The Old Repairman Pt. 01The Old Repairman Pt. 01


This is my first time writing one of these, hope you enjoy and please constructive comments only


“Fucking hell.” Vernon says as he walks up the front steps of his old trailer.

The elderly man’s clothes were soaked from a mixture of sweat and water.


The door to his trailer squeaks as he opens it and heads right for the fridge grabbing a beer and the last of his donuts. He goes and sits on his couch, placing his walkie-talkie on the table next to him as he thinks back on the tough Monday at work.

The old man works as a repairman for an upscale condo complex in a suburb of Chicago. May had been hot, especially that day, hitting a high of 33°C (91°F)! He had worked outside for much of the afternoon, fixing a broken sprinkler system. He had gotten hit by water on more than one occasion to the amusement of the occupants.

He took a bite of the donut, the crumbs falling onto his stomach. His once proud physique has succumbed to age, food and beer. He was by no means obese, but his beer belly and general flabbiness of his limbs meant he was for sure fat.

Vernon thinks back to the stub he once was, 6 foot 2, 200 pounds of muscle. A college football player back when they weren’t pussies. He now looks at himself in his blank phone screen, the wrinkles that cover his face hiding what was once a strong jaw line, his bald head where once laid beautiful brown locks, and lastly his flabby chest devoid of the muscle he once had.

He lies back and thinks about the faithful day, 3 days after graduating, he jumped in his car and drove. It should have been his wedding day but instead he turned onto the freeway and never looked back. He didn’t know where he was going, he just drove.

It wasn’t until his tank was almost empty that he even thought of stopping for gas. As he pulled into this small town just outside of Chicago, he realized just how long he had been driving for. While passing through town he saw a sign for help wanted from a brand new condo complex.

They needed a repairman ASAP, and were willing to pay well. Vernon talked with the owner and the 2 of them got along very well. He decided to take the job, thinking he’d be there for a bit to get himself on his feet. He chuckles to himself now as it’s been 43 years since he took this job.

The owner set him up with a trailer behind the complex so he could be reached at any time. It meant he always had to be ready to work but there could also be days where nothing needs to be done.

There were other perks to the job as well. The complex had its fair share of young women come through and as a young stud he would often have ‘repairs’ in their rooms.

The owner, Alex, didn’t seem to mind his ventures, and in fact Vernon and him became drinking buddies pretty quickly. Over the years he made sure to take care of Vernon, buying him a new trailer every five years, giving him generous raises and advising him to invest in Apple in the early 90’s.

Vernon knew he could sell those stocks at any time and retire. But he honestly didn’t know what he’s do? Go drink at the dive bar just outside town all day probably. The job occupied him and kept him from having aches and pains like a lot of people his age.

Vernon gets a sad feeling now remembering 5 years ago when Alex died. It was a sad day. The business went to his son, Mark, who had just graduated business college and was looking to make this complex more profitable.

He remembers the first meeting Mark had with him. Mark told him he needed to cut 20% of his pay. Vernon laughed at him. Mark told him his job wasn’t hard and if he didn’t take the cut he’d just get the rest of the employees to fill what little he does. Vernon told him he will take a 2 week vacation and if he still felt that way after then, he’d retire.

2 weeks later he entered Mark’s office.

“The front gate is broken, could you please fix it.” Mark says without looking up.

“5% raise and an apology.” Vernon demands.

“Huh, alright. You’re an important part of our team and we need you around here. Happy?” An exhausted Mark says.

“Yup.” Vernon says with a smile.

To his credit, Mark was turning a hefty profit on the complex now. He had the place renovated to look more modern and added more amenities. It worked, the place was making him a ton of money. Of course the renovations had been mostly about appearance, as many of the new amenities would oftentimes need repairs from who else but Vernon.

With finally a moment to himself, he finishes off his beer and unlocks his phone. He goes right to safari and starts to search for some porn. He pulls his cock out of his pants, the last vestige of his form stud status, 9 inches flaccid, 11.5 hard, although he usually rounded to an even foot, and girthy to boot. Even in his advanced age he could still get a good hardon when he wanted to.

He sat back and watched on his phone as the young blonde got railed, her big tits bouncing up and down.

“Hey Vernon, we need you to look at a light fixture in room 208.” His boss says through the walkie-talkie.

“Huh.” He mamak escort sighs and grabs the device. “Ya I’ll be there in a moment.”

Courtney had just arrived in the suburb of Chicago having grown up in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She had recently been signed by a modeling agency who relocated her there. It was pretty clear why the modeling agency had chosen her.

23 years old, 5 foot 8 with silky smooth pale skin, long legs and wavy blonde hair. She had the prettiest face you’d ever seen with crystal blue eyes and plump pink lips. Courtney had a body to match as well, with an ample ass and large, natural 36DD tits on a skinny frame causing every man to strain his eyes looking at her, hell most women too. In any room she was in, she was the hottest.

The agency had just signed a deal with the complex to get rooms on the cheap for new girls. Mark obviously had other reasons to sign this deal beyond money. When he saw Courtney step out of the limo in her white top and jean shorts, he couldn’t believe his luck. He was sure he would seduce her.

Courtney had dreamed of this day, to get out of Indiana and start her modeling career. She had always dreamed of going to a big city like Chicago and now she was here. Her father was a lawyer and had paid for her college education, if you can call it that. She went to Indiana university for communications but really only went to party. Plus by her sophomore year, she already had 150,000 followers on instagram. By the end of her college days she was making 50k from donations alone.

Now less than a year after graduating an agency had contacted her. The deal was the biggest initial signing in company history. 5k due at signing, 50k salary and they split any brand deals they found her 50/50. Courtney of course got to keep any donations to her patreon.

She stepped out and looked up at the luxury condo. She had made it.

Mark showed Courtney around the building, showing her the gym, the pool, game room and smoothie shop.

“I spend a lot of time in here.” Mark says, showing Courtney the gym. She just rolls her eyes at him, guys are all the same around her. She could see through Mark’s fake confidence, not a confidence in who he is but rather a persona he puts on to impress women.

Courtney had decided a while back to abstain from men for a little while. She used to be on the pill but the side effects were too much for her. And while most guys had condoms on them, she wasn’t going to take any chances of getting pregnant, especially now that she had arrived. And if she was being honest, she wasn’t going to miss sex too much. Most guys she’s slept with never knew what they were doing, and she could usually get herself off quicker with her fingers anyways.

“And here’s your apartment, 208.” Mark says unlocking the door and opening to a beautiful, open concept condo. “What do you think?”

“It’s great!” She replies already loving her new place.

Mark starts babbling on about the renovations. Courtney blocks him out as she goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water. She flicks the light switch and notices that one of the lightbulbs are out.

“Ah shit.” Mark says.

“Oh it’s fine, I’ll get a bulb tomorrow and fix it.” She responds.

“Nonsense, we have a complimentary repairman on site at all times, I’ll get him for you.” He replies grabbing his walkie-talkie.

Vernon turned the porn off. He thought about changing out of his still damp clothes but decided not to. Who was he trying to impress anyways? He quickly thought about baseball, his go to cool down and soon his erection was gone. He got up, grabbed his work bag and a small ladder and made his way over to room 208.

He knocked on the door and seconds later the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen answered the door. Vernon’s jaw nearly dropped as this blonde beauty stood before him, making the woman in the porno he was just watching look like a walrus by comparison.

For Courtney, she had quite the opposite reaction, the overweight, elderly man in front of her was quite repulsing to look at. She noticed how his wrinkles made his skin look droopy as she maintained a smile despite his awful appearance.

“Are you the repairman?” She asks.

“Huh…umm, yes!” Vernon replies, snapping out of his temporary paralysis from her beauty. “Name’s Vernon.” He introduces himself.

“Courtney.” She replies.

“What fixture is it?” He asks.

“The one in the kitchen.” Courtney responds, moving to the side to allow the large repairman in. “I think the bulb is out.”

Vernon walks in and Courtney gets a whaff of his putrid scent, the mix of sweat and beer nearly makes her gag but she holds it together. It was a much different experience for Vernon, who got a pleasant sniff of Courtney flowery perfume.

Vernon walks into the kitchen and puts the ladder under the light fixture. He pulls a light bulb out of his bag, he carries a few around on him for just such an occasion.

“Do you mind holding the ladder for me?” He asks Courtney who had followed him into the kitchen. ofise gelen escort “At my age, a fall can be devastating.” He says with a chuckle.

“Not at all.” She replies wanting until he goes up so as to not smell him again.

Vernon quickly changes the bulb. He turns his head to look back and down to ask Courtney to test the light but freezes for when he looks down. At this angle, he could see down Courtney’s low cut top. Courtney wasn’t wearing a bra but her tits were so perky she rarely had to. Vernon could see so much of her perfect mounds, everything but her nipples.

Courtney could clearly see where Vernon was staring, not that she could blame him. “Everything alright?” She asks.

“Huh… ah yes could you flick the switch for me.” Vernon replies.

Vernon adverts his eyes as Courtney turns the lights on.

“Perfect.” She says seeing the once dark light burst on.

Vernon descends the latter and packs it up. Courtney walks over to him with a devilish idea.

“Thank you so much for all your help.” She says in a high pitched voice, her hands locked together behind her back, causing her chest to pop out at her. She was teasing him just to see his reaction. ‘Hopefully he doesn’t have a heart attack.’ She thinks to herself.

“It ahhh… it was no problem at all.” He responds trying to look her in the eyes but finding it very hard with her young chest bulging in front of him.

“Well if there’s anything I can do for you, don’t hesitate to ask.” She replies to him not quite getting the reaction she wanted.

Vernon’s eyes go wide and he begins to sweat again as blood rushes to his penis.

Courtney notices his eyes and a drop of sweat on his forehead as he mulls over what to say. ‘That’s more like it.’

“That’s not necessary, I’ll be seeing you around Courtney.” He says turning away and getting to the door as fast as he can.

“Bye Vernon.” She replies in her most sensual voice possible.

But Vernon was long gone by that point, walking as fast as he could back to his trailer. He could feel the blood rushing to his penis, unable to stop the tent forming in his pants no matter how much baseball he thought of.


His old trailer door creaked again as he burst through and basically jumped to his couch. He pulled his cock out and began to furiously jerk himself off, no need for porn as all he could think of was how unbelievably sexy Courtney was. His hands were a blur as her voice rang through his mind over and over again. He quickly felt his load coming and grabbed a few tissues from the table next to him. But they did little as the biggest load off his life came shooting out of his cock, coating his hand and the floor in front of him.

Later on, Vernon was washing himself off for the first time in a few days. His trailer didn’t have a bath or shower, so he washes himself off with a hose behind his trailer. He had been furiously masterbating for the last 2 hours, thinking solely of Courtney.

‘Was she flirting with me?’ He wonders as he cleans himself. ‘There’s no possible way she could have a fat, old guy like me, impossible! Right?’ As he washed himself he began to think of the sexy blonde once again, blood quickly rushing to his penis. ‘Maybe she’s just a freak like that?’ He absentmindedly starts to stroke his cock again. ‘A man can dream.’ He thinks.


“Piece of garbage.” Vernon whispers to himself as he lays under one of the treadmills in the private gym. He had been working on it for over an hour now and was no closer to figuring out the problem. His white tank top and black shorts are covered in dust as it looks like it hadn’t been properly cleaned in years.

Every so often someone would use the treadmill right next to him, the incessant banging of their feet hitting the treadmill rings through his mind, giving him a throbbing headache, which only made figuring out what was wrong with the treadmill harder.


He hears the familiar push of a button to start the treadmill right next to him. He was going to ask them to use one of the other treadmills but then he saw who it was; Courtney.

Courtney had had a long morning. She went into the modeling agency’s office to get a tour and meet some of the other girls. Well if this morning was any indication, it wasn’t going to be a pleasure working with the other models. Nobody was outright mean but rather they were all cold to her. Especially Katy.

Katy was the Queen bee of the agency, she was the prettiest being blessed with a body similar to that of Courtney, pristine white skin, skinny waist, big 36E tits and a nice round butt. She had long, straight black hair and piercing green eyes. Courtney remained calm but Katy was a star, having multiple nationwide brand deals. She was sitting on a couch looking at her phone, when Courtney and her new manager Richard approached her.

“Katy, this is the new girl I was telling you about, Courtney.” Richard introduces her.

“It’s great to meet you, I’m a big fan.” Courtney says, reaching her hand otele gelen escort out to shake.

“Mmhuh.” Is all Katy replies with, not looking up from her phone.

“Oh, okay…” a disappointed Courtney responds.

“Katy, I was thinking for Courtney’s first shoot you could do it with her, as a welcome to the team.” Richard says.

“Do I have to?” Katy finally says looking up from her phone.

“Yes you’re still under contract. We will shoot on Monday.” He replies.

“Ugh, fine.” She responds and stands up. “Is that all?”

“Yes, I just wanted to introduce you two.” Richard answers.

“K, bye.” She says striding off. “Oh and Courtney you might want to work on your tan for Monday.” She tells her before exiting the room.

The rest of the girls were slightly more friendly than Katy, keyword being slightly. This made Courtney quite upset as she had hoped for a few of them to become friends as she didn’t know anyone currently living in the Chicago area aside from a few middle school friends who she hadn’t talked to in almost a decade.

She decided to workout to clear her head.

She threw on a black sports bra and some tight, dark blue shorts and headed down to the gym.

The place was quite busy, considering it was the middle of the day on a Tuesday. Of course most people’s attention got turned as soon as they saw her.

She wanted to get a little run on a treadmill before doing her regular leg day exercises. She of course noticed Vernon working on one of the treadmills, his fat stomach protruding from his shirt. Unfortunately of the 12 treadmills, 8 were being used and with one being broken that left only 3 options; one next to a kid who she’d feel weird next to, another one in between 2 skeevy looking guys already peering over there shoulders at her and lastly the one next to Vernon, a older looking white women with short black hair on the other side. She decided the one next to Vernon was the best option, popping in her headphones and getting on the machine.

From Vernon’s angle, he could see all of her perfectly toned legs, her butt just barely contained within her shorts. He could care less about the pounding of her feet as he had the perfect view. Courtney turns her head to look down at the old repairman and give him a little wave. He nervously waves back, gulping as she begins to jog on the treadmill, her incredible thighs and juicy ass bouncing on every step. It takes all his will power not to get the largest erection of his life right then and there.

Vernon tries to work on the treadmill but he ends up mostly checking out Courtney, her bouncing butt just too much of a distraction. After a while, the girl next to Courtney gets off and within 30 seconds is replaced by a middle aged man.

Courtney guessed he was about 40, his hair had started to gray and he had some crow’s feet beside his eyes, revealing his true age. But outside of that he’s a fairly handsome man, probably about 6 foot, his skinny frame probably weighing 150 pounds. He starts to walk on the treadmill clearly more interested in Courtney than running. She just knows he’s gonna introduce himself to her and she is definitely not interested.

Just as she expected, he leans over and pokes Courtney’s shoulder. She stops running for a second putting her feet on both sides of the running deck, pulls her ear bud out of her right ear and looks over at the middle aged man.

“Hi, I haven’t seen you around here before, are you new?” He asks her.

“Yes I just moved here from Indiana.” She answers.

“That’s great to hear, I’m Marcus.” He introduces himself and holds his hand out to shake.

“Courtney.” She replies, shaking his hand.

“Since you’re new to the Chicago area, I was just thinking…” Marcus begins to say but is cut off by Vernon’s loud coughing. Because he was so distracted by Courtney’s wonderful body, Vernon accidentally set something off and a bunch of hot, dusty air was shot directly in his face causing the coughing fit.

“You ok?” Courtney asks Vernon.

He shakes his head yes as he stands up and staggers away to the bathroom to clean off.

Marcus had stopped talking, and glared at Vernon as he walked away. “What an annoying, old bastard.” He whispers to Courtney.

She hated when men did that, put someone else down when flirting with a girl. They think it makes them look better but Courtney usually just thought it was cruel, especially when it’s someone just doing their job like Vernon.

“Anyways like I was saying before, maybe I could show you around a bit?” Marcus offers.

“Thanks but I’m okay.” Courtney replies, putting her headphones back in and continuing to run again. Marcus, saddened by her rejection, gets off the treadmill and leaves the gym.

Vernon takes his time cleaning off, his thoughts drifting off to watching Courtney’s thick thighs and glutes bouncing on the treadmill. He feels the blood quickly rushing to groin as he can’t get Courtney out of his head. He goes to one of the stalls, sits down on the toilet, pulls his cock out and starts jerking off. He imagines her coming into the stall pulling her shorts down and riding his big cock, her fat ass turned towards him. He imagines her leaning forward, to give him a great view of her perfect butt. He would spank that ass until her cheeks were bright red. The things he’d do with her if given the chance. He can’t hold back much longer, stands up and cums right into the toilet.

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