The Move: Part 3The Move: Part 3

Big Dicks

After a day of moving and love-making (fucking?) Rita and I were exhausted and we still needed to finish packing her house. We collapsed in bed and as I spooned her we fell into a deep sleep.The next morning I woke with my hard cock caught between her butt cheeks. As she stirred she positioned my hard-on at the entrance of her pussy and pushed back until I was buried into her. I started pumping in and out of her slowly, but soon my pace picked up speed. Rita was moaning out loud.”Don’t stop…fuck my pussy…fuck me…fuck I’m cumming!!!”Her exclamation pushed me over the top and I came deep in her. I collapsed onto her back and fought to catch my breath. After a few minutes still inside her, my dick softened and I rolled off Rita.”If I’d have known you’d güvenilir bahis fuck me like this I would have moved years ago.”We lay in each other’s arms for a while, then Rita spoiled the mood by reminding me that we still had to deal with movers. I dressed and hurried to make breakfast.”Has your husband called you to check in to see how the move is going?””No, I think he’s letting you carry his load. The son of a bitch.””After last night, you’ll never know how glad I am that he did.”Rita put her arms around my neck and kissed me while squeezing my cock.”Me too.”After breakfast, we spent the day cleaning the remainder of her house and supervising the movers loading her family’s belongings into the moving semi truck.Around noon Rita’s folks dropped by with güvenilir bahis siteleri the kids. As I spoke to her father I noticed Rita and her mother talking, looking at me and smiling. (As it turns out, and without me knowing at the time, this led to an encounter with Rita’s mother. But that’s another story.)By five pm, the house was empty and we were finished cleaning and making repairs. We were both tired and decided to get a couple of drinks and climb into my hot tub while a couple of steaks defrosted so we could grill them.We showered together and washed each other. We dried off enough to get in the hot tub naked and just enjoy our last evening together. I handed Rita a drink with the realization this would our last night together.”I iddaa siteleri know what you’re thinking. Stop worrying, I’ll be back often to visit my folks. I’ll just have to fit in in a visit to the neighbor that helped with the move.””What about Brad, won’t he be curious about you seeing me?””Like I told you before, he’s oblivious. I know he loves his job more than me. I have no plans to leave him, but I’m going to take advantage of you when I can”As she was telling me this, her hand found my dick and began stroking me to hardness. I’ve never been a fan of hot tub sex, so after fifteen minutes of foreplay, I persuaded Rita to go back to my bedroom.”On one condition, I might have to take you to the bathroom again.”Rita’s kinky side was coming out again and, naturally, I had no problem with that. I knew at some point the waterworks were going to begin again.Since this might be the last time ever, or at least for a long while, I decided I would take my time and give Rita a night she would never forget.

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