The Neighbor: One Year LaterThe Neighbor: One Year Later


The Neighbor: One Year LaterIt’s been a whole year since I moved out here enjoying my freedom from the ex-wife from hell. I got a great job teaching, the neighbors have been nice, and my sex life has been amazing. All thanks to one neighbor in particular. A golden brown skin african american hottie who personally gave me lessons in the subject of sex. Cynthia had been a breath of fresh air and among other things. She wanted to celebrate our first anniversary. The day that started when I first moved into the neighborhood. She wanted to make it special so the two of us stayed away from each other for awhile until the day came. I guess she needed to rest up and save all her sexual energy. Finally the day came and it was on a weekend and we were both set. The day started with a drop of a shoe. Actually it was Cynthia’s left mule falling from above and tumbling down the stairs. Her left foot was on the bannister with her toes curled up and her nails digging into the paint. She was wearing no underwear under her denim skirt and my cock was already digging deep into her pussy. It was morning and the screaming had begun real early. “Oooooooh”, she moaned, “oh, yes. Just like that. Right there. Aaaaaaaaaah. Ooooooooo. Oh, shit. Oh, that dick feels so good in my pussy. Fucking big. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Fuck me in the morning. Fuck that pussy hard.” Then I began exploring her pussy with my tongue, with her yelling those same words since day one. One thing was certain it was open season on her pussy. I was going to eat her like never before. “Oh, yes. Oh, fuck. Oh, eat that pussy. Eat my fucking pussy. Oooooooooh. Aaaaaaaaaah. istanbul escort Ooooooooh, fuuuuuuuuuck. Oh, I love that tongue. Keep it in there. Aaaaah. Aaaaah. Aaaaah. Oooooooooooh. Oh, shit. Oh, shit. Oh, that feels so good. Oh, my pussy feels good.” A couple of hours later we fucked on the roof with her riding me like a bull. “Fuck you up”, she said, “fuck you up good, white boy.” “Give it to me”, I said. “I’m giving it to you. I’m fucking you up. Aaaaaaaaaah! Fuck! Fuck!” Once she got off me I went back to eating her pussy. I spread those legs of hers and dipped my tongue into that pink flesh. Cynthia took screaming to another level. She screamed at the top of her lungs that the whole city might have heard her. “Love eating that pussy”, she moaned, “keep eating my pussy. Fucking eat it. Aaaaaaaaaaah! Fuck! Fuck! Oh, shit! Oh, fuck! Aaaaaaaah! Aaaaaaaah! Eat that pussy. Eat my fucking pussy. Fuuuuuuuuck!” At lunch we went into the bathroom of the local diner and Cynthia had this crazy idea. I put her on my shoulders and lifted her up to the pipes above. She grabbed hold of them and I left her dangling while I took off her skirt. She planted her legs on my shoulders and I was back on her pussy, eating whatever morsel there was left. Cynthia was moaning and giggling and couldn’t control her screams of delight. “Oooooooooh. Fucking love that tongue. Oh, make my pussy cum. Oh, yes. Yes. Yes. Oooooooooh.” Lucky for us no one heard her. Later in the afternoon Cynthia was at her place in the shower cooling off. She was taking a break but I was ready to go another round. I took my clothes off and beylikdüzü escort jumped in the shower by surprise. “Break time over”, I said. “Wait, hold up. I…hmmmmmmm.” Our lips touched and our tongues danced. I reached down her pussy and rubbed it. Two fingers were inside and Cynthia sucked them hard. But once my tongue got down there it was all over. “Oh, God, not again”, she said, “Oh, shit. Oh, yes. Oh, fuck. Oh, you love that pussy. My pussy taste good. Fucking love it when you eat it. Ooooooooooh! Aaaaaaaaaah! Love that tongue. Please keep that tongue in my pussy. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Yeeeeeeeeesssss. Oh, shit. Oh, fucking shit. Aaaaaaaaah! Aaaaaaaah!” By the evening we were on the floor with Cynthia cumming on the carpet. She was sucking my cock for the forth time or was it fifth. Either way she sucked on it and I was losing the air in my lungs like I always do. She was good. Today it was the best blowjob in the history of blowjobs. Once again I was right back on her pussy and Cynthia laughed hysterically like I was tickling her. “Oh, my pussy loves that tongue. Oh, shit, I can’t breathe. Oh, shit.” Then the party ended with my cock digging into her pussy one more time. Cynthia was practically growling and her teeth were grinding. Either way the thrusting and grinding of my cock in her pussy was something to remember for days to come. Her nails were digging into my back and her feet, cool to the touch, planted on my legs. I even felt her toes curling up and her nails scratching me. “Keep that big dick in me”, she said, “oh, yeah. Pound that pussy. You fucking pound that pussy. Fuck! Fuck! Oooooooooh. esenyurt escort Hard cock. So fucking hard. Fuck me all night. Fucking fuck me all night. Do it. Give it to me.” I gave it to her nice and tight until finally it was over. Our fuckfest was over and I wasn’t sure we had anything left. I thought after today we would be taking an extended vacation. We remained on the floor staring up at the ceiling, catching our breaths back. We were breathing heavily and soaked in sweat. “Wow”, I said, “that was…fucking incredible.” “Fucking A”, said Cynthia, giggling like she knows how to do. “I can’t believe you did that. I don’t have a pussy anymore.” We both laughed at that one. “Oh, shit”, she said, “I won’t be walking for a week. My legs are still numb. You ate my pussy like a side of beef.” “I was starving.” One more time we laughed. Cynthia put my left arm around my shoulder and began carressing her nails on my chest. She planted wet kisses on my cheek and licked my earlobe. “I’m going to have your tongue bronzed”, she said, “and put it in a museum. Then I’ll have your cock sculpted and I’ll keep it as my mantle piece.” “Wow”, I said, “I’m flatterred, but I don’t deserve all the credit. I wouldn’t mind seeing your pussy on display somewhere. Maybe take a few pictures and send it to Hustler magazine.” “Excuse me? No you will not. I will kill your ass.” “I’m joking. I wouldn’t do that to you.” “Damn straight. Only you are allowed to see my beautiful pussy, D.” “I know. And I love looking at it.” “And you love how it tastes.” “Oh, yeah. I love eating and sucking on it. I hope you’re ready for next time. Because next time you won’t be walking for months.” Cynthia laughed and planted another wet one on my cheek. We were so exhausted we couldn’t get up even if we wanted to. Either way it was all worth it. Happy anniversary, David.

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