The RideThe Ride


The air was starting to turn. Summers heat was fading and the tang of fall leaves was heavy in the air. The sun shone golden through the trees, warming their skin as the breeze cooled it as they rode up the mountain road.

He felt her arms tighten around his chest as he accelerated on a long open stretch. He knew that she was a little afraid of the speed as they flew through the autumn air. He felt the vibrations of the engine humming up his thighs, and knew she was feeling the same. A smirk crossed his face under his dark sunglasses as he pushed the engine harder. He felt, rather than heard her gasp, as her chest pushed into his back, her hands clutched onto his jacket, her thighs tightened around his. He slowed, and she loosened her grip enough for him to dislodge her fingers and move her hand down to his thigh before speeding up again. She screamed, laughing and gripping her fingers into his groin, as the vibrations shook them both.

As to avoid injury to himself, or to the both of then, he slowed the motorcycle to a more touring speed. She pushed her chest into his back again, hands working at his belt. The third car they had seen that afternoon pulled out to pass them; it seemed that they practically had the road to themselves. As the little white sedan passed them, the passenger glanced over, doing a double take as her hands buried themselves down the front of his jeans. He laughed and let them pass, letting them wish they were him.

He took a deep breath, leaning back into her, pushing his thighs apart as he could, giving her the space to get his pants undone and pull him free. He felt the cool air whipping over his exposed skin, and the shelter of her hot hands covering him. She wrapped both her hands around him, one on top of the other, covering his length. Her fingers tightened over him in waves from bottom to top, hardening him despite the chill. One she was satisfied with her work, she slipped her left hand down high on his inner thigh, her right hand loosely working up and down, her head resting on his back, the soft skin of her hand torturing his dry skin. He pushed the throttle, his eyes scanning the road ahead for a way off, a place where they could be alone.

Up ahead, a break in the trees revealed an overgrown logging road, escort bayan ankara and he took the opportunity, turning off into the trees. Her hand gripped him tighter in anticipation. The road opened to a clearing, tall grasses waving in the light breeze, the surrounding trees dappling the light. He stopped in the middle of the clearing, barely dropping the kickstand before he swung his leg over side saddle and pulled her onto his lap. He held her up, kissing her deeply. She straightened herself and slid from his arms, down to the ground on her knees. She pulled at his undone jeans as she went, peeling them down to his knees. She slid her hands back up his thighs, up to wrap her hands around his hips, fingertips pushing into the tight muscles of his ass. She buried her face in him, mouth closed, pushing her smooth cheek against his straining cock. She moved over him, trying to catch him with the tip of her tongue as he twitched and reached for her.

Frustration building, he grasped himself, holding steady for her. She smiled at his impatience, wrapping her lips around his tip. She held just the tip in her warm wet mouth, flicking her tongue over the taught seam under him. She increased the suction, without moving her mouth, only the torturous movement of her tongue, alternately rolling over him and firm, focused flicks. He thrusts his hips towards her, trying to push deeper, but she kept her suction and popped off, burying her face against him, lapping her kitten tongue over his tightening balls. She cupped them in her hand as she licked a broad, slow path all the way back up, tasting the first drop of his desire. Mercifully, she took him in her other hand and sunk her mouth down into him. He groaned as he felt himself press against the back of her throat, feeling her tongue pushing up against him, the light scrape of her teeth over him. She looked up to meet his eyes, slyly smiling as she slowly drew his length from her wet mouth, flicking her tongue over him before she closed her eyes and sunk back down again. Her hand tightening and pushing harder down on him as her mouth found its tempo.

He breaths deeply, hand lightly on the top of her head, feeling her hair falling around him, heat of the bike under his kızılay escort bare ass, warmth of the sun on his body, hearing the soft, wet sounds of her efforts over the wind in the trees and birdsong, the seamless combination of hand and mouth, slipping over him, sucking him down impossibly deep. Sensations blurring together into a gathering ball of heat in his groin, he fought every instinct he had and grabbed a fist full of hair and pulled her head from him, hauling her off her knees. His hands were hungry for her, running up under her shirt, grasping at her. He pulled at her jacket and shirt until her clothes were strewn around her feet, her open pants hanging on her hips.

He lifted her by the waist, planting her up on the gas tank, his hands grabbing the top of her pants and peeling them from her long legs. His eyes drank in her naked body, perched up on his bike. She tipped her head back, arching and stretching in the sun as he slid himself back to get a better view. He ran his hands up her smooth legs, feeling the muscles tense as he passed them. He scooped his hands under her ass, lifting it as he leaned down into her, laying kisses over her tender skin. She planted her feet on his shoulders, dropping her knees and pushing her hips to him, urging him on. He obliged her, dipping his tongue into her, tasting her wetness. He pulled at her lips gently with his teeth, pressed his mouth tight to her, kissing her deeply. He rolled his tongue around her, feeling her respond to his attentions by tightening her legs around his neck, grinding herself into him, trying to guide him, but he had his own ideas about how this was going to go down. He could feel her hunger building, hear her breathing quicken, see her body tighten and stretch as she tried to keep her balance and hold on. He quickened his pace, flicking his tongue over her, sucking her into his mouth, drinking her in. He feels her frustration grow, wanting more that wasn’t coming, aching to be filled, but his hands stayed on her ass, kneading and lifting her. She pushed against his face, trying to get some satisfaction, or more focused attention where she wanted it, but all she got was teasing flicks over her clit, just to remind her of what escort bayan she was missing. Her body started to ache with the denial and tension, her moans filled the air.

Leaving her gasping, he straightened, pulling off what was left of his clothes. Neither time nor chill had diminished his desire for her, she saw, as he moved back into his seat. She leaned forward, wrapping her arms around his neck, meeting his kiss. She slid forward into his lap, pressing her wetness to him, grinding against him. Shifting herself, she sunk herself down, finally feeling the fullness she craved as she rocked onto him. He dug his fingers into the flesh of her backside, lifting her and letting her fall back down. His teeth scraped over her neck. He growled, clenching them together to hold himself back from sinking them into her shoulder, saving her from his marks. She pushed her feet against the pegs for leverage, giving more vigour, but it was not enough for him. He grasped her around her ribs, lifting and flipping her over, back onto the tank. She grappled for hand-holds to keep her balance as he dug his fingers around her hips, pulling them back to him, driving deep. She tucked her legs back around his thighs, leaning forward, arching her back straightening to receive him. Her legs tightened as she pushed back to meet his thrusts, his rock hardness pushing her limits. He felt her swell and tighten around him, her wetness running over him, and down her legs.

He stilled his hips, reached around her with one hand, slick fingers finding her clit, stroking her as she pushed back to him. With increasing need, she pushed back into him harder, faster. Her panting breath heaved her chest, her head falling forward in her focus as she rode him, her moans once again filling the meadow. The tension was nearing unbearable when he could remain still no longer. He met her thrusts with his own, feeling her body start to rattle against him, her legs grasping, shaking, as she screamed out, thrashing her head back and forth, desperately holding on to the bike as her world rocked around her. He needed no more encouragement than her frenzy to grasp her hips again and drive home, spilling his passion into her. He held her tight down onto him, filling her completely, his head pressed against his back as everything he had drained from him- his energy, his strength, his breath. They slipped down off the bike onto the tall grass, no longer trusting their balance. Lying naked on the ground, wrapped in each other’s arms, the breeze cooling their feverish skin as the last light of day filtered through the trees.

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