The Rainy Day GameThe Rainy Day Game


I was feeling sexy and needy and a little bit naughty when I conceived my plan. I would visit Erik at work and have some fun and maybe relieve some tension at the same time. I dressed carefully for the trip, wearing the pale yellow sundress I knew Erik liked. Under it, I wore some pretty, lacy yellow panties and a glorious tan. I sprayed on my Vanilla Mist and left my house, visions of a naked Erik dancing in my head.

He and I had been dating for about 4 months. We were at the point of staying over a few times a week, making plans several days in advance and feeling comfortable around each other. We had decided not to be exclusive yet and each of us dated others. So far, neither of us had a problem with that. In fact, I had met his other lady, Gina, and I really liked her.

When I got to his office, his secretary, Sherry, was just leaving for the day. She warned me that he was in a grouchy mood. He had been working on last month’s sales report all day and was not nearly finished. I just smiled and told her to enjoy her afternoon, promising he would be happier in the morning.

i knocked once on the door and then entered. He was glaring at the door, ready to tell Sherry to leave him alone, but smiled wearily at me instead. I walked in and circled the desk, standing behind Erik and massaging his tight neck muscles. He leaned back against my chest as my fingers did their magic. Relaxed, he let his head roll against my firm breasts, appreciating the bra-less feel of them. He sadly began to explain that he had no time to dally, that he would have to make it up to me in a few days, that this report was crucial and due soon.

As he talked, I reached under my full skirt and removed my panties. Slowly, I lowered them over his face, allowing him the time to fully appreciate my musky scent. He stopped talking and just inhaled, and I could hear the smile in his voice as he started repeating how busy he was and how much he WISHED he could play, but that he just could NOT!

I muttered understandingly, while walking around beside him and hopping onto his desk. I could see out the window behind him that the sky was clouding and another afternoon shower was about to start. I scooted down the desk until I was positioned right in front of my lover, my bare feet planted on either side of his thighs. I leaned down to kiss him, holding his face in my hands and whispering comforting words to him. He placed his hands on my waist, pulling me closer and kissing me back with long, gentle tongue strokes, then said sadly that he really couldn’t play. He looked so dejected that I almost felt bad about my master plan. Before I could change my mind, there was a light rap on the door and it opened. Standing there, in a pretty pink sundress, was Gina. Looking at her, I knew she had the same thing on her mind. We had both come to see our lover for some great fucking.

I am short and petite. As soon as the weather becomes warm, my tan becomes golden. I am older than Erik, with silver streaks in my dark brown hair. I am referred to as cute, even at my age. Men tend to want to protect me, keep me safe, shelter me. My appeal is usually described as innocence, softness, and warmth. I have soft, brown eyes with deep, long lashes. My face is dented with dimples in my cheeks and one in my chin. My hands and feet are tiny, with little fingers, short legs and arms. Surprisingly for such a small woman, I have lovely, full breasts. Erik is particularly pleased with them. My nipples are dark and large, perfect for the sucking and touching he loves to do.

Gina is nearly my opposite. She is tall and lovely. Her figure is lush, shapely. Her coloring is cool and fair. She has the most amazing blue eyes I have ever seen. Her mouth is full, beautifully shaped and tempting. I knew what Erik liked about her as soon as I met her. There was an air of “possibility” about her. No man in his right mind would pass her by unnoticed. She exuded sexuality, sensuality, excitement. Her pale skin, in the sundress, looked like peaches and cream.

She stood at the door for a second, looking at us. Then, she quietly locked it and entered the room. I straightened up and explained sincan escort to her that Erik was too busy to play, he had SO much work to finish! I sighed loudly, my lower lip beginning to pout. Gina ran her long fingers through my hair and said it was a shame that all of us should suffer because he was behind in his work!

I closed my eyes, enjoying being petted and stroked. I could smell Gina’s scent, a fresh summer smell, as she moved closer to me. I felt her hand moving from my hair, now caressing my cheek. Her skin felt cool and dry, gently tracing my skin as she moved her palm over my face. I could sense her moving closer still, and I welcomed her. Her mouth was near my ear as she whispered that I looked very pretty today. She chuckled and added, “Good enough to eat!”. I felt her breath on my cheek as her mouth moved. She gently touched her lips to mine, barely grazing the soft, tender flesh. My eyes were still closed. I wondered if I had imagined her touch because I was so very needy right now. As I contemplated my state of mind, I felt her lips moving with more force. She slowly encouraged me to open my mouth, to accept her delicious tongue and lovingly washed the inside of my mouth. I must have moaned because she seemed encouraged. She glanced down and saw my panties, still in Erik’s hands, and reached for them. I heard her inhaling deeply and sighing. Then her mouth returned to me and began devouring my lips and tongue. My hands reached for her, holding her against my suddenly hot body, trying to get as close to her as possible.

We stopped kissing and just looked at each other, smiling and starting to giggle. Then we both looked at Erik, who had not made a sound since Gina came into his office. He was staring at us, licking his lips and lightly massaging his massive erection.

Gina moved away from me and reached for the computer mouse. She smiled at Erik and told him that while she appreciated the fact that he needed to work, he had two hot women and owed them some relief. She said she hated to threaten him, but if he did not agree to help us, he would not only go without fun, but would lose all the work he had done. One click of the mouse would erase all his charts and graphs. All he had to do was listen to Gina and do as he was told, and his project would be safe.

She instructed him to undress completely. If Erik is beautiful in his suit, he is absolutely breathtaking naked. As he stood before us, his erection seemed to grow even larger. I had to force myself not to reach out for it, to touch it, to fall on my knees and worship it. But Gina seemed to have an even better plan than mine and I decided to let her lead. Erik sat in his comfy desk chair, his hard cock so impressive. Gina told him he could watch us as much as he wanted, he could even offer suggestions, but he was not allowed to touch his cock, not allowed to touch anything. And, she added, if he came before being told to, he would lose all his programming.

After that, Gina turned back to me and resumed kissing my willing mouth. Her lips tasted like peaches, and I found myself enjoying the softness of her lips on mine. Our tongues played together, slipping sensuously into each other’s mouths. Her hands were on my bare back, lightly stroking my soft flesh, making goosebumps appear on my arms.

I had never really been with a woman before, not in real life. I had the occasional fantasy about kissing a woman, or sucking her hard nipples, but had never acted on it. Yet, here I was, being held by this stunning woman, encouraging her, with sighs and moans, to touch me. I could feel her erect nipples pressing into mine, her warmth where our bodies pressed together. Her fingers were creating magical feelings on my skin, and I could feel my pussy softening and growing wet.

Her mouth began to move down my throat and chest. I felt her inquisitive lips touching lightly along the neckline of my dress, her sweet tongue darting under the fabric. Her fingers began opening my buttons and then I felt the cool air as my dress was lowered to my waist. I arched my back, offering her my aching nipples, hoping she would not sıhhiye escort stop now. Gina smiled at me and slowly pulled my right nipple deep into her mouth. The sensations coursing through my body were electrifying. Her mouth insistently pulled on that nipple, making every nerve ending tingle and respond. I could feel my nipple growing in her mouth, becoming hard and achy. Her elegant fingers played with the other one as I just sat there in a daze of desire. Suddenly, my nipple popped from her mouth as she turned to Erik and said, “Stop!”. I focused on him and saw his large hand wrapped around his cock, pre-come oozing from the tip. Gina very coolly told him if he touched himself again, his program would be destroyed. She also said that she would hate having to tie his hands to the chair! All the time she was talking to him, her hands were massaging and molding my full breasts, my nipples hard and distended.

The sky had darkened and lightning was flashing through the sky, giving this entire scene a surreal appearance. Gina told Erik to move his chair back against the wall, so he could see better and once again admonished him to keep his hands off his hard cock.

With the big desk chair gone, Gina could stand directly in front of me. She pulled me off the desk to stand before her and gave my dress a tug, sending it into a heap around my bare feet. I heard the intake of her breath as she looked at my trim, naked body. Her hands moved over me, touching lightly and gently, as if assuring herself that I was real. I looked up at her and smiled, giving her my permission to continue. Her hands circled my waist and she helped me back onto the desk. I sat back further and let my legs fall open. Gina began kissing me again, this time standing between my open thighs and allowing my nipples to rub against her dress, irritating and hardening them. She had the most talented fingers, moving them restlessly over my bare back and shoulders, down my arms, up my thighs. Without moving away from my mouth, she again said “Stop!”. We both looked at him and saw his hand moving up and down his cock, caressing the head and sliding back down the shaft. Gina chuckled and moved to his chair. She reached under her dress and removed lacy white panties, holding them to his face for a minute before wrapping them around his right wrist, tying him to the armrest. I jumped off the desk, taking my silky panties with me, and tied the left wrist. As we leaned over our lover, we smiled at each other and met in a loving kiss as we restrained him. Erik was moaning and attepting to pull free, his cock bobbing angrily in his lap, the precome oozing rapidly from the engorged tip.

We leaned across him, our mouths entangled in a deep kiss, Gina’s hands on my breasts. We were so close to Erik’s face, I could feel his breath on my arm. His breathing was rapid and shallow, his cock dancing between us, begging for attention. Part of me wanted to help him, relieve him of his magnificent erection, but the other part wanted to play out this rainy day game with Gina.

We straightened and moved back to the desk. Gina reached out and cleared the desk with one sweep of her long arm. I climbed on and sat cross-legged on one side, Gina sat across from me in the same position. Our knees touched as we smiled at each other, holding hands and giggling. I reached for the pearl buttons on the front of Gina’s dress, opening them slowly, my fingers grazing softly over her skin. I was mesmerized by the contrast of my short, tanned fingers against her alabaster breasts. I allowed my nails to scrape gently over her, listening to her tiny moans. When the buttons were finally undone, her dress easily slid off her shoulders, exposing her beautiful breasts to me. Her nipples were a rosy pink, hard and bumply in anticipation. I deliberately ran my nails over her breasts, on the tender skin between, avoiding the nipples until she finally asked me, in her breathless voice, to touch her. How could I refuse? I touched her exactly as I loved to be touched, using the strokes that always excited me. Her eyes closed and she leaned into my touch, sighing and wetting her lips. tandoğan escort I was fascinated by her beautiful nipples and knew I had to taste them. I leaned forward and sucked one into my mouth, feeling for the first time the fullness of a woman. Her hands were moving up and down my bare back, making me shiver, but I did not want to leave this place, I did not want to lose this deliciousness. Blindly, my mouth moved to the other nipple, once again sucking it deeply into my hot and hungry mouth, enjoying the feel and texture of a woman’s breast in my mouth. Her fingers were in my short hair, combing it and massaging my scalp, while she whispered words of encouragement to me.

This could have continued forever. I lost all track of time as I made love to her tantalizing breasts. I was happily sucking and nipping, being very creative, when I felt her hands moving lower on my body. Suddenly, all my attention was focused on her skilled fingers as they moved down my sides and hips, making my skin tingle. I sat up straight and looked into her eyes. She was grinning mischievously. She placed her hands on my knees and ran them up my thighs, slipping her long, delicate fingers along my tender skin. Her fingers reached my shaved pussy and began to massage and rub the bare skin. I could feel myself swelling open, becoming wetter as she touched me. Gina stepped down from the desk and picked up my dress, making a pillow of it. She placed it at one end of the desk and helped me lie down, my legs falling open, exposing myself to her. Erik remained in his chair, his eyes never leaving us, his cock straining for relief. He had stopped fighting the restraints, seemed to have forgotten everything but the sight before him. He was talking, suggesting things to Gina, telling her how delicious my pussy was, asking her to taste me. He told her nothing was as exciting as when I came and started taunting her to make me come.

Gina smiled at him, walked over to his chair and very deliberately started dancing in the darkening room. Her hips swayed and her dress seemed to melt from her body. She stood before him, naked and beautiful, and told him she appreciated all his suggestions. Then she returned to my needy body. She stood beside me, just taking in my nakedness, before touching my with her inquiring fingers. My body responded so fully, I was completely amazed. I had fantasized about a woman, but never thought I would react this way, want a woman this much. Gina’s sweet mouth came down on mine, kissing me softly and then more needily. Her hands continued to learn me as her mouth began moving down my body.

I know she was making a point of not blocking Erik’s view and I could feel his eyes on us, missing nothing. I felt Gina’s talented tongue moving lower, toying with my belly button, before arriving at my smooth pussy. She was lapping at me. Long, wide strokes designed to drive me crazy. Her tongue moved up between my legs, sliding into my slit, opening it for her, allowing her to taste my oozing juices. She stopped once, walking over to Erik to kiss him deeply, her mouth tasting of me. He begged her to stay, to touch him, but she couldn’t. She wanted me as much as I was desiring her. She moved to the side of the desk, pulling my legs and moving me down until my hips were on the edge of the desk, my legs open and my beautiful pussy displayed for Erik’s watching eyes. She knelt then, her hands on my inner thighs, her mouth covering my cunt. I could feel her kissing me there, french-kissing me with her tongue deep inside. I turned my head to the side so I could see Erik, see his reaction to this. He was smiling, his cock was throbbing in his lap, an angry red now, dripping pre-come. Then I could see nothing except a blur of red as Gina’s tongue licked and nibbled and teased my hard little clit. The redness gathered in my head, the heat gathered in my legs, lightning flashed outside the window and I felt myself tightening to orgasm. I felt my legs stiffen, heard myself calling Gina’s name as a growl escaped my throat and I began the spasms that shook me to my soul. Gina never stopped, her tongue busily playing and licking my clit. I could not stop coming, my hips bucking against her face, my eyes losing all focus now. Finally, I felt Gina give me one last kiss and lift her wet face from between my legs, smiling at me.

As she settled on Erik’s lap, allowing him to lick her face, I knew our rainy day games had just started.

To Be Continued…

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