The PartyThe Party


“Unh, unh, unh” I watched as you grunted through another orgasm, slamming yourself violently down onto me. Your eyes were shut tight and your head thrown back, in total concentration on your pleasure. I had lost track of your orgasms by this time and just focused on not coming, myself. You had started out riding my face, hanging on to the headboard as if for dear life. When you had come several times from my oral attention, you slid down my body and impaled yourself on me, for some vaginal stimulation. Finally, sated, you collapsed on me, as you returned to reality, post-orgasmic spasms of your vagina rippling my erection.

Eventually, you climbed off me. You told me to remain in the bed. “Don’t touch that” you said, pointing at my penis. “You’ll be taken care of, later. No point in you getting dressed, either.”

You had told me you were having a party tonight, but I was to come over two hours early, because you wanted, in your words, to fuck first. When I asked you about this, you replied, enigmatically, that you wanted your own needs satisfied before the guests arrived, so you wouldn’t be distracted from being a good hostess.

Soon, I heard voices, as people arrived for your party, all female voices, it seemed. After a while, you returned to the bedroom and explained to me the evening’s events. It so happened that your women friends were always complaining that their husbands and boyfriends either refused to go down on them, or, if they did, had no clue what to do “down there” So, you had decided that, since you had taught me to eat your pussy at an expert level, you would share me with them for an evening. I was to stay in the bed and service any woman who wished it. Short of actual intercourse, they would be permitted to do what they wanted with me while I ate them. I was not to touch myself, and I had better not come, if any of the women decided to play with me. Oh, and I was to keep this scarf tied around my eyes as a blindfold. A lady requires her privacy, you informed me.

Now I understood why you refused to let me come. You wanted me eager and my desire keen for the entire evening.

Not long after, I heard a commotion in the hallway. “There he is, just like she said,” a woman whispered. “Are you going to do it?”

“You do it” a different voice.

“No, you!”

I heard footsteps enter the room, followed by the soft rustle of clothing. A woman standing next the bed said, “We hear you’re a hungry boy.” Before I could respond, I felt the bed sag, as she climbed onto my chest and moved up to straddle my face. I could feel the hem of her dress on my skin. She hadn’t removed all her clothes, only her panties. I felt myself enveloped in the heat between her legs as she hovered over me, as if trying to decide whether to go through with it or not. The scent of female arousal swirled around me and made my head spin (as it always does).

Decision made, she settled down on me. Her pubic hair tickled my nose and caught in my Afyon Escort mustache, as I reached my mouth up to kiss her lips. She was already wet. Apparently the anticipation had her already excited, when she’d entered the room.

No words can describe the effect on me of licking a woman. The beauty of an aroused pussy, with lips that remind me of the most delicate flower. Feeling those lips swell around my mouth, thighs pressing urgently against my head, the rocking motion of hips against my face, fingers laced in my hair to pull me tight into that hot, wet center, the weight of her body as she takes her pleasure. A scent that intoxicates and addicts me. The taste, every woman is slightly different, yet all are as ambrosia. And the sound of her voice in pleasure, a symphony to rival those of the masters!

I gently kissed her vulva, front to back, back to front. Soon, my tongue snaked out to lick her slit, as she started to move slightly against me. My tongue quickly began to find its way between her lips, gathering some of her honey. She tasted sweet and sweaty, with just a hint of urine. She had probably gone to the bathroom sometime after she had arrived at the party. I reveled in her scent and flavor, so generously shared with me.

Her breathing quickened, and she pressed herself down more urgently on my face. I increased the pressure, sticking my tongue into her vagina as far as I could. Then I moved up to concentrate on her clit, which was coming out to play. Clit action was what she wanted, as her gasping indicated. She started to rub her entire groin back and forth on my face, focusing the pressure on her clit. This tipped her over the edge, and her orgasm washed over us both. Her high-pitched squeals sang a song of pleasure, and she rutted herself for over a minute on my face.

As her climax subsided, her movements slowed, and she settled all her weight on my face, as she rested. My struggle to breath caused her to sit back on my chest and giggle at my flushed cheeks. “Thanks. You’re good at that” she said and swung her leg over me to get off the bed.

More whispering, then “I’m next!”

“No, I am”

“I was here before you!”

More hallway discussion, as the order of succession was worked out. Then I felt another woman climb on the bed and straddle my face. Another unique scent and taste. This woman had apparently been wearing slacks, which she had removed before mounting me. She put my hands on her hips, and I could feel her nakedness from the waist down. Taking the clue, I massaged her ass as I began my oral ministrations. I ran my hands all over her body, and this seemed to meet with her approval. She gasped as I circled her nipples with my fingers, feeling them harden through her blouse and thin bra. She then leaned back against my bent knees and took her orgasm in this layed back position. She got much more wet than my first customer, thoroughly soaking my mustache and beard in her fluids.

Thus Afyon Escort Bayan the evening progressed, with a steady stream of women visiting the bedroom. I have no idea how many pussies I ate that night. I’m sure some came back for a second and even a third servicing. Most had their orgasm and let the next in line take her turn. A number of the women were accustomed to having multiple orgasms and stayed on me after their first till they quickly came a second time. Several women wanted their asses licked as part of the service, and, of course, I was happy to oblige.

The majority of women rode my face. A couple sat on the bed and had me kneel in front of them. A few lay on the bed with their thighs over my shoulders and pillows under their butts as I ate them. One sat backwards on me, playing with me as she warned me how much trouble I’d be in if I came. She was doing everything she could do with her hands and mouth, however, to get me to break that rule. Only my complete focus on her pussy allowed me to hold out. Another woman said she wanted to borrow me for a night of pussy eating. I told her that is was up to you if you wished to share me, and that, if you were to give your permission, she could have me whenever she wanted.

One poor girl, try as she might, just couldn’t seem to come. I tried everything I could think of to get her off. She humped me, we tried different positions, all to no avail. Then I thought to stick a finger in her vagina as I sucked her clitoris and vaginal lips into my mouth. I used the “come hither” stroke on her g-spot. The did it. I thought she was going to break my neck when her orgasm struck.

After a time, I heard more whispering in the hall. I made out a voice saying, “What if he doesn’t want to?”

Your voice rang out over the others, “He’ll do what I tell him to do. Do you want to do it, or not?”

The answer must have been in the affirmative, as you told me to stand. Grabbing my erection, you led me out of the room and down the hallway. I could sense others in the hall, as we passed by, though I was still blind-folded. You led me into the bathroom and into the shower. There was a atmosphere of tension in the room.

After pushing me to my knees, you stepped aside, and I heard one of the women in front of me rustling with her clothes. Suddenly, I was bathed in a hot stream of liquid, as she began to urinate on me. The others in the room let out a cheer as she sprayed her stream back and forth across my face. When she finished, I leaned in and began cleaning her pussy with my tongue. The salty taste of her pee mixed with her pussy juices was very pleasant, and I applied myself to the task eagerly. The excitement of the whole experience rewarded her with knee-buckling climax. She would have fallen if someone had not grabbed her.

“Anybody else?” you asked.

Two other women decided that they wanted to pee on me, too, and so I was treated to their golden showers, followed Escort Afyon by a thorough cleaning of their pussies, much to their orgasmic delight.

When they were finished, you told me to wash up and go back to the bedroom, where there would be a fresh blind-fold for me.

The rest of the evening was a continuing blur of more pussies, some shaved, some quite hairy, all fragrent and delicious. Some of the women were very vocal as they came, others came very privately. Some liked me to do all the work with my tongue and lips, while others seemed to want me to hold still, while they rubbed themselves against my face. I knew that your friends had no idea what a gift you were giving me, since only you knew what a passion I have for cunnilingus. The chance to service so many women in an evening like this was, for me, truly a dream come true. If there is a heaven and by chance I end up there, I’d happily spend an eternity just like this.

But all good things come to an end, eventually. I heard “Good byes” and fervant “Thank yous” and “When are we going to do this, again?” from the living room. When all your guests had departed, you returned to the bedroom.

“You did very well tonight. I am quite proud of you” you sweetly said to me, as you removed the blind-fold from my eyes. “Now you get your reward.”

Blinking against the light, I watched as you slipped your panties off from under your skirt and mounted me. Smiling, you inserted me into you and sat down. Gently, at first, then more vigorously, you slid yourself back and forth against my pubic bone. Your clit and vagina get maximum contact this way, you have often told me. Even though you had said that this was my reward, and after hours of eating pussy, I was in a state of dire need, I knew better than to try to get off yet. You had spent the entire time of the party watching and listening to your friends’ sexual needs being attended to, and I knew that you would be in a heightened state of arousal now that would require taking care of. And you instilled in me the rule that a lady must always be allowed to take her full measure of satisfaction first, before I ever think of myself. I have learned of the beauty of the female orgasm from you, and I now had the privilege of seeing that beauty take flight above me, as you began a series of climaxes.

Finally, you said, “Okay, you can come.” At the sound of the word from you, my long-delayed orgasm seemed to boil out of me, as I ejaculated into you. When I fell back on the bed, exhausted, you kept moving slowly, mixing our juices thoroughly in your vagina.

Rolling off me, you said, “Time to clean up” You laid back, pulled a pillow under your butt and spread your legs apart for me to settle down between them. Your most intense orgasms often come from cunnilingus as you have a male eat you after he has ejaculated in you. It’s a power thing, you said. From the sounds you are making as I lick you, this was one of those times. You thrashed back and forth on the bed and clutched me tightly to your groin, climaxes coming almost on top of one another.

When you were thoroughly spent, you pushed me away, rolled over and fell asleep almost immediately. As quietly as I could, I dressed and let myself out.

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