The Professor’s WifeThe Professor’s Wife


Brad was in his freshman year at Western University when he learned of Professor Eatock’s wife’s problem.

When they met at an orientation gathering Judy Eatock had taken the good-looking blonde student into her confidence.

The professor’s wife had revealed to Brad how she was desperate to have a child but her older husband had been unable to provide her with the sperm she required. The attractive wife suggested that Brad might be able to help her fertilize her garden.

Brad loved fucking. He had screwed an endless string of girls since high school and had scored with three different coeds in the brief time he had been at Western. He knew giving the professor’s wife her baby would be a simple thing for him to do.

“I have no classes Thursday afternoon. You can pick me up at the Dunkin Donut about 2 pm.” Brad told the ovulating Mrs. Eatock on the phone.

Judy Eatock drove an ordinary gray Impala that would not be noticeable in the motel parking lot. She wore a conservative tweed dress to their rendezvous not wanting to draw attention to herself. If only the Pakki desk clerk could see what the tall blonde was wearing beneath that dress!

Emerging from the office with the key to room
8 in her hand she waved to Brad to join her.

Brad caught up to her as she opened the door to their lair. As they entered the room Brad took another look at the cheating wife, it promised to be an interesting afternoon.

The Afyon Escort room was like a thousand other Holiday Inn rooms in a thousand of other cities. The Arborite furnishings, bland pictures and the neatly made bed dominating the room.

Judy put the brown paper bag containing the whiskey on the dressing table as she went though to the washroom with her makeup bag.

Once in the washroom she quickly shed the dress.

The bra with the cut out nipples and the crotchless bikinis had cost her a fortune but would be worth it in entertaining her young lover. It had been many years since the thirty-six year old had felt a teenage cock in her. She intended to make her insemination a memorable experience.

She floated back into the room almost nude.

“Very nice!” Brad said examining his prize.

He noticed the professor’s wife was clean-shaven for the occasion. Her delicate pink nipples projected boldly through the open tips of her bra cups. Mrs. Eatock had obviously come fore a bit of pleasure this afternoon as well as accomplishing her mission. Brad was going to make the bitch moan like she had never moaned before.

“Let’s see what I am getting?” Judy smiled.

Brad was proud of his eight inches. Every girl he had fucked had climaxed with it buried in her. He quickly disrobed for his professor’s wife’s scrutiny.

“Oh yes!” she exclaimed coming over and taking his erection in her hand. “Am I going Afyon Escort Bayan to be able to put that to good use!” Judy grinned.

Judy hesitated to release her grip on Brad’s cock.

“Do you suck?” Brad boldly asked.

Sucking Brad’s cock had nothing to do with getting pregnant, Judy dropped to her knees.

Her mouth was warm and wet and her tongue felt magical caressing his cock. Brad smiled thinking what all the faculty wives would think if they could see the professor’s wife with her mouth full of student cock? “Sucking cock in the rose garden” Brad muse himself while Judy slurped on is love muscle.

“Save some to make a baby!” Judy said momentarily removing the cock from her mouth.

“I got lots!” Brad said shoving his cock back into her mouth.

Judy had been quite the little whore in her college days. She had the nickname “Sweetlips McLean” when she met Jim Eatock. The standing joke was she could suck a golf ball through thirty feet of garden hose!

These young coeds were amateurs whereas Judy was an artist. It was legendary what her mouth could do to a cock. There had been the Homecoming Dance where she had swallowed the sperm of no less than twenty-seven of the alumni in Convocation Hall. If Western had a Cocksuckers’ Hall of Fame Judy McLean’s picture would have hung on the Wall of Fame.

Brad thought about pulling out and splattering Judy’s face with his thick gooey Escort Afyon cum but she would not allow him to withdraw so close to cumming. He felt his cum cannon begin firing in her mouth. Volley after volley spurts of his rich thick cream emptied into the cum-starved whore’s mouth. Judy tilted her head and allowed the sperm to roll down her throat.

“Mmmmm, that was good!” she said wiping her cum-coated lips on the back of her hand.

Brad poured them a drink and prepared for the main event.

“Do you want a boy or a girl?” Brad asked.

“Do I have a choice?” Judy smiled.

They say if you close your eyes when I cum in you you will have a boy.” Brad offered.

“Well I took my temperature before I left and my eggs should be waiting for you daddy!” Judy teased.

Judy discarded the flimsy bra and panties and took her place on the bed. Legs wide open she beckoned her lover to join her.

Brad mounted her. His cock slid into her adept cunt with ease. She was a comfortable fuck unlike the young girls he was accustom to. His cock settled in her nest as her legs embraced him. She moved beneath him like his mirror image anticipating his every move. It was uncanny, like a carefully choreographed dance of love.

“Oh yes Baby, I knew you would be good!” she softly moaned.

The older woman made Brad feel like a Greek god of love, his erection switching on her sexuality. He felt he had a power over her to make her body come alive. Mercilessly he thrust his mighty cock deep in to her womb.

“Cum in me, give me my baby!” Judy pleaded.

Brad began the rapid strokes about to deliver the much-needed fertilizer for her garden. Judy closed her eyes as the rich cream rushed into her…

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