The Ring of Truth Ch. 08The Ring of Truth Ch. 08


As always, my characters involved in the sex are all over the age of 18. Since this is my fantasy, there are no STD’s or unwanted pregnancies. All of my characters enjoy good hygiene so showers are only mentioned when part of the sex. They also eat when needed; none of my characters go hungry.

This story has taken a huge curve. I wanted to see if the ring could be used for good versus evil. It is no longer a simple sex story.

Please enjoy, comments are always appreciated and high votes massage my ego.

“Mrs. Howard, has your husband the pastor been with any of the women in the congregation sexually?”

She hesitated before answering me. “Yes, unfortunately.”

“Just the older women? Or the younger girls? Or both?”

“Both,” she said.

“Hmmm…” I said.

“Hmmm…” the djinn echoed back at me.

Continuing to recuperate and pondering life, raucous laughter filled my head. I did not know what it meant but it did not portend well. But, that’s what you can expect when you have an evil genie in your head.

Before I could react, Mom came clomping quickly down the stairs still wearing her church clothes from the morning with the addition of stilettoes. She glanced at the dishevelled trio in her living room.

“Julia,” she announced, “your husband’s car just pulled into the driveway!”

The mother and daughter’s faces were swept with fear.

Mrs. Howard’s first name is Julia. Good to know.

“Go upstairs,” said Mom, “and pull yourselves together.”

The women grabbed their clothes off the floor and made for the stairs.

“Ricky, you get dressed too,” said Mom.

By the time I had pulled my pants on, the doorbell was ringing. Mom took a quick glance around, picked up the forgotten turquoise thong, threw it at me, and made her way to the door.

“Pastor Howard, welcome to our home,” said Mom. “Please come in.”

The pastor walked into the room and gave it a very examining glance.

“You know my son, Ricky, of course.”

“Yes. Where are they?” demanded the Pastor.

I looked around the room with a quizzical look on my face.

“Where is whom?” I asked.

My mind was whirling. I asked the djinn if he could only affect women or could he do his stuff on men too. He told me he could affect both as long as it meant something sexually to me.

I told him I didn’t want to have sex with a guy but I wanted a man to do nothing to stop me from having sex. The djinn told me that was within his purview.

“Phew,” I thought to myself while wiping my sweaty brow with the thong.”

“My daughter and my wife. The woman whose thong you have in your hand.”

“Yes, these certainly smell like your wife’s pussy. Must be hers.”

Mom glared at me, “Ricky!” she said indignantly.

“Please sit down, Pastor,” I said while shaking my head indicating to my mom that she should not interrupt.

“I don’t want to sit down, I want my women,” demanded the Pastor. He looked somewhat surprised to find himself sitting in the arm chair, very close to me, a moment later.

“Mom, please ask Mrs. Howard and Tabi to come down here.”

Mom gave me a questioning look before going upstairs to do as I asked. The Pastor and I sat still, me staring at him and him glaring at me.

In a few minutes, Mom clomped her way back down the stairs again followed by the two Howard women. All three looked uncomfortable walking into the room. Mom, of course, was her regular beautiful and sexy self while the other two were dishevelled and had that freshly fucked look to them.

“What have you two been up to?” demanded the pastor. “Why are you here?”

Before they could answer, I indicated they should join me on the couch, one sitting on each side of me.

“Why, Pastor, isn’t it obvious?” I asked. “They came over to fuck me but I have only been able to have sex with your wife at this point. Tabi is still waiting for her turn.”

“What!” exclaimed the Pastor.

“Ricky!” exclaimed all three women.

“Pastor Howard, your wife tells me you are having sex with some of the congregation. Are you? Answer me truthfully.”

All three women now looked shocked. Mom glared at the Pastor with anger in her eyes since this was the first she was hearing of it. The Pastor’s wife and daughter had looks of horror on their faces since I was throwing this in his face.

“Yes,” mumbled the Pastor. His face reflected shame and embarrassment. Not because of what he had done but because of the way I had thrown it in his face.

“Have you fucked young girls too, Pastor?” I asked.

Again a mumbled yes.

“Underage girls, Pastor?”

Another mumbled yes.

“And women above the legal age of consent?”

Less mumbling to his agreement this time.

“We have things to discuss, Pastor but first things first. You are not to have any sexual congress with anyone under the age of eighteen ever istanbul escort again. If you do, you will be reported to the police and the media as a child predator. Do you understand and accept this, Pastor Howard?”

He rapidly nodded his head and this time his yes was clearly said.

“Good. I’m glad we have that out of the way. Ladies, you can all relax now.”

You could see all three women and even the Pastor loosen up. The tension fled all their bodies. I put my arms around both of the Howard women, hugging them to me.

“Pastor Howard, your daughter has told me that you were fingerfucking her one night when caught by your wife.”

He started nodding before I could even ask a question. Kudos to the djinn for his help with this turd.

“From now on, Tabi is off limits to you. For that matter, so is your wife. Is that clear?”

“But she’s my wife,” he said.

I eased my hands down on to the mother and daughter’s breasts. I cupped them gently.

“Mrs. Howard, Julia, do you want to have sex with this man?”

“No! Never!” she said.

“That’s the verdict, Pastor. No sex with your wife and daughter. Is that clear? Same punishment as before if you fight us on this.”

We could see the Pastor struggling to say something, to put up an argument. His body was letting him down as well, despite fighting to stand up, he was not successful. The inner war went on for some minutes before he came to realize he was meshed in something beyond his control or ability to fight.

“I understand,” he said glumly.

“How do you manage to have sex with all these women in your congregation?”

Looking in my mother’s direction, I saw that she must have been getting sore feet standing so long on her stilettoes. I invited her to sit at my feet between my legs.

The pastor began his response. Quietly he said, “I seduce them. I tell them they will find the path to spiritual grace by being with me.”

I was enjoying being able to fondle his wife’s and daughter’s tits in front of him. I didn’t think I was being evil. But payback is a bitch.

“Pastor Howard, we are going to have to have you make amends for your own transgressions.”

The main looked at me plaintively.

“I don’t think, Pastor Howard, you are going to be able to be hard ever again.”

Can I really do this, I asked the djinn. I guess I should have checked with him first. A small chuckle.

The man looked devastated. Obviously he believed me. Tears began to trickle down his cheeks. Man, I would certainly be crying my ass off if I could not get hard ever again.

“Pastor, you will still feel all the same sexual desires and needs you have always felt. You just won’t be able to get a hard-on or ejaculate.”

I tore my eyes off the pastor. He was just too pitiful to watch any longer. I looked to his wife and his daughter. Both women were smiling at the pastor.

I looked down to see Mom’s reaction. She was looking at the pastor stoney faced. Looking down the way I was, I also had a free look down Mom’s dress. Her hardened nipples and beautiful boobs beckoned to me. Without even thinking about it or our audience, I leaned over to wrap my hands around Mom’s tits. Mom was just so sexy I doubted I would ever get enough of her.

I decided to test my command on the Pastor. I asked Mom to strip down and go sit on the wide, well-padded arm of his chair. I wanted her to masturbate right there beside him and see if he would get hard. My sexy mother would be a great test of his ability. Or lack thereof.

Wearing just her stilettoes, Mom approached him. I loved watching the sway of her tight, toned ass. Like I said earlier, I would never get too much of my mother’s sexual charms.

The pastor watched Mom warily. She perched on the arm of his chair, swung around so one leg was across the pastor, the other on the floor, and began to rub her breasts. She tweaked her nipples, tugging them outwards. My mother even leaned forward so that they were closer to his face.

The Pastor was being pretty stoic about it all. He was doing his best to avoid looking at my sexy, burning hot, MILF. Looking over in our direction seemed like an improvement to him, I guess.

Mrs. Howard—oh yeah, Julia—looked up at me with a grin on her face. She reached up to me, pulled my face close to her and we began making out once again. Julia’s tongue was very busy in my mouth. Our tongues twirled around each other’s.

I could just see the Pastor out of the corner of my eye. He was fighting a losing battle as his gaze kept turning from Mom to Julia and me. His look had not changed. Still stoic and hard eyed.

Deciding to up our game and torment the bastard further, I broke off kissing his wife, and helped her slide her dress down revealing her large but floppy tits. She had not taken the time to put her bra on upstairs when she cleaned up so her mammoth DD’s were sagging but her nipples still pointed almost straight out.

Looking over again, I saw that the Pastor’s look had istanbul escort bayan changed again. I could not be sure if it was now a look of indignation or lechery.

“Mom, check if the shithead has a hard on, please.”

Mom removed her fingers from her glistening wet pussy to grab a handful of dick. I even saw her give it an extremely tight clench. The Pastor definitely reacted to the painful squeezing of his junk. His eyes almost popped out of his head.

Mom shook her head negatively so I returned my attention to the Howard women. Before I went back to mouthing the momma’s tits, I asked the Pastor’s daughter to pull off my pants and make sure I was hard enough to fuck.

Tabi swooped to her knees in order to pull my pants down and off. She immediately started playing with my balls. Her father’s eyes lashed lightning bolts at me.

Tabi decided to use only one hand on my balls. Cock play was something she had experienced many times previously. She might not have given up her pussy to all the high school jocks but she sure must have given a huge pile of handjobs in her life.

She was just so good at it. While lightly bouncing my furry balls with one hand, she used her other hand on my rigid shaft. Tabi alternated her grip on my dick, sometimes tight, sometimes loose. The speed of her strokes varied as well.

“Tabi, you make me feel so good,” I complimented her.

“Did your father ever ask you to give him a handjob?”

“Yes,” she replied sheepishly,” but I never did.”

“Pastor, you are really going to miss out on a great deal of sexual satisfaction from your daughter. She loves handling cocks. Just not yours.”

Both Mom and Julia sent lightning glares in his direction. I guess this whole endeavour today was hypocritical of us all but especially me. The Pastor seduced his bed partners using his holy vibes. I used a genie. The major difference in this case was that I never approached young girls under the age of consent and never would. That behaviour was just reprehensible.

He seduced the women of the congregation by promises of perpetual grace and free entrance through the pearly gates. That defined evil in my mind. I wanted to punish this bastard.

I wanted him to feel miserable for the crimes he committed against his congregation. Especially the younger women. I was not sure how to go about this yet but I thought I had made a start.

“Mom, is he hard?”

Once again, Mom locked her claws on the Pastor’s junk.

“Nope, not yet.”

“Pastor, please join me on the couch,” I ordered.

The pastor struggled for a moment but eventually found his way to the couch. I commanded him to lose his pants and underwear before taking a seat.

With the pastor watching closely, I nudged his wife into the position I wanted. She was leaning against the side of the couch with her left leg straight out across my lap, her foot also on the pastor’s leg. The other foot was on the floor. Her pussy was wide open to her husband’s view.

Tabi was still on her knees playing with my dick. “Tabi, use your mouth now, please.”

Her father glared at me for a moment, just a moment. His eyes kept drifting towards his daughter sucking my cock no matter how hard he tried not to look. Since I told him he would feel the same attractions as before the djinn’s intervention, the pastor could not tear his eyes away from what he would have loved to watch in an earlier time.

Tabi’s eyes were restless as well. She would look at my prick, look at me, and look at her father. Even with my hard shaft fully inserted in her sucking mouth, she would give her father a lascivious smile.

“Your daughter is a great cocksucker, Pastor. She really knows how to do the job right.”

I could sense he was struggling to say something to me but no words were coming out of his mouth. His anger was obvious and growing. I could see the tension in his body. But movement seemed like an impossibility.

Tabi was exercising her oral talents to the best of her ability and to my enjoyment. Currently, she was working the sides and tip of my shaft licking me like the tastiest ice cream cone. Her hand was following her licking tongue up and down. The other hand was gently caressing my balls.

While Mom was still masturbating herself and generally content with her lot in today’s adventure, Julia wanted more than to just watch her daughter working my cock in front of her husband. She wanted to be included in the mental torture we were inflicting on her husband.

Taking things in hand, hands actually, she used one to pull my face down to her tit which the other hand was lifting up to my mouth. I’m good with hints, I began to kiss my way all across her whole boob. My target was her nipple.

Ire definitely boiling, the pastor kept looking from me to his wife and then to his daughter. His eyes kept roving over all three of us. He could not help himself. As much as he wanted to look away, the djinn’s command prevented him from doing so.

He let escort istanbul out a moan of despair when his daughter began to lick and suck my testicles while her hand continued to slowly jerk my dick. A groan, almost painful, when his wife moaned as I tugged her big tit by biting on her nipple. His eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw that I was finger fucking his wife as well.

“Do you like how your wife looks when someone else is fingerfucking her, Pastor? I certainly admire her huge tits and the tightness of her pussy. Don’t you?”

His wife lay all the way back on the overstuffed couch arm. Her head was also back, face looking at the ceiling, and making small eek sounds.

“Aren’t you disappointed you will never have your hands on your wife’s body ever again? You won’t ever fuck her again. I will though, Pastor, I’ll be fucking her anytime we want to.”

Even looking miserable, I couldn’t bring myself to feel sorry for this poor excuse for a man. I wanted him to feel as miserable as any of the young girls he had abused.

“I’m sure you are also disappointed that your daughter will never ever suck your cock either. You will never feel her hot, wet mouth on your little dick.”

Tabi changed to deepthroating me in front of her daddy. Daddy’s little girl was a champion cocksucker. I had to wonder why more rumours and stories about her were not floating around the school.

“What do you think, Julia? Doesn’t Tabi look like a great cocksucker?”

“And her father will never feel her lips wrapped around his dirty cock,” responded Julia.

I swear the bastard was almost in tears listening to us bust his balls. Good!

I asked Julia to join her daughter and share the fellating. She agreed without hesitation. In order to give everyone more room as well as to ensure the Pastor was getting a good view of the activity, I adjusted my position so it was me lying back against the arm of the couch.

The two women were doing an awesome job of sharing my shaft. Both tongues were busy licking me like the proverbial ice cream cone. Tabi wanted the head of my rod all the time, not willing to share the precum with her mother.

“Tabi, I think it’s time we fucked. What do you think?”

“Oh yes! Yeah!” she answered as she clambered up on the couch with me.

“How about you, Pastor Howard, do you want to watch me fuck your daughter?”

Obviously there was no verbal response from the father. There was hatred blazing from his eyes though. I smiled at him.

“How do you want me, Ricky?” asked Tabi.

“Let’s have you face your father and squat on my cock.”

I was finding it difficult not to enjoy the Pastor’s humiliation and sexual torture. Feeling Tabi’s hot, slippery cunt sliding down my pole only added to my enjoyment of the situation.

“Pastor, your daughter’s pussy is so wet and so tight. As she slides up and down my cock in her cunt, she is making me so excited. I don’t know how long it is going to be before I shoot my load into her tight, wet, hardly used pussy.”

By this time, I had my hands on the guy’s daughter’s DD tits. They were so firm, much firmer than her mother’s tatas, and the feeling of them filling my hands was awesome. I slipped my hands underneath them, cupped those tits, and held them out for her father’s appreciation.

Appreciation! Hah! Even the djinn found the sarcasm to be hilarious.

Sliding my hands upwards, I latched on to her thick nipples. Using my grip on them, I tugged those tits in every direction.

“Do you like that, Tabi?” I asked as the young girl continued to fuck herself on my invading dick.

“Do you like fucking me in front of your daddy?”

The daughter panted out an affirmative response.

“Tell your father, Tabi. Tell him how you feel.”

The girl looked over her shoulder at me. I smiled and nodded, encouraging her to follow my instructions.

“Daddy, I love Ricky’s big, hard cock in my pussy. My cunt is so wet! I love fucking Ricky. The best part is you will never fuck me like this.”

Julia was so pleased at this jibe delivered to her husband that she stood up and kissed her daughter appreciatively. It started as a tender kiss but changed after her mother’s hand joined mine on the girl’s beautiful boobs.

The pastor watched closely as his wife began making out with his sexy daughter. Julia’s hand travelled over the large expanse of tit flesh. The kisses she was delivering her daughter were increasing in passion. The deep soul kisses had her mouth between her daughter’s lips. I could see the bulges in Tabi’s cheek from the travels of her mother’s tongue.

“Pastor, your daughter is an awesome fuck. I don’t even have to work her pussy myself. I can just enjoy the feeling of your daughter slamming her way down my cock. When she lifts up, her pussy walls try to clamp down on my dick.”

Momma rewarded me for my appreciative statement by moving her lips from Tabi’s to my own. In seconds our tongues were duelling back and forth from my mouth to hers.

The Pastor was so emotional at this display that I could see his muscles quivering in anger. Served the bastard right. He was going to be severely punished for his transgressions against his family and his congregation. I just wasn’t sure about how to deal with the congregation yet.

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