The Parris Island IncidentThe Parris Island Incident


Disclaimer: this story is pure fiction, Parris Island is real, I’ve been there, so some of the historical facts and terms are real. I love the Marine Corps and if this story offends anyone I am truly sorry. If not enjoy.


May 14 1999

U.S. Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island SC

I had just arrived at Parris Island it was 0200 and I was standing on the yellow footprints. They gave us the whole speech that thousands of marines before us had stood on those very footprints and some have given their lives to defend our country. They told us that this would be the last time that we would see them until we graduated 13 weeks from now. We were herded into the building and began the processing phase of training. We would not sleep for 36 hours. After all the paperwork was done we were taken into another room and told to strip down to our underwear or skivvies as they would now be called. We were given all the clothing and toiletries what we were to use in the coming weeks. All of our civilian stuff was packed into brown paper bags and taken away from this point on we would only be wearing what they called cammie greens. Our heads were ritually shaven All through this no one made a sound we did not question what we were told to do, they owned us now.

We skip forward a little bit to laundry day

Laundry Duty

A few us “volunteered” for laundry duty we were up at 0400 to get chow and wait for the bus to take us to the laundry facility. Now some people would not have wanted to be assigned laundry duty. There were a few great things about laundry day that we loved one was that it got you out of training for a few hours, the other was that 4th erotik hikaye oku battalion also did there laundry at the same time as us. For those who do not know 4th battalion is the female battalion. All female recruits train at Parris Island this is one of only two places we would ever see them, the other is at church on Sunday.

Once all the laundry was collected we went to the facility.

While we were doing the wash we could see some of the female recruits doing theirs. There had basically been a perimeter set up so that we could not get to close, and the DIs were keeping a close watch on both them and us While the wash was being done we were allowed a little bit of freedom, most used the time to either sleep or write letters home.

I had just finished writing a letter home when I had to use the head (bathroom). It was great while you were here you did not have to request permission to make a head call. I went over and walked to the head, after I relived my self I saw a young female recruit crying by the wall. I took a look around to see if the DIs noticed us. Seeing that they did not I moved closer to her. I asked her what was wrong, I could see that she had been crying

She said nothing but handed me a tear stained letter. I looked at the letter, it seem that she had gotten a Dear Jane. I told her not to worry, that it would be ok. I don’t know why but I instinctively reached out and embraced her. Her body seemed to fit perfectly against mine as she cried on my shoulder. After holding her for a short period I told her that I had to get back that someone was gonna notice that I was missing.

I helped her to her erotik hikaye feet and told her that everything’s gonna be ok, it was then that she pushed her body against me and pushed me back into the head. She looked at me for a moment and kissed me. I was shocked, was this some kind of dream that I was having lying in my rack, no it was true, then the reality of the situation hit me.

What would happen if the DIs found us in the head together? While these thoughts were going through my head she kissed me again, she said that she wanted to feel what a man was like again if only for a minute. I don’t know why but the consequences didn’t seem as bad then, well if there gonna court martial me I might as well get everything that I can.

I moved her over to a stall in there. Thankfully theses stalls had doors on them I kissed my way down her neck and began to remove her blouse, what I found was beautiful sight her skivie shirt was stretched tight by her ample breasts. I quickly removed it and dived into her luscious tits, she whispered to me that we had to be quick less someone find us in her. A little bit defeated I released her breasts and unbuckled her trousers, I slid them down he legs and they pooled at the top of her boots.

She was now standing in front of me in only white cotton panties, I could see that the front of them were moist in anticipation. I pulled them down and the sight that met me was breathtaking, there was a pretty pink pussy completely devoid of hair, I wondered how she had managed that, but my little solider was begging to be released. I reached down and unbuckled my pants and released him to the world. She porno hikayeleri reached down and took my cock in her hand.

She turned around and bent over the toilet. She said that she wanted him in her foxhole, I was not gonna argue with her it had been sometime since he had seen a woman and was locked, cocked, and ready to rock. I placed my hands on her hips and guided him into her wet hole. The sensation was unbelievable it was warm wet and tight, god I missed pussy.

I pounded on her pussy for what felt like hours until I finally reached the point of now return, was just about to slid it out so as not to cum in her when she grabbed my ass and pulled me deeper. At that moment I released a month’s worth of pain, frustration, and anger into her waiting hole. I could see that she was gonna cum too and with the way I came I knew it was gonna be big, I quickly put my hand over her mouth to stifle the scream that I knew was coming. She bit down on my hand hard enough to draw blood and screamed fire in the hole. We both collapsed to the floor breathing heavily. My names Sarah she said, as she fixed her clothes and snuck out of the head.

After she was gone I fixed my clothing and made my way out of the head just as I opened the door I ran into the DI that was watching over us. He began to chew me out for taking so long in the head, he demanded to know what took me so long. I told him that my stomach was giving me problems. This seemed to satisfy him, he told me to get back with the rest of the recruits doing laundry

Fast forward to graduation after graduation while I was walking around with my family I saw Sarah on the parade deck with a marine, I guess was her father, now here is where it really gets strange I could see he was wearing a campaign cover, as he got closer I recognized him, it was Senior Dill Instructor Staff Sergeant Farris. My Senior Drill Instructor, he introduced himself to my family, it was then that he introduced his Daughter.

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