The Painter And Decorator – Part 4The Painter And Decorator – Part 4


“Nice arse,” said the man on the stepladder as the mature woman in tight jodhpurs bent over.”What did you say?” demanded the not unattractive woman, turning to face the man.”I said, nice arse; it may be a bit big but that is how I like them,” said the man on the ladder.”How dare you! apologise at once,” snapped the woman.”I am just complimenting you on your arse, Mrs,” replied the man.”You will get out of my house this instant,” fumed the woman.”Your husband hired me to do this painting, at least I assume Mr Batholomew is your husband,” said the man.”And I am telling you to get out of my house,” re-iterated the woman.”I take my instructions from Mr Batholomew,” replied the man.”In that case, I will phone my husband and have him dismiss you,” said the woman.”You look like you could do with a good fucking, lady,” said the man.”This is outrageous!” stormed the woman, leaving the room to phone her husband.The man was thirty-three-year-old Gary Jefferson, he was self-employed, single and very good at pleasuring women, especially older ones.The woman was fifty-nine-year-old Teresa Batholomew and she was currently very sexually frustrated because her husband was getting plentiful sex with a much younger female acquaintance of The Batholomew’s.Teresa had got as far as the telephone, still raging, but the last words that the man had spoken were true, she did need a good fucking. Teresa chose not to phone her husband, nor did she return immediately to the room where the man was working.Teresa had to decide what to do because the man was probably expecting her to storm back into the room and announce that her husband said that he was to get out. She could also not give the man a hint of the fact that he had been spot on with his assessment of her sexual frustration.She returned to the room, “I have been unable to reach my husband but you can rest assured izmit escort that when I tell him how you have spoken to me, your work here will cease,” said Teresa, trying to look and sound as angry as she had been earlier.She castigated herself mentally for thinking that the man was very good-looking and rather sexy.The man said nothing and Teresa spun around and left the room, feeling the man’s eyes on her buttocks. Her mind was in turmoil because she could not back down from her indignation but she was now thinking about how wonderful sex with this man might be.Teresa’s husband had told her that there would be a man doing some painting, so seeing the man was not a surprise, and that it would likely be a three-day job. Teresa had some time to decide on any future moves that she might make regarding the man who had taken a liking to her backside.Gary had tried very similar approaches to mature married females that he had perceived to be sexually neglected before, and more often than not, he ended up in bed with them. He was hopeful that that would be the case here despite the very frosty initial reaction from Mrs Batholomew.Teresa went for the horse ride that she was dressed for when the man, she did not yet know his name, remarked on the attraction of her arse. She cleared her mind to some extent and decided to offer to withdraw her threat to have her husband dismiss the man if the man apologised to her.Gary had a lot of other work lined up so it was no big deal to him if Mr Batholomew terminated their agreement, he was still hopeful of fucking Mrs Batholomew.Teresa showered after her ride and dressed in a blouse and trousers, the trousers not as tight as her jodhpurs but they did still emphasise her shape. She took a little while composing herself and what she was going to say and then entered the room where the man was working.”I yahya kaptan escort have decided to give you one more chance to apologise before I have my husband kick you out,” said Teresa, trying to and succeeding in sounding haughty.”I don’t think that I have anything to apologise for, Mrs Batholomew,” said Gary, his eyes on Teresa’s.”You made remarks about my bottom,” said Teresa, feeling strangely sexually aroused that both hers and the man’s thoughts were on her backside.”Compliments, I would say,” answered Gary, keeping eye contact.”And then there was your disgusting suggestion,” continued Teresa.”What suggestion, Mrs Batholomew?” responded Gary, knowing full well what she meant.”You know what suggestion; the suggestion that I am in need of sex,” blurted Teresa, who immediately regretted saying what she just had.”And are you?” smirked Gary.”Apologise now,” snapped Teresa, fighting to stop herself from confirming that she needed a good fucking.”Because if you do need a fucking, I would be delighted to give you one; more than one, in fact,” smiled Gary, making Teresa think how much she would like this man between her legs.Teresa knew that she was losing this discussion with every word spoken, she knew it but could not show it.”I have never had a man dare to talk to me like this,” said Teresa, her voice cracking a bit.”I am here for three days, love; just tell me when you are ready for me to fuck you,” said Gary, resuming his painting and knowing that he had as good as got himself into this attractive woman’s bed.If his reputation for bedding sex-starved married women spread, loss of business from wary husbands might be balanced by extra business from wives encouraging their husbands to book this particular painter and decorator.Teresa stood for a moment, unable to speak, and then hurried gebze escort out of the room. Despite her husband being unfaithful over the years, Teresa had never strayed but right now it looked like she was about to. Not as any sort of revenge against her husband but simply because she needed a fucking and she had a man in the house for the next two and a half days more than happy to oblige.The phone rang, it was her husband Charles calling to say that he would be at the golf club all afternoon. Teresa knew that he might be at the golf club but he is just as likely to be fucking twenty-six-year-old Lynsey Marbutt, the daughter of friends of Charles and Teresa.The parents had no idea that their daughter was having regular sex with Charles and Teresa knew that letting them know that fact would horrify them, she did feel guilty about keeping the secret though.Charles was aged sixty-six and retired, he and therefore Teresa were quite wealthy and they were both quite content with their lives as they were, perhaps Charles more content than Teresa.”How is the painter getting on, he seems to think he will need three days to do the job?” asked Charles.”Oh, I have not seen much of him but he seems to be getting on well,” replied Teresa, ruling out telling her husband about her conversations with the man whose name she still did not know.”We have agreed on a set price so if he goes into four days, it will not benefit him,” said Charles.”Right, well I will just let him get on at whatever pace he wants to,” said Teresa, not just thinking of the painting.”I will not be there much if at all, I have golf all week,” said Charles.”Yes, dear,” responded Teresa.The conversation with her husband ended and Teresa thought back on some of the painter’s words, he had said ‘tell me when you are ready for me to fuck you,’ Teresa was very tempted to tell him that she was ready right now.Not long ago, Teresa had thought of the painter as being uncouth and obnoxious but right now she was thinking of him as a man to give her a much-needed fucking. She went to where he was working.”My husband just phoned, he will be out all afternoon,” said Teresa.

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