The Nymph’s GiftThe Nymph’s Gift


In this day and age, most men would have ignored the rumours of faeries and forest nymphs, old wives’ tales meant to scare children away from the deep forest. Then again, Oliver wasn’t most men. The rumour had reached him during one of his many bar crawls; that a few miles off the track there was a well where it was said a nymph resided, a nymph who could grant wishes and make your wildest fantasies come true.

Maybe it was just a rumour but if it wasn’t…well. Finally, Oliver could be the man he knew he was supposed to be. The one all the women came back to and fawned over; he’d never have to spend wasted evenings with pick up lines at darkened bars again.

That spurred him on, off the hiking trails and further into the thick forest despite the warm spring heat. According to the rumours, the well was supposed to be around here somewhere…


It didn’t look like much, a small clearing containing nothing but the fabled well. Nothing more than a ring of stones that reached his waist, it certainly didn’t seem magical at all.

Glancing around for any other sign he suddenly realised how quiet it was here. Birds weren’t singing and even the rustle of leaves seemed muted.

“Hello?” He called into the well, “Nymph? Hey! You in there?”

Was he supposed to do something?

“Guess I could flip a coin,” He sighed, thinking of those dinky plastic wishing wells they had in malls.

Lacking any better plan Oliver began to pat down his pockets in search of a coin, who even carried cash in this day and age?

“Well, it has been a long time since I had a visitor.”

Seated on nothing but the air, a figure rose from the well. A blue skinned woman clothed in flowing silks that moved almost as if they were underwater, the cloth only barely concealing her modesty. She leaned forward, narrowing her vibrant blue eyes upon him, her expression seemed almost hungry. For a moment all Oliver could do was blink in shock, part of him had been sure the tales of the nymph were just that but if anything, they didn’t do her justice. They’d said nothing of her beauty, her alluring smile, the curvaceous figure. Quickly he regained his composure, he couldn’t let himself be distracted from his goal.

“I’ve come because it is said you can grant wishes.”

“Oh yes, I can do that.” The nymph smiled, “It is my pleasure to give people their greatest desire.”

Her bare feet touched down on the grass in front of him silently, taking delicate steps forward, the silks and her body swaying to match the breeze around them.

“What is it you desire, Oliver?” She asked, he didn’t think to question how she knew his name.

“I want to be the greatest lover in the world.” He announced unabashed.

“Oh? And why is that?” The nymph asked, slowly circling him, that same hungry smile on yalova escort her face.

“I want women to throw themselves at me. I want to give them sex so good they will never be able to find satisfaction with another, even whores won’t charge me.”

Even thinking about it made his cock twitch in anticipation.

“I see.” She mused, “So, you want this ability for yourself, for your ego, not out of a kindness to your lovers?”

“The women will be getting the greatest lay of their lives!” Oliver argued, “How is that selfish? If anything, they should be grateful!”

The nymph placed a finger against her lips and hummed in thought before returning to the wells edge and taking a seat, crossing her arms under her considerable chest.

“I will grant your wish.” The she announced unceremoniously, “I believe I shall enjoy watching you make love.”

Oliver did his best not to look too eager, he wasn’t much of a voyeur himself but he knew once this wish was granted, he could put on a show. She might even wish to join him and his new inevitable hareem. He would have this nymph begging for more of his cock, he’d wipe that smug smile off her face and replace it with one of desperate desire.

“Do it!”

“So be it.”

And with that, the nymph vanished into a cloud of mist which surged forward and through his body. All the air was forced from his lungs, leaving him winded for a moment before the mist dissipated on the wind, the nymph’s laughter echoing through the trees. Dazed, he fell forwards onto the grass but quickly came back to himself and was suddenly filled with excitement, it had worked! Eager to get back to town to test out his new sexual prowess he went to stand only to notice the fingers in the grass before him were not his own.

Well, they were, he could feel them but they looked wrong, long and dainty.


Suddenly he realised his clothing had disappeared with the nymph and looking down he felt horror fill him. His once flat chest now had a set of large, full breasts, nipples already hardened in the cool wind. His hips curved into long legs and where his proud manhood had been only moments before there was nothing but folds of flesh, slick with moisture.

“What! This, this isn’t what I wished for!”

“Oh yes it was.” Came a voice on the wind, “You wanted to be the greatest lover in all the land. Now you shall learn what it takes for a man to please a woman.”

“B-but I’m not gay!” He argued, “I can’t go sleep with a man!”

“Don’t worry, my gift will make you realise how wrong that last statement is…”

Oliver continued to yell curses into the wind but the nymph did not reply. He was alone, a woman, naked in the woods, how was he supposed to walk to his car in the parking lot like this? The nymph had at least left his bag behind with his yalova escort bayan keys and wallet but what good would that do him? His ID wouldn’t even look like him!

He was just going to have to wait here until it got dark and hope there were no more people around the park entrance. But that still left him with several hours to fill, what was he going to do? That same breeze blew through the trees again, wafting the grass against his exposed groin and to his surprise he felt a shiver go through him.

I suppose getting to know this new body wouldn’t be too bad.

Slowly, he ran his hands over his new breasts, a shuddering gasp escaped his mouth as they passed over his nipples. He never realised how sensitive they were. He circled them again, teasing and pulling, enjoying the sparks that seemed to fly from them to his new pussy which was beginning to get wetter and wetter.

Lust overriding his trepidation he lowered one hand between his legs, running a finger along the wet folds. This time a moan escaped him, and then again as he found his clit. Unable to control himself began to circle it. Wetness began to flow in earnest now as he teased his right nipple and rubbed his clit, he wanted more. Slowly, achingly slowly he pushed a finger inside himself before withdrawing and entering it again.



His finger began to pump in earnest and a strange new desire began to well up inside him. A need to be filled, he wanted more inside him, he wanted a cock inside him. He needed to know what that would feel like. If this finger could give him so much a thick cock in him would feel incredible.

“Holy shit!”

A voice interrupted him. With a start Oliver withdrew his fingers and opened his eyes, having not even realised he’d closed them. A young man was standing at the edge of the clearing, clearly dressed for hiking, his face flushed staring at what appeared to be a naked, masturbating woman.

His first thought was to explain but a fresh wave of desire flowed through him, much to his horror. He wanted this man. He wanted his cock inside him. God, he wanted it so badly, how could he want that so badly?

“Please.” His voice was breathy, higher pitch than it had been before his transformation. He positioned himself on his knees, cupping his breasts in a way that he hopped the hiker would find enticing.

“Fuck me.”

The hiker walked toward him; his erection already painfully obvious through his trousers. Oliver couldn’t stop staring, he wanted it so badly and he hated himself for it.

“What’s your name, sweetheart?” Asked the hiker with a roguish grin.

“O-Oli-Olive.” Olive replied, the new name already sounding strangely right in his mind.

“Well, Olive. You’re in quite the predicament.”

The hiker reached forward, replacing Olive’s own escort yalova hands on his breasts. It felt so good having those rough hands touch him. But he didn’t touch his nipples, they ached to be touched.

“Please. I need your cock. I need it so bad. I’m so wet for it.”

The words kept tumbling out, Olive couldn’t stop them. The Hiker was touching her nipples now and she could only moan. The need to be filled was getting so strong it almost hurt.

Far too slowly, the hiker removed his pants, his large cock now erect in from of her. She hated how her mouth watered for it, she wanted to suck it, to taste it.

What? Not, she-he didn’t want that! He wasn’t…it looked so enticing though.

“Bend over for me sweetie.” The hiker ordered and Olive did so immediately, round ass in the air and heavy breasts against the grass. She felt so empty, the need was so great she didn’t care if she looked pathetic.

Then, something was entering her, slowly the folds of her pussy were pushed back and he began to fill her. It felt so good, it was the best thing she’d ever felt.

“More,” she moaned, “more! Please”

He pushed into her to the hilt, they were flushed together.

“Fuck you’re so tight.” He hissed, before withdrawing almost immediately, only to push back in with force.

Olive saw stars.

“Oh, oh more please more.”

He continued, pumping in and out of her. All the shame began to be overwhelmed by the pleasure building within her. Desperate she slammed her hips back against her lover, wanting his cock deeper, every thrust made her moan and the pleasure began to build.

Oh she was so close, so close-

“Oh fuck!”

A warm wetness filled her cunt and the hiker stopped.

“Fuck that was good.”

No, No! She had been so close!

“Don’t stop!” She begged, “I need more of your cock.”

“Sorry honey, I’m spent.” He didn’t sound sorry, Olive found herself pouting.

What the hell was wrong with her, she wasn’t supposed to be like this.

“That was the best sex I’ve ever had.” He grinned, “Tell you what, I could go again tomorrow if you want to meet me here.”

Olive nodded, unsure if she would be able to wait that long but unable to bring herself to say anything else as her new lover got up and left her wet and wanting in the clearing.

Wind whistled and a voice came from the well behind her.

“How are you finding your wish?” Asked the nymph, “you’re truly the greatest lover in all the land now.”

“B-but I’m a woman! I cock obsessed, horny woman!” Olive cried.

“Well, perhaps you should have considered what you wished for.”

“What am I supposed to do now?” Olive asked.

“With your new talents?” The nymph grinned, “I am sure you will find something. I’ll be watching of course…”

Then with another hungry smile, she fell backwards into her well, laughter echoing into the wind.

Olive was alone and already that need, that want to be filled was beginning to overtake her. She had no choice but to go in search of what she craved.

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