musk that sent a further exciting chill run through me. His pressing pushing weight on top of me was so comforting and so, so right, I moaned ecstatically. The overripe overnight taint from his underarm as I twitched my head when we kissed was an extra frission of aromatic pleasure that ravelled my senses, that underlying musky undertone that sent my pulse and heart racing. His cock inside me pulsed and throbbed against my special spot and I twitched repeatedly as my passion rose even higher and he was racing to catch up with me. “Lie still for a moment,” he instructed me and I did my best to just lie there whilst he fucked me hard, his breaths becoming faster and faster until he was panting hard, his eyes glittered as I studied him and I felt my own desire mounting higher and higher. His cock was really rubbing hard and swiftly against my special place, my insides heated up, the tingling running up and down my backbone and through my body. It was so intense just being there in his bed, his overnight scent mixing with the warmth of the sheet, his breath slightly stale was still an intoxicant as we kissed, our bodies straining now against each other as I fought to lie still and he continued to pummel me, his cock thrusting big and long inside me. “Okay,” he grunted, “I’m there now, you can let go,” his eyes blazed at mine and we rocked the bed. The mattress springs were groaning and there was a niggling creak from the bedstead. Ted reached up with one hand to steady the bedpost, at that angle I sucked at his teat, the little hairs that grew around the darker circle became matted to his skin with my saliva and I nipped the tip with my lips, Ted growling as I did so. His pressure inside me on my teen bud was frantic and I felt the rushing heat start up, I knew it was going to happen again and I tensed as the happiness rolled over and above and around and through me. The jolts as my teen spunk jerked through my body were the best yet and I recall vibrating my bum between his hard body and the soft mattress so that the delight could last longer. My young spunk spilled between us, sliding down my side and in between my creases, its watery texture pooling outwards. I collapsed, panting furiously as the heavenly waves ebbed and abated. Ted was however not finished; he was still riding me, riding me hard and strong. The pleasure inside me became that exquisite pain, tortuous pleasure as my bud was wrecked, my balls trying to work fast enough and I felt the excitement tunalı escort start, the possibility that I would get the joy again but just as that sensation and expectation blossomed Ted grunted and shoved hard, the mattress springs once more groaned and the bed squeaked, a sharp ache in my ear as he spunked up inside me. I felt the hot coolness spitting in my teen pussy, my bud drowning as the spurts coated and covered it and then the intermittent pulsing as his rock hard cock subsided, it stayed stiff but was more pliable and the ache inside me sank too. I held him tight feeling his heartbeat and pulse slow, his hot panting breaths slowing as we both returned to earth. “Fuck I wanted to last longer,” Ted grunted as he moved to ease himself out. Desperation and depression made me grab him tight. “No, no, stay inside,” I sobbed and he checked his movement. “I know,” he looked at me, “it’s all right, we will do it again, properly,” he kissed the tip of my nose, ” but I have to get to work and,” he looked at his watch, “I need to claim the bathroom now or I will have to wait and that means I will be late for work.” I moaned and held him. “You need to bathe with me anyway,” he sniffed deeply, “you smell of fuck!” I giggled and kissed his chin but held him, my lags curled across his backside, “When?” I demanded cocksick and lovesick and fuck sick. He stayed still for a moment, considering his reply and I relished the feel of him against me in that quiet moment, the slight pulsing inside me as his cock continued to shrink, even the cooling stickiness of our sweat and juices seemed made for the moment. His aroma was still overpowering and I drank in his heady musk, my senses reeling invigorated by the steamy perfume. “Tonight, in the church hall in our love nest. Okay loverboy,” he kissed me but just calling me loverboy had once more sent a rush of warmth and joy through me and I grabbed him, held him tight, but allowed the slow slide of his cock out of my pussy. The deep sense of loss and disappointment as his cock left me was abated by the warmth created by his words. I lay on the bed as he sat up. “Hey shift yourself,” he squeezed me between the legs, hid hands hot against my throbbing cock, “Fuck you stink of spunk,” he grinned as the warm heat rose from my body as I lifted the blankets. I smiled both inside and out and found myself squeezing my legs tight wanting to keep his sperms safe inside me. Ted wrapping a towel around himself and chucking his dressing gown at me to clothe myself, carefully checked the corridor. “It’s clear,” he hissed and tiptoeing silently we reached the bathroom. The door was open which meant it was free, a moment later we were standing in the bath as it filled, the steamy vapours rising up to goosebump my skin. I gazed at his lithe and strong body, the lump of his dick hanging over his balls, the pubes still cumsticky. Ted stretched his arms and flexed his body, it was too much for me and I sank to my knees, my hand reaching for his cock, my mouth open wide to receive the pussy stinky pole but he caught me. “Bathe first,” the look in his eyes quelled me but my heart raced, `he said first which meant there was a second,’ my thoughts took flight and a tumbled backwards, to sit in the rising bathwater. We washed ourselves and each other, Ted paying particular attention to my private areas, his hand soaping and rubbing into each and every crease. We kissed intermittently, our respective cocks swelling in the heat of the water and our own desire. He stood me up and sitting on the edge of the bath leaned down to suck me deep inside his mouth, his rasping tongue and swallowing mouth worked swiftly, already on a precipice of horny lust I was soon grunting and groaning as I delivered my sweet teenage load into his mouth. Hardly before I had finished spilling I was back down on my knees filling my mouth with his thick cock, carefully I worked it further and further inside my mouth, tasting the soapy flavour mixing with the increasing strength of his sweet essence. Holding my breath and surrendering my throat I forced myself to ignore the sickly making gag reflex and the tip of his fat glans entered my throat. I swear I could feel the drips of his precum as the drooled down my throat. I bobbed back and forth fucking my mouth on his cock, a furious movement but at the same time I was tasting his mandew, the sweet spicy joining of precum and the onset of salty semen, a flavour which even today I can still taste tingling on the edge of my tongue. Ted grabbed my head then and holding it tight he took over and fucked my mouth. I held steady as the rough poking and thrusting of his dong plunged deeper and deeper inside my mouth, his cockhead sliding just that extra millimetre further inside my throat. Although I was very much in his control I felt I was in charge, it was the extra usage of my tongue and the working of my cheeks that brought the extra pleasure to us both, him in the pleasing of his cock nerves and me for the fact I was the one bringing him the pleasure, it meant so much to me that I was now the author of his delight. I felt the twitch of his balls against my hand, the sudden clench and I knew it was happening. I started swallowing heavily as Ted grunted and growled and then his cock spewed its load into my mouth, my throat swallowing the heavenly concoction, tasting briefly the wonderful texture and flavour of his spicy salty man essence. My lips closed around his spilling cock to ensure that not one drop or even sperm would escape my mouth. He sighed leaned against me, his knees trembling as his climax waned and I continued to worship his dick. “Dan, Dan,” he spoke softly and gently dragged me off his bell end. “I have to get to work and you have to get to school. Save some for later,” he tenderly pulled me up out of the water and kissed me smoothly on the lips, no tongue just pleasant pressure of promised delights to come. I watched him shave, something I had done with my father, only this time there was something sensual about the way the razor caressed his face as he skimmed the slight hairs away. It was a precious intimate moment, an intimacy that was special to me. We made our secretive way back to his room where I dressed, Ted allowing me a final kiss of his cock before he hustled me down the stairs and back onto the street. “Go, now,” he insisted and closed the door. I could smell the breakfast cooking and my mouth watered. `I’ve already had my share of bacon,’ I chuckled to myself as I crossed the road, the book tight in my hand, the excuse for my morning disappearance. “Teas in the pot,” my mother in her dressing gown was clearing away the remains of my fathers and my brothers’ breakfast. My bowl of cereal awaited me, I poured the tea, it was warm enough and strong enough. I milked the tea and cereal, my mind making comparison with the creamy ivory white of the milk and Ted’s pearly cum. I licked the inside of my mouth tasting the last faint taints of Ted’s juices before I destroyed them with the tea and cereal. Rob and Tony appeared, ready for school, Mum bent down slicked their hair where the tufts stuck up kissing them pushed them towards the door. “Off with you and, Rob?” he turned to look at her, “no trouble today please,” he nodded as he always did. “You smell very clean,” Mum was standing by me picking up my bowl as I sipped the last drop of tea. I coloured swiftly, a deep red and pretended to cough as though I had swallowed the wrong way, hoping it would explain my red face. “Yeah, Ted shared his bath with me,” I spoke truthfully; mum had an instinct for lies being told. “A bath,” she sighed, “Oh how I would love to be able to enjoy a bath, that old tin thing is just too much hard work,” she tunceli escort carried my bowl and cup to the sink, “Better get a move on,” she began washing up, “don’t want you to start getting bad marks.” I stepped it out on the way to school, the slightly cooler morning breeze wafted by me as I was still being warmed by the presence of Ted’s sperm in my stomach and in my bum, I walked on air, my head in the clouds, my mind concentrating on one thing, tonight in the hall, in our lovenest. “Hey Dan, Hey!” I was brought out of my dream by my name being shouted. “Oh, Hi Terry,” I waved at my mate who was panting hard as he ran up beside me. My mind was still half on Ted and the exciting plans for the evening. “You okay?” Terry’s odd tone brought me further back to earth. I looked at him, “Huh?” was about all I could say as my mind whizzed around the thoughts of Ted, being fucked, the hall, his cock and the fact his sperms were swimming around inside me. “You know after what we did,” he acted all stupidly secretly and moved his hand, I recognised the wanking movement and it made me smile. He moved closer, our schoolbags banging and colliding as we walked, “It didn’t hurt you did it?” he asked anxiously. I thought about all the things that had happened since then and replied in a soft tone, “No, cumming is great especially when someone else does it for you,” I smiled broadly at him. Terry stiffened, his bag clunking against me. “Hey that hurt,” I grabbed my arm where the edge of book spine had hit me. “Oh, Sorry Mate!” Terry was clearly concerned and then he stroked my hand where I was rubbing the ache in my arm. He leaned close, his mouth right up by my ear. “Can we do it again?” he might have wanted to say it quietly but his voice squeaked with what I supposed was tension. I stared at him, my cock thickened as I looked at him; today I understand just how horny a fourteen year old can be but at that moment I was both annoyed that my cock seemed to have no regard for Ted and the other ninety per cent of me just wanted `it’. Mt hormones got the better of my feeling about Ted. “When?” I smirked. Terry looked around, we were close the schoolgates, other boys were milling around us and then a light went of in his head. “Behind the bike shed,” he grabbed my arm and dragged me inside the schoolgates. The bike sheds a long metal construction with a corrugated roof also had the same scrappy bits of the corrugated sheets along the side and along the back. It abutted the kitchen area which was marked `Out of Bounds’; the big notice weatherworn proclaimed those threatening words, at that time corporal punishment was the norm and although I had escaped the sting of the cane I had witnessed a number of `floggings’ as they were called when certain individuals transgressed deeply the school rules, it looked like it hurt a lot and the threat of such pain had often made me think twice about doing something risky. Terry took me to the rear of the bike shed, there was a gap between it and the kitchen wall, there were no windows but a number of projections poked out from the kitchen. I did not understand about the need for extractor fans but the metal boxes were closed so the alleyway was closed off from anyone’s view. I noticed some cigarette ends lying near the entrance, it was clear this was one of the secret smoker places but Terry pulled me down the end of the gap, here the back area of the kitchen was exposed and just blocking the gap was the start of a line of pigbins, the school sold the scrapings and left over food for farmers to use to feed their pigs and the line of big round metal bins were a known sight. “I found this once when I was running from Martin,” Terry explained, “He knew I was carrying my dinner money and wanted it”. Martin had been the school bully until he left the previous year, he was a big brutish boy with ham sized fists and everyone feared him, even the teachers had a tough time with him. I nodded sympathetically; Martin had scared me more than once, I knew the terror he inspired in me and understood how scared Terry must have felt. “I ran down here and found that you could hide behind the bins. He never found me,” Terry was grinning at the memory and then I was pushed up against the wall. The gap was right beside me and a big metal bin in front of me, Terry was hurriedly undoing my flies. I relaxed and let him tug my trousers down, my teen cock was already bulging my worn briefs, the slightly off white cotton tenting as my cock thickened and swelled. Around me the noises of the school yard, the gates swinging back and forth as more boys entered, the footsteps of unknown and unseen people behind the bins, the jangling wrangles as boys locked their bikes in the rack was a sudden extra level of excitement. My cock exposed to the open felt the cold draught as a breeze wafted over it. Terry’s hand was cool then warm as my cock heated it up, his curled hand snaked up and down my shaft, his nose close to the tip, inhaling the heady hormonal teenage musk. He slid his hand down, pulling my foreskin with it, the purple pink slit tip became exposed and a drool of my precum glittered in the morning light. His hand moved up and down, each time easing more and more of my foreskin backwards and forwards, now the entire glans became exposed, the drool of my juices being rubbed over the sensitive nerve endings, lubricating my cockhead. “Squeeze my balls,” I instructed Terry, his free hand moved and cuddled and caressed the spongy sac, stroking the sparse curly hairs and squishing my balls gently. I sighed, it felt just great and it was exciting too as the extraneous noises continued as the world went about its business while Terry went about mine. “It feels so hot,” he spoke admiringly and enviously, his hands busy caressing and stroking, his nose almost touching my cocktip. “That stuff smells sooo good,” he sighed. “Taste it,” I told him. He looked up at me, he was squatting on his heels, his bag by his side. It was a questioning and scared look. I rubbed my fingertip over the glistening bubble that was forming at my cockslit and raised it to my mouth and sucked it. “Hmm, so, so sweet,” I grinned at him. Horrified and terrified and yet intrigued he hesitantly touched the glistening globule and raised his wet fingertip, he smelt it first. I watched the play of emotions and expressions weave over his face then taking a deep breath he slid the finger inside his mouth. I could see his tongue working through his taut cheeks. An amazed look came into his eyes and over his face. “Fuck it does taste sweet!” he exclaimed and rubbed his fingertip over my glans several times each time transferring the sticky teen juice to his mouth. “Fuck that is A Amazing!” Terry was ecstatic now as he leaned close to my dick. “How does a cock produce something sweet?” he was clearly mouthing his thoughts out loud. “Suck it,” I said. End of Part Seven To be continued…?????????????????????? (Huh, Dan looks like he is turning out to be more of a nut of Ted’s bike than a chip of his father’s block – but are his remembrances at an end? Well you know the score, if you want more and want me to continue this story then write and tell me and don’t forget if you like this then I have plenty more stories to whet your appetite, just look me up on ‘s prolific authors listing fty//authorslist.html scroll down to V for Van T Z Boi ) . Please also make a different deposit in ‘s coffers for without them you would not be able to enjoy this and further chapters. All the best, Van T Z Boi) (In response to all those who are interested; the Lost/Rejected stories are still undergoing editing and once they have been posted I will announce the link. The good news is that good ole’ have provided copies of `Detained at Daddies’ and `Mummy Said’ from their records so now I have recovered all the missing stories, so mucho thanks . Sorry I can’t be more forthcoming at this time as to when I will be able to post them but please watch this space. Van T Z Boi)

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