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The ProsecutorSo it was a rainy autumn evening and I felt the desire to be with a woman. I live in a very rural area and at the time I didn’t have a woman who came by quickly because of my mood.So I thought I would put an ad on the Internet without much hope that it would be a great success. Of course, I also wrote in this ad that I would like more and would be willing to pay.To my surprise, a woman answered very soon. She came up close and didn’t talk about money or anything. Well, I had my doubts, but we first agreed to meet in a nearby parking lot.At the time, I had sent her pictures of me, but had not seen a picture of her or heard her voice on the phone.I have had bad experiences with such meetings, for example that a man came instead of a woman. So on this dark, rainy autumn evening, I drove to this parking lot a little earlier than planned. I was a little excited and didn’t know what to expect. Of course, I had previously described my car to the woman so that she would find me quickly. I waited a little and then eventually a big Mercedes parked next to me and since I didn’t assume that this was my appointment I was a bit annoyed and thought about parking. When I looked at the driver, I saw the bomb from a woman and just thought it couldn’t be in life. Her hair was long and dark, a delicate face that was only lightly made up, a bust size (double D) that was stunning and she literally shines through the wet car window. Then she rolled down her passenger window and I put mine on the driver’s side. My look must have spoken my volumes because she smiled and asked “Are bahis siteleri you Sven?”.Immediately I pulled myself together and replied “Hi sure I am Sven. You are then sure Moni or? Glad to meet you”. So we talked for a while and the mood really relaxed. After a while Moni came up with the idea that we could also talk while driving around. Then she climbed up to my old battered polo with her briefcase. I still couldn’t believe this hammer woman in my car.So we drove around a bit and she talked about me and also explained why she wanted to meet me. Her main interest in me was my looks. I was 23 years old, slim build, pierced, tattooed and had my hair a little longer and this was extremely gelled back. With a smile on her face she only said “You could be one of my clients by appearance and I like that very much. So that’s the way I have to be dominant in my job, but privately I always wanted my own little criminal.” That made me laugh. We drove around for a long time and talked and laughed together.Then she remembered that she had to send an email to work and it was late. We went through our options (neither of us had a smartphone yet) and decided to drive to a nearby game store with online coffee. We went to the game library to make a coffee and I set up the PC so that she could send the email and afterwards no important data from her could be found. We had another coffee and then decided to go back.When we were back in the parking lot we were sitting in the car for a short time and we arranged to meet at home for the next evening. She leaned over to me and gave me canlı bahis siteleri a very deep kiss.I didn’t have fast sex that evening but what I experienced was a hundred times better and more exciting.The following day I got my house a bit in order, because even if I was her little scoundrel I didn’t have to have any chaos in the house. She came as agreed we had a nice evening on the sofa with pizza, films, alcohol and cigarettes. It felt like we had known each other for years and everything was very easy. The cuddling and kissing didn’t feel wrong or forced. I didn’t want to force anything and when we went to sleep I gave her the opportunity to stay in the guest room. Then she replied “I’m a sleeper, if you mind I take the guest room”. Wow I had never met such an open woman. Of course I didn’t mind. We stripped off and went to bed and I spooned her warm plump ass.Of course, I couldn’t keep my fingers with me for long. I stroked her body with my left hand, let her wander over her breasts, massaged him gently, and then let my hand wander between her legs over her body. My hand gently massaged her labia and her breath became difficult and she started to moan. I ran a finger between her lips, felt the nice warm moisture on my finger, and started massaging her clit. Then I pulled away from her, turned her on her back, and went into position over her. We kissed violently and intimately. When our lips parted I started kissing her body and slowly walking down with each kiss. When my head was between her legs I let my tongue slide between her wet lips. It literally made canlı bahis her wild and she squeezed my head firmly wiping her legs. I let my tongue play and nibbled on her clit every now and then. When she reached the climax, she pulled my head back by the hair and threw me on my back. She knew what she wanted and I had it done. With the tip of her tongue she played a little on my glans but she could not hold back for long. My penis disappeared deep in her throat and they choked a little, which did not seem to bother them in a****l drive. It blew me violently and hard so that I came very quickly. I didn’t have much time to relax because after swallowing my semen she sat on my pelvis so that my penis was between your lips. The feeling while her pelvis was already moving back and forth and slowly getting faster made my best piece swell again quickly. I slowly noticed how it got nice and warm between my legs. With one hand she reached for my penis and slowly introduced it into itself. At first it was a very slow ride and I saw her clearly enjoying it. Slowly she leaned forward so that her big breast touched my chest and began to kiss me sensually and slowly rode on. It was a bit of the wildness gone and we enjoyed how our bodies felt and so we went on for quite a while, sometimes up and sometimes me. After we both came a second time, it was well after three in the morning. We wanted to smoke another one and then go to sleep. That going to sleep was not really successful, because after I spooned it again for a while my limb swelled again and she couldn’t leave it like that. It was a long and hot night and should not have been the last. I have experienced more with her but writing all of this would go beyond the scope. I like to remember it and wanted to share this memory with you. Hope you liked it.

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