The Motor Home Trip Ch. 03The Motor Home Trip Ch. 03


The Pace Arrow was parked by the front door; their truck was further back. Beth and I headed toward the truck and the other two headed into the motorhome.

“Tell me what she actually did this morning. I mean everything was quite cryptic on the radio. We got the gist of it but no one could give real descriptions” Beth asked as we approached the truck. She opened the door and we went inside. She led me into the sleeper which was really quite large and very comfortable. I sat on the edge of the bed and she sat on my lap running her hands through my hair. “Tell me all the details. When you hear that stuff on the radio, it gets you really worked up. Because of the laws, they can’t get to descriptive so you just let your imagination go. My imagination has been running rampant all morning.”

As I begin to relay what had taken place, Beth started nuzzling my neck. Dropping soft, feather kisses, which truly drove me wild. This petite angel, barely 5′ tall and just around the 100 lb. mark was incredibly sexy and fit. Her hands caressed my neck and ears as I got more descriptive. She paused, turned my face to hers, opened her mouth and kissed me deeply. She squirmed deeply on my lap and I could feel myself rising in anticipation. She began to undo her blouse while our lips were joined. She wore no bra. Her small, pear shaped breasts were perfect. “Don’t stop. Tell me everything” she cried. Beth jumped off my lap, threw her blouse in a cubbyhole and kicked off her sneakers. I’m staring at a perfect specimen of female flesh. Small yet perfectly proportioned with all the parts gracefully arranged. Her hand opens her shorts and they fell to the floor. She stepped out of them and kicked them aside.

I continue to describe the morning and she leaned back against the wall, running her hands over her breasts, cupping them and moaning softly as I spoke. Her hand slipped into her bikini brief and she yelped as I started describing the toy bag. She pulled her fingers from her panties and leaned over to me. Her glistening fingers were offered to me. I took her hand and opened my mouth and tasted her incredible flavor. My tongue went wild licking that glorious sweetness from her hand. We kiss again deeply as she unbuttoned and removed my shirt. She leaned over and removes my boots. Her hands crawled up the legs of my jeans and her tiny hand deftly undoing my belt and the button on my jeans. I am starting to tell her about the convoy.

Beth pulled İstinye Escort me to my feet and my jeans fell to the floor. My hard cock sprang out towards her tiny face. Her hands grasped my hard dick and she looked up and told me to keep telling her everything. With that, she opened her lips and kissed my hot cock. Her mouth was so warm and she was so very good at this. I told her what she did with each different trucker, which toys she used, which orifice she played with. The hotter I talked, the better this woman sucked.

She stood up, dropped her panties and I saw her perfect triangle encased in baby fine blonde wisps of perfectly manicured pussy hair. Her lips engorged, her clit poking its head up and there was at least a two-inch spread between her legs. Beth pushed me to sit down onto the edge of the bed. I kept telling her in explicit detail as she straddled my lap, her hips raised and the head of my rock hard cock riding along her slippery drenched slit. She positioned herself over my hard pole, threw her arms around my neck and lowered her tight, sweet warmth onto me. The feelings were electric.

The sensual nature of her positioning, the way she held me, the biting on my neck and the rotating of her pelvis on my cock told me just how much she was visualizing what I was telling her. Her breasts crushed against my chest. Her nipples boring holes in my flesh with each explicit detail. Her hips rose and fell quicker. My hands caressing her cheeks as she rose and fell building an increasing rhythm. She kissed me, driving her tongue deep into my mouth as my cock filled her pussy, reaching new depths and she began to cum. My cock pistoned in and out of her tight twat furiously as wave after wave of her love juice flowed into my lap. So tight, so hot and she was cumming so very hard. Our bodies were truly locked as one. Her mouth, that tiny mouth was a kissing machine. She trembled again and again and her hands caressed my head pulling me deeper into her mouth. Her pussy was quivering, it felt so absolutely wonderful to me.

Beth pushed me down on the bed. My cock slid from her pussy and she lay on my chest with my hardness pressed against her stomach. She regained her composure as my hands caressed her back and neck. “How do you handle all of that Gary?”

“I’m so lucky, I have every mans wet dream and honestly, look where I am right now. I would never have met you. I never would have enjoyed such Escort İstinye a graceful, wild tryst with you if it had not been for her antics. I know she’s enjoying Tom right now and I know he is having a good time as well but for this moment in history, I am perfectly happy to be exactly where I am right now.” With that, I pulled Beth up and kissed her deeply.

Beth’s hand grasp my hardness and she winked and said she needed more of that. I told her that I wanted more of her too, so she turned and put her glorious hot slit onto my waiting face. Her scent drove me crazy. The folds of her labia were perfect; the feather soft hair tickled as my mouth tasted her warmth. Her lips fell upon my cock with total abandon as she began to take me fully into her mouth. My tongue gliding along her wetness, parting the folds revealing the pinkness of her desire. The flesh exuding intense warm spasms as my tongue teased along its length. My hands holding her hips, direct her body precisely where I want it. Her body reacting to every move, she moans softly as pleasure passes from lips to clit.

Beth opened her throat and my throbbing cock had passed into it. Her tongue playing along its length. My mouth softly closes over her hardened clit. My tongue tenderly, gently teasing her. I feel her body tense, her hips begin to tremble. I feel her breathing change its pace. My own orgasm is building. Her mouth is magic. Her hands caress my balls as her throat and tongue milk the seed from my loins. My gentle touch ignites her. Her hips slam down onto my face. She begins grinding hard on my lips. My tongue glides deep inside her and she yelps as she feels my cock explode in unison with her own sweet orgasm. This woman is a bucking bronco, riding and cumming, twisting and moaning, forcing her love mound onto my eager mouth and tongue. Her lips are milking my cock, draining the sweet cum from me, savoring it, lost in the flavor of pure unbridled lust. There is cum everywhere. My face is drenched, as is my hair. She fell off of me, turned and crawled up and nestled her head in my chest.

“That was truly wonderful. Will we ever see you guys again?” she asked.

“Do you two ever run to Ft. Lauderdale? That is where we live”.

Beth burst out laughing. “We live in Pompano. We are home usually every two weeks.”

“Then, the answer is YES, ” I grinned.

I suggested we go and see how our other halves were doing and İstinye Escort Bayan Beth nodded, kissed me and jumped into her clothes as did I. She moved that Peterbuilt up and pulled up next to the Pace. We hopped into the motorhome and as we walked in, I heard Tom from the bedroom. “Gary, how the hell do you keep up with this woman?”

Beth and I walked in and there they lay, smoking a cigarette, both with complete satisfaction written all over their faces. “You have the guts to ask me that question. How did someone as butt ugly as you are ever get a tiger like this one? Damn it man, you’ve got one hot lady here.” Everyone laughed.

“Connie, they live in Pompano.” Her eyes lit up and she high-fived me. Tom looked at me and asked where we lived. “Ft. Lauderdale” I replied. If I thought that first trucker had a big grin I was wrong. Tom’s grin was huge. Beth was so happy. “Next time, lets plan a pool party”, I suggested and everyone agreed.

As they prepared to leave, the girls exchanged numbers. Beth leaned over and kissed Connie and thanked her for the hottest morning she ever had on the road. “I made Gary tell me in explicit detail what you did. I’ve never cum that hard in my life.”

“Gee guys, maybe some time we can take this thing and go away for a few days together.” Connie suggested. Everyone agreed instantly. “In the meantime, we’ll be on the road for the next week so give us a call anytime.”

Tom kissed Connie lovingly and shook my hand. Beth kissed me deeply and Connie as well and they walked out of the motorhome and jumped into the truck. At that moment, every air horn on every big rig in the entire parking lot erupted in a voluminous chorus of cheers. I looked over at Tom and Beth. Beth was laughing so hard. Tom was sitting there grinning like the proverbial Cheshire Cat and Connie opened the door, stepped out bare ass naked, bowed and waved to everyone. Now, I’ve seen her do some crazy shit but this one had me going. I picked up my mike and said to Tom, “Fuck em if they can’t take a joke”.

By now, they are both doubled over laughing as I pulled out onto the highway.

I looked in my mirrors and saw Tom pull out behind me. My radio barked to life and I heard Beth’s voice come over the air. “Looks like we’ve got us a convoy”.

Connie walked into the bedroom, looked and laughed. She ran up and picked up the mike and said, “Too bad they are behind us baby.”

“Check that”

The chatter continued for an hour. It was hilarious. Finally Beth came on the radio and told everyone they were way to wasted to talk. Tom and Beth headed east and we headed north.

“Did you have a good time hon?” Connie inquired.

“Sure did…you?”

“You betcha baby.”


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