Subject: Mysterious Dragon Boy 12 As I relate the story to Tobbi’s mother, it will be a recap of the first few chapters of the story. Live with it, or not. Hugs, Tag_m ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To say that I was scared shitless doesn’t come close to what I was feeling. Yes, he said that his mother was willing to listen but that didn’t rule out the fact that she could call the police at any time from that moment on which pretty much meant hard luck and trouble for the rest of my life. I was so terrified that I felt like I was going to retch and in fact went into my bathroom and draped myself over the commode. My body tried but there wasn’t anything in my stomach to give up. I brushed my teeth and gargled and headed toward my front door but stopped and went back to my bedroom. I grabbed the clothes carrier that the white dragon shirt hung in. Inside it was the envelope that I’d found on my table with all of the Toby stuff in it. Less than 10 minutes later I was parking on the street in front of Tobbi’s house. With my stomach roiling like a winter storm I headed up the walk and rang the bell. Tobbi answered it and went straight into my arms despite the fact that his mother and sister were standing in the middle of the living room 10 feet behind him. He finally let go and I stepped into the house after kicking off my slippers. It was clear to see where the twins had gotten their looks from. She was slender, her blonde hair cut into a stylish bob that didn’t quite touch her shoulders. It was parted above her right eye and combed over, the hair in slight waves. In a split second I thought of the actress Blythe Danner when she starred in The Great Santini. Tobbi’s mother was a beautiful woman, just like her kids were beautiful children. “Barbra Findlae,” she said, “Thank you for coming but forgive me if I don’t shake your hand.” Her face, her body language and her tone of voice reflected stress, intense stress and anger. But she didn’t have a butcher knife or a gun in her hand so that was a plus. “Tobbi, Theresa please go to your rooms, I’ll call you when I’m ready.” Obviously, the kids knew that was expected of them because there was no argument at all. To me she said, “Please, have a seat.” She had directed me to an arm chair and she sat on a sofa, a low coffee table between us. “As you can imagine I’m am about as fucking furious as any mother could possibly be knowing that my sweet 14 year old son is having what appears to be a love affair with an adult male. And please note that it’s not because you’re a male. I’d be just as furious if it was a woman.” I seriously doubted that but wasn’t going to argue. “I would as soon cut your balls off as look at you however I am not contacting the authorities and the reason I’m not is because of my children. The story that they’ve told me is beyond belief but they have never been known to be liars, exaggerators and they don’t fabricate stories. So, I’m willing to listen to what you have to say.” “Fair enough, thank you,” I responded. “The story truly is beyond belief but there are plenty of irrefutable facts that simply can’t be laid off to coincidence. I am going to request that you let me tell it without interruption and I will do my best to answer your questions when I’m done. However, please understand that there are things I’m not going to tell because frankly, it’s none of your business. If you can live with that, great. If not, I’ll leave now and let the chips fall where they may.” “Agreed,” she said along with a nod of her head. That said, I unzipped the clothes carrier and took out the shirt and laid it on my lap. “My memories of what happened tend to come and go, fade in and out. When I hold this shirt, everything becomes clear as a bell, or at least more clear.” I began the story, the going out to the shop on a very stormy rainy day and why, the fact that the door was locked and I was turning away when the lock clicked and I went in. I described the shop in great detail, how retro it was and I described Toby in great detail including the fact that his hair was wet as were his clothes, although I didn’t tell her he wasn’t wearing them. It was clear that Barbra was connecting with the details of Toby. I told her about buying the shirt and other clothing and how Toby insisted that I wear it out of the shop. When I glanced at the clock it said that 4 hours had passed and I didn’t think I’d been there for more than 1 hour. I forgot to ask the boy his name but the door was already locked. Since I was going back the following weekend I figured I’d ask him then. As I was leaving an older woman, easily in her 60’s was coming up the stairs and unlocked the door to the shop and went inside. I certainly didn’t think it was the sister he’d referred to. “When I got home I found that my memories about the experience were fading rapidly. When I went to take the clothes I’d purchased out of the bag there was nothing there plus there was nothing on the sales receipt except the dragon shirt and the underwear that I’d bought and was wearing.” When I went back the following weekend it was pretty much a repeat of the previous weekend, nothing had changed in the shop. Again, according to the clock I had been there for 4 hours and it seemed like one hour at the most. I asked the boy about the next weekend. “I really want to see you,” he said “but there is somewhere else that I must be. There are rules, I have no choice in the matter.” and when I asked if I’d ever see him again he said, “god willing.” As I was leaving I said I didn’t know his name and he said, “of course you do Toby.” And closed the door and it locked. At the foot of the stairs the old woman was heading toward them and asked if she could help and I said no. A week later at my house I took the shirt out of this carrier and noticed that the breast pocket was ripped so I called the shop and explained what had happened. She was very clear that her shop didn’t sell anything like I described but she was busy right then but if I wanted to bring it by she’d look at it. So I did. The shop didn’t look anything like what it had the two previous times I’d been there and the merchandize was all children’s clothing, not a dragon in the place, and it certainly wasn’t done in a retro style “When she saw the shirt, Theresa went crazy and asked where I got it, I told her a boy, what boy she asked and when I said Toby she went completely off the rails, screaming at me that I was a sick bastard and to get the fuck out of her shop. Seriously, she went crazy nuts. At the bottom of the stairs I glanced up but a movement on the floor caught my eye and I saw the boy, Toby, going through a set of door to the warehouse. He saw me and ran so I followed. He ran outside and when I got there I ran to the end of the building. There was nowhere he could go yet he wasn’t there. The weather suddenly cleared, as it does in Hawaii and then a wide spray of light shone down from the sky, like what you see in religious paintings. I could see a boy in the light but not clearly. I heard a whisper in the winds, barely discernable but it said “I love you.” And was gone. Back at home I was drenched so went to my room to change clothes and when I came out this,” I held up the manilla envelope,” was sitting on my dining room table. It had not been there 5 minutes before. I opened it and I poured the contents out onto the dining room table.” The newspaper article on Toby’s disappearance was on top. I didn’t explain it, just handed it to her. Her hand went to her cheek and open mouth in the first 4 seconds. “His mother’s name was Barbarea,” she all but gasped. I hadn’t caught that, but then, I hadn’t read the article for well over a year. When she was done I had the picture of the dragons that Toby had drawn. I handed it to her and I stood up. “Do you mind,” I said indicating I wanted to remove my shirt and got a head nod. I peeled my t-shirt off to reveal a pair of dragons that start at top of each breast, move across my shoulder and down onto my shoulder blades. One is blowing flames from his mouth the other spitting fireballs. Barbra’s face registered shock because the drawing in her hand perfectly matched my tattoos. And they weren’t faded. I explained the birthdays and subsequent storms, the scar on our knees, spelling of the names blah blah blah. “Can I get some water or something please,” I said, taking a break. A moment later I was drinking Hawaiian Maid raspberry ice tea. “I sent Theresa a letter giving her a brief overview of what had happened and begged her to see me, which she did. She showed me his room, still exactly like it had been some 50 years prior. She told me they’d been close, that Toby had told her he was gay and the night he died, he’d gone to see a young man he liked and whom he thought liked Toby. Of course the accident happened. I made the mistake of telling Theresa about Toby seeing me again, maybe.” “Before he left Toby said he’d see me again, that I’d figure it out. I did and he showed up on my doorstep 1 year later at precisely mid-night February 3rd, stark naked and dripping wet. His body was as cold as death. Toby was allowed to spend 3 weeks with me. I can’t begin to tell you the things he told me about time, people, afterlife and even God himself, or I should say itself. According to Toby none of the man-made religions are even close to being accurate. According to Toby there is an order to the universe but it isn’t a replica of man nor is there white robes denizli escort and long white beard. I’d be happy to tell you some of the things that I learned but right now isn’t the time. “Toby’s sister figured out when he’d be back and vowed to be at my house when it happened. She did show up and we talked on the street and although Toby was standing right there with me, she could not see him. After a tirade, Toby went to her and hugged her. She wasn’t aware of his presence but as he hugged her relief was visible in her demeanor. She said she was going to be fine, was finally able to let him go and asked me to come visit her at the house some-time in the next 2 days. Toby explained that his hug had given her peace and the ability to finally let go of the brother that she revered. Toby and I did go to her house but again, she couldn’t see him. She gave me literally, everything in his room. “A great number of extraordinary things happened during his stay. I assume you are familiar with the piece of crystal in an art museum in Lahaina.” Barbra nodded her head and said she was. I told her what Toby had said about Jesus actually existing but wasn’t the son of God but why men thought so. When we left a woman cornered us on the street and began yelling at Toby for being blasphemous because she’d over heard what he had said. She really did go nuts but Toby stopped and asked her to shake her hand. She relaxed completely and when we separated she was a completely different woman. “Toby explained to me that she was dying of pancreatic cancer which was now gone. The absence of the disease would be considered a miracle by her doctor’s and neither she nor her husband would have any memory of their interaction with us. He said he didn’t know how or why it had happened but only that he knew the order of the universe directed it. “There is more, a lot more and if you’re interested, someday I’ll tell you all of it. In any case on his last night we had amazing sex and as I drifted off to sleep, in my head I heard him say goodbye and he also said, `Know that in none of my lives have I ever loved another as I have loved you. I will come back to you at some place in time and while I will not remember you specifically, there will always be an ache in my heart for you my dear Toby and what you have done for my soul.’ That was another thing. He was able to communicate telepathically. He did it with a boy we met on Maui too and that’s another hell of a story. Anyway, when I woke at noon the following day he was gone, his slippers still by my front door. But unlike the first time I was totally at peace. “You know the rest of the story; I saw your son at his swap meet stand a few days later and both of us were shaken by it. It was clearly my Toby but one year older, even though it had only been days since I’d seen him. Your Tobbi came to my home that evening and I tried to explain the situation to him. He tried on this shirt and fainted. Did he tell you about that, or the lump on his head?” She shook her head so I explained it to her which caused her eyes to go wide open. “We went out with friends yesterday, people that knew the other Toby and so were shocked when they saw your Tobbi, just like I had been, since he’d aged a lot in 2 days. I told them the short version of the story and seeing is believing as far as they’re concerned.” We went through the rest of the stuff and Barbara was holding the receipt from when I purchased the shirt. “Have you really looked at this,” she said and handed it to me. “Look at the date.” The date on the receipt was the day Toby died. I was quite sure it didn’t say that when I first looked at it over a year before. She all but gasped when she saw the most recent school photo of my Toby, when he was 12. She got up and went to a desk and pulled out a photo album and in it was a photo of her Tobbi at the same age. While not identical, they were pretty fucking close. “When your son and I went out to see Theresa’s place of business, she was gone. Left abruptly the same day that Tobbi and I met. Toby had told me that his mother had moved from Maui with no warning at all and he didn’t understand why. Your Tobbi told me that you guys had moved here under the same circumstances.” Barbra nodded her head and confirmed that it had indeed been very sudden and almost inexplicable. “While I don’t claim to understand all of this Barbra I can make some good guesses. But what I do know beyond any shadow of doubt, is that the two boys are the same Toby, and I, somehow might be as well. At the risk of being personal, do you remember a small freckle that your son Toby has, down there,” I said pointing to my crotch. She nodded her head. “I have the same one, exact same place, so did my Toby. If you insist that Tobbi and I have no further contact, then I’ll abide by that. But I think you understand that there is something else at play here that wants us together. I love that boy with all my heart and I would protect him with my life. I am prepared to spend the rest of my life with him but would cut him loose the second he wished to go.” “So,” I said, standing, “you have to be the one that decides where we go from here.” She motioned me to sit. “Please, don’t leave.” She then went to the kids rooms and beckoned them to join us and when they came out she called Tobbi to her and asked about the lump. She felt it and just shook her head. Tobbi then sat next to me on the arm of the chair and draped his arm over my shoulders, Theresa plopped down on the sofa. “First of all, thank you for sharing that with me Toby and yes, I’m very interested in what else you have to share. Tobbi,” she said, focusing on her son, “your father is going to go ballistic if and when he finds out about this.” Before Tobbi could speak she put a hand up. “No, I’m not going to tell him but at some point he is going to find out and we better have some sort of plan for that event.” “Does that mean Tobbi can keep seeing Toby,” Theresa asked. Barbra sighed heavily. “I hate being melodramatic but I cannot deny that some unseen forces are at work and dictating it, so yes.” Theresa leapt up and came over and gave us tight hugs then did the same to her mother. “I don’t like it particularly,” Barbra went on, “but part of that is being a parent and being raised in a white Judeo-Christian world. While I am uncomfortable saying it, sex is a given for many children your age Tobbi, although sex with adults is illegal but it still happens and I suspect it happens more than most people realize. At least nobody can get pregnant.” I was glad to hear that she didn’t say Tobbi’s name but left the dominance piece blank. “Mom,” Theresa blurted out. “Yeah, well honey, you better get used to that idea,” her mother responded. “We’re going to have to figure out a workable schedule for you to spend time together. Living with you Toby isn’t an option for my son but I can manage with weekends and possibly a night during the week. If that works I will hold you responsible for getting him out to the swap meet and back. I’m willing to discuss issues with you Toby but ultimately I’m the parent so I make the final decisions.” I agreed with her that living together is not an option. “I’m grateful for whatever I can get Barbra and I pledge to abide by what boundaries you set.” I stood up to leave this time she did shake my hand. Theresa gave me a solid hug, just as my lover boy did. I headed out and was just opening my car door when Tobbi came pouring out. “Wait Toby,” he said as he leapt the porch and came running down the sidewalk. “Mom said I can spend the night.” I don’t know about sunshine coming out his ass but it was sure pouring off his face. We got in the car and the door was no sooner closed than he practically came across the console at me. He kissed me hard on the mouth, almost tongue, then backed off. “I can’t believe this,” he said as I started he car and pulled away from the curb. “Mom is pretty chill about it now,” he said. “But man oh man was she fucking hot. Theresa helped get her calmed down. I didn’t even ask to come with you, she told me to go ahead if I wanted. So here I am.” We moved through a green light and were on the street I lived on. “Know what I want? I want you to fuck my brains out. I want your cock in my ass fucking the living shit outta me.” I looked at him with a raised eyebrow and he said, “seriously.” I gave him a brief nod. A moment later we entered my garage and a moment after that, passed through the door into my laundry room. Toby had no sooner closed the door when he melted up against me and planted his mouth against mine. His arms were around my neck while mine still held the shirt carrier and manila envelope. Toby pushed his tongue against my lips and all but forced his tongue into my mouth, although I didn’t put up much of a fight. From there his hands moved down the waistband of my shorts and unsnapped them then tugged the zipper down and crammed a hand down inside to feel on my cock and my rocks. “God I love the feel of your stuff when it’s soft and squishy,” he groaned. “Not gonna be soft and squishy for long,” I said. Obviously, I had already started to harden. “That’s the point my sweet man,” he said. Tobbi dropped to his knees and yanked my clothing down then took hold of my cock and put the head in his mouth. He gently stroked me as he suckled, his free hand cupping and tugging on my balls. It didn’t take long before I was fully hardened. Looking down dikimevi escort on the boy with his mouth wrapped around my cock made my heart skip a beat. There was no doubt what so ever in my mind that the two Toby’s were one and the same and there was equally no doubt that I loved him with all my heart and soul. If this Tobbi were to die, I wasn’t completely confident that I could or would want to go on living. I quickly reasoned that whether or not I did go on living would likely be decided by the order of the universe, not me. I further reasoned that if I were try to shuffle off this mortal coil the order of the universe most likely would prevent it. But let’s move away from those thoughts and focus on the hot 14 year old boy that was currently attached to my cock. Tobbi finally stood and worked his jaw a little bit then planted his mouth against mine for a second time. “Let’s get me to a solid surface so I can ravaged,” Tobbi smirked. I dropped to my knees and proceeded to do to Tobbi what he’d done to me which was to get his shorts and briefs down to his ankles although I didn’t stop there. I lifted first one foot and then the other and him naked from the waist down. I put his shorts on the dryer then quickly lifted him up and plopped his ass down and went for his raging cock. It wasn’t the best position for fondling his balls or much of anything else besides sucking his glorious cock so that’s what I focused on. I stood and turned him around then pushed his upper body, encouraging him to bend at the waist and rest his upper body on my clothes dryer. I then returned to my previous position and was staring at his ass. I kissed each cheek for good luck then peeled them open for an afternoon snack. Toby had showered before leaving my house a few hours earlier and since he didn’t say anything I assumed that nothing had passed through the area since then. A quick sniff before eating hadn’t revealed anything to worry about so I began to eat. I licked and slurped Tobbi’s puckered core and as usual reveled in the different textures that made up the landscape. Toby reached around with one hand and pulled his butt cheek open for me which allowed me to use that hand on his balls and even his cock. “God I love having my asshole licked Toby, it feels so good.” Tobbi pushed back against me slightly and added some movement, wiggling it a little bit. I licked down along his perineum to the underside of his balls and licked there for a moment, pushing the hanging sac of eggs about before licking back up and retuning to work on his hole. “Fuck Toby,” my young lover said in a voice deepened by lust, “can you fuck me right here, right now, like this.” “Of course I can,” I said, standing up, “don’t move.” I stepped into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of olive oil off the stove and poured a little onto my cock and smeared it around as I walked the 10 steps back to where Tobbi stood, his legs spread, leaning up against the washer. I put my hand on his lower back. “Open yourself up baby boy,” I said and like before, he reached around and peeled a cheek open. I moved in close, held my raging hard cock down and probed against his puckered boy pussy. I worked the head around a little bit in order to smear the muscle with the oil then stopped and pressed against it. It only took a second before I slipped inside of him. “Gaaawwd,” he groaned. I stopped moving but Tobbi wasn’t having any of that. “Don’t stop Toby, get it in me, push your whole cock into my asshole.” I did as he requested and slowly pushed forward until I couldn’t go any further. I moved my own ass a little bit, not really fucking him yet, just creating some movement. “I love it so much when you’re inside of me Toby. It’s like it completes me or something. Now fuck me Toby, fuck me good, but don’t cum yet, I want to save cumming.” I wondered what the adorable teen had in mind but didn’t ask, I just started fucking. This particular position or situation wasn’t one that was common to me. Oh sure, I’d done similar positions since I started fucking in my early teens, my partner bent over a counter, a table, even the hood of my car, but it wasn’t a regular thing by any means. The most recent was probably when I first fucked Toby up against the window out in Waianae. That was 15 months before and he wasn’t even bent over but was mostly upright. Regardless of all that, I held onto his hips and fucked him, all the while Tobbi was moaning and groaning and oh god-ing and what have you. Like he had done when I ate him, Tobbi wiggled his little ass, pushed back against my thrusts and did what he could to get me deeper. I reached around him with one hand and found his cock and held it, my fucking him causing it to move against my fist. We kept at it for maybe 4 minutes before he told me stop. “Come out of me please Toby,” he said. When I did, he turned around, went into my arms and planted his mouth against mine. Actually his whole body was pressed against mine, our hard cock mashed side by side between our bellies. “Oh god,” he groaned after he broke the kiss. He then pecked me on the mouth again, took my hand and led me into the house. We didn’t make it past the dining room. Tobbi quickly pulled out a chair and told me to sit and when I did he straddled my waist and lowered his. I held my cock upright, not that it needed my help and as he closed in on it he reached down and took control, holding it in place and guiding his asshole to it. He got it where he wanted it, put it against his now loosened hole and lowered himself, taking me into his body in one fell swoop. The expression on his face was one of relief, like finally getting to that itch in the middle of your back that’s almost impossible to reach. Once settled in, or on as the case may be, Tobbi draped his arms over my shoulder and just stared me in the eyes. “Was it scary for you having to meet with my mom Toby?” My hands were resting at Tobbi’s waist but gently moving and rubbing, not going anywhere, but staying in place. “Yeah it was,” I replied, “really scary. Part of me reasoned that since she wanted to talk about it, she probably wasn’t going to report it but that possibility still loomed large.” “She wanted to call the cops, believe me, but Theresa jumped in and told mom that she needed to listen to the story before she did anything. Mom is generally pretty reasonable so she agreed to hear us out. When Theresa told her that I had talked to her months before about the dream I kept having about you and me, she really started to listen.” “How did she find out Tobbi,” I asked him. “I guess that someone she knows and that knows me saw us together somewhere and we were holding hands and walking real close together. Mom asked me about it. Honestly Toby, I’m not a very good liar so the best I could do is play it off as not meaning anything but mom wasn’t having any of that. She asked if we were having sex, I asked her to define what “having sex” meant and she got really pissed. “Don’t play fucking games with me Tobbi,” she practically yelled. “I have never heard her use that word before. That’s when Theresa came into the room. I told mom yes we had sex but not to ask me for specifics and she didn’t. That’s when my sister and I told her the whole story about the first Toby.” Tobbi leaned full against me and rested his head on my shoulder. “Part of why I’m so hot to get fucked right now is that it’s okay; I have permission sort of. I won’t have that little nagging thing in the back of my brain telling me I’m being sneaky or that it’s wrong and I have to be really careful that nobody finds out. And it’s not that stuff is in my brain all the time when I’m with you but it does pop up and now it won’t so I’m free to just let go.” Tobbi sat back up. “Speaking of let go, we need to get back to work. I need more good fuckin from you.” He put his mouth against mine and at the same time began moving his tight little ass around, although it didn’t really have any specific direction. At least it didn’t until he broke the kiss. Tobbi began gyrating, grinding his crotch against me, forcefully moving my cock every which way inside of him. He eventually rested against me and began raising his ass up and down using a 4-5 inch throw. He began whispering in my ear as he fucked me, telling me what a great lover I was, how much he loved having my big hard cock in his ass, that he wished we could stay like this forever and things of that nature. I was basically passive, just sitting there letting him have his way with me since there wasn’t much else that I could do. Tobbi reached behind and under his ass and let his fingers explore the area where our bodies were connected. “I just love how your cock feels against my fingertips Toby,” he moaned. His fingers moved to feel on my balls as well and he did so gingerly since they were resting against the seat of the chair and he didn’t want to accidentally pinch the skin of my sac. He went back to fucking me some more but finally stopped after a few minutes and rose up off my lap. Tobbi stood in front of me, his rock hard fully engorged cock standing tall and proud in front of his taut belly. I reached out and took hold of him, stroked him a bit then gently pulled, encouraging the boy to step closer, which he did. I then went about sucking his cock, first with one hand on his ass and the other fondling his heavy balls. After a moment both hands were on his ass gently kneading the flesh and encouraging dikmen escort the hot teen to fuck my face. Tobbi finally stepped away from me while stating that his asshole needed more attention than his cock. “How about doggie on the carpet,” he said. “It’s your show sweet boy.” He kissed me then dropped to all fours with his legs spread. I knelt behind him and plugged myself back in which got me a slight gasp. I held on to Tobbi’s hips and went to town although not in the way he might have expected. I pulled out of him slowly and when I got to the end I slammed my cock back inside of which got a gasp and a grunt, if you can imagine that. I did it again, slowly then slamming back inside of him. I managed that move another half dozen times and each time the boy grunted deeply. “Goddamn Toby,” he moaned but didn’t say anything else. I finally picked up speed, a normal paced fucking if you will. Tobbi began pushing back into me and I watched as one hand slipped down between his legs. He felt his dick then let his finger rest right at his asshole so my cock grazed the tips as I slid back forth. I didn’t alter my motion at all but kept on fucking him. “I’m gonna lower my upper body Toby,” my boy lover said, his voice deepened in lust. A moment later his head was on the carpet and his ass thrust up into the air. I had to adjust my position so raised up and stood in a semi-squat position and began to fuck him that way. Over the years I’d seen photos or videos where a guy or a gal got fucked in the position but I’d never done it myself. No particular reason why I hadn’t. Doing it then was fun, something new, but not something I’d want to do on a regular basis. Still, I fucked Tobbi like that for a 2-3 minutes before he declared that a change was in order. “Can you do my on our sides Tobbi,” he asked. Fucking on the side isn’t real practical for shorter dicked people. Sure, the top person could change his position to more of a perpendicular one than the standard parallel but that then became, in my opinion, a different position. I was long enough in the dick department to do the side position to give a credible accounting of my ability. “Of course I can hot boy.” That said, the boy lay on his side on the carpet and I snuggled in behind him. Tobbi held his leg up out of the way and I slipped right back into without and fuss. Tobbi held his leg up for awhile then I held it up for a bit then draped it back over my hips. I was nuzzling his neck, blowing in his ear and otherwise using my mouth as best I could. “This is nice my adorable man. I like being held and getting fucked.” We worked that position for a good 4 minutes before he called a halt and said that a proper fucking was in order; a good old fashioned, heels alongside his ear ass pounding fuck. “How do you feel about me staying inside of you and we go through some gymnastics to get you onto your back so you can get fucked good and proper like a boys is s’pose to get fucked.” “Can we manage that Toby, seriously?” “Sure we can, I don’t see why not.” He gave me the go ahead so I told him to hold on, that I was going to roll onto my back and take him with me. He said okay so I held him tightly and rolled. “I’m going to push and you want to get seated on me.” We managed to do exactly that. Tobbi actually giggled a little bit and when I told him I could feel it he wonder aloud why that was. “Because it causes your asshole to constrict, just like when you cum. Feel this,” I said than gave a fake cough and Tobbi giggled again. “Fuck, I can feel your cough Toby.” “Of course you can, that’s why I did it. Coughing has the same effect as laughing. It contracts the stomach, rectal and penile muscles.” Before the words were out of my mouth he said, “Hey, I can fuck you like this.” No kidding I thought but didn’t say it. Tobbi rested his palms on my thighs and began to move his little ass every which way but off. “I bet it’s hot to actually see it going in and out of me huh, Toby.” “Certainly is baby boy,” I said. I wasn’t lying either because it was hot. Tobbi fucked me for another minute or so then stopped and started to turn. “I pretty much know what to do know my lover man,” he said. Tobbi swept his leg over my head and was then facing me. “Already done this before so let’s go straight to my back.” There are a couple of ways,” to make the last move but elected to have him lay atop me and I held onto him and rolled on to our sides then kept going and got him on his back. “That was pretty slick,” Tobbi said with a smile. “That’s me, the slick man.” “Oohhh that sounds like a super hero. Perhaps we should get you a costume, a super hero suit.” I moved to my knees and slipped my arms under his legs and leaned forward. “The only suit I need for you is my birthday suit,” I said, dropping down and kissing him hard on the mouth then went to town and fucked him. I could go on all day and night describing that exercise but it would be redundant and eventually boring. Suffice it to say that I went through all the typical motions; slow fuck, regular fuck, fast fuck, grind my ass around fuck, and of course the ass pounding fuck. For his part Tobbi issued forth with the usual epithets, exclamations moans, groans and groans. “Fuck me harder Toby.” “Make me cum Toby.” “I love your fat cock in my ass Toby.” We had been at it for almost 20 minutes, maybe more. Still had our t-shirts on too. About 4 minutes into that position Tobbi was there and I was with him. It might not have been the orgasm to end all orgasms, at least for me, but it was noteworthy and more than satisfying. I saw stars as I exploded inside of him, waves of pleasure rippling through my body. “Oh Jesus fucking Christ I love you Tobbi,” I cried out as I pumped jet after jet of sperm into him. Tobbi’s asshole gripped me like a vice, pulsing against my cock each time his cock pulsed out a jet of his own cum. The high eventually ended and I slowed down and finally stopped. All that was left was the panting, which lasted another minute before my young lover spoke. “That was amazing Toby,” he said. “If I died right now I’d die happy.” “Well,” I said slowly, “let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.” After burgers and fries at Teddy’s, which was actually within walking distance of my house, we lay snugged up on my sofa watching a flick when my cell phone rang. I picked it up and saw that it was Cody, which was curious indeed. “Aloha, Cody,” I answered. “Howzit?” “All good here Toby, same old stuff. How about you?” “Well, mostly the same but, some interesting changes.” “Yeah, that’s kind of why I’m calling. Dane says he’s getting some vibes, whatever that’s supposed to mean, from out there and insisted that I call to check up on you. He said when we saw you that he thought it was going to be the last time he ever saw Toby. Please note that while we all felt something special going on there and I know that on that last night something happened but Dane hasn’t talked about it except to say that it’s all good. Mysterious but good. So, I’m not trying to pry, just touching bases.” I had to chuckle. “I appreciate your calling Cody, thank you. So, yes, that night was bizarre, frightening, magical, amazing and all kinds of other adjectives that wouldn’t do the experience justice. I assume that, while probably a little shaken, Dane has a smile on his face when the topic comes up. And yes, there have been some big changes and they’re okay but trying to explain it would be difficult. Did you ever see the film What’s up Doc?” Cody answered in the affirmative. “Remember the end scene in the courtroom and Ryan O’neal is trying to explain the characters to the judge.” Another affirmative. “It’s a lot like that only more open to confusion. It really does need a face to face to explanation. I’ve done so with Jon, Eli and D. When do you plan on coming back over. “Not for a minute, we’re in Costa Rica right now looking at business opportunities and property. Look, we’ve got the plane for 10 why don’t we send it over to get you and Toby. We’ll make sure to get you home as well,” he said the latter with a laugh. “I don’t know Cody; I’ll have to talk to his mother about that. If that’s a go, then it probably has to be week days.” He said that would be fine, call him in the next day and let him know. On that note we hung up. I told Tobbi what was going on and about the invitation to go to Costa Rica on a private jet. Needless to say his eyes got as big as saucers. “It has to do with Dane, the boy I told you that Toby and I met on Maui. Apparently he’s aware of some significant changes between you and me, don’t ask me how, and asked his caretaker to call me. So, what do you think about a trip but more importantly what do you think your mother would say. “I think it would be awesome but mom; I don’t know but I don’t think she’d go for it. Not so soon. In a few months maybe.” I asked him if he thought it was worth bringing up to her. “Sure, it can’t hurt,” he said. Not 10 minutes later Tobbi’s phone rang. It was his mother. “Yeah, we’re okay. What’s going on?” Tobbi listened for a moment, his eyes going wide for the second time in the span of 3 minutes, then, “sure, here,” and handed me his phone while mouthing the word “mom”. “Toby this is Barbra. Listen, I don’t want to sound weird or anything but I was taking a nap and had the most vivid dream about Tobbi and Costa Rica.” I was shocked, partially, but not overly. Clearly the order of the universe was at work. “No you don’t sound weird Barbra. I just got a phone call from friends in Costa Rica. Perhaps Tobbi and I should come over and talk.” Deck the hall with boughs of holly Make a donation to with gifts of money Tis the season for gifting Please help keep free speech fty/donate.html

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