The Office PartyThe Office Party


My name is Claire, I’m 35, size 16, 38gg and 5’6″. I’ve been married for 10 years to John.

John is sweet and I love him but…

Everything was fine till we went to an office party, John has asked me to make a special effort as he wanted to impress his new boss.

I took a long time getting ready…the dress was new…a little predictable, a little black number, shorter than I normally wore with a plunging cleavage…the underwired half cup bra was new too. I was a little self conscious as it emphasised my breasts but John was very complimentary. My stocking were black and I had black stilettos.

We took a taxi so we could both have a drink, I can only assume because I skipped lunch that’s why the wine affected me so much. John introduced me to his new boss or should I say bosses, Daniel and Stuart, both in their early twenties, they both started flirting with me, I could see John talking in the corner so when Dan asked me to dance I thought why not.

He got awfully close…then said how beautiful and sexy I looked. I think I blushed then he took my hand and said to come with him. I looked around for John but he wasn’t gölbaşı escort paying any attention, I think I thought maybe if he gets a little jealous maybe I’ll get a bit more attention.

Dan led me into his office and held me and tried to kiss me. I pulled away but he was strong…he said I knew why we were in here and to be nice to him. I hesitated then let him kiss me…his tongue was in my mouth and his hand was squeezing my behind…I felt his hand move up and start to tug the zip down, I did try to stop him but he was strong…with the zipper undone he stood back and ordered me to slid the dress of my shoulders, I’m still not sure why I did it, when I did he grinned and said how magnificent my chest was. He moved closer the started to kiss me again…his hand tugged my dress lower then he stroked my bare skin. He kissed my mouth and neck before kissing the top of my breasts. I should have hated it but it was starting to excite me.

He slid his hands around me and told me to take my bra off. I did shake my head, I did but he insisted so I did…my breasts spilled out and keçiören escort he cupped them in his hand…his thumbs rubbing my nipples…and yes they became hard. His word were ‘see you do want this’.

It was then the door opened behind me and he spun me around. To my horror Stuart walked in with John.

John looked so shocked to see me topless with his Boss again cupping my tits and kissing my neck. Stuff laughed and shoved John into a chair telling him to stay there and just watch or else he would be out of work and everyone would see pictures of me like this.

I was even more shocked when John meekly sat there.

Stuart walked over and forcibly kissed me as Dan kneaded my tits…Stuart suddenly dropped down and his hands came up under my dress…me murmured something about stockings then very slowly and deliberately pulled my panties down.

I tried to press my knees together but Stuart looked up at me and said open your legs slut…Let’s see that sweet cunt, I gasped at his language but I parted my legs. He started to kiss my inner thigh working upwards kızılay escort till his tongue was teasing my pussy. I couldn’t help the little moan when his tongue probed inside me.

Dan shouted at John “Seems little wife is a bit of a slut…does she moan for you”.

Stuart stopped briefly and pulled my dress completely off leaving me in just my stockings and shoes. I watched as he dropped his trousers and released his rock hard cock “Now slut, you have had my tongue in you, time to suck me off” I hesitated and he shouted at me to do it. I leant forward and gingerly opened my mouth, suddenly his first was gripping my hair as he rimmed his cock into my mouth choking me. He started thrusting as her fucked my mouth, it was then I felt Dan’s fingers part my pussy then he entered me. I heard a sound from John but I didn’t care as I felt my body tremble then the most amazing orgasm shook my body…then Stuart came in my mouth followed by Dan filling my pussy.

I slumped, ashamed that my orgasm had been so obvious.

I sobbed but it wasn’t over as they swapped places and used me again, and again I came as well.

Stuart threw my dress at me saying get dressed you little slut. Dan laughed and picked up my panties “I’ll keep these as a little souvenir slut”

I dressed and me and John left in silence, nothing was said till we got home.

As soon as the door closed John pinned me against the wall and fucked me like he never had before…I guess I did get a bit more attention.

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