The PendantThe Pendant


I had a part time job working for a gardening mob during the long break at university. Hard work physically, but it helped me stay in condition and was good for the wallet.

I was out doing some standard maintenance at this big old house with a really large set of grounds. I was there to mow the lawns (with a ride-on mower – neat) and trim the edges. The actual gardens and trimming of hedges and such was to be left to the real gardeners, my boss making sure that I understood I wasn’t a real gardener – just a yard-boy who might learn something.

There didn’t appear to be anyone home. I just waltzed in and got to work on the front lawn. Large enough, but small compared to the backyard. I finished the front lawn, mown and edged, and headed on around back.

It was a nice hot day with a slight touch of a breeze. The ideal sort of day to be down at the beach, chasing the girls and making a fool of myself, and here was I, working. It’s a hard life.

My hard life got just a little more interesting when the back door opened and this pretty young thing came sauntering out. She was around eighteen, nice smile, blonde with hazel eyes and a very nice figure. I could see quite a lot of that very nice figure as she was wearing what was almost a little red bikini. (To really be a bikini it would have to grow a bit.)

I still had the mower in idle, so I stopped for a moment to have a chat.

“Morning,” I said. “I thought nobody was home.”

“Typical. He’s only just seen me and he thinks I’m nobody.”

“Now you know I didn’t mean it like that,” I said with a laugh. “If you let me know where you intend to sun bake, I’ll cut that area first so you won’t have to move later.”

An assumption on my part, but wearing that almost bikini and carrying a towel, what would you think?

She thanked me very nicely and indicated a section of the lawn, and I proceeded to carve a nice little circle for her. She thanked me again, settled onto her towel and just relaxed like a cat enjoying the heat.

I went back to my mowing, thinking lascivious thoughts about pretty young thing in bikinis.

I finished the mowing without crashing the mower, which was a bit of a wonder with the distraction that was lying on the lawn. Then it was out with the edger and start working my away around the lawn. About three-quarters of the way around the lawn I spotted something glinting in the grass. Bending down I found a gold pendant and chain, with what looked to me like a very nice little diamond set in it.

I stuck the pendant and chain in my pocket, leaving the chain dangling to remind me to give it to the bathing beauty before I left. Then on with the mundane task of trimming.

Finally finishing, I packed the gear away and then sauntered over to my favourite sunbather.

“Excuse me,” I said, waiting for her to open her eyes and acknowledge me.

“I found this,” I said, when she deigned to crack one eye open.

I dangled the chain and pendant in front of her. She focused on it and it was as though she’d hit a jackpot. Both eyes popped wide and she was standing in a blur of motion, grabbing for the pendant.

“My pendant,” she shrieked. “I thought it was gone for good. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

She sank back down onto her towel, not taking her eyes off the pendant.

“I thought I’d lost it forever and I was so upset. You don’t know how much it means to me. Anything I can do for you in return, I will. Anything at all.”

Now I knew that this was just the standard sort of hyperbole that a teenager comes up with, but the offer was there, so I decided to take advantage of it. She was already lying back down, just waving the pendant in front of her face and smiling at it.

I reached down, took hold of her bathers and pulled them smoothly down, lifting her legs high at the same time, nearly bending her in two.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she squealed in great indignation.

“Taking the reward you offered,” I said ankara escort glibly, waiting for the screaming protest.

She surprised me. She giggled.

“I didn’t mean anything like this and you know it,” she reproved. “I’m not allowed to do things like this so you’ll just have to back off.”

“Really?” I asked. “Can you give me one good reason why I should?”

“Um, how about I won’t be eighteen for another week?”

I have to admit. That was a pretty good reason. I backed off with commendable haste, watching with irritation as she wriggled her bikini back into position, still giggling. At me, but I guess I earned it.

“Nice try,” she said, “but shame on you, trying to take advantage of a poor defenceless girl.”

“Somehow, I get this feeling that you’re not exactly defenceless,” I grumbled. “When do you really turn eighteen, or are you already?”

“No, I’m not. Like I said, next week. Friday to be exact. Too bad you weren’t cutting the lawns next week. I’d have been just the right age.”

“No matter,” I told her. “I’ll just add a note to my diary, reminding me that I need to ravish, what’s your name?”


“Right. Need to ravish Ronnie next time I’m doing the lawns here.”

“Ah, if that’s in the notes associated with this job, does that mean whoever comes next time will be instructed to ravish me?”

The rotten girl made it sound as though it was just an item of passing interest. Was it I who would ravish her or just whoever happened to come past?

“I’ll put it in my personal notes,” I informed her. “If anyone else ravishes you it will simply be because they want to.”

“I’m glad that’s settled,” she murmured, settling down comfortably. “Thanks, again for finding my pendant.”

“You’re welcome,” I said, heading off to my truck.

– – –

A fortnight later I was back, cheering the rains we’d been having and the resultant lush growth. I finished the front as fast as possible and headed on around the back. I had about half the back done when Ronnie appeared. I switched off the motor as she came over to me.

“Good afternoon,” I said politely, although the look in my eyes was, I suspect, rather blatant lust.

She smiled back at me, and that girl had a really wicked smile.

“I just had to come out and thank you for finding the pendant,” she said. “My eighteenth birthday party just wouldn’t have been the same without my wearing my grandmother’s pendant.”

I didn’t have a doubt in the world that she’d noticed that I’d been eyeing her, trying to assess how easily I could remove her clothes. She gave me a moment or two of pleasure before she stuck the knife in and broke it off.

“My parents are home. You really must come in and let them thank you.”

So much for jumping off the mower, dragging her to a corner of the garden and tearing her clothes off. I returned her smile, denying any desire whatsoever to go in and meet her parents.

“Totally unnecessary,” I said. “I just happened to spot the pendant and pick it up for you. No need for your parents to thank me. Your thanks were sufficient.”

“Well thanks again, anyway,” she said, turning to go. Then she paused. “Oh, don’t forget to amend your note.”

I must have looked blank for a moment, because she amplified.

“The ravish Ronnie note,” she murmured sweetly. “It’s obvious you can’t do it today, what with my parents being home.”

She trotted off, giggling at my expense. All I could do was give a rueful smile, watching her bottom sway as she moved. It gave a lovely little swish back and forth as she walked.

– – –

The next time I fronted for the mowing it was another hot day. I finished the front and moved around to the back. Just as an amusement for myself I mowed the patch where Ronnie liked to sunbathe, then got on with doing the rest of the yard.

I was working around the edges with the trimmer when Ronnie showed up. She was wearing her almost bikini again, and headed straight to her ankara escort bayan spot to spread her towel and work on her tan.

I finished off the edges and packed my equipment away. With the work completed I strolled back to chat with Ronnie.

“Afternoon,” I said casually.

She peeped at me through half open eyes, smiled and said, “Afternoon.”

“So you’re now eighteen?” I ventured.

“And nearly three weeks,” she murmured.

“Are your parents home?”

“Mmm. No. And not expected back for ages.”

“I see. Anyone else at home.”

“No,” came the reply with a doleful shake of her head. “I’m all alone.”

“Are you by any chance expecting visitors? Boyfriends, relations, security guards, chaperones, or possibly all of the above.”

“Umm, no. Not really. I seem to have been completely deserted by all my nearest and dearest. Why?”

“I’m just making sure that we’re not going to be interrupted when I get around to the Ronnie ravishment,” I explained.

“Oh. Do you still want to go ahead with that? I thought that it was just a phase and you’d grow out of it.”

The hell she did. I shook my head in negation.

“Ronnie, love, if you’ve ever looked in a mirror you’ll know that this sort of phase is something that every man you meet will have for years to come. Why would I grow out of it? For that matter, why would I want to grow out of it?”

“I assume that this means you want me to take my costume off?”

“What there is of it,” I murmured, “and no, I prefer to unwrap my own presents. Besides, I’ve always wanted to be in a position to cut through some red tape. Now, where were we when I had to call a halt?

Ah, yes. I was removing these and you were thinking up a reason why I shouldn’t do this.”

Once again I reached down, took hold of her bathers and pulled them smoothly down, lifting her legs high at the same time, nearly bending her in two.

“Hold on,” Ronnie said in a rush. “You’re not really serious about doing this, surely?”

Her bathing bottom was around her ankles, held firmly in my hand, which also meant that I controlled where her ankles were. With Ronnie bent almost double it also meant that she could see her own mound, and she could see the hand that was now caressing it.

“Of course I’m serious. Are you trying to think of other reasons to stall?”

“Um, how about I’m still a virgin?”

“I was hoping you had saved it for me,” I said softly, enjoying the blush she gave. “And don’t worry about your virginity. I was a virgin once and I found it didn’t hurt at all when I lost it.”

I eased her bikini bottom off one ankle, leaving it flying like a little red flag on the other. I was only holding one ankle now, and watched approvingly as her other leg drifted away, providing better access. Reaching down I tugged at the bow at her neck, easing the bra top down off her breasts. And very nice breasts they were. I gave each one a casual rub before moving on to other things.

I undid my own trousers and pushed them and my shorts out of the way. Ronnie’s eyes opened wide as she saw what was now hovering next to her mound. They seemed to open even wider as I started brushing the head of my cock back and forth along her labia.

“What are you doing?” she demanded.

“Helping you,” I informed her. “I can see from the way your lips are slightly flushed and swollen that you’re excited, but only a little bit. Having your pussy get acquainted with my cock like this will help build up your excitement.”

“I am not excited,” she snapped. “I think you’d better stop now.”

“If you’re not excited then you should sue your body for lying. Look how your inner lips are starting to get all puffed up, pushing their way out so that they can get some attention. And if I did stop, you’d be furious.”

Ronnie was slightly flushed now, breathing heavily. Her nipples were standing proud and I thought I should spend some time letting them know they were cherished. I let the escort ankara head of my cock lean firmly against Ronnie’s agitated lips and started stoking her breasts, teasing the nipples and gently rubbing the breasts themselves.

Ronnie was squirming under my touch, restlessly moving around. She was also twisting her head, trying to see past my hands on her breasts so she could see what my cock was doing.

“What are you doing?” she demanded. “Are you going to put that thing in me or not?”

“There’s no rush. I’ll get around to it, so just be patient. Right now I’m admiring your lovely breasts.”

Apparently, patience wasn’t Ronnie’s middle name. She looked down at where my cock was casually pressed against her lips, then pushed up, her lips spreading and taking me.

“I think that’s rape,” I muttered.


“You initiated a sexual engagement without asking me if I wanted to. That constitutes rape. I feel so used.”

For a moment there I thought she was going to explode, she turned so red. Then I hurriedly caught her fist before it connected with my nose.

“Now, now. Temper,” I murmured, and pressed a little harder into her.

Ronnie stiffened slightly when she felt me pressing in. Then she relaxed, seeming to concentrate on what I was now doing. A gentle movement and I was leaning against her hymen.

“Don’t worry,” I said in a soothing tone. “This next bit won’t hurt me at all.”

While she was sorting that out I gave a harder push and Ronnie gave a yelp and became the newest member of the ex-virgin club. I was laughing at her indignant look, while at the same time I was softly pressing deeper into her.

“If you’ve finished mucking around, sweetness, we can get down to business now,” I murmured, still making my way deeper. “Are you ready?”

She didn’t deign to reply. Her legs closed around me as I started to move in her, holding me against her. I moved slowly at first, letting her get used to my cock sliding around inside her. Slowly I started to increase the pace.

“Come on, love,” I murmured. “Move with me in this. You’ll find you will like it better.”

She was tentative at first, pressing against me rather nervously as I pushed into her. After a few moments her movements firmed up, the exciting new feelings starting to get to her. Hands gently caressing her breasts I made love to her, initiating her into the oldest sport in the world.

We had the place to ourselves and I saw no reason to hurry things along. I established a nice comfortable rhythm for her, and then rode her, taking the long way home.

At the start her face was all, “Oh my god, I’m being fucked,” doubt and desire warring with each other. Then, as we got more established, with desire and lust stirring up excitement within her, her face changed to an, “Oh, god, yes, I’m being fucked,” approval of what was happening.

Now her face showed that excitement had her firmly in its grasp. She was bucking under me, making the sweetest little love sounds, gasping and squeaking with passion, wanting more and more.

I took her higher and higher, watching her, enjoying seeing her acceptance of what was happening, her desire for it to keep on going. I wanted more of the same myself, and I was driving in harder all the time, unconsciously lifting the speed as I took her, but all my efforts being easily matched and encouraged.

As always, the ending came too soon. I held on as long as I could, striving to make her initiation a winner, and nearly broke my arm patting myself on the back when she gave a small shriek and climaxed. I felt like shrieking myself as I let go inside her, but screaming when you climax just isn’t considered the manly thing to do.

Ronnie just lay there afterwards, a smug look on her face. I watched her for a short while, but I really had to go. Strictly speaking, I was at work.

I dragged on my trousers and got to my feet, feeling both tired and revitalised. Stooping back down I gave Ronnie a hard kiss, then departed, wanting to stay. I wondered if she’d be around next fortnight. Then again, would I? University started again soon and I’d be leaving my job going back. Ships that pass in the night, I guess, but who knows where we might meet again.

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