The Morning AfterThe Morning After


As her eyes flutter open, she yawns and stretches before thoughts of the previous day come rushing back to her all at once. Had they really declared their love for one another before bringing each other to intense orgasms in such a public place? The delicious ache in her pussy tells her she hasn’t dreamed it and she immediately feels her nipples harden at the memory. Did that mean they were now having an affair? She supposes they are as she tries to clear her head of the remembered passion and concentrate on the potential dangers of such a liaison. Her mind is muddled though and she decides there is nothing else she can do – she needs to think it through in the one place she can be guaranteed to be alone without interruption. She rises and pads naked to the bathroom and bends to turn on the water as she pushes the plug and adds her favourite musky scented bubble bath to the downpour. Even without images of yesterday running through her mind the combination of privacy, steam and the heady musky scent never fails to make her clit throb in anticipation.

As the tub fills, her thoughts drift to the feel of his touch on her skin causing shockwaves to run through her body. She moans at the memory and as her fingers lightly brush her already erect nipples it is as though they are directly connected to her clit as it too Ankara bayan escort responds. Sliding her hand down her belly and across her mound she is amazed at how wet she is as she slides her finger easily inside her dripping pussy. She wishes he were here to witness the intensity of his effect on her and as his image fills her mind she moans again before putting a halt to her self-exploration in favour of prolonging her pleasure. Stepping into the tub she slides down beneath the bubbles as the water causes a lusciously intense heat against her pussy – all thoughts of danger are pushed from her mind.

Leaning against the back rest she is grateful for her forethought in choosing the extra deep tub during their last remodeling. Sinking down to her neck in the hot, bubbly water causes enough movement to make tiny waves lap at her nipples peeking out above the water’s surface. Grabbing the sponge she carefully pours body wash in to its centre while more of the musky fragrance invades her senses and she inhales deeply. Who would think the very scent of something could conjure up thoughts of intense love making yet that is exactly what flashes through her mind now. Slowly kneading the sponge with her hands, her body trembles at the thought of the pleasure the soapy sponge will bring before she allows herself final Escort bayan Ankara release.

Starting at her shoulders she rotates the sponge in tiny circles as she caresses her soft skin with the creamy bubbles. Lazily swirling it down to her fingertips before making the return trip up her arm and slowly and seductively repeating these motions on her other arm. Lifting each leg in turn she massages her ankles and calves before allowing the sponge to find the more sensitive skin between her thighs. Repeating the same circles his hand had made the day before, she groans as she again wishes he could be here watching her enjoyment in the sexy images coursing through her mind. She tries to imagine him encouraging her and guiding her hand with his as he helps her find all her most sensitive spots. The thought of him nearby is almost enough to push her over the edge yet she holds back as she brings the sponge to her breasts and begins to massage them teasingly, encircling them one at a time before brushing its coarseness against her nipples and feeling again the reaction of her throbbing clit. Unable to bear it another moment she abandons the sponge as her hand finds her pussy again. Rubbing the heel of her hand against her clit, she slides two fingers in and out of her wet cunt. Withdrawing she teases the opening to her Bayan escort Ankara ass with her own juices before plunging her fingers inside her pussy once more.

Unable to hold back her need for release she reaches for the massaging shower head as she adjusts the temperature of the water to produce a hot, pulsing spray. Needing him more than ever now, she moves the head down between her legs and feels the pulse against her clit. Moving the spray slightly back and forth as her other hand busily fingers her pussy produces almost the same sensation she had felt the day before as his talented fingers fucked her to oblivion. Closing her eyes she throws her head back and imagines that the motion she feels is him, here with her, bringing her to forbidden heights once more. As she cums in great shuddering waves, she screams his name before collapsing back into the water and becoming lost in the tiny aftershocks coursing through her body.

Turning the water off, she realizes she didn’t come to her private sanctuary to think about the dangerous situation she is in at all. She came only to secretly relive her stolen moments with him. Immediately two things become crystal clear to her; the first is that this would never again be “her” private sanctuary it would be “theirs”, since here, she is able to imagine him with her as clearly as if he were. The second thing that is achingly obvious is that the only thing she ever wants to “think” about from this point on is how to feel his throbbing cock inside her over and over again, that is all that matters to her now . . .

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