The QuickieThe Quickie


I watched as her hands ran down her slender body. I took deep breaths as she moved her fingers delicately over her pale green snake pattern panties and onto her thighs. Her delicious brown nipples pointed up towards the ceiling as she teased herself some more. Our eyes were locked in a trance with one another, daring each other to make the first move. I placed my hand on her thigh, making her gasp at my gentle touch. I could feel the heat from her pussy against my skin as I held my hand still for a few moments. With her eyes firmly fixed on me, a wicked smile began to grow on her face as I almanbahis started to pull her panties down. A thin strip of hair appeared and her cheeks started to blush as I uncovered more of her delightful body. I flicked my tongue over my lips as her vagina was revealed. She bit her little finger softly as I threw her panties over my shoulder and climbed on top of her. Our lips locked in a passionate kiss, her tits pressed against my chest and my cock rubbed against her entrance as we made out. My hand stroked her luxurious auburn hair as my tongue overpowered hers and invaded her mouth. almanbahis yeni giriş The sweet taste of her saliva on my tongue made my body tingle and want more of her. Before long, I found myself kissing down her body at a steady pace. My lips pressed against her neck, collarbone, breasts, belly and thighs before I planted one big kiss on her pussy. I watched as she arched her back before I introduced my tongue to her moist hole. I pushed my face against her mound, getting as much of my tongue into her as possible before I started to make circular motions with it. The air was almanbahis giriş filled with pleasant moans as I pleasured her. I could feel more juices begin to line and lubricate her hole, ready for my member. Just as her moans started to get louder, I removed my tongue and quickly licked up to her clitoris. Gently, I began to suck on it as I placed my fingers at her entry. Without warning, I plunged two fingers into her as deep as I could whilst continuing to slurp on her pink pearl. I felt her heat increase as my fingers probed deeper into the unknown. A quick rush of juices coated them and her moans and body language confirmed she was cumming from the treatment. As she squirmed in ecstasy, I moved away from her, my dick as hard as iron. She laid there for a few moments, composing herself and gathering her breath before sitting up.

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